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OMG (abbr.) Make no mistake, it's English.
OMG was added to dictionaries in 2011, but it's first use was in 1917.
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rarely see them because most species
The legs of bats are too weak to support their weight, so they hang upside down.
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Walruses are world's most unusual snoozers
Walruses are true party animals; they can go without sleep for 84 hours.
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Community Garden 7/22/21 Update

Posted by Hanan Mohamud

Great Community Participation!

Corn is growing fast!

The Faribault Rotary Community Garden is showing continued growth and has been well received by the Faribault community.  More updates to come.
Community Garden 7/22/21 Update Hanan Mohamud 2021-07-23 05:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 7/21/2021

Posted by David Sauer

Welcome back Sarah!

On July 21 2021, the Faribault Rotary Club was pleased to welcome back Ms. Sarah Rojas as a Rotarian.  Sarah rejoined the Club and provided members with her classification speech.  She described her reasons for renewing her membership in the club, highlighting the Club’s efforts to give back to the community, the positive vibe the Rotary Club brings forth, service above self, and her enjoyment of the regular lunch time meetings with adults.  
She proudly showed photographs of her daughter, Alexa, being named a 2021 Rice County Ambassador and jokingly described her family which is made up of 8 humans and 2 dogs.  Her husband Jose and the rest of the family have made Faribault their home for the past 5 years.  
The Rojas family operates 4 businesses, which keeps them all very busy.  Despite their extremely active professional life,  Sarah stressed that she and her husband are striving to be the best parents and community members that they can be.  
Rotary members were glad to welcome Sarah back to the Club and enjoyed her classification speech.  
Last Week's Meeting 7/21/2021 David Sauer 2021-07-22 05:00:00Z 0

New Member- Edel Fernandez

Posted by Dick Huston

Welcome Edel!

The Faribault Rotary Club has inducted Edel Fernandez into membership.  As Director of Admissions to South Central College Mr. Fernandez plays a huge role in the betterment of out entire community and we will be well served as he has exhibited the Rotary motto of Service Above Self in all that he does.  Pictured with Mr. Hernandez, center, is Keith Kramer, membership chair on the left and his sponsor Dr. Dick Huston.  David Connelly is his mentor.
New Member- Edel Fernandez Dick Huston 2021-07-22 05:00:00Z 0

Cash Raffle 2021 Winners

Kamryn Hanson $1,500
Alex Lopez $1,000
Grant Wilson $500
Kathy Nass $500
Tonia Warmington $100
Cindy Yerington $100
Rick Amundson $100
Chris Reweke $100
Garrett Reagan $100
Nort Johnson $100
Nancy Wunderlich $100
Kari Lynn $100
Julianna Skluzacek $100
Scott Fetig $100
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RI Presidential Message July 2021

Shekhar Mehta

Shekhar Mehta

President 2021-22

July 2021

I wish each of you and your families a great Rotary New Year! Together, let us make it the best year of our lives, by making it a year to grow more and do more. Let this be a year of changemakers, and let us begin with our membership.

That is precisely why the Each One, Bring One initiative is so important. During this year, I urge you to dream of new ways in which Rotary can expand its reach into your community and therefore the world. If each member introduces one person to Rotary, our membership can increase to 1.3 million by July 2022. So, let’s just do it!

Imagine the change we, as Rotary members, can make when there are so many more of us! More people to care for others, more people to Serve to Change Lives. Think of the impact we can have through grow more, do more. More members will enable us to embark on bigger and bolder service projects. And each of us can also continue to serve in our own personal ways, responding to needs in our communities.

The beauty of Rotary is that service means different things to different people around the world. One element, however, that we can incorporate into all of our service initiatives is empowering girls. Unfortunately, even in this day and age, girls and young women face disproportionate challenges all over the world. We have the power to lead the charge for gender equality. Empowering girls and young women to have greater access to education, better health care, more employment, and equality in all walks of life should be embedded in every Rotary project we launch. Girls are future leaders, so we must ensure that we help them shape their future.

The biggest gift we are given
Is the power to touch a life,

To change, to make a difference
In the circle of life.

If we can reach out
With our hand, heart, and soul,

The magic will start to happen
As the wheel begins to roll.

Let’s turn the wheel together
So all humanity thrives,

We have the power and the magic
To Serve to Change Lives.

These are challenging times, and I compliment each of your efforts in grappling with COVID-19. No challenge is too big for Rotarians. The bigger the challenge, the more passionate the Rotarian. Look at what we can do when we take on a colossal challenge such as eradicating polio. Look at the millions of lives we improve by strengthening access to water, sanitation, and hygiene. Look at what we do every year to promote peace in places where it seems unimaginable. Our basic education and literacy programs have nation-building impact.

This year, let us challenge ourselves to do more such projects and programs that have national reach and impact. This year, let us Serve to Change Lives.

RI Presidential Message July 2021 Shekhar Mehta 2021-07-20 05:00:00Z 0

Cash Raffle 2021 Drawing

We are down to selling the last 10 tickets as of noon Tuesday. The goal is to sell all 900 tickets by the time we do the drawing tomorrow at our noon meeting.  Thank you to everyone for another great club fundraiser for Youth Services!
Cash Raffle 2021 Drawing Murray H Hanson 2021-07-20 05:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 7/15/2021

Shelter Box- Rotary

New Rotary/ShelterBox Agreement | Rotary E-Club of Canada One
Fellow Rotarian Bill Tobin presented on July 14th the disaster relief non-profit ShelterBox, and It was founded by the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard of Cornwall, England. ShelterBox is an independent non-profit outside of Rotary. Yet is the official disaster relief partnership of the Rotary Foundation.
ShelterBox aims to supply victims of natural disasters and refugees of war-struck areas with the necessary materials to provide shelter and safety. From tents or tarps, wash buckets, to pots and pans, ShelterBox delivers an inventory of over 100 different items in their stock, which is customized for each disaster relief effort. 
Due to their global network of distribution and generous donations, ShelterBox has provided service to over 2 million people worldwide. Human displacement is on the rise. It is estimated that 113 million people were displaced due to natural disasters or military conflict.
To learn more or donate to ShelterBox please check out their website.
Last Week's Meeting 7/15/2021 David Connelly 2021-07-20 05:00:00Z 0


Can you tell the temperature by listening to the chirping of a cricket? |  Library of Congress
The number of times a cricket chips in 15 seconds plus 37 will give you the current air temperature.
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Elephants are capable of swimming 20 miles a day.
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What is the Largest Desert on Earth? - Universe Today
Antarctica is the largest desert in the world.
Antarctica Murray H Hanson 2021-07-20 05:00:00Z 0

Historic Ambulance

Posted by Murray H Hanson

Smooth Ride!

Last Saturday I visited Kurt Halvorson and had the opportunity to drive his 1977 Cadillac Ambulance that used to be in service in his mother's hometown of Tracy MN.. Such a smooth ride through Owatonna. Kurt will present a program this September on the history of ambulances and will have this ambulance at the Inn at Shattuck. (Fortunately we did not have to head for Faribault with lights flashing and sirens blaring to provide emergency assistance to the Rotarian Kubota driver.)
Historic Ambulance Murray H Hanson 2021-07-19 05:00:00Z 0

Rotarian Kubota

Posted by Dick Huston

Keep Chugging Along!

Rotarian Kabota has pulled logs after the tornado at the camp and another time there trimmed paths with her brush hog.  Rotarian Kabota has pulled logs from Crockers Creek on four separate occasions, pulled a float in a parade and twice went to the Community Garden - once to disk and once to spray weeds.  Rotarian Kabota knows SERVICE BEFORE SELF.
Rotarian Kubota Dick Huston 2021-07-19 05:00:00Z 0

New Member- Suzy Rook

Posted by Dick Huston

Welcome Suzy!

Kymn Anderson has sponsored Suzy Rook as a new member of the Faribault Rotary Club.  Suzy is editor of the Faribault Daily News and brings a breadth of community knowledge and service to the Rotary motto of Service Above Self.  Pictured with Suzy (center) is Kymn and membership chair Keith Kramer.  Dr. Dick Huston is her mentor.
New Member- Suzy Rook Dick Huston 2021-07-15 05:00:00Z 0

Red Cross Blood Drive 7/9/2021

Posted by Laura Bock

Another Success!

Rotary Red Cross Blood Drive 11/25/19 | Rotary Club of Faribault
Congratulations on another successful Rotary Blood Drive! The American Red Cross was able to collect 59 units of blood – our best drive to date!!
Special thanks to Rotary volunteers who make it all happen – Troy Dunn, Steve Bock, Gail Kaderlik, Lisa Humfeld Wilson, Mark Kenney, Sam Kenney, Greg Ciesluk,  & Mary Ellen Bondhus.  Sincere thanks to you all – GOOOOO TEAM!
Red Cross Blood Drive 7/9/2021 Laura Bock 2021-07-13 05:00:00Z 0

New Member Proposal- Edel Fernandez

The honorable tie challenged Dick Huston proposes Edel Hernandez,  Director of Admissions for South Central College, for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact membership chair Keith Kramer.
New Member Proposal- Edel Fernandez Murray H Hanson 2021-07-13 05:00:00Z 0


How Many Words Do Dogs Know? | Dog Training | Animal Planet
The average dog can understand over 150 words.
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Why does it snow metal on Venus? - Quora
In Venus it snows metal.
Venus Murray H Hanson 2021-07-13 05:00:00Z 0
Mexican Jumping Beans Murray H Hanson 2021-07-13 05:00:00Z 0

Crocker's Creek Part 4- Report

Posted by Rebekah Freed

Big progress achieved at Crocker's Creek!

The Faribault Rotary Club was proud to partner with volunteers from River Valley Church on Saturday, July 10th to continue efforts in cleaning up the creek. Dr. Dick Huston has championed this project for many years and was very happy to have help on this day.
The creek section being worked on runs on the east side of the A&W restaurant to the west side of Burger King. The land was overgrown with buckthorn and vegetation, which was overtaking the natural prairie landscape.
The group could not have chosen a better day to work outside, as the temperature was cool and there were very few bugs out. A large section of the creek was able to be cleared and Rotarian Rod Mahler ended up buying burgers and root beer for 24 volunteers!
Rotary would like to thank Pastor Mark Kenney for his leadership in making this project part of the church’s annual Serve Day!

Thank you River Valley Church Volunteers!

Was I suppose to use the saw?

Laura and David (nice protective eyewear!)

Crocker's Creek Part 4- Report Rebekah Freed 2021-07-12 05:00:00Z 0

Passing the Gavel 2021-22

Taking the Oath

Outgoing President Brenda DeMars (2020-21)administers the Oath of Office for incoming President Todd Sesker (2021-22.)

New Rotary Board for 20/21-22

The new Faribault Rotary Board was sworn in for the 2021-22 Rotary year. A full list of Board members is listed in this bulletin and on the website.
Passing the Gavel 2021-22 Murray H Hanson 2021-07-12 05:00:00Z 0

Community Garden

Posted by Michelle Vlasak

A Place to Gather and Grow


Community gardens are more than a place to grow vegetables and herbs. They're a place to gather and grow relationships. 

That's just what the Faribault Rotary Club Diversity Committee set out to do a month ago — create a community garden to encourage community members from various ethnic groups to work together and build friendships. The garden is now established at the corner of Willow and 17th St. SW. 

Community garden

A community garden is established on the corner of Willow and 17th St. SW in Faribault. The idea was implemented by the Faribault Rotary Club Diversity Committee, along with the collaboration of old and young, farmers and business people, government, multiple ethnic groups and more. (Michelle Vlasak/

Together, FRC diversity committee members Sam Ouk, Hanan Mohamud, Cindy Yerington, Brian Coleman, Heidi Nelson, Juanita Picazo, David Sauer, Dick Huston and Natalie Ginter, jumped through multiple hurdles to accomplish their goal of establishing the garden. 

Currently there are 12 to 15 gardeners growing vegetables. Though the Faribault Rotary Club Diversity Committee is still searching for area residents to use the remaining space, Ouk said they achieved their initial goal of getting people actively involved and getting the word out about the garden plot availability. Ouk said those who currently have plots are grateful to have a place to create a healthy lifestyle. 

"Gardening adds so much in terms of having a fun hobby, it's so great," said Ouk. 

The first step in the process was to find a place to house the gardens. Huston reached out to Rice County Commissioner Jim Purfeerst, and Rick Cashin, who owns property in the city. Purfeerst said he would check things out at the next commissioner's meeting. In the meantime, Cashin, well aware of the opportunities in the area, suggested a site, which is where community garden currently now sits. 

Also volunteering his assistance, Cashin suggested Huston call Faribault Parks and Recreation Department Director Paul Peanasky. Hustin recalled Peanasky being very supportive of the project and took the idea to the Faribault City Council. Peanasky connected with Huston after the council meeting to let him know the council OK'd the garden. 

Huston said the committee, which was formed within the last 10 months, soon partnered with the Faribault Diversity Coalition. In an effort to expand the Rotary's efforts in increasing its diversity in its membership, Huston said it was natural to partner with the Diversity Coalition. For the community garden project, Huston said the Diversity Coalition helped out financially, as they required some supplies like rope, stakes and one of the water tanks, along with helping get the word out to gardeners in the area. 

Rotarian Laura Bock suggested her father, Ben Froman, and former dairy client of Huston, may be able to take care of the plowing and discing of the garden. A few days later, Huston said he disced it again and sprayed it for weeds. 

While the preparations for the garden were taking place, Ouk was communicating with his friend, Kim Sin, of Rochester, who helped establish a successful community garden in Olmsted County in 2019. Sin provided valuable startup tips and a template for a contract explaining gardeners' responsibilities. 

Ouk finds gardening a good way to bring people together, especially since it takes place in every culture and is a common language everyone speaks.

"There's so much you can learn about people, not only about people's backgrounds, but also the gardening skills people bring over in terms from their particular cultural background," said Ouk. 

Faribault Rotary Club

The Faribault Rotary Club Diversity Committee set out to create a community garden to encourage various ethnic groups to work together and build friendships. Rotarian Sam Ouk, right, received helpful tips and a template for a contract explaining gardener's responsibility from his friend Kim Sin, of Rochester. (Photo courtesy of Faribault Rotary Club)

Mohamud and Picazo, of the RISE room at Faribault High School, developed a recruitment flyer and spread the word that gardeners from every communities were encouraged to participate. Mohamud and Picazo, co-chairs of the Diversity Committee, are also coordinators of the RISE program, which provides individualized support to students in need at FHS.  

Nora Schultz, Mohamud, Picazo and other committee members then pounded posts and strung rope around the area to make 26 accessible gardens.  

The last hurdle for those involved to jump through was access to water. Due to staffing shortages, the city and Fire Department were off the table, and community advocate Chuck Budde contacted Met-Con, but it lacked the necessary tank. Huston reached out to Purfeerst, and without hesitation Purfeerst agreed to fill up the tank donated by Leon Gregor of AgPro. Now, 800 gallons of water are available, which Huston says is necessary for successful gardening. 

Community Garden Michelle Vlasak 2021-07-11 05:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 7/7/2021

Posted by David Sauer

Great Speech!

On July 7, 2021, the Faribault Rotary Club was pleased to hear Ms. Rebekah Freed’s inspired classification talk.  Ms Freed gave an impassioned speech talking from the heart about her life of purpose and what inspires her.  She opened the speech by performing the “Rotary Rap”, which she had written.  Ms. Freed also highlighted how “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll has provided guidance and inspiration in her life.  
Ms. Freed emphasized her Christian faith and her relationship with God and Jesus Christ.   She enjoys music and is active in youth ministry.  She is committed to having a servant’s heart and, as such, is active in Earth Day, Habitat for Humanity, and is a licensed Foster Care provider.  Professionally, she is Daikin’s Senior Environmental Health and Safety Engineer and has a Master's degree in Occupational Safety Management.  
Ms. Freed gave lunch attendees each a gift bag.  In the bag, she gave everyone a ruler, a pencil, mint lifesavers (on the tables), small inspirational cards, and a bookmark.  She explained the ruler symbolizes being centered in your life, while the pencil was like a person in that everyone has potential.  The mint lifesavers are meant to be a lifeline as the aroma of the mint spreads everywhere and is a breath of fresh air to everyone.  The bookmark symbolized the importance of reading and gaining knowledge in order to grow.  
Club members warmly welcomed Ms. Freed’s personal and inspirational speech.  She received a warm standing ovation at the conclusion of her classification talk.
Last Week's Meeting 7/7/2021 David Sauer 2021-07-09 05:00:00Z 0

Cash Raffle 2021

The Cash Raffle 2021 is underway with the distribution of tickets to club members. The proceeds from this fundraiser help to financially support the STRIVE and music scholarships and other youth programs sponsored by our club.  Last year we sold all 900 tickets and with a solid concentrated effort over the next 2 weeks we can do it again.
Thank you for your help in continuing the Faribault Rotary Club's mission to serve, promote and encourage the youth in our community.
Cash Raffle 2021 Murray H Hanson 2021-07-06 05:00:00Z 0

101st President Brenda DeMars

A great year!

WOW what a year it has been, I cannot believe it went so fast.
My speech a year ago had a paragraph in it that went like this:
The team work that goes into getting things done and how that is shown in this Club is amazing. Other organizations that I have belonged to, I have seen many walk away when their leadership year is done, feeling they have done their share, now it’s up to someone else.  Not in this Rotary Club.  Our group is full of members that live and breathe Rotary and do not hesitate to give service above self.  The longevity of some of our members and especially our Rotary Board that is always willing to step up and help fellow Rotarians is why this club succeeds.  Please don’t stop now, I need much help this year.  We all will achieve much more than we ever thought with actions and involvement of working together to get things done.    I believe we did just that and the support that I received was more than I could even have imagined.
We survived through a Pandemic of Covid 19- through many months of zoom meetings and finally were able to bring our meetings with great fellowship back together to in person meetings. 
Though it was a strange and unpredictable year- our group as a team we were able to still accomplish so much.
We have hosted many Red Cross Blood Drives and deliver many meals on wheels. 
The Strive Program was a huge success even done via zoom. 
We started helping with Food Packing for the Faribault Community Action Council – If you didn’t get to do this, you will definitely want to take your turn with upcoming events.  What a great night of fun with Rotarians and sometimes some of their families.
We had great success with our cash raffle and rose sales- Knocked it out of the park I would say even again though times were strange.  That’s only because so many took the initiative to make it happen.
Clean up at Crockers Creek- a lot of work, yet a lot of fun to get together with others and make it happen for the community.  It looks amazing.
101st President Brenda DeMars Murray H Hanson 2021-07-06 05:00:00Z 0

102nd President -Todd Sesker

New Rotary Year 2021-22

Rotary Club Meeting Presentation
  1. Thank you to Brenda - what a year with the challenges you faced. I don’t know if there has ever been a year like this. Congratulations on not only making it through this year, but also leading our rotary club successfully and setting me up for success.
  2. Looking forward to a great year
  3. Reasons why I joined rotary
    1. My father was a long time Rotarian
    2. His best friend growing up had polio 
    3. Connections to great people doing some pretty great things for our community
    4. Wonderful fellowship each week
    5. It is nice to be part of a group that is so dedicated to rotary and its mission
    6. I look forward to the speakers we have each week. I learn something new with each person that presents. I am looking forward to the speakers that Heidi and Gail will be scheduling this year
  4. I look forward to making sure I keep the rotary 4-way test in place as we continue down this successful path
  5. Goals to look forward to accomplishing - along with all of the current great things that everyone here is doing
A.   Increasing our membership by a net 5 people this year
B Successful international project (Cambodia project)
C. Keeping our focus on eliminating polio completely
D. Successfully Increase in our youth services revenue
E. Increasing the foundation donations by $1000
  1. Conclusion
This is a great club and I am really looking forward to serving you in this capacity. 
I am honored that I have been selected as the next Faribault Rotary Club president. 
102nd President -Todd Sesker Murray H Hanson 2021-07-06 05:00:00Z 0

New Member Proposal- Suzy Rook

The honorable Kymn Anderson proposes Suzy Rook, Editor of the Faribault Daily News, for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact membership chair Keith Kramer.
New Member Proposal- Suzy Rook Murray Hanson 2021-07-06 05:00:00Z 0
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Rock, Paper, Scissors! Murray Hanson 2021-07-06 05:00:00Z 0


What is an Elephant? - Answered - Twinkl teaching Wiki
An African elephant can turn the pages of a book with its trunks.
Elephants Murray Hanson 2021-07-06 05:00:00Z 0

New Members-Anderson and Rojas


New members
The Faribault Rotary Club inducts new member Sara Rojas and honorary member Dr. Roy Anderson. Pictured from left, membership chair Keith Kramer, Rojas, Anderson and president Brenda DeMars. Rojas is a very active returning member whose employment situation caused a pause in her membership for a period of time. She was enthusiastically welcomed back. Anderson joined as an honorary member. Anderson had been a committed member for many years serving as president along with multiple endeavors providing serving Faribault and the world with his expertise as an eye Doctor. DeMars is just completing one of the most dynamic years of Faribault Rotary. 
New Members-Anderson and Rojas Dick Huston 2021-07-05 05:00:00Z 0

Red Cross Blood Drive 7/9/21

Posted by Laura Bock

Please Give!

American Red Cross Blood Drive - Kingston Collection
Friday July 9th Rotary Blood Drive held at Fourth Avenue United Methodist, in the fellowship hall.
10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
There are a dozen donor spots left to fill. To register to donate visit the Red Cross website. You can find our drive at the top of the list after you put in 55021 for a zip code
To volunteer your time to help manage the drive call, text or email Laura Bock. There are a few times still available.
Red Cross Blood Drive 7/9/21 Laura Bock 2021-06-29 05:00:00Z 0

Northfield Rotary Thursday Meetings

Posted by Murray H Hanson
The Northfield Rotary Club has invited our club to join their Zoom meetings any Thursday.  President Vicki Dilley sent the following link for everyone to use.  The meetings open at 11.45, but actually start at 12.10, but you can be in a breakout room before that.  Welcome anytime! 
Meeting ID: 836 2096 1395
Passcode: 164383
One tap mobile
+16465588656,,83620961395#,,,,*164383# US (New York)
+13017158592,,83620961395#,,,,*164383# US (Washington DC)
Dial by your location
        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
        +1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
        +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
Meeting ID: 836 2096 1395
Passcode: 164383


Northfield Rotary Thursday Meetings Murray H Hanson 2021-06-29 05:00:00Z 0

Statue of Liberty

Why Is the Statue Of Liberty Green? | Wonderopolis
The Statue of Liberty features 7 points in her crown- one for each continent.
Statue of Liberty Murray Hanson 2021-06-29 05:00:00Z 0

The Moon

Why is the Moon drifting away from Earth? - Quora
Each year the Moon moves away from the Earth by about 4 centimeters.
The Moon Murray Hanson 2021-06-29 05:00:00Z 0
No (tie) Contest Murray H Hanson 2021-06-28 05:00:00Z 0


Why is Scotland's National Animal the Unicorn? | by Daniel Ganninger |  Knowledge Stew | Medium
The national animal of Scotland is the Unicorn.
Unicorn Murray Hanson 2021-06-28 05:00:00Z 0

Community Garden

Posted by Dick Huston

Building Goodwill

About a month ago the Faribault Rotary Club Diversity Committee agreed a community garden was a project worth doing to encourage the various ethnic groups to work together and build friendships.  Our committee included Sam Ouk, Hanan Mohamud, Cindy Yerington, Brian Coleman, Heidi Nelson, Juanita Picazo, David Sauer and Dr. Dick Huston.  That meeting was on a Wednesday.
There were multiple hurdles.  The first was where to locate gardens. The following Saturday Dick contacted Jim Purfeerst and Rick Cashin.  Jim, a county commissioner said he would check things out at the next meeting on Tuesday.  Rick who owns property in the city is well aware of opportunities in the area called me on Sunday and suggested the site where we now have gardens at the corner of Willow and 17th Street SW.
He said he would help and that I should call Paul Peanasky Director of City of Faribault Parks and Recreation Department.  On Monday Dick talked to Paul.  He was very supportive of the project and took it the City Council on Tuesday night.  He sent Dick an email about ten that evening with the good news the council had okayed the garden. 
Soon we partnered with the Faribault Diversity Coalition. Next came the tillage.  Rotarian Laura Bock suggested her father may be able to plow and disk it.  Her father, Ben Froman and a former dairy client of Dick agreed to do it. A few days later Dick disked it again and sprayed it for weeds.
While all this preparation was taking place Sam was communicating with his friend, Kim Sin in Rochester who had helped establish a very successful community garden there in 2019.  Kim provided valuable start up tips and a template for a contract relative to gardeners responsibility.  Hanan and Juanita of the RISE room at senior high developed a recruitment flyer and started spreading the word that we were looking for gardeners from all communities. The next effort was staking out the gardens.  Nora Schultz, Juanita, Hanan and students from the RISE room along with other committee members pounded posts and strung rope to make twenty six accessible gardens. 
The last of the issues was where do we get water.  We checked with city and fire department but they had staff shortages.  Community advocate Chuck Budde contacted Met Con but they lacked the necessary tank.  Dick contacted Jim Purfeerst and without hesitation he said yes to fill a tank donated to us Leon Gregor of AgPro.  We now have 800 gallons of water so necessary successful gardening.  
We have 12 - 15 of the gardeners growing vegetables and are looking for people to use the remaining spaces.
Partnerships with Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike came together to make an idea a reality.  No who was asked refused.  It was a collaboration of old and young, farmers and business people, government, multiple ethnic groups and others.  
Community Garden Dick Huston 2021-06-28 05:00:00Z 0

Life time Achievement Award- Rod Mahler

Posted by Murray H Hanson


Rod Mahler
Service above self-means we leave our egos at the door and do what is best for the people we are serving.  The True Rotarian is a person whose activities are a result of his/her personal goodwill and a sense that the world will be a better place because of his/her work and effort in Rotary.
 Today we are honoring Rod Mahler who has been a member of the Faribault Rotary Club for 63 of the 101 years our club has existed.
The early founders of our club established a tradition of record keeping that has now been passed on to me in the form of 8 boxes of records dating back to the first days of our club. My research into Rod’s membership in our club has revealed a lifetime of service not only to Rotary but also to this community.
Rod attended Garfield and Washington Grade Schools and during this time he started his business as a trapper and a paperboy. In junior high he was 7th grade class president and was active in Sunday school, summer Bible camps, musical training, and choir. He even sang in the Rotary Christmas concert in the late 1940’s.
He was in the “F” Club, Dramatics Club, and student council.  As a senior, he received the Faribault Senior High Service Award. In college, Rod was vice president of his freshman and senior class.
After college, he served a tour in the Army before returning to Faribault and joining his father in the hardware business. At that time, he was active in the State Hardware Association. 
In his early 20’s he married Jean and they had three kids, David, Heidi, and Gayle, which led to 9 grandkids and 10 great grandkids. Jean was the love of his life and they had 59 ½ years together before she passed away in 2014. (Slide 4)
Pete Beck, Sales Manager at NSP sponsored Rod for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club on March 5, 1958, at the age of 24.  His classification was Hardware Sales.  He has been a member of the Elk’s, the Country Club and found time to serve in the Chamber of Commerce, the Industrial Corp, the United Fund, and his Church. He was a Gold Key Award winner.  This is just a partial list of his accomplishments before he was even 36 years old. 
In 1969, the Minnesota Jaycees named him as one of Minnesota’s 10 Outstanding Young Men. (In middle to right of guy in white tux)
Over the next 50 years, he has continued with “Service above Self” in this community and our club including a Rotary Merit Award. 
In his first year of Rotary in 1958, he missed 2 weeks in August with the mumps and then had 10 years of perfect attendance. I estimate that he has attended over 2900 meetings with over 90% attendance and over 3500 total Rotary events of which he would be happy to discuss any one of them with you.
As I have shared with you the 100-year history of our club over the last several years, I have further discovered Rod’s significant role in our club.
Rod has connections all the way back to the first year of our club when the original 35 first year members joined during 1920-21. Nuba Pletcher and Dr. Donald Chathum who became members that first year were still members for 5-7 years after Rod joined in 1958.      Just recently, I asked David Sauer to interview Rod to chronicle his stories and memories of many of our past presidents and other significant events in our club history. The following are a few highlights of his membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.
In the early 1960’s the Rotary Camp was a controversial decision within the Faribault Rotary club.  Prior to supporting the camp, the club was mostly a knife and fork club, which meant having lunch and a program.  There was no consistent service component to the club.  Layton Hoysler and Arnold Madow were important club members in securing club support for the camp. 
Rod played an important role as the club decided to focus more on the youth of Faribault with the dedication of the camp.  This focus on service to the community then began to grow and bring us to where we are today 60 years later celebrating our 100th anniversary.
 In our club’s 50- year anniversary year in 1970, He and Jean were hosts to Rotary exchange student from Bolivia.
 He donated a brand-new American flag in 1971 and then replaced it in 2017.
--He was our club’s 53rd president in 1972-73.
He once presented a program on his “Big Game Hunting” expedition in Alaska complete with slides and movies of trophy bags of brown bear, moose, and caribou.
-In 1979 Rod was on WCCO TV on Tuesday July 17 doing an energy conservation interview and the following Wednesday morning on national TV and then on the CBS evening news with Walter Cronkite.
-He has played a key role in choosing the next 51 presidents that followed him.
Rod eventually left the hardware business moving to another vocation of service to the community- Real Estate.  He and Jean took great pride in helping families find their dream home. He was even known to stand in for Santa Claus when needed. 
When I joined 28 years ago, Rod was one of the first Rotarians to fleece me during fellowship, just to be sure that I felt welcome.  He has always been welcoming and encouraging to new members over the years and is a true example of what it means to be a Rotarian.
 He has served this club and Faribault continuously during his 63-years sponsoring dozens of new members, participating and leading many club activities, and keeping us updated on sports with the U of M and Notre Dame.
Just 3 years ago we honored Rod for 60 years of service and we will continue to do so at 64-65-66-67-and on.
Rod’s life is reflected in the 4-Way test we not only recite every week as Rotarians but demonstrate to others through our actions and treatment of others. 
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
By honoring these ideals in his personal and professional life he has set the bar high in this club and demonstrated what it is to be a true Rotarian.
Rod has discovered that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
He has felt privileged to be a member of this club as it has given him the opportunity to meet fantastic people and make a difference in our community. 
Rod, today this club honors you for your service above self to Rotary, our community, and our nation. You have our highest respect and our deepest congratulations.
On behalf of the Rotarian of the Year Committee and the Faribault Rotary Club, we present you with our first Lifetime Achievement Award.
Life time Achievement Award- Rod Mahler Murray H Hanson 2021-06-24 05:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting- Celebration 6/23/2021

Posted by Misty Schwab

Faribault Rotary celebrates Mahler's Lifetime Achievement in its 101st year

Rod Mahler received the Lifetime Achievement Award during the Faribault Rotary Club’s 100th anniversary celebration Wednesday at The Inn at Shattuck-St. Mary’s. Pictured, from left, Club Historian Murray Hanson, Mahler, Club President Brenda DeMars and Rotary District Governor Ed Marek. (Misty Schwab/

Rod Mahler has attended approximately 2,900 Faribault Rotary Club meetings since he joined 63 years ago, making him the club’s longest serving member.

“Sixty-three years of service in a club celebrating 101 years — that is what awesome is,” Rotary District Governor Ed Marek told the Faribault Rotary Club during its meeting Wednesday.

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Rod Mahler poses for a photo with Rotary District Governor Ed Marek after Mahler received a Paul Harris Fellow Award. (Misty Schwab/

Rotary Club members gathered at The Inn at Shattuck-St. Mary’s at noon Wednesday to not only recognize 100 years of Faribault Rotary but also recognize Mahler as a Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

“This is really memorable to me, and I’ll never forget it,” Mahler said after accepting his award from Club Historian Murray Hanson. “Rotarians, keep working hard. It’s a fantastic experience I’ve had in my life.”

Rod Mahler joined Faribault Rotary 63 years ago and received the Lifetime Achievement Award during the club’s 100th anniversary celebration Wednesday. (Misty Schwab/

Mahler said he joined Rotary when he was 25, making him, to his knowledge, the youngest member to join the Faribault club. Now, he said, he’s one of its oldest members.

Hanson compiled his research on Mahler’s history in Rotary into a slideshow, which was presented at the meeting, and highlighted many of Mahler’s achievements and acts of service to the community, which began long before he joined Rotary.

Dr. Murray Hanson introduced Lifetime Achievement Award winner Rod Mahler during the Faribault Rotary Club’s 100th anniversary celebration Wednesday. (Misty Schwab/

In his youth, Mahler worked as a trapper, and as an elementary school student, a paperboy. He held the office of seventh-grade class president, participated in summer Bible camps and drama club, and he sang in the Rotary Christmas concert in the late 1940s. Mahler received the Faribault Senior High Service Award as a high school senior.

After college, Mahler served a tour in the U.S. Army before returning to Faribault to help his father in the hardware business. Years later, Mahler switched to a career in real estate.

Mahler and his wife, Jean, were married 59½ years until her death in 2014. Together they had three children, David, Heidi and Gayle, and nine grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Mahler’s Rotary membership began March 5, 1958, under the sponsorship of NSP sales manager Pete Beck. Apart from being out two weeks with the mumps back in 1958, Mahler had 10 years of perfect attendance within Faribault Rotary. He has participated in over 3,500 Rotary events, and his tenure overlapped with some of the club’s first members.

Murray said Mahler was instrumental in shaping the club’s focus on youth, supporting the local Rotary youth camp on Cedar Lake. Mahler and his family also hosted a Rotary exchange student from Bolivia during the club’s 50th year.

From 1972 to 1973, Mahler served as the Faribault Rotary Club’s 53rd president and helped choose the 51 presidents that followed.

In addition to Rotary, Mahler has belonged to the Elks and the Faribault Country Club and served on the Faribault Chamber of Commerce, all before turning 36. In 1969, the Minnesota Jaycees named him one of Minnesota’s 10 Outstanding Young Men.

As a personal highlight, Mahler appeared on WCCO, national TV and the CBS evening news with Walter Cronkite to do energy conservation interviews in 1979.

“When I joined 28 years ago, Rod was one of the first Rotarians to fleece me during fellowship, just to be sure that I felt welcome,” Hanson said. “He has always been welcoming and encouraging to new members over the years and is a true example of what it means to be a Rotarian.”

A century of service

The Faribault Rotary Club technically celebrated its 100th anniversary at noon May 1, 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the club moved the celebration to an online video platform and postponed the in-person celebration a couple of times.

Incidentally, Murray said Faribault Rotary was established during the Spanish flu that lasted from 1918 to 1920. The Faribault Club was founded as Rotary International’s 596th club with 22 charter members. The club’s charter president was Frank W. McKellip, and the 100th president was Amy Amundson, who spoke at the celebration Wednesday.

Faribault Rotary’s 100th president Amy Amundson spoke about the club’s resilience during the coronavirus pandemic and expressed her pride for belonging to the club during the 100th anniversary celebration. (Misty Schwab/

Until 1987, Rotary was exclusively a men’s organization. After Rotary International allowed women to become Rotarians, Janine Sahagian became Faribault’s first woman to join the local club. She was named president in 1999.

The Faribault Rotary started various traditions in the local community such as a Christmas concert featuring the Faribault High School choir, which ran for over 80 years.

Whether through music, art, or academics, Faribault Rotary has given local students over $350,000 in scholarships. A concert to benefit youth services through Rotary started as a tradition over 55 years ago. Community projects like the development of local soccer fields, buddy benches at school playgrounds, Respect Retreats and Rotary Readers are all designed to benefit Faribault youth.

Internationally, Faribault Rotary has participated in efforts to improve farming processes in Sierra Leone, sent books to schools in Africa and inoculated children against polio in Pakistan and other countries.

Locally, Rotarians have volunteered at blood drives, rang the bells for the Salvation Army during the Christmas season, delivered Meals on Wheels and participated in beautification projects and clothing drives.

“As we look to the future, we will continue to live and promote the ideals of the ‘Four Way Test’ adopted by Rotary International in 1943,” Hanson said. “Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? So, today after 100 years, the men and women of the Faribault Rotary Club will continue to honor the legacy of ‘Service Above Self’ to our community and the world for the next 100 years and beyond.”

Reporter Misty Schwab can be reached at 507-333-3135. Follow her on Twitter @APGmisty. ©Copyright 2021 APG Media of Southern Minnesota. All rights reserved.

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New Member Proposal- Jessica Amundson

The honorable past president Amy Amundson proposes Jessica Amundson, Loan Support Specialist at Reliance Bank, for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact membership Chair, Keith Kramer.
New Member Proposal- Jessica Amundson Murray H Hanson 2021-06-24 05:00:00Z 0

100 Year Anniversary Celebration

Posted by Murray H Hanson

May 1, 1920- May 1, 2020

The Faribault Rotary Club
In the last 100 years the Faribault Rotary Club has celebrated 40th, 50th, and 75th anniversaries. Today we celebrate our 100th.
The Faribault Rotary Club was officially charted 101 years ago at noon on May 1, 1920 as Rotary's 596th club with 22 charter members and by the end of the first-year membership had reached a total of 35.   
E.B. Johnson, representing the district governor of the International Rotary Clubs, and three other members of the Minneapolis Rotary Club met with our charter members on Thursday April 29, 1920 to draw up the charter documents.  The first President of the Faribault Rotary Club was Frank W. McKellip.
Meetings were held at noon on the first and third Monday of each month and on the evening of the fourth Monday. By 1927 the weekly meeting time was moved to noon on Wednesdays and remains there to this day. Over the years the club has held its meetings at Episcopal Guild House, the Elks Club, Harvey Hotel, Bluebird Inn, Hotel Faribault, Evergreen Knoll, Faribault Country Club, the Lavender Inn, Bernie’s Vintage Ballroom and now and currently at the Inn at Shattuck.
On this 100th anniversary, our club has had approximately 5000 weekly meetings with our longest serving 63-year member, Rod Mahler, attending over 2900 of those meetings.  Rod was our 53rd president in 1972-73 and has connections back to the first year of our club when the original 35 first year members were added during 1920-21.      Nuba Pletcher, our 4th president and Dr. Donald Chathum our 22nd president joined that first year and were still members after Rod joined in 1958.
Faribault Rotary has sponsored four other clubs: Owatonna in 1922, Northfield in 1925, Cannon Falls in 1954 and the Rotaract club at South Central College in 2019.
Youth service whether local or international has been one of our objectives over the last 100 years. Some examples include:
  • A picnic for 290 boys at Roberds Lake in 1924.
  • The Youth Camp on Cedar Lake was dedicated in 1963 and has stayed an important part of our club legacy providing service and enjoyment for youth organizations, families and other groups to this day.
  • The club sponsored a shelter for the street children of Santarem, Brazil which provided a place for them to meet in groups and participate in life improvement activities in 1994.
  • We sponsored the Rotary youth soccer fields at the Faribault Soccer Complex in 2010 and continue to provide shirts every year through the “Little Feat” program.
  • The Faribault Club has hosted many exchange students here and sent local students abroad to increase unity and understanding.
  • Rotary’s focus on youth has also resulted in programs like STRIVE, STAY, Rotary Readers, the school buddy benches, youth Respect Retreats, aquatic wheelchairs for disabled children and many more programs benefiting local youth.
  • Over $350,000 have been given to local students by Rotary through music, arts and academic scholarships.
The Faribault Rotary Club has been part of international programs to improve farming processes in Sierra Leone, sending books to schools in Africa, and inoculating children against polio around the world, most recently in Pakistan.
In 2016 we were instrumental in the renovation of an historic clock downtown long in disrepair, and the placement of a mural honoring that clock in downtown Faribault.
We honor the motto of “Service Above Self” by sponsoring blood drives, ringing Salvation Army Bells, delivering meals on wheels, participating in clothing drives, community beautification projects, selling roses and conducting raffles to fund youth programing.
We have established a number of traditions that are still an important part of the Faribault Rotary Club.  In 1939 the Faribault High School Choir started an annual Christmas Concert.  This December will be the 81st Rotary Concert.
In 1965, the Faribault Senior High Band, Choir and Orchestra performed with all proceeds used to benefit Faribault Youth Services Inc. and the Rotary Camp which continues to this day.
During Rotary luncheon programs we have had Governor’s, Senators, congressman, state and local politicians express their views. Programs over the years included topics such as:
- Does Faribault need an airport? (1941)
- A program on Direct Dialing telephones and the new Highway 35 progress. (1961)
- Over the last 10 years we have had historically informational and international adventure programs from our own Rotarians George Wickstrom and Dick Huston.
-We award multiple Paul Harris Fellows every year.
  • As a club we started a new tradition 5 years ago of honoring past presidents who are no longer members by inviting them every year at the end of June to join us for the installation of our next president.
Six district governors have come from the Faribault Rotary Club. The last one, Layton Hoysler, served in 1974.
Rotary was a men’s organization until 1987 when Rotary International authorized the induction of women as Rotarians. 
Janine Sahagian was the first women to join the Faribault club and served as the first female president in 1999-2000 and in our 100th year, Amy Amundson became our 100th President.
Just 26 years ago I was fortunate enough to be part of the 75-year anniversary celebration.  As I look back at my picture at the far left I realize that my necktie has always been better than Dick Huston’s.
With the current Covid-19 pandemic crisis and the government stay at home order along with the cancellation of all group meetings and events, we were unable to hold our 100-year celebration banquet on May 2, 2020. Ironically our club’s founders started this club 100 years ago during the Spanish flu pandemic. Hopefully this will not be the case on our 200-year anniversary.
As we look to the future, we will continue to live and promote the ideals of the “Four Way Test” adopted by Rotary International in 1943:
  1. Is it the Truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
So, today after 100-years, the men and women of the Faribault Rotary Club will continue to honor the legacy of “Service Above Self” to our community and the world for the next 100 years and beyond.
100 Year Anniversary Celebration Murray H Hanson 2021-06-23 05:00:00Z 0

Chicken Soup

Did You Know? Chicken Soup was once considered an aphrodisiac in the Middle  Ages! | Food, Tuscan soup, Tuscan chicken
In the Middle Ages, chicken soup was considered an aphrodisiac.
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Food trivia | 100 facts about fruits (part 1)
Ancient Romans thought strawberries could cure bad breath and chronic feinting.
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This is why a simple piece of chalk can help you keep ants away
Ants won't cross a chalk line.
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Heritage Days Parade 2021

Posted by Sambath Ouk

Fun Day!

The Faribault Rotary club had an amazing time participating in the Faribault Heritage Day Parade. It was great fun celebrating with the Faribault community.
Heritage Days Parade 2021 Sambath Ouk 2021-06-21 05:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 6/16/2021

Posted by David Sauer

Becky Ford

PROFILE: When it comes to developing local youth, Becky Ford takes the  mantle | News |
On June 16 2022, the Faribault Rotary Club had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Becky Ford of the Faribault Youth Investment who spoke to the club about the Healthy Community Initiative (HCI).  As part of Ms. Ford’s introduction, it was highlighted she has been named the Faribault Citizen of the Year.
HCI is a non-profit organization that supports - behind the scenes - a variety of programs throughout Rice County.  Their mission is to is to cultivate a collaborative community that supports, values and empowers youth.
Ms. Ford showed a video highlighting HCI’s engagement and support of some of their programs from the over twenty that HCI backs in Rice County.  Highlighted programs included Faribault Senior High’s Realizing Individual Student Excellence (RISE), 100% Connected which seeks to ensure all students have internet access; Northfield High School’s Tackling Obstacles and Realizing College Hopes (TORCH); and Growing up Healthy located at Northfield’s Greenvale Elementary School, which provides programming for over 800 students and families.
Ms. Ford noted HCI has a website detailing the rich programming that they support and commented on ongoing fund raising efforts.  Club members appreciated the opportunity to hear Ms. Ford’s presentation and the good work of HCI.
Last Week's Meeting 6/16/2021 David Sauer 2021-06-18 05:00:00Z 0

Charitable Gambling Update

Posted by Brenda DeMars

Pull Tabs Update 6/15/2021

pull tabs minnesota Cheaper Than Retail Price> Buy Clothing, Accessories  and lifestyle products for women & men -
Just a little update on the pull tab process that is coming along fairly well.  The pull tabs will be housed at Boxers on Central Avenue.  Dawn, the owner is in the processing of building a new area within the bar for the pull tabs which will have 8-10 boxes in play at all times.  This is a huge opportunity for our club to earn funds to help us give back to the youth in our community as well as many other great causes. 
I have passed the exam, the required checking account has been opened.  The premises permit has been approved  by the Faribault Gambling board  and presented to the Faribault City Council on Tuesday, June 8th.  The council has also given its approval and we have sent in all of the documents to the state for final approval.    The Security bond required for pull tabs has been purchased through Jake Cook’s office    Thank you Dave Beranek for all the help of completing the documents needed through the application process.  I have been talking with Diana at the State gambling office, and she said that they have many applications that they are working through, so our hope is to start July 1, but just don’t know what that time line looks like for sure.   
Thank you.
Charitable Gambling Update Brenda DeMars 2021-06-15 05:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 6/9/2021

Posted by David Connelly

The Legacy of Thomas Buckham

Susan Hvistendahl, Northfield historian and author, gave a presentation on “Judge Buckham’s Legacy: Faribault’s Library,” for the Faribault Rotary Club via Zoom on June 9. It was based on a column she wrote for the Entertainment Guide of Southern Minnesota in July of 2013. She spoke of the background of Thomas Scott Buckham who came from Vermont to Minnesota in 1856 and established himself as an attorney in Faribault, becoming Faribault’s second mayor, a senator in the state legislature and judge of the fifth district, among other positions.
He had an unusual marriage to Anna Mallory Buckham of Brooklyn, N.Y., who returned often to the East coast and they spent their last 20 years apart before his death in 1928. She inherited his wealth of more than three million dollars and stayed on, planning the Modern/Art Deco Thomas Scott Buckham Memorial Library which was presented to the city on July 20, 1930, at a cost of $239,000. Hvistendahl also gave information about the architect (Buckham’s nephew Charles Buckham), the stained glass window of renowned Boston artist Charles Connick and four Grecian murals painted by Carleton art professor Alfred Hyslop.
Last Week's Meeting 6/9/2021 David Connelly 2021-06-15 05:00:00Z 0

New Member Proposal- Sarah Rojas

The honorable past president Amy Amundson propose Sarah Rojas, office administrator for Rojas All Pros Companies, for membership and reinstatement in the Faribault Rotary Club.  Sarah is a pasty member who is now able to rejoin the club.  If you have any questions, please contact membership chair, Keith Kramer.
New Member Proposal- Sarah Rojas Murray H Hanson 2021-06-15 05:00:00Z 0


PAADS- Assoc of Athlete Development Specialists on Twitter: "Here we go!  PAADS #funfactfriday Golf is the only sport to be played on the moon. Alan  Shepard played golf on the mood in
Golf is the only sport to be played on the moon.
Golf Murray Hanson 2021-06-15 05:00:00Z 0


Chimpanzees develop their own fashion trends | Dazed
Chimps can develop their own fashion trends.
Chimps Murray H Hanson 2021-06-15 05:00:00Z 0

Cambodia Project 6/15/2021

The Global Grant team for the Faribault Rotary Club just received good news. As of last week, the team will be receiving $23,500 from The District Rotary Foundation. This puts us in a very good spot to reach our goal of $75,000 for our water project in Ta Meun Province. The entire project will focus on four activities: water purification, pond expansion to trap more water, a community garden, and entrepreneurial training for the school committee at Ta Meun to ensure sustainability of the project.
Interesting Fact About Cambodia:
The Khmers of Cambodia were actually masters of controlling and directing water. The kingdom and its succeeding Khmer Empires came to prominence because of their abilities to create resevoirs to store water and redirect river flows to move building materials. Part of our project with Ta Meun will be to expand a pond so that enough water can be collected for the village. This thinking will be similar to that of what the Khmers had during the Angkor Period.
Cambodia Project 6/15/2021 Sambath Ouk 2021-06-14 05:00:00Z 0

Club History- 2019

Posted by Murray H Hanson


Several weekly meetings were cancelled due to winter storms.
The club was encouraged to add the ClubRunner Smartphone app to their phones.
We partnered with the Elks Club for the annual youth fishing contest on French Lake. 
The club toured the newly expanded Buckham West Senior Center.
Over $20,000 in scholarships were awarded to STRIVE students.
61-year member, Rod Mahler, donated a new US flag and stand to replace the one he originally donated in 1971.
A small group of us volunteered at Habitat for Humanity and spent the day painting.
We had a 99th anniversary get together at the inn which was attended by past presidents, district representatives and many Rotarians & families.
The club held its third annual cash raffle to raise funds for Youth Services and scholarships.
The city gives the Lifetime Achievement Award to George Wickstrom.
Dick Huston is recognized as a Paul Harris Society member.
Todd Rost and Rotarian/Chamber President Nort Johnson in two separate programs told the story of Todd’s grandfather’s service in the 163rd infantry in WWI and his role in the liberation of Podensac France in 1918. The citizens of Podensac honored a group from Faribault on the 100th anniversary of that liberation.
Repairs at the Rotary Camp included replacing the roof, replacing the culvert under the road leading into the camp and fixing the deck after tornadoes swept through Rice County in the fall of 2018. As a result, the club was able to have the annual picnic.
The Rotarian of the Year 2019 was awarded to Jake Cook.
Jake Langslag from Goat Dispatch told the club about how goats are an alternative solution to eliminating buckthorn, raspberries, and other pesky vegetation.
The club held the second annual warm our community event providing outerwear for many local youths.
Our club’s 99th president in2018-19 was Keith Kramer.
Club History- 2019 Murray H Hanson 2021-06-14 05:00:00Z 0

A Penny

How To Save A Penny A Day And Become A Millionaire | Compounding Pennies
If you doubled one penny every day for 30 days you would have $5,368,709.12.
A Penny Murray H Hanson 2021-06-12 05:00:00Z 0

100 (+1) Anniversary Celebration

Posted by Murray H Hanson
You are invited for an encore presentation of our 100 year anniversary program on June 23rd at our weekly meeting.  This program was originally presented on Zoom May 1, 2020.  The start time for the program will be at noon so we ask everyone to come at 11:30 am if possible to allow time for check in, lunch and seating.
As part of our 100-year anniversary celebration we will also award multiple Paul Harris Fellows and our club will have the distinct honor of presenting the Life Time Achievement Award to Rod Mahler. He has lived the 4-Way Test and has demonstrated Service Above Self not only in the Faribault Rotary Club for over 63 years but as an active member of this community and in service to our country.
Please plan to attend and be a part this historic celebration of our past 100 years as we move forward out of the shadow of the pandemic and start the next 100 years of Service Above Self.
100 (+1) Anniversary Celebration Murray H Hanson 2021-06-08 05:00:00Z 0

Misplaced objects

Image result for lost keys
On average you'll spend a year of your life looking for misplaced objects.
Misplaced objects Murray Hanson 2021-06-08 05:00:00Z 0


Are penguins able to fly? | Ask A Biologist
The only bird that can swim but not fly is the penguin.
Penguins Murray H Hanson 2021-06-08 05:00:00Z 0


Male Ostriches can ROAR like a lion! | Tiere
The male Ostrich can roar just like a lion.
Ostrich Murray H Hanson 2021-06-08 05:00:00Z 0
Food Pack Initiative for Rotary 6.1.2021 Laura Bock 2021-06-07 05:00:00Z 0

Cambodia Project 6/8/2021

Posted by Sambath Ouk

One Man's Inspiring Story

The Donut King (dvd)(2020) : Target
#faribaultglobalproject #tameunwaterproject 
The Faribault Rotary Club's Global Project Team has been busy doing presentations to other Rotary and service clubs throughout Minnesota. We've presented to Owatonna's Sunrise Rotary club and Lions Club. The Global Project Team also received $4,500 from Rotary Shark tank and on Friday presented our grant submission to the Rotary Foundation. So far we've raised close to $15,000 from pledge support, and small donations. Our goal is to raise $30,000 on top of grant awards. Thank you so much for everyone's support. If you would like to hear of our project in Cambodia, please message us on Facebook or email one of our team members, Natalie Ginter, David Sauer, Dr. Dick Huston or Sam Ouk. You can reach Sam at
Interesting Fact about Cambodia:
After the "Khmer Rouge" communist guerrilla army won the Cambodian Civil War in 1975, a period known as The Killing Fields took over Cambodia. For 4 years, between 1.7 to 2.5 million Cambodians were systematically killed off through hard labor and targeted murders of the most educated people in the country.
As terrible as this nightmare was, the theme of hope, heroism, and the power of the human spirit did not burn out of those who survived the Killing Field as the the Khmer rouge intended. In fact, the opposite thing happened and the world got to witness the amazing resilience and courage of the Cambodian people. The documentary below tells of one man's journey from escaping genocide in Cambodia to becoming the Donut King of California. 
Cambodia Project 6/8/2021 Sambath Ouk 2021-06-07 05:00:00Z 0

Club History- 2018

Posted by Murray H Hanson
The club moved its meetings to the Inn at Shattuck when Bernie’s Vintage Ballroom closed.
The club participates in the “Who are We” segments each week that highlights each member’s personal history.
The “Little Libraries” sponsored by Faribault Rotary received publicity in the Daily News.
The Faribault Rotary Club was a sponsor of the Faribault Elks Lodge Youth Ice Fishing Contest on Roberds Lake.
The STRIVE Program awarded over $20,000 in scholarships to local students.
Rod Mahler was recognized for 60 years of membership in Rotary with a special presentation and recognition by District Governor, Scott Haugen.
The club held a cash raffle to support Youth Services.
Rotarian Dr.  Richard Huston shared with us his experiences of his veterinarian mission trip to Samburu Kenya Africa in 2017.
 Dick Huston rallied Jefferson Elementary School’s third graders, getting them to help him plant 93 trees, one for every third grader in the school.
The Club donated 2 wheelchairs to the Faribault Aquatic Center.
George Wickstrom gave the club a history lesson on the Revolutionary War.
Rotary Readers starts its 13th year. 
Rotarian of the Year 2018 was awarded to George Wickstrom.
The sponsors the Warm our Community clothing Drive.
The club celebrates the holidays with a gathering for “A night to Rejoice as Rotarians” with dinner and a concert at Shattuck.
The club sponsors the new Faribault Rotaract Club at South Central College.
The club sponsors the annual Red Cross Blood Drive.
The club participates in the annual Salvation Army Bell Ringing.
The club enjoys the 79th annual Christmas Concert.
Our club’s 98th president in 2017-18 was Sheriff Troy Dunn.
Troy had the following memories of his year as president:
Donating the handicap wheelchair to the Faribault Aquatic Center, planting trees with the students at Jefferson School and a great Rotary Picnic out at the Rotary camp with horses, jump tents and great fellowship with friends.
Club History- 2018 Murray H Hanson 2021-06-03 05:00:00Z 0

Twins Game 5/26/21

Rotarian Road Trip

This noble band of Faribault Rotarians and special guests enjoyed a beautiful day of sunshine, fellowship and watching the Minnesota Twins beat the Baltimore Orioles 3-2 on May 26, 2021. The group took a coach bus from South Central College and had "socially distanced" seating in the right field porch section of Target Field. Rotarian Mark Kenney brought his glove and was ready for a home run ball the entire game but the closest anyone came to getting a ball was Rod Mahler when a foul ball came within just a few feet from his seat!

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

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Cambodia Project 6/1/21

Posted by Sambath Ouk

Tonle Sap Lake

#tameunwaterproject #faribaultglobalproject 
Last Tuesday, The Faribault Rotary Club Participated in the 2nd annual Rotary Shark Tank event. Clubs from Barron County, Lakeville, Prior Lake, and Stillwater Sunrise participated in the events as sharks. They combined to donate over $10,000 to support various events being done by different Rotary Clubs across the state. Our club was able to walk away with the support of $4,500 towards our water purification project in Cambodia. This along with individual donations from club members and community members saw us raise close to $10,000 towards the project. If you would like to donate money to help bring clean water to Cambodian children in Ta Meun village, you can use the Venmo QR code below. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Interesting Fact about Cambodia:
Cambodia is home to the largest lake in Southeast Asia. The Tonle Sap Lake covers an area of 1,042 sq. miles which makes it a little bit smaller than the Great Salt Lake in the US. The Tonle Sap is home to fresh water dolphins, plenty of fish and even a huge floating village complete with stores, schools and a shopping area.
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Image result for no two lip impressions are the sameNo two lip expressions are the same.
lips Murray Hanson 2021-06-01 05:00:00Z 0


Image result for honeybees compass
When navigating, the bees are able to use the sun as a fixed reference point. This allows them to fly in a compass direction simply by keeping the angle between their line of flight and the sun constant. Bees that have successfully found food are then able to share the location through their dance language.
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Paul Harris Awards- Picazo-Mohamud

Posted by Dick Huston


In February, Rotary District 5960 conducted a “Share the Love” campaign to raise money for the Rotary Foundation. Rotarians who donated $1,000 could designate another Rotarian to be a Paul Harris Fellow. Dr. Dick Huston donated $2,000 and chose to honor Hanan Mohamud and Juanita Picazo. Pictured with Hanan (right) and Juanita is Brent Peroutka, Faribault Rotary Foundation Chair. (Photo courtesy of Faribault Rotary Club)
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New Member-Jacob Kohl

Welcome Jacob!

The Faribault Rotary club has inducted Jake Kohl as a member.  Jake was born and raised in Faribault.  He has joined his father and uncle as an associate in the Parker Kohl Funeral Home.  Jake was sponsored by Dr. Dick Huston and will be mentored by David Sauer.  Pictured with Jake is  (left) membership team chair Keith Kramer (left).
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Last Week's Meeting 5/19/21

Posted by David Sauer

Sissy Yang

Sissy Yang D.N.P. - Mayo Clinic Health System
On May 19 2021, Faribault Rotary Club hosted two guest speakers.  Mr. Bashir Omor (picture unavailable) of the Faribault Public Schools gave a presentation about the Eid celebration and the Islamic faith.  Following Mr. Omor, Ms. Sissy Yang of the Mayo Health System provided the Club with a briefing on Covid-19.
Mr. Omor thanked the Club for supporting the May 12 Eid celebration at the Faribault Soccer complex.  He explained the holiday, noting there are two Eid holidays.  The one just completed follows Ramadan in which Muslims fast during the daytime.  At the end of the 30 days of Ramadan, the fast is broken and there is a celebration marked by food and special treats for children.  The second Eid holiday will be July 19 this year and marks the occasion in which Ibrahim is told to sacrifice his son for God, but God recognizing Ibrahim’s is belief in God switches the son for a ram.  This holiday is marked in many Muslim countries with feasts.
Mr. Omor also explained the five pillars of Islam.  He said the first pillar is to believe in one God.  The second pillar is to participate in prayer five times daily every day.  The third pillar is to give alms to the needy.  The fourth is the need for fasting and finally, the fifth pillar is going on the Hajj to Mecca.  Mr. Omor stressed Muslims believe in the prophets, highlighting he knows the teachings of Jesus Christ, but believes Mohammed is the most important prophet. 
Ms. Yang told the Club about the Mayo Clinic’s presence in Faribault and its efforts to assist with early childhood literacy and childhood oral health.  She described the different COVID-19 vaccines (mRNA for Pfizer and Moderna and vector for Johnson and Johnson) and discussed some of the factors that may delay a vaccination such as waiting 90 days for a vaccination if the patient had COVID previously or had received COVID antibody therapy. 
Ms. Yang noted that Mayo is now offering walk up appointments for vaccinations in Owatonna, Red Wing, Austin, and Albert Lea.  In Rice County, as of mid-May data, 32,005 people had received one dose of a vaccine and 26, 345 people had completed the series of vaccinations.   
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Rubik's Cube

How to solve a Rubik's Cube in one easy step | The Aperiodical
If done perfectly, any Rubik's Cube combination can be solved in 17 turns.
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Cambodia Grants Project 5/25/21

Posted by Sambath Ouk
Now that our application was submitted. The Faribault Rotary Club will be scheduling presentations to different Rotary and service clubs throughout the state. Below are pictures of our presentation to the Rotary Breakfast club. We are scheduled to present at Rotary Shark Tank this Tuesday and the Lions Club in Owatonna on June 1st. Our goal is to inform people of the importance of our water purification project in Cambodia and seek support for the project. The Faribault Rotary Club will need to raise around $40,000 outside of grant awards to make this project work. Please donate if you can. You can use the Venmo QR Code below to donate directly to this project.
Interesting Fact about Cambodia:
As of 2019 30% of Cambodia's population does not have access to clean water. Polluted rivers and lakes leave rain water as the only safe option for much of rural Cambodia. As so many illnesses are derived from the lack of access to clean drinking water, Rotary's water purification efforts around the world becomes vitally important.

Presentation by Sam and Dick


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Club History- 2017

Posted by Murray H Hanson
The club awarded over $20,000 in STRIVE, Ethics Essays and Music scholarships.
Rotarian Dr. Lisa Humfeld gave a talk on the “Toxic Effects of Sugar.” No one ate desert that day.
The club had a raffle to raise money for Youth Services.
The Rotary Foundation honored Marv Schrader as a Major Donor with his Paul Harris +10 award.
The club assists the Northfield Rotary Club with their annual Jesse James Bike Tour.
Pony rides for the kids were the highlight at the annual picnic at the Rotary Camp.
The District held “One Rotary Summit” at Buckham Library.
The club held the 52nd Annual Rotary Band/Choir/Orchestra concert.  The event had great attendance and everyone enjoyed the performance!
Dr. Richard Huston received the Rotarian of the Year 2017.
Rotarian Kurt Halvorson gave an energetic presentation on “Model Railroads.”
The Annual Faribault Rotary Red Cross blood drive was a success.
The club enjoyed the 78th annual Christmas Concert.
Our club’s 97th president in 2016-17 was Jake Cook.
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No Meeting at Shattuck May 26th

The Faribault Rotary Club WILL NOT be meeting this week due to the Minnesota Twins game club outing.  All in attendance will receive credit for a make up since there will be no formal meeting.
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Club History-2016

Mural Dedication

Rotarians Police Chief Andy Bohlen and Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn gave a great presentation about our local K9 police dogs. 
The weekly Faribaultarian newsletter began publishing new member profiles.
The club awarded over $20,000 in STRIVE scholarships.
Former Rotarian and past president (1973-74) Dr. Roy Anderson returned in full costume and historical knowledge as our city’s founder, Alexander Faribault.
The club held a Beer, BBQ and Bacon spring fundraiser at the F-Town Brewery for the new Rotary mural.
The club held its first cash raffle to raise funds for youth services.
The club sponsored the Courage Retreat for Faribault 7th graders.
The tradition of inviting retired past presidents to installation ceremonies for the new president was started.
A dedication ceremony for Faribault's newest mural was spear headed by Dick Huston, who made a short presentation to Rotarians and guests in the lot next to the Chavis building.
2016 Rotarian of the year was Kymn Anderson.
The Club partnered with the United Way and Unity Students to build the first of six Little Libraries in Faribault.
There was a great presentation from Shoreview Rotarian, John Suzukida, who spoke of his parent’s internment in Japanese- American relocation camps during WWII.  
The club enjoyed the 77th annual Christmas Concert.
Our club’s 96th president in 2015-16 was Dr. Richard Huston.
Dr. Huston had the following memories:
-Hosting exchange student Maggie in the spring and enjoying all the events and friends she had.
-Planning for, procuring financing and seeing the mural project completed to let the people of Faribault know the value of Rotary
-Presidents Event at F-Town planned by our very own Dan Hedge
-Working with Dan Hedge to develop promotional brochure, Exchange brochure and "Ways to Serve.”
-Displaying the flags on banners.
-Doing orientation with a meal to really get to know the incoming members and letting them know Rotary is Service above Self
Murray had the best ties that year and frankly every year since.
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Last Week's Meeting 5/12/2021

Faribault Tourism

Info - Faribault, MN Tourism
Kelly Nygaard from the Faribault Chamber of Commerce visited our club to share the state of tourism for Faribault. The Chamber as the area tourism bureau collects a 3% tax on all overnight stays in the city. These funds are then focused back at potential travelers to visit our community. 
Kelly explained the many ways the Chamber uses the funds from billboards on Interstate 35, travel guides, geo fencing mobile ads, trade shows and social media post. One of the most successful campaigns has been using social influencers on Instagram to visit Faribault and run a story on their pages and blogs.
Covid-19 took a big dip into the travel industry but Kelly feels the future is bright for tourism in Faribault due to many of our local outdoor activities and historical buildings.
For more information or to see all the fun things happening in Faribault follow "visit Faribault” on Instagram or Facebook.
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Why Do Lizards Do Push-Ups? | Live Science
Lizards communicate by doing push-ups.
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Image result for compass
A compass needle does not point directly north.
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STRIVE Session Review 5/12/2021

Posted by Kurt Halverson
The recording for the May STRIVE session featuring the Health Partners MESA program can be viewed here:  
Please let me know if you would like to impact the lives of local youth by volunteering for our amazing STRIVE program!
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Cambodia Project 5/19/2021

Posted by Sambath Ouk

Eid Al Fitr

The Faribault Rotary Club's Diversity Committee celebrated Eid Al Fitr today with the city's Muslim community by teaming up with Rice County to provide Covid-19 Vaccines to interested people and popcorn, cotton candy, and Ice Cream to kids. It was such a fun day. Eid Mubarak!
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The bullfrog is the only animal that never sleeps. | Bullfrog, Animals, Herp
The bullfrog is the only animal that never sleeps.
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Rotary Camp Clean Up 

Your help is needed! Volunteers are required for the annual Faribault Rotary Camp Clean Up either Wednesday or Thursday this week..  Cleaning products for the inside of the building will be supplied. If you can bring weed whippers, leaf blowers, and/or chain saws for outdoor work.  Please use the sign up sent in a separate email or contact Dave Beranek.
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Next STRIVE Session May 12,2021

Jenny Teletor

Hello Everyone,
Our next STRIVE session is at 7:15 a.m. on Wednesday, May 12th.  This month we will be joined by Jenny Teletor, Community Health Worker with HealthFinders.  Jenny is going to tell us about their MESA wellness program.  Here is the Zoom link:
As always, a link to a recorded version of the presentation will be sent out later that day if you are not able to attend the session.  Please let me know if you would like to learn more about how you can help shape the future of our youth through STRIVE!
Thank you,
Kurt Halverson
Faribault Rotary Strive Chair
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Cambodia Global Grants Project 5/11/21

Posted by Sambath Ouk

Ta Meun Village

#TaMeunWaterProject #FaribaultGlobalProject
The Rotary Club of Faribault is putting things into place to to provide clean drinking water and create a sufficient source of water for Ta Meun Village, a small rural village in Northwest Cambodia. The project will also include the establishment of a community garden. Overall, this venture will help to improve the health of the community by providing safe drinking water and fresh produce to people. The total cost of the project is estimated at around $75,000. 
Interesting fact about Cambodia:
The Angkor Wat, a Hindu temple, is one of the largest religious monument in the world and it is the largest in the world if you consider the total land area and structure that makes up the entire temple complex. However, Angkor was not just a temple. In fact it was an entire city. At it's height, there were roughly 700,000 to 900,000 people there. This estimate could possibly make Angkor the largest city in the world in that time period.
The temple is the national symbol of the country and can be seen in Cambodian communities across the globe. It is also the logo of one of our project sponsors, ChheamKounKhmer Clothing.

ChheamKounKhmer Clothing

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Facts about frogs | The Learning Key |
Frogs never drink.  They absorb it through their skin.
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Pound Cake

Pound Cake Recipe- A Classic Southern Favorite | My Cake School
Pound cake got its name from the original recipe which called for a pound of butter.
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Club History- 2015

Honoring Al Burkhartzmeyer

There was an annual Strive Awards banquet at the Elks Club.  The Club honored students from Faribault High School and Bethlehem Academy with college scholarships totaling $21,000.
To honor the late Al Burkhartzmeyer’s dedication as a Rotarian with 55 years of perfect attendance, who served in many capacities in his years as a Rotarian and always honored the message of integrity and service espoused by Rotary, the club raised $27,000 to restore the Security Bank Clock on Central Ave.
The club held a spring social fundraising event for the clock project.
The club hosted exchange students from India and Taiwan.
Outbound Exchange Student, Theresa Wilder, sent monthly reports to the club from Poland.
The annual picnic was held at the Rotary Camp.
The 2015 Rotarian of the Year was Dr. Murray Hanson.
The club welcomed a GSE group from Brazil.
The club enjoyed the 76th annual FHS Christmas Concert at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.
Our club’s 95th president in 2014-15 was Tony Langerud. He has been a member since November 2006.
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Pride Grant

Warm Our Community

Faribault Rotarians receiving the Pride Grant from Foundation Board Members (Left to Right) Pat Rice, Christine Shaffer-Brown, Pat Gustafson, with Rotarians, Keith Kramer - Warm our Community Chair, Brenda DeMars - Rotary President, Laura Bock- Rotary Community Service Organizer.

The Faribault Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of the 2021 Community Pride Grants.

Warm Our Community is a project that assists families in need by providing winter weather gear at no charge. Good condition used coats and snow pants and boots are accepted, and monetary donations fund the purchase of new items to supplement the donations. The Faribault Rotary Club leads this effort and used many local volunteers. The Foundation is awarding $300.00 to this effort.

Selection was made based on impact, need and alignment with the mission of the Faribault Foundation. The Mission of the Faribault Foundation is to promote philanthropy to enhance the quality of life in Faribault.

Key values of the Faribault Foundation:

Community Betterment

The Foundation seeks initiatives that look to the future by helping develop assets for the community by capacity building and by supporting beautification and recreation projects.

Youth & Families

The Foundation seeks to support programs that help youth and families grow, learn, and become better citizens by targeting needs in areas such as: hunger, housing, poverty, education, recreation, art and culture, healthy lifestyles, and civic engagement.

Cultural Diversity

The Foundation seeks initiatives that will foster equal opportunity, open dialogue, mutual respect, and cross-cultural collaboration in our community.

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New Member Proposal- Jacob Kohl

The honorable Dr. Richard Huston proposes Jacob Kohl, Funeral Director at Parker-Kohl Funeral Home, for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact membership chair Keith Kramer.
New Member Proposal- Jacob Kohl Murray H Hanson 2021-05-06 05:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 5/5/2021

Sarah McGuire, Director of the Cannon Valley Special Education Cooperative,

"Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning, but capable of succeeding."

–Robert John Meehan

On 5 May 2021, Sarah McGuire, Director of the Cannon Valley Special Education Cooperative, spoke to the Rotary Club about the Cooperative.  Ms. McGuire highlighted the Cooperative’s mission, which is to prepare every special needs student to learn and succeed in our communities.  She explained the Faribault, Medford, Owatonna, and Northfield public school districts make up the Cannon Valley Special Education Cooperative and it was established in 2016. She went on to say that school districts are required to have special education in place to meet the needs of all students.  Thus, the Cooperative serves those students from the four communities whose needs are specific and often represent the most vulnerable. Ms. McGuire also mentioned the economic and programming advantage of cooperating with the four other school districts to meet the special education needs in our communities. 
Explaining how the Cooperative works, Ms. McGuire commented that there are three different programs serving specific students.  The first program, the Sun program, meets the needs of students who have communication or hearing devices and strives to enable the students to gain academic, social and emotional development. Students can stay in the Sun program until they are 21. 
The second program is housed in the Alexander Learning Academy and serves the area’s most vulnerable students.  Students at the academy have intense social, emotional, and behavioral needs.  Students come to the Academy and then transition back to their home districts once it is judged they are ready to return to their home school. Ms. McGuire said starting next year, the Alexander Learning Academy will be building in a significant mental health component.  She added the students attending the Academy need a lot of care and direction during the day. 
The third program is the Step program.   This program is for students ages 18-21 and most of these students have completed and graduated from high school.  The Step program gives the students the opportunity to continue their education in order to nurture the students to live independently. Ms. McGuire noted that a work component is an integral part of the Step program.  The students have job coaches to assist the students in transitioning to the workplace.  Ms. McGuire added that the cooperative is always looking for additional partners to work with the students. 
Ms. McGuire ended her presentation by highlighting the Cooperative will be moving into a large space at the Faribo West Mall.  She commented that this will be the first time the cooperative will be located under one roof, which should help with programming and efficiencies.  She expects to take possession of the site on 1 June and to be fully operational by mid-June 2021. 
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Last Week's Meeting 4/28/2021

Posted by David Connelly

Falcon Education Enrichment Program

Faribault Public Schools - YouTube
Mitch Anderson spoke to us about the FEEP program in the Faribault Public School.  The Falcon Education Enrichment Program (FEEP) was founded in 2018 under the FAPSETA Trust created in 1986. FEEPS mission is to support specific classroom and learning opportunities beyond typical classroom financial support.
Since December 2018, FEEP has approved over $30,000 in grants that improve the educational opportunities in all of the schools in the district. The average grant is around $1,100. Grants support areas of need such as Literacy, Science, Technology, Engineering, Cultural Awareness. Here is a great video of the value of the FEEP program.
The Falcon Education Enrichment Program is always looking for positive donations and energized people to be on their board. You can receive more information from the Faribault District office.
In 1986, Faribault Area Public School Education Trust Association (FAPSETA), a tax-exempt entity that provides scholarship opportunities to Faribault Public School students, was created.
What started with a fundraising goal of $50,000 has grown to $1,175,000
FAPSETA has awarded over $1.4 million in scholarships to more than 1,200 Faribault students since 1988.
The Board consists of business, community, and education members
In 2018, FAPSETA created the Falcon Education Enrichment Program (FEEP) to complement their mission by securing funding to support specific classroom and learning opportunities beyond typical classroom financial support.
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Club Survey- Covid-19 Vaccinations

Posted by Murray Hanson
Thank you Rotarians for responding to the club Covid-19 vaccination survey.  At present 75% of our membership is vaccinated as of May 1st.  That number will increase to 87% by June 1st. Most of the remaining 13% have mostly attended through Zoom or not at all. As I stated in the survey, individual responses will not be shared with the club.
Club Survey- Covid-19 Vaccinations Murray Hanson 2021-05-04 05:00:00Z 0

Cambodia Global Grants Project 5/4/21

Posted by Sambath Ouk

Angkor Treasures

The Faribault Rotary Club will be applying for a Global Grant to do a water purification project  for Ta Moeurn Village in Battambang, Cambodia. The work has just started and we've already received great support from Minnesota's Cambodian community. Thank you to Angkor Treasures, ChheamKonKhmer Clothing and Wat Munisotaram for supporting our fundraising efforts and personally contributing to our cause.
As part of Asian Heritage Month (May), we will send a post each week with interesting facts about the country of Cambodia and update you on the progress of our work in Ta Moeurn Village. More information will come out soon on how you can support or donate to this project. Please stay tuned!
#TaMoeurnWaterProject #FaribaultRotaryGlobalProject

ChheamKonKhmer Clothing

Wat Munisotaram

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RI Presidents Message May 2021

Rotary Opens Opportunities

Holger Knaack - Rotary International President-elect 2019-20

Holger Knaack

President 2020-21

May 2021

For years, Susanne and I hosted many Rotary Youth Exchange students in our home. This program was an entry point to Rotary for me, and my heart is truly in it. When Rotary’s exchange programs were suspended because of COVID-19 to keep students and families safe, we felt sorry, especially for the participants, because those years cannot be repeated.

Because of the many uncertainties of the pandemic, the Rotary Board has decided to suspend in-person exchanges through June 2022. As we look ahead with hope, we thank Youth Exchange officers, host families, and volunteers for their contributions in years past, and we encourage districts to offer virtual exchanges as a way of connecting students around the world with each other and with our communities.

For those who are not able to participate in Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotary offers other opportunities. New Generations Service Exchange (NGSE) is a Rotary program that deserves wider recognition: It is an excellent opportunity for young people ages 18 to 30 to participate in community service as individuals or in a group and to gain internship experience. Simukai Matshalaga, a Rotaractor from Zimbabwe, stayed with us in Ratzeburg during her NGSE experience three years ago.

When I applied for the New Generations Service Exchange program, I did not realize that I was signing up for a life-changing experience. This program gave me that opportunity and much more. It taught me about the importance of failing fast, learning quicker, and being myself.

Some of my greatest experiences happened at the dinner table. The warmth and kindness of every home I lived in still resonate with me today. It took me weeks to understand how a stranger could care for me as deeply as these members of the Rotary family did. I am inspired by the lessons of humility I learned from all the amazing people I met. I came to understand a new culture and realized that the only things that separate us as people are our experiences and, at times, our false assumptions.

Professionally, it gave me confidence in my own abilities as an engineer. Seeing how other organizations handled problems made me aware that the best person to solve the challenges in my country was me. Returning home from northern Germany, I declined a promotion, quit my job, and began building a family business — a decision that previously I would have never made, out of fear.

I am indebted to the Rotary family. I am not sure whether the friends, mentors, and families I left behind knew that they changed my life permanently. I hope they now do.

New Generations Service Exchange changed Simukai’s life. It can change yours, too. All Rotary members can experience something similar at any time: I encourage everyone to take a virtual journey this month and visit meetings of other clubs online. You will see how different Rotary is around the world as you meet great people and make new friends.

Let us build upon these connections forged online — and later, when the time is right, enjoy in-person exchanges through Rotary Friendship Exchange, another excellent program for Rotary members of all ages.

Our ability to meet in person is limited now, but we know that Rotary Opens Opportunities, always. Now is the time to get ready, so that when the pandemic is behind us, Rotary’s exchange programs will come back stronger than before, serving a world that is yearning to reconnect.

RI Presidents Message May 2021 Holger Knaack 2021-05-03 05:00:00Z 0
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Octopuses think with their tentacles.
Octopuses Murray Hanson 2021-05-03 05:00:00Z 0

Club History-2014

The global grant application for funding for GG14-11947 "UDDAO Cassava Processing Plant," submitted by host sponsor Rotary Club of Faribault (part of District 5960) and international sponsor Rotary Club Makeni (part of District 9101), was approved by The Rotary Foundation. The award is $54,000.
Janel Klein, NBC News Correspondent/Kare 11 and an FHS graduate and spoke to the club about her career in the TV industry.
Tami Schluter talked to the club about a project with Rick's Restoration (Cable TV show) and the Tilt-A-Whirl restoration for display on Central Ave.
There was a Rotary Honors banquet at the KC Hall.
The 2014 Rotarian of the Year was Brent Peroutka.
There was a President’s Event that included wine tasting and Rotary social in the ballroom above the new Alexander's Supper Club.  
The club conducted its second car raffle to raise funds for Youth Services.
2013-14 Rotary District Governor Gary Campbell awarded the Faribault Rotary Club with three awards.
2013-14 Rotary Club Central Award- for setting strategic goals to Engage Rotary and Change Lives.
2013-14 Presidential Citation- for actively working to Engage Rotary and Change Lives.
2013-2014 Zone Literacy and Education Award- for promoting literacy and education that strengthens individual dignity and self-worth of people, thereby strengthening the foundation of international goodwill, understanding and peace.
Our club’s 94th president in 2013-14 was Brent Peroutka. He has been a member since January 2004.
Brent has the following memories from his year:
  1. Since I value history, I had Murray Hanson provide a brief “history minute” during each Rotary meeting.
  2. We recognized members each week that performed service above self with a “Service Above Self” trophy.  This was a great way to recognize members in our club for their work in Rotary as well as in the community.
  3. We continued the fundraising efforts for the Rotary Clock Project that originally started with the Al Burkhartzmeyer memorial.  We raised over $7,000 towards the project and started working on the proper legal documents with the city and building owner.  The project finished the following year with a beautiful memorial and clock downtown Faribault.
  4. We held several meetings at the Rotary Camp as I wanted to highlight this great asset, and we made several improvements to the camp during the year.
  5. We held a “President’s Event” in order to raise funds for other projects, build relationships outside of Rotary, as well as recruit new members.  This year we hosed a wine tasting and social.  Rotarian George Wickstrom had donated some of the wine.
  6. Our club completed its first international project in several years, a cassava processing plant in Sierra Leone Africa.  This process started prior to my term as Rotary president, and I was so grateful for everyone hard work putting this together and raising the necessary funds to make this project a success.  We had a contingent of Rotarians travel to Sierra Leone Africa to work on the project first hand.  Jake Cook, Richard Cook, Richard Ormsby, Dr. Richard Huston, Pat Gustafson (and I believe her granddaughter) all traveled to Africa to help with the project.  This helped to build a sustainable cassava processing plat where local residents could produce, store and sell this local produce.
  7. Our club received the Presidential Citation Award as well as a Literacy Award from the district with awards at the District 5960 Conference.
  8. As club president, I had 100% attendance and led every meeting during the year!
Club History-2014 Murray Hanson 2021-04-28 05:00:00Z 0

Faribault Rotaract Disassembled

It has been announced by the District that the Faribault Rotaract Club at South Central College has been disassembled as of 3/31/2021.  The club was unable to name a new president when David Mesta resigned. With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing most learning online the initial enthusiastic interest in the newly formed club (2019) suffered. We hope there will be an opportunity to reform the club in the future.
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Maine (again)

United States Geography for Kids: Maine
Maine is the only U.S. state that has only one syllable.
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First Sunrise in USA

Trek to the Top of Katahdin · College of the Atlantic
Mt. Katahdin in Maine is the first place in the U.S to get sunlight each morning.
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Maine Wild Blueberries - Gastro Obscura
Maine produces more wild blueberries than anywhere else in the world.
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Club History 2012-13

Posted by Murray Hanson
Dr Richard Huston gave a program about his mission trip to India.
The first car raffle was conducted to raise money for Youth Services and STRIVE scholarships.
Dr. Murray Hanson and Dr. Michael Richie presented a program on the advances in digital lenses and cataract lens implants.
There was another successful year with the STRIVE program and banquet!  Over $20,000 in scholarships were awarded to students.
The Ethics Essay committee led by Kymn Anderson conducted a successful Ethics Essay contest with $1000 in prizes being awarded to the top 5 students who submitted excellent essays.
Our most senior member of 57 years, Bob Bjorgum. and his son, Bruce spoke to the club about Bob's distinguished military service in WWII in Norway and his recent award and the recognition he received from the King of Norway.
The Club made a $2500 donation to the Faribault Booster Club for the Fielitz Fitness Center at Faribault High School.
The club hosted a Group Exchange Team from Taiwan.
Dr. Lisa Humfeld-Wilson was named 2012 Rotarian of the Year.
The District decided that Rotarians who provide transportation for youth, or come in contact with youth outside a Rotary meeting needed to complete the training and have a current background check on file.
Our club’s 92nd president in 2011-12 was Dr. Murray Hanson who joined Rotary in 1993.
This was taken from the weekly bulletin.
The Faribault Rotary Club lost Al Burkhartzmeyer (11/1/1920- 02-29-2012) recently.  He was our President 1971-72 and was a member for 54 years. Several years ago, he was recognized for 50 years of perfect attendance in Rotary. He was a WWII veteran who was the sole survivor of plane crash in which 11 of his crew members were killed. He spent a year in the hospital recovering from burns and injuries and always felt that God gave him a second chance at life.  His life of service to his family, his community and to Rotary was an inspiration to everyone who knew him.  We just had our first meeting in 54 years without him as a member but we all felt his presence. He will be missed.
Outbound Exchange student, Sydney Beumaster, kept the club informed with her weekly blog covering her adventures in Indonesia.
Exchange student from Norway, Line Berg Almestrand, kept the club informed with her weekly blog covering her experiences in Faribault and her US travels.
Dr. Dick Huston became a Paul Harris Society member.
Robert Jirik, a member for 51 years (1961-2013) passed away.
STRIVE students were awarded $22,000 in scholarships.
The club participates in “Bowl for Kid’s Sake” to support Big Brothers Big Sisters.
President- Elect Rev. Steve Delzer is named Bishop of the Southeast Minnesota Synod of the ELCA in June which elevated Brent Peroutka to President-Elect a year ahead of schedule and 3 weeks before becoming president.
Annual dues were set at $352.
The Club set a goal of raising $15,000 and our team's goal is to collect $5,000 from other local Rotary Club's (totaling $20,000 from local sources).  Our District 5960 will match $12,000 and Rotary International will match $22,000 for a total of $54,000 for the International project for the Uddao Cassava Processing plant in Sierra Leone-Africa
Rotarian of the year was Pastor Rick Ormsby.
Rotarian Robert Bjorgum passed away at the age of 94. He was the longest standing member of our club at the time with 59 years and 8 months of membership since joining in 1954.
Our club’s 93rd president in 2012-13 was Kymn Anderson. She has been a member since 1999 and recently chaired our 100-year anniversary celebration.
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17 Years Later, Rotary picks up the Mantle

Posted by Misty Schwab
General 3.jpg
A restoration project in 2004 gathered a community of volunteers at Crockers Creek. Seventeen years later, the Faribault Rotary Club hopes the community will step up in a big way again for a new restoration project in the same area. (Photo courtesy of Kymn Anderson)

In 2004, Faribault residents came together to restore 39,000-square feet of shoreland along Crockers Creek, located along Hwy. 21.

Seventeen years later, the Faribault Rotary Club has selected this same area for a beautification project. And just like last time, it will take plenty of helping hands to bring back the native species along the waterway.

Since Rotary International decided to add a seventh area of focus, the environment, the district leaders have encouraged clubs to do a project by April or May of this year. The Faribault club selected Crockers Creek, which Rotarian Dick Huston began cleaning up on his own several years ago.


Crockers Creek.jpg

Located along Hwy. 21, Crockers Creek is the area the Faribault Rotary Club has selected as its beautification project. Rotarian Dick Huston has cleaned up the area outside the Chamber of Commerce the past several years, but there’s still much more work to do. (Misty Schwab/


The restoration of Crockers Creek, which spans from the A&W on Hwy. 21 to the Burger King at the Seventh Street intersection, kicks off 1 p.m. Saturday and continues 5 p.m. Thursday, April 29. Volunteers can simply show up outside the Faribault Chamber of Commerce office and bring loppers and chainsaws they own.

“Depending on how many people show up, it’s going to take some time,” Huston said. “It’s a big, big job but it will have major benefits.”

Invasive species are prevalent at the creek, but understanding how prairies work on his own farm, Huston said the native plants can return in the proper environment. Any woody plants that grow need to be cut down, he said, and the stump needs to be treated, or shoots will grow back in a year or two.

Beautification aside, Huston pointed out another benefit to bringing back the restoration project. The roots of the current plants go down as far as 15 feet, he said, and that means they filter the contaminants of the runoff from both the road and parking lot. The plants start the filtering process, which means the chemicals don’t end up in the water.

“To me it’s a big deal, and it can be for the city too, to make it look way way better than it is,” Huston said.

A community project

Kymn Anderson, specials project manager of the Faribault Chamber of Commerce, said the Crockers Creek restoration project dates back to 2002. Throughout a two-year Business Retention and Expansion program within the Chamber, members gathered input from hundreds of businesses about what they viewed as important for the local community to thrive. A number of different initiatives were born from that interview process, including Gateway Beautification.

Anderson recalled Master Gardeners, city staff, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, high school groups and more working on different aspects of the community throughout 2003 and 2004. These volunteers pulled weeds, and planted flower gardens and trees as part of the beautification projects. One of the major projects in spring and summer 2004 focused specifically on Crockers Creek.

“It was a mess,” Anderson said of Crockers Creek at that time. “Just a pile of weeds and a place where garbage gets collected a lot. We were able to get a grant from the Department of Natural Resources for $13,000, and we began the restoration of that area.”

With the grant, the community volunteers planted 17,000 native plants on both sides of the waterway. Following the big, sweeping effort of planting in 2004, Anderson said keeping up with the process has become an effort of the Chamber of Commerce. But Huston on his own has also made sure Crockers Creek is cared for properly.

Huston began cleaning up the Crockers Creek area in front of the Chamber several years ago, ridding the shore of invasive species. Last summer, Huston spotted 12 prairie flowers blooming.

He’s also invited the Faribault Fire Department to conduct controlled burns on the land regularly to rid the area of non-native plants and allow it to repopulated with native ones.

“[Fire Chief] Dusty Dienst is awesome in getting that burned, and that’s important for reviving the prairie plants,” Huston said. “Fire is one of the things that stimulates their growth.”

Added Anderson: “Every few years when it gets burned down, that helps those native plants become stronger, and it kills the invasive plants we want to get rid of. It’s a big project. It’s not perfect yet, but the idea is that every step of the way makes it easier for the native species to return rather than some of the weeds that had grown up along the way.”

Reporter Misty Schwab can be reached at 507-333-3135. Follow her on Twitter @APGmisty. ©Copyright 2021 APG Media of Southern Minnesota. All rights reserved. 


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Last Week's Meeting 4/21/2021

Posted by David Sauer

Paradise Center of the Arts

Center for the Arts | Art | Theater | Exhibit | Perform | Faribault
On April 21, 2021 Rotarian and Executive Director of the Paradise Center of the Arts (PCA), Ms. Heidi Nelson briefed the club on the Paradise and its upcoming programs and activities.   Since the pandemic, Ms. Nelson highlighted the PCA had its first in-person program in the auditorium on April 16.  The PCA’s Gallery also had an opening and both programs were done safely following COVID-19 safety protocols.  On May 21, there will be another gallery opening and a visual artist will be performing.  Ms. Nelson stated that she expects Community Theater will be performing Frozen Junior opening in June. 
Ms. Nelson said that since June 2020 the PCA’s gallery has averaged a new gallery opening every five to six weeks.  These are generally broadcast over Facebook Live which allows for interactions from viewers including questions of, and answers from, the artists.  Ms. Nelson added that if there are questions on future events that people may call the PCA’s box office at 507- 332-7372. 
Commenting on the age of the building, Ms. Nelson said funds earmarked by the City of Faribault for the PCA will be used to renovate two HVAC systems.  She went on to explain the PCA’s current financial situation, stressing the desire to pay off the PCA’s line of credit and the existing mortgage for the building.  She expects to reduce the existing mortgage by approximately $100,000 prior to asking the City to pay off the remainder of the mortgage’s balance.
Speaking of the PCA’s future, Ms. Nelson spoke of recent fund-raising successes and of the 100 Club, which by donating $2500 will make the donator a lifetime PCA member.  By becoming debt free, Ms. Nelson stressed the PCA will be able to become self-sustainable and provide a wide range of programming.  She plans on establishing a programming sponsorship effort.  Sponsors who donate $10,000 will receive special benefits including the ability to invite staff to events as well as be recognized throughout the year for contributing to the PCA.   Ms. Nelson’s goals is to have sufficient resources to be able to schedule programs two and a half years out.   
Ms. Nelson reiterated that for the PCA step one is to improve the PCA’s financial situation while step two is to work on long-term programming.  Step three is developing an endowment for PCA to make it sustainable for the future.   She expressed thanks for the strong community support for the PCA and noted the contributions made by PCA board members and donors.  She also praised the staff of the PCA for their dedication and hard work.  Finally, Ms. Nelson commented that there are many volunteer opportunities to serve on PCA committees and sub-committees. 
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Minnesota Twins Game May 26th

Take me out to the Ballgame!

Tickets for first 17 home Twins games to go on sale Thursday |
Hello Faribault Rotarians,
It's spring in Minnesota and that means it's Twins baseball season! 
Popcorn! Peanuts! Cracker Jacks! Get your ice cold beer here! I can almost hear the crack of the bat now! 
Our Club is holding a special social outing to a Minnesota Twins game coming up on May 26th... and we want YOU to join us! 
Thanks to the generosity of one of our fellow Faribault Rotarians, transportation is being provided at no additional cost to you AND your ticket price is reduced. WOW!!  We want as many Rotarians to participate as possible and hope that by providing transportation and more affordable tickets will help do that.
More details and the RSVP for tickets are included in the link below. 
Please RSVP no later than April 28th. Payment is expected by our May 5th meeting. 
Please note, tickets are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.  The quicker you sign up, the better your chance of getting to hang out with your fellow Rotarians while enjoying a Twins game on a beautiful spring day in Minnesota!!
Thank you,
Just in case, it's here too: 
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Crocker's Creek Clean Up

Posted by Murray Hanson
Volunteers are needed to clean up Crocker's Creek from the A&W to Burger King behind the Chamber office on Saturday April 24th and Thursday April 29th.  It is a big job and will require folks and time.  We will need extra chain saws, loppers and spray bottles with chemicals.  Dick Huston will bring a chain saw, 4 loppers and six spray bottles with chemicals.  The goal is to  cut down all woody plants six inches in diameter and less.  Immediately after cutting the stump, they need to be sprayed.  It works good if one cuts and another sprays.  The spraying should be done right after cutting or some will be missed.  If not treated there will be 2 - 6 shoots coming the next year.
This is a great opportunity to get together to help our city. Our Rotary club first cleaned this area in 2003. Please sign up on the separate email request that has already been sent to each member.
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Cambodia Global Grants Project

Posted by Sambath Ouk

Wat Munisutaram Temple is the largest Buddhist Temple in North America


On April 17th, Two members of the Cambodian Global Grants Project Team and two other Rotary members visited the Cambodian Buddhist Temple in Hampton MN (pictured above) to take part in the Minnesota Cambodian community’s annual New Year celebration. The Rotary members were Dick Huston, Sam Ouk, George Wickstrom and Rebekah Freed. The team hoped to learn as much as they can about the Cambodian culture and people through talking and sharing a meal with the Cambodian community members at the temple. The pictures below show the ceremonial activities Rotary members were able to take part in at the temple. The team also had an opportunity to talk to the Abbot (head monk) of the Buddhist temple about our water purification project for Ta Moeung Village in Battambang, Cambodia. The project will provide clean water for over 500 students and hundreds more villagers. At the end of the conversation, the monks blessed a string bracelet and handed it to the team as a gift of friendship.

The Rotary Team was also joined by Tracy Corcoran of Faribault Public Schools.
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Last Week's Meeting 4/14/2021

Posted by David Connelly

Warren Commission: Fact or Fiction?

David York joined the club and enlightened us on the history (and the differences) in the investigations done by the Warren Commission and the Report by the House of Representatives regarding the Assassination of the 35th President John F Kennedy. 
Mr. York pointed out several disadvantages the Warren Commission had. From funding to time of investigation, even the interest of the commission members themselves. Mr. York expressed only Gerald Ford requested to be on the commission. The Warren Commission spent ten months investigating the assassination of John F. Kennedy. They were under pressure to complete their report before election season. Many heads of state worked to keep parts of their agencies secret; therefore, the commission was lead with false information. 
The investigation by the House of Representatives had plenty of funding, time (31 months), and a lot more evidence that had surfaced 12 years later, including audio recordings, new video angles, and many articles.
These two government investigations came up with two completely different conclusions with their reports. Mr. York pointed out a couple of examples in his talk. 
1) Oswalt acted alone, Warren said yes, House said No, others were working with Oswalt. 
2) Number of Gunshots: Warren stated 3, House claim at least 4. 
3) Jack Ruby had a Mafia connection: Warren said no; the House documented 122 pages of mafia ties. 
Mr. David York concluded his talk by simply pointing out how the frame of truth can only be understood by the lens that sees it. For more information and knowledge on the subject, visit your local library.
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How Do Turtles Communicate? (Hint: Verbally & Nonverbally) - All Turtles
You can tell a turtle's gender by the noise it makes.  Males grunt and females hiss.
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How to Grow Tomatoes in Hot Weather – Bonnie Plants
Heat, not sunlight, ripens tomatoes.
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U.S. Currency

U.S. paper money is made from a blend of cotton and which other material? -  The Millennial Mirror
U.S. Currency isn't made of paper- it's actually a blend of cotton and linen.
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New Member- Rebekah Freed

Welcome Rebekah!

The Faribault Rotary Club's newest member is Rebekah Freed.  She is the Senior Environmental Health & Safety Manager for Daiken Applied in Faribault. Her sponsor is Amy Amundson.
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Club History- 2010-11

Posted by Murray Hanson
The club raised $50,000 for naming rights on one of the soccer fields by sponsoring a couple of circus fundraisers
The soccer committee that included Dick Cook, Shelli Frana, Lisa Humfeld and Angela Storch presented the second of two $25,000 checks to Troy Temple of the Soccer Association. 
Bulletin editor, Kymn Anderson, sent the weekly bulletin through Constant Contact. 
The club enjoyed the annual picnic at the Rotary Camp.
Rotarian of the Year was Richard Cook.
Our club’s 90th president in 2009-10 was Dr. Lisa Humfeld. Lisa has been a member since April 2002. She married Grant Wilson in February, four months before becoming club president.
Lisa had the following memories of her year as president:
In April 2009, we hosted the GSE Team from India. This team consisted of one Rotarian Krisha Sagar, and four non-Rotarians. I have stayed in touch with three out of the five. Krisha returned to MN with wife and son in 2017. 
In August of 2009, Tim Penny from SMIF (Southern MN Initiative Foundation) joined me at an open house at Jefferson Elementary. Earlier that year, we had applied for some grant money for another book donation.  Kids in 1st-3rd grade at Jefferson Elementary received over $1700 worth of books as part of their Kickstart Program. 
On November 3, 2009, the club sponsored Rachel’s Challenge at the Faribault High School. Rachel Joy Scott was the first person who died in the Columbine High School shooting in April 1999. After her death, many students that Rachel reached out to share stories with her parents about the profound impact her simple acts of kindness had on their lives; even preventing one young man for taking his own life. Her parents realized the transformational effect of Rachel’s story and started Rachel’s Challenge. This program was brought here to help prevent bullying and violence and replace it with acts of kindness. 
In December 2009, we held our first ever Rotary Reindeer 5K Run at Boston’s restaurant and started on the bike path. 
I ended my year with a trip to Montreal to the International Rotary Convention with my husband Grant and Matt and Shelli Frana. Shelli Frana was the new incoming President.
The club enlisted ClubRunner to establish our new website.  We used its programming to help reorganize the club and use the internet for better communication between members.
Publishing of the Weekly Bulletin was started through ClubRunner.
The date of the annual picnic at the Rotary camp was set on the Wednesday after Labor Day reduce summer conflicts and enhance attendance.
Rotarian of the Year 2011 was Angela Storch.
Local students were encouraged to participate in an Ethics Essay contest, which involved writing an essay regarding an understanding ethical behavior and the 4-Way Test.  The four best essays received prizes totaling $1000. 
Thanks to generous contributions and an inspiring story from Richard Maus a polio survivor and the author of The Lucky One, the club raised $2200 for Polio Plus and exceeded its goal of $1500 on the first day of the 2011-12 campaign.
Tim Penney addressed the club regarding the Southern Minnesota initiative.
The club participated in Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Christmas.
The club enjoyed the 72nd annual Christmas Concert at St. Luke’s Church.
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Ryan Heinritz Returns

Posted by David Sauer

Minnesota Twins Outing

Ryan Heinritz: Leaving for home | Arts |
On April 7 2021, Mr. Ryan Heinritz joined the meeting to discuss the possibility of a Rotary Twins outing.  Mr. Heinritz gave the club a virtual view of Target Field and talked about the home opener scheduled for April 8.  He recommended right field porch seats in Target Field that would allow for social distancing and comfort, but still offer affordable ticket prices ($36).    Section 125 was another recommended seating area because it offered plenty of sun during day games.  Upper deck seats also were mentioned as a possibility.   The Club will discuss this possible event further prior to making any decisions.  
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Club History 2009

Posted by Murray Hanson
Rotarians Lisa Humfeld and Grant Wilson were married on Feb. 9th.
The Annual Honor’s Banquet was held for seniors from BA and Faribault High School.
The Annual Strive Banquet was held with scholarships awarded at the Elks Club.
In April 2009, we hosted the GSE Team from India.
The Club held the annual picnic at the Rotary Camp.
The club sponsored a second circus at the Rice County Fairgrounds as a fundraiser for the soccer fields.
 Over $1700 worth of books were donated to kids in 1st-3rd grade at Jefferson Elementary as part of their Kickstart Program. 
Rotarian of the Year was awarded to Dave Beranek.
The annual Rotary Rose Sale was held in October.
On November 3rd, 2009, Rachel’s Challenge was held at the Faribault High School. Rachel Joy Scott was the first person who died in the Columbine High School shooting in April 1999.
In December 2009, we held our first ever Rotary Reindeer 5K Run. This was held at Boston’s and started on the bike path.
The club enjoyed the 70th annual Christmas Concert.
Our club’s 89th president in 2008-09 was Pastor Rick Ormsby. 
I received the following from Pastor Ormsby who now lives in Pine Island.
Murray, as per our phone conversation, nothing sticks out in my fading mind about my year as Rotary President.   I know we had good programs, supported ongoing and special causes, etc.  We had just completed our international project--a cassava processing plant for 8 villages near Makeni, Sierra Leone, West Africa.  That was begun during Angela Storch's presidency.
Since then, our Faribault Rotary Club was introduced to Rev. Judith Banya, who has spoken formally and informally about her dreams as a United Methodist Pastor in Sierra Leone.  Since returning to her home country in 2013 (after spending 18 years in the US), she has founded 3 congregations in Baiwalla, center for the chiefdom, and in nearby villages (Dodo and Bomaru)--totaling 200 worshipers, 1/2 children. 
She has also led a ministry which has fed 500 children a noon meal in three schools every school day.  A major donor of food has been Minnesota's own Feed My Starving Children.  She has organized community work projects (like road repairs), adult literacy classes, and conflict mediation. 
The mission pick-up truck provided by the Pine Island United Methodist Church ($17,000) not only provides its intended purpose of moving children, adults, and bags of basic foods from a distant city, but also had the unintended use as an area ambulance.  To date an estimated 12 people are alive because the truck shrinks the time needed to get to the nearest hospital from several days to four hours.  The area is 95% Muslim, who have good relations with the few Christians. One of the Iman's is thankful that our ambulance "rushed" his wife to the hospital for an appendectomy.
Since 2017 the major project is construction of a secondary school (grades 7-11).  I took Minnesota work teams in 2017 and 2018 and was made honorary Paramount Chief for Baiwalla.  I was given a robe and cap by the Paramount Chief, along with the gift of a live goat, which I donated to the food program. 
Since April, 2013, I have worked with churches and individuals in Minnesota, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma to see that Rev. Banya received $2000 monthly to support her work.  In 2017 we raised the monthly stipend to $2500.  One church in North Carolina has contributed $20,000 in support in the last 4 years.  Another large North Carolina church donated 1/2 their Christmas offering--a gift of $10,000.  Fourth Avenue UMC in Faribault provided $6000 from 2013-2015.  While the money (over $200,000) for building the school was donated by a retired General Mills executive in Minneapolis, the Bishop in Sierra Leone called to tell me they were naming the school for me—
Richard Ormsby Methodist High School. 
The school has opened with just four classes, 120 student, and 6 teachers and staff.  With 11 classrooms, 2 labs, an auditorium and library, 4 offices and sets of bathrooms, the school will eventually have 500 students.
As I mentioned in our phone conversation, I believe this project is related to our Rotary project in Sierra Leone in 2006-2008. Recently I received a generous contribution for the school from Dick Cook, who along with Dick Huston worked with me on our Rotary project.
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DidYouKnow Chameleons can move their eyes in two directions at the same time.  #EyeFacts | Eye facts, Fish pet, Optical education
Chameleons can move their eyes in different directions at the same time.
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Dogs as Smart as 2-year-old Kids | Live Science
The average dog is as intelligent as a two year old child.
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How to use the little pocket of your jeans – Watchisthis
The tiny pocket in jeans was made for pocket watches.
Jeans Murray Hanson 2021-04-13 05:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 7/7/2021

Fast For Hope

On April 7 2021, the Faribault Rotary Club welcomed Mr. Jim Hunt who virtually spoke about Fast for Hope (FFH).  FFH’s vision statement is applying the power of Rotary to end extreme poverty.  FFH wants projects to be sustainable and focused on community self-sufficiency.  Mr. Hunt explained extreme poverty is defined as living on $1.90 per day as articulated by the United Nations.  FFH follows new thinking about global projects to address poverty.  Mr. Hunt commented that aid provided by developed countries to date has not reduced poverty on a sustainable basis and does not address underlying causes of poverty in the developing world. 
Mr. Hunt used FFH’s efforts in Nicaragua as a case study, highlighting the difficulties of operating in Nicaragua over the past year caused by political unrest, hurricanes, and COVID-19.  Mr. Hunt said that among the lessons learned in working on humanitarian projects in Nicaragua is that many relief efforts apply relief instead of development or rehabilitation.  He also commented that many projects focus on doing for rather than working with the host community.  He emphasized the importance of investing in individuals in the target community and working closely with the community to ensure the community identifies the need and solution for any aid projects.  He stressed the need for the community to be the first investor in any aid project.  The targeted community needs to set the pace of any project.  Importantly, projects need to ensure that appropriate technical background/support and training are provided to ensure the project is sustainable.  
FFH partners with Opportunity International. (OI) and an NGO named Kairos in Nicaragua.  OI has a background in micro-finance and has a similar mission as FFH in combating extreme poverty.  All three organizations try to complement efforts in their project work.  Projects include electrification, water purification, and roads. 
Mr. Hunt provided an update on the El Corozo project which has been challenged by leadership issues and COVID.  Kairos has been active in El Corozo focused on social issues (Children program, Women’s group, Healthcare initiative, and a reading program).  New leadership at El Corozo has focused on water to ensure the community has a safe and reliable water supply.  Plans call for installing a bore hole well drill with solar powered mechanical pump and a tank reservoir for water retention and community piping. 
Mr. Hunt stated FFH is well-aligned, focused and growing in ability to achieve positive change and impact in targeted communities.  Partnering with OI and Kairos, FFH is focused on completing the well project by January 2022.  As always, FFH is striving for measurable impact on target communities. 
Mr. Hunt requested Rotarians to get involved by donating money, participating in a cultural delegation, and/or joining FFH steering community.
Last Week's Meeting 7/7/2021 David Sauer 2021-04-12 05:00:00Z 0

Club History 2007-08

Posted by Murray Hanson
The Annual Honor’s Banquet was held for seniors from BA and Faribault High School.
The Annual Strive Banquet was held with scholarships awarded at the Elks Club.
The Rotary Reader program was started at Jefferson Elementary.
The Club held the annual picnic at the Rotary Camp but discontinued the silent auction.
Led by Rev. Rick Ormsby, the club committed $12,000 to Books for Africa.
Al Burkhartzmeyer was honored for 50 years of perfect attendance.
The annual Rotary Rose Sale was held in October.
The club enjoyed the 68th annual Christmas Concert.
Our club’s 87th president in 2006-07 was Angela Storch.  She was the Director of United Way in Faribault.
Angela had the following memories:
I joined the Faribault Rotary Club in August of 1996, just a week after my wedding, and was a new college graduate.  Doing so, I became the third female member of our club, joining ranks with Janine Sahagian and Jill Finstuen. My, oh my how the times do change!  My sponsors Dave Balcom and Harry Algyer, encouraged me to become active. The Pastor Gordon Orde echoed that wisdom with his speech "let there be no RHINOS - Rotarians In Name Only."  Following their advice, I became a long-time editor of the club's bulletin, helped to organize Jingle Bell runs, Car Raffles, Parade Floats, Clean Up projects, and brought a circus to town - twice.  
Fast forward to 2006 -2007, my Presidency of the Faribault Rotary.  Personally, it was a year of enormous change:   I had relocated my young family to rural Waterville, and became the Alumni Director at South Central College. Our beloved Keith Shaffer's unexpected passing moved the role of Presidency up a year earlier than anticipated for both Gary Peterson and myself.  In that whirlwind, I vividly remember being supported by our membership. Our leadership worked tirelessly to engage all our members in club activities. The Faribault Rotary Club had 90 students participate in STRIVE.  Via Hy-Vee, we purchased and presented 15 backpacks to local school principals. We received and sent Rotary Exchange Students, delivered meals on wheels, supported the Little Feet Soccer Program, held RESPECT retreats, and awarded four Paul Harris Fellowships. We made repairs and updates to our Rotary Camp and increased efforts to market its availability to the public.  Through Rotary's call to Service Above Self, I fondly recall all the good we accomplished together, and will forever cherish the fellowship had and friendships made, both here in Faribault and around the world. 
Cheers, Angela
The Annual Honor’s Banquet was held for seniors from BA and Faribault High School.
The club participated in a Long-Range Rotary Planning Facilitation.
The Annual Strive Banquet was held with scholarships awarded at the Elks Club.
The Rotary Reader program was continued at Jefferson Elementary.
A video was produced for the Rotary Camp.
Honorary membership was granted to Stu Thibodeau, Layton Hoysler and Al Burkhartzmeyer.
The Club held the annual picnic at the Rotary Camp.
The club sponsored a circus at the Rice County Fairgrounds as a fundraiser for the soccer fields.
Rotarian of the Year was awarded to Gary Peterson.
The annual Rotary Rose Sale was held in October.
The club enjoyed the 69th annual Christmas Concert.
Our club’s 88th president in 2007-08 was Grant Wilson.  Grant has been a member for 20 years joining the club on Jan. 6, 2000.
Grant had the following memories:
The thing I remember most was being asked. Sheriff Cook and Gary Peterson showed up and asked me to do it. A lawyer and a guy with a gun, how could I say no!  
We carried on the Rotary Readers and it grew. I participated for the next 8 years.  We had a great time with a chili cook off.  We had the Rotary planning session, which would be interesting to review if we still had the notes.  I remember the circus and what a circus that was!  
Club History 2007-08 Murray Hanson 2021-04-06 05:00:00Z 0
Elephants Murray Hanson 2021-04-06 05:00:00Z 0
Pretzels Murray Hanson 2021-04-06 05:00:00Z 0


Dawn Chorus: Spring's Different Drummers
The woodpecker can hammer wood up to 16 times per second.
Woodpeckers Murray Hanson 2021-04-06 05:00:00Z 0

Cambodia Project

Posted by Dick Huston

Faribault Daily News Opinion page

Dick Huston

(Reprinted with permission from the Daily News and Dick Huston)

The Faribault Rotary Club has undertaken a project to supply clean water to some 600 children in rural Cambodia.

Natalie Ginter, David Sauer, Sam Ouk and I are leading the effort with the support of the entire Faribault Rotary and clubs from the surrounding area. The goal is to raise some $30,000 locally. With that accomplished, the District and International Rotary organizations will provide funds to reach the proposed $75,000 goal.

Cambodia was a natural choice for the Faribault club because Rotarian Sam Ouk was born there. He came to the U.S. as a 4-year-old and has many family members still living there. His uncle lives in the area and will help oversee the implementation of the project. It is anticipated Cambodians throughout southern Minnesota will also aid in getting the project funded.

The project is titled a Global Grant. The process is to identify a Rotary Club in the host country that will partner with us. Faribault is very fortunate to collaborate with the Rotary Club of Battambang, Cambodia, as this is the area Sam was born. This is especially fortunate because they have previously partnered with another Rotary club to successfully place a water purification plant at another school.

This project will be at a school where children do not have clean drinking water. The installation will include digging a ditch for water storage. From there it will be piped to the equipment we are purchasing and installing to be filtered and purified. Approximately 600 school children and their families will have potable water to drink for the first time in their lives.

Over 1 billion people in the world do not have access to clean water and every day more than 6,000 children die daily from water-related diseases, according to Unicef.

With Sam leading the way we have been able to connect with the leadership of the Battambang club via phone, email and Zoom. This is especially gratifying as Rotary International has a set of guidelines which must be followed to secure the matching grant. Having this communication and working with a club which has previously completed a project makes the likelihood of success very likely. Working at such a long distance is often difficult and prone to missteps along the way.

Not only is it important to identify a need, but we must assure as much as possible that a project is sustainable. We are confident it will be. Cambodians will be trained to maintain the equipment and the community will be able to sell clean water to provide revenue to keep the project going for the long term.

We are confident we can enhance the lives of the people in village by improving their health and welfare. Working with our club, the Battambang club, neighboring clubs and Rotary International we endeavor to live the Rotary motto of Service above self.

Cambodia Project Dick Huston 2021-04-05 05:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 3/31/2021

Posted by David Connelly

Club Visioning

District 5050 Visioning | Rotary District 5050
On March 31st, 2021, Kurt Halverson, David Connelly, and Amy Amundson presented the 2021-2024 club visioning report.
The visioning process asked club participants to look at what would benefit the club and envision what goals would be obtained through the process in success within three years.
The main objectives most important to the club from the vision project focused on 3 main objective concepts.
1) Restarting Exchange Program.
2) Branding club through visible community service.
3) Being engaged in our purpose as members.
The visioning process is still in its infant stages and will adapt and grow as our needs and focus might change due to our control or nonetheless. More information about how to objectively obtain our club goals will be addressed in the coming weeks and months.
Please look forward to being involved in our club's vision success. It will profit those who in need from our service above ourselves and be a blessing to our community. 
Last Week's Meeting 3/31/2021 David Connelly 2021-04-01 05:00:00Z 0

Club History 2005-06

Posted by Murray Hanson
The club moved its meetings from the Elks to Bernie’s Vintage Ballroom.
With the Rotary International Theme, “Celebrate Rotary” the club celebrated the 100-year anniversary of Rotary with a special program.
The Annual Honor’s Banquet was held for BA and FHS seniors.
The Annual Strive Banquet was held with scholarships awarded at the Elks Club.
The club’s 3-year pledge drive for Polio Plus ended with collections exceeding the $7500 goal.
The Club held the annual picnic and silent auction at the Rotary Camp.
The club enjoyed the 66th annual Christmas Concert.
Our club’s 85th president in 2004-05 was Richard Cook. He joined our club in 1997 and has been a member for 23 years.
This was probably Dick’s fondest yet bittersweet memory:
"That has Rotary written all over it", a comment made observing kids playing soccer on our way to a 2004 training session at the Hasting High School.  With me that day were Keith Shaffer, president-elect and Angela Storch. Keith wouldn't be president dying prematurely of a heart attack in 2005.  Keith was one of those guys to get things done.  That comment, that day inspired me. So, we signed a resolution on October 4, 2004 to take a leadership role in creating soccer fields in Faribault by assembling a group of key stakeholders to explore and lead this initiative.  
The money piece, as past president Darlene Meillier noted 2 weeks ago, actually took place after her presidency.  It was a big deal at the time and she is right the camp did come into play as a revenue source. It was subsequently dropped when Rotarian Wes Bahl talked to his son, Tracy.  Wes had cancer at that time and an unknown future. When the Bahl Foundation committed a million dollars other stakeholders, like Faribault Rotary stepped up.  Our club raised $50,000 for naming rights on one of the fields by sponsoring a couple of circus fundraisers. The fields and our commitment came to fruition in 2010 with the dedication of Faribault Soccer Complex and Bahl Field. Neither Keith Shaffer or Wes Bahl, both friends and Rotarians, never lived to see this come to pass yet were key inspirations.   
Our club’s 85th president in 2005-06 was Gary Peterson.
Gary’s memories from the year he was president started on a sad note with the unexpected and sudden death of incoming President Keith Shaffer in March 2005.  He was one of the most respected and productive members of our club. He was missed greatly by everyone.  As President-elect to follow Keith, I then became president a year earlier than anticipated.
Through the Rotary year we celebrated the Strive and Honors banquets recognizing the achievements of local students, the annual picnic at the Rotary Youth Camp, the 67th annual Christmas concert at St. Luke’s Church with the Faribault Senior High Choir, and all of the club’s ongoing activities.
The Club started the Rotary Readers program with the assistance of the first, second and third grade teachers at Jefferson Elementary School. Rotarians volunteered on a weekly basis to meet and read with students selected by the teachers in a one-on-one setting. Teachers reported positive results in student confidence and reading skills. Participating Rotarians contributed many hours of their time in this volunteer activity.  
In addition, Rotarian Pastor Mark Noreen organized, and Capstone Press in Mankato provided, a gift of over 1,000 new library books organized and distributed by our Faribault Rotary members to the Faribault public elementary school libraries.
Club History 2005-06 Murray Hanson 2021-03-30 05:00:00Z 0

New Member Proposal- Rebekah Freed

The honorable past president, Amy Amundson, proposes Rebekah Freed, Senior Environmental Health & Safety Manager for Daiken Applied, for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  if you have any questions or concerns please contact membership chair, Keith Kramer.
New Member Proposal- Rebekah Freed Murray Hanson 2021-03-30 05:00:00Z 0

STRIVE Kick Off 2021-22

Hello Faribault Rotary Club Members!
Just a reminder: our kick off session for the 2021-2022 Strive Program is tomorrow from 7:15 to 7:45 a.m.!  We are continuing to meet over Zoom, and the link to Wednesday's session is:  This session will also be recorded, and I will share a link to that video with the club when it is available.  If you are interested in learning more about Strive or simply supporting our area students, please join us for tomorrow's session!
Thank you,
STRIVE Kick Off 2021-22 Kurt Halverson 2021-03-30 05:00:00Z 0

The Sun

Image result for sun
The sun is actually white, but the Earth's atmosphere actually makes it appear yellow.
The Sun Murray Hanson 2021-03-30 05:00:00Z 0

Koala Bear

When a Koala is born, it is about the size of a jelly bean.
Koala Bear Murray H Hanson 2021-03-30 05:00:00Z 0

 Faribault Food Access Initiative Volunteer Packing - Rotary Club of Faribault

Your help is needed! Volunteers are needed.
Please sign up using the email that Laura sent you!
Faribault Food Access Initiative Volunteer Packing
Apr 06, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Apr 06, 2021 at
Laura Bock 507 384-2280
FFAA warehouse
1400 Cannon Circle
Suite 5W
Faribault, MN United States of America
Faribault Food Access Initiative Volunteer Packing - Rotary Club of Faribault Laura Bock 2021-03-29 05:00:00Z 0

New Member Profile- Brian Coleman

Welcome Brian!

Brian gave his classification talk recently.  I asked him six follow up questions to help summarize his presentation for those of us who were present and for our club members who missed the meeting. If you have not had a chance to welcome him to our club, please do so.
  1. Your Family members, occupations (including you) or school level?” 
Brian- Career and Equity Coordinator – Faribault High School
Wife Linda- Customer Relations Specialist- Big Brothers Big sisters of Southern MN
Son-Mason 14-Minnesota Autism Center, Daughter- Jersey 12 -6th grade and Daughter- Harper 9 -4th grade
  1. Your Hometown/School/College
Hometown: Port Huron, Michigan
Port Huron High School,
St. Clair County Community College,
Huron University, Huron, SD.
  1. Your Previous occupations? Career Counselor, Adjunct Professor, Area Manager, Service Learning Coordinator
  1. Any Hobbies? golf, fishing, basketball, reading and watching my kids in activities and grow.
  1. Rotary sponsor? George Wickstrom
  1. Interesting fact about you or your life?  I was able to visit Japan and play basketball in college.
New Member Profile- Brian Coleman Murray Hanson 2021-03-29 05:00:00Z 0


Types of Mint: 20 Mint Varieties to Grow At Home -
Mint comes in over 30 varieties.  ( Junior Mints do not count.)
Mint Murray Hanson 2021-03-25 05:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 3/24/2021

The Challenge: Political Polarization

National Informational Event - Braver Angels
On March 24 2021, Mr. Bruce Morlan and Richard DeBeau addressed the club about “Braver Angels.”   Mr. George Wickstrom introduced the gentlemen to the club.  Braver Angels strives to explore peace and reconciliation in the political realm.
Explaining how Braver Angels was formed, Morlan and DeBeau highlighted the results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election had unexpected and caused the electorate to exam what it meant to be a liberal or a conservative.  The election had further divided the nation along partisan political lines.
Seeking to bridge the divide a group of people gathered for a meeting in Ohio evenly divided along partisan grounds.  The group eventually started calling themselves “Braver Angels” and appeared on various media programs from 2017-2018 transforming Braver Angels into a national movement.    The Braver Angels idea is to form Red/Blue community alliances, teach practical skills for communicating across political divides and make strong public arguments for depolarization.  The goal is not victory but reaching common understanding.  It involves letting go of individuals’ need to be right. 
Braver Angels’ mission is to depolarize and unify a divided nation.  They pledge to remove hatred from political discourse and build working alliances to foster new ways to talk and improve our communities. 
Braver Angels offers workshops throughout the nation.  Over 1000 workshops in almost every state have been held around the country with thousands of participants.  The workshops teach skills for bridging the partisan divide, depolarizing within, and dealing with families.  The workshops are designed to be balanced politically and seek to find common ground.  Workshops also have initiated conversations about race in America.  
Throughout the presentation, Morlan and DeBeau used the principles on which the Rotary has been founded as a basis for the work of the Braver Angels.  Rotarians can help bridge the partisan gap and use its culture of service and selflessness to help bridge differences among communities
Last Week's Meeting 3/24/2021 David Sauer 2021-03-25 05:00:00Z 0

Wet Your Whistle

Seeds of Love: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
Many years ago in England , pub frequenters had a whistle baked into the rim, or handle, of their ceramic cups. When they needed a refill , they used the whistle to get some service. 'Wet your whistle' is the phrase inspired by this practice. 
Wet Your Whistle Murray H Hanson 2021-03-23 05:00:00Z 0

I don't believe it

Don't delete this paragraph below just because it looks weird. Believe it or not, you can read it. 

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the first and last ltteer be in the rghit pclae The rset can be a taotl mses and you can still raed it wouthit a porbelm. This is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? 

I don't believe it Murray H Hanson 2021-03-23 05:00:00Z 0

Living in 2021

Senior Living: What will you change financially in 2021? | National Post

YOU KNOW YOU ARE LIVING IN 2021 when:  1.You accidentally enter your PIN on the microwave.   2.You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years. 

Living in 2021 Murray H Hanson 2021-03-23 05:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 3.17.2021

Posted by David Connelly

Soknegn Durski- Angkora Treasures

May be an image of 6 people, people standing, outerwear and text that says 'Angkor Treasures'

On March 17th, 2021, the club was granted great pleasure to hear from Soknegn Durski. A dear childhood friend of our very own Sambath Ouk, Soknegn shared her origins and her objective with her clothing line Angkor Treasures. 

She was born in a suburb of Cambodia's capital, displaced into refugee camps, and eventually located in Rochester, Minnesota, in 1993. Soknegn worked towards her master's degree in Statistics and now practices in the field of computer science. In dedication to Soknegn's homeland of Cambodia and in memory of her father, local Cambodian artisans handcraft each scarf and every pattern tells its own story in Cambodian culture. Scarfs range from $35-60. Soknegn has pledged $3 to each scarf sold to go towards the Faribault clean water project in Cambodia coming in the summer of 2022.

 You can pick up yours and one for each member of your family or office at their website

Last Week's Meeting 3.17.2021 David Connelly 2021-03-22 05:00:00Z 0

RI Presidential Message March 2021

Holger Knaack - Rotary International President-elect 2019-20

Holger Knaack

President 2020-21

March 2021

As someone who knows firsthand the great leadership potential of Rotaractors, I always look forward to World Rotaract Week, which we are celebrating from 8 to 14 March. Rotaractors are the focus of all three of my presidential conferences this year, and I was proud when, two years ago, the Council on Legislation voted to elevate Rotaract by including Rotaract clubs as members of Rotary International. Before that, the Council had already made dual membership possible, and shortly after, the Board of Directors decided to do away with Rotaract’s age limits.

But we are only just embarking on our journey together. Partnering effectively doesn’t happen by itself. It requires both sides to be open and to understand the value of cross-generational alliances. Louie De Real, a dual member of Rotaract and Rotary, explains.

Joint virtual meetings have helped Rotaractors introduce Rotarians to new ideas and tools, pioneering unique ways for clubs to collaborate. In the case of pandemic and disaster response, Rotaract clubs used social media to coordinate efforts, drive information, and fundraise, while Rotary clubs used their networks and resources to amplify support, provide logistics, and bring the goods and services to communities.

Rotaractors’ innovative virtual engagement and professional development activities inspired Rotarians to support and follow suit. The pandemic made Rotaract clubs realize that we can immediately connect and partner with Rotary clubs through virtual platforms. With constant collaboration, we realize that Rotary and Rotaract indeed complement each other — that we are part of a single organization with shared goals.

Both sides add value. Rotarians can be mentors and service partners to Rotaractors, while Rotaractors can demonstrate to Rotarians that difficult jobs can be simplified and limitations can be surpassed through digital approaches. This synergy motivates Rotaractors to become future Rotarians: I joined Rotary because Rotarians gave me memorable membership experiences through inspirational moments of collaboration. I needed to be a Rotarian to inspire Rotaractors the same way, now and in the future.

That same synergy leads Rotarians to realize that while Rotaractors may have a different culture, we all share a common vision of uniting people to take action. Rotaract’s unique ways of doing things serve as inspiration for innovation, helping Rotary increase its ability to adapt to future challenges. Rotarians and Rotaractors will build the future together, so let’s start today.

I see no difference between a Rotary club and a Rotaract club, except perhaps for the average age!

Many Rotarians still view Rotaract as our youth organization, but I see it differently. For me, they are part of us, and they are like us. To be successful together, we need to have mutual respect — to see each other as equals. Let’s see Rotaractors for who they really are: students and young leaders, but also successful managers and entrepreneurs who are capable of planning, organizing, and managing a Rotary institute — including breakout sessions in five languages — as they did in Berlin in 2014.

As we take this journey together, let’s remember the strengths of Rotary and Rotaract. And, as Louie says, let’s get started right away in building the future together. In doing so, we open endless opportunities for our organization.

RI Presidential Message March 2021 Holger Knaack 2021-03-18 05:00:00Z 0

Club History 2003-04

Posted by Murray H Hanson
Minnesota House Representative Lynda Boudreau gave a presentation on “The Minnesota Personal Protection Act of 2003.”
The Annual Honor’s Banquet was held for seniors from BA and Faribault High School.
The Annual Strive Banquet was held with scholarships awarded at the Lavender Inn.
The Lavender Inn closed and the club moved its meetings to the Trucker’s Inn for a short time and then eventually to the Elks Club.
There was serious discussion about the future of the Rotary Camp at Cedar Lake. The club considered selling the land to fund the new soccer fields. The Bahl Foundation stepped in so the club discussion ended.
The club started a 3-year $7500 pledge drive for Polio Plus. This amount ensured that 90,000 children will receive the vaccination.
The Club held the annual picnic and silent auction at the Rotary Camp.
The club enjoyed the 64th annual Christmas Concert.
Our club’s 83rd president in 2002-03 was Darlene Meillier. 
Darlene had the following memory from her year as president: She greatly enjoyed attending the Rotary International Meeting in Barcelona Spain.
The Annual Honor’s Banquet was held for seniors from BA and Faribault High School.
The Annual Strive Banquet was held with scholarships awarded at the Elks Club.
The club was in the second year of the 3-year $7500 pledge drive for Polio Plus. $5626 had been collected to date.
The Club held the annual picnic and silent auction at the Rotary Camp.
The club enjoyed the 65th annual Christmas Concert.
Our club’s 84th president in 2003-04 was James Wolf. He was the CEO of District One Hospital.
James had the following memories from his year as president:
- I recall the hallmark of my year as President was the participation in the Beautification project. I believe the Chamber had engaged the U of MN extension service and efforts to undertake beautification projects was an outcome of that survey. 
Specifically, I remember doing plantings near El Tequila and near the west side Kwik Trip. We tried to make the triangle park just east of Buckham into a manicured landscape. We painted a building on Central Avenue that the owner was allowing to be a real eyesore. And the final project I remember was working on cleaning up Crocker’s Creek in front of the Chamber.
One other action of my term was we printed attendance on a quarterly basis. I had some excellent pictures of the Rotary crew working on these projects but the process of decluttering for the move probably claimed them
Club History 2003-04 Murray H Hanson 2021-03-18 05:00:00Z 0

P's and Q's

Fact check: Origin stories for popular phrases are urban legends
In English pubs, ale is ordered by pints and quarts.. So in old England , when customers got unruly, the bartender would yell at them 'Mind your pints and quarts, and settle down.' 
It's where we get the phrase "mind your P's and Q's." 

P's and Q's Murray Hanson 2021-03-16 05:00:00Z 0


Fascinating Facts ... But Are They True? - Beliefnet
It was the accepted practice in Babylon 4,000 years ago that for a month after the wedding, the bride's father would supply his son-in-law with all the mead he could drink. Mead is a honey beer and because their calendar was lunar based, this period was called the honey month, which we know today as the honeymoon. 
Honeymoon Murray Hanson 2021-03-16 05:00:00Z 0

Sleep Tight!

In Shakespeare's time, mattresses were secured on bed frames by ropes. When you  pulled on the ropes, the mattress tightened, making th… | Bed, Bed frame,  Home decor
In Shakespeare's time, mattresses were secured on bed frames by ropes. When you pulled on the ropes, the mattress tightened, making the bed firmer to sleep on. Hence the phrase..."Goodnight , sleep tight." 

Sleep Tight! Murray Hanson 2021-03-16 05:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 3/10/2021

Posted by David Sauer

Keith Badger Faribault High School Activities Director

Faribault names new activities director | Sports |
On March 10, 2021, Faribault High School (FHS) Activities Director Keith Badger presented FHS’ Student Athlete Leadership program.   At the outset, Keith outlined his discussion providing a brief history of the leadership class, what FHS is doing currently with the class and what the school plans to do in the future as well as what students who participate in the class will learn. 
Keith described graduating from University of Saint Thomas and then eventually working at a high school in New Richland, Wisconsin where he taught Physical Education and coached football in New Richland, he started teaching leadership.
Keith stressed leadership was the foundation of any successful organization.  Knowing how valuable effective leadership is, he said that a leadership program had to be part of any organizations he belonged to.  He observed aloud teams have losing years.   Often the description of an unsuccessful team was that the team did not have any leaders.  However, teams could have down years, but a team with strong leadership would sustain the organization through difficult seasons.   Using the “no leaders” excuse ultimately did not reflect who was accountable for not having developed leaders.  The school must develop leaders as it develops all students in the school.
Sports do not inherently teach character and leadership but coaches and participants in activities can develop leadership in others.  Keith recalled when he first started the New Richland program only 6 kids showed up for the class.  As he was teaching the leadership program, he discovered that his personal standard of behavior was lower than what he expected leaders in the program to be.  As a result, he strived to raise his own behavior to match the expectations he was setting in his class. 
 Keith stated students want to be challenged to become better.  In this vein, he would ask his leadership students what they wanted to change and then empower them to try to make change.  When he left New Richland to come to Faribault to be the Activities Director, Keith already knew that effective leadership among a school community can change the culture of a school. 
Keith noted that as the Activities Director he sits in his office and mostly interacts with adults all day rather than students.  For this reason, he challenged the FHS coaches to embrace leadership education.  Each week he wanted a new coach to stand before the students involved in leadership education to discuss their views on leadership.  He felt it is important for different coaches to impart their wisdom and experience to the student athletes that they might not normally have the opportunity to engage.
Keith emphasized his view that to change a culture the students needed to be challenged to be better and empowered.  In Faribault, he said FHS holds an initial “icebreaker” meeting at 7:00 AM.  Even though FHS should be thought of as a middle-sized school, he quickly discovered most kids do not know each other.  Having met and talked with each other broke down barriers and eased discussion.  Usually the class would watch a “Growing Leaders” video, break out into small groups to discuss and then rejoin their classmates to talk about what they had learned.    
Keith also highlighted that he expected participants in the leadership class to treat FHS as their home and invite their fellow students into the building as if they were their guests.  As an example, he has had the group wear clothing that identifies them as FHS student athletes and then had them hold the doors open for their fellow FHS students to make them feel welcome.   Using the example of a thermostat or a thermometer, Keith highlighted he wanted all the students to be thermostats setting the culture and energy in the school.  All the students have great potential and can do anything they want to achieve.  He noted that with a strong attitude plus great effort people can achieve great things. 
With the advent of the 7-period school day at FHS, Keith commented it was a great opportunity to get leadership training into the classroom (i.e., not starting at 7 AM before the official start of school).  In the coming year, leadership classes – Leadership class 1 and 2 – will be taught throughout the school year.
Rotarians asked questions about how to get these valuable leadership lessons and teachings to younger students.  Keith said he hoped to impart FHS’s leadership ethos to youth coaches and he agreed that using older student athletes to mentor younger ones was a good idea. 
Last Week's Meeting 3/10/2021 David Sauer 2021-03-11 06:00:00Z 0

Club History 2001-02

Posted by Murray Hanson
The Annual Honor’s Banquet was held for seniors from BA and Faribault High School.
The Annual Strive Banquet was held with scholarships awarded. The program was doing well in its third year with Marv Schrader as chair.
The Club held the annual picnic and silent auction at the Rotary Camp.
The club enjoyed the 62 annual Christmas Concert.
Our club’s 81st president in 2000-01 was David Balcom.  He was the managing editor of The Faribault Daily News.
Rod Mahler noted the following:
“I remember Dave was a big Michigan fan (graduate there) and we always got on each other when the football, hockey, and basketball games were played.  I sold his house when he moved out west.”
Chamber President, Kymn Anderson addressed the club regarding the Blandin Foundation and other Chamber initiatives.
Medical Specialist Kristin Auge gave a program about her tour with Minnesota National Guard.
Our club sponsored and attended a special program for all middle school and high school students. Mr. Henry Oertelt, a Jewish holocaust survivor, detailed his life in Germany and surviving both the Theresienstadt and Auschwitz concentration camps.
The Annual Honor’s Banquet was held for 58 seniors from BA and Faribault High School.
The Annual Strive Banquet was held with scholarships awarded at the Lavender Inn with 110 in attendance.
The Club held the annual picnic and silent auction at the Rotary Camp.
The club enjoyed the 63 annual Christmas Concert.
Our club’s 82nd president in 2001-02 was Mike Gramse.  He joined our club in 1985 and has been a member for 35 years.
Mike had the following memory from his year as president:
 “One thing that I did that year was I would ask a member of the club to get up at the beginning of the meeting a give a 60 second story about themselves and then as they rambled on, I would cut them off at 60 seconds. I thought it was pretty interesting to hear them talk about themselves and then fun to cut them off. We learned a lot about each other that year. We had a very prestigious membership, very interesting people.”
Club History 2001-02 Murray Hanson 2021-03-11 06:00:00Z 0

New Member- Suzzanne Fox

Welcome Suzanne!

The Faribault Rotary Club has welcomed Suzzanne Fox as the newest member. Fox is Executive Director of Ruth's House of Hope and brings a history of leadership to the club. Pictured with Fox is her sponsor Greg Ciesluk
New Member- Suzzanne Fox Dick Huston 2021-03-11 06:00:00Z 0

Thank You Volunteers!

Faribault Food Access Initiative

Rotarians packing food Tuesday March 2, 2021 for Faribault Food Access Initiative.
Thank You Volunteers! Laura Bock 2021-03-09 06:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 3/3/2021

Posted by David Connelly

Minnesota Land Trust

Alex Tsatsolis visited the Faribault Rotary Club virtually, to share the efforts and mission of The Minnesota Land Trust to our state's natural lands. The Minnesota Land Trust protects and restores Minnesota’s most vital natural lands in order to provide wildlife habitat, clean water, outdoor experiences, and scenic beauty for generations to come.
As a public charity, the Minnesota Land Trust has been working with landowners and local communities since 1991 to protect and enhance Minnesota’s increasingly threatened lands and waters.
To complete their mission the Minnesota Land Trust looks to:
PROTECT: Permanently protecting land through conservation easements and effective land management.
RESTORE: Building upon our current pioneering work in the St. Louis River Estuary, we are adding more projects to restore land and waters that have been degraded.
ENGAGE: Helping to foster a culture of conservation, to support enhanced conservation legislation and funding, and to ensure the state has highly-skilled professionals. We’re currently working closely with the City of Duluth to develop world-class trails and recreational experiences. We expect this project to inspire more cities in reaching their outdoor livability goals.
If you are interested in more information about the Minnesota Land Trust, please see their website at
Last Week's Meeting 3/3/2021 David Connelly 2021-03-09 06:00:00Z 0

New Member Profile- Hanan Mohamud

Hanan Mohamud

Hanan gave her classification talk recently.  I asked her seven follow up questions to help summarize her presentation for those of us who were present and for our club members who missed the meeting. If you have not had a chance to welcome her to our club, please do so.
  1. Your Family members, occupations (including you) or school level?” 
                   My mom takes care of the home, my dad works at a mirror factory. Both of them have a high school education. I work as a RISE coordinator at the high school. I have a BA in psychology.
  1. Your Hometown/School/College
         I am from Faribault, MN. I went to the Faribault schools and attended Gustavus Adolphus College.
  1. Your Previous occupations?
   Behavioral Therapist, and Personal Care Assistant.
  1. Any Hobbies?
   I love reading, training for a marathon, playing basketball, and hanging out with my baby.
  1. Rotary sponsor?
             Richard Huston
  1. Interesting fact about you or your life?
  I was born in Saudi Arabia.
  1. Anything else you can think of?        
       Not really, if you have any questions please let me know.
New Member Profile- Hanan Mohamud Murray Hanson 2021-03-09 06:00:00Z 0


What is the Only Food That Doesn't Spoil? - Fresh Food Catering Blog |  Coast Chef Caterer for your Event
Honey is the only food that doesn't spoil.

Honey Murray Hanson 2021-03-09 06:00:00Z 0

Club History 1999-2000

Posted by Murray Hanson
An anonymous Rotarian donated $500 and asked for matching donations for the Special Olympics.
The club delivered 406 meals during its two weeks turn with Meals on Wheels in January.
Local Golf Pro, Ken Gorg, spoke to the club about the developments of golf in general and how golf came to Faribault in 1910.
The club did an exceptional performance of Row, Row, Row your Boat during fellowship.
A group of Rotarians from Mongolia presented a program about their country.
The club presented the annual Honors Banquet and he second annual STRIVE Banquet two weeks apart in May.
The annual picnic and auction were held at the Rotary Camp.
Former Governor Al Quie spoke to the club.
Don Lucia, the new head coach of the Minnesota Gophers Hockey team and Rod Mahler’s nephew, spoke to the club about his goals and plans for the team.
Jeanine Sahagian sold 200 dozen roses during the annual sale.
The 60th Annual Christmas Concert was held at Shattuck-St. Mary’s.
Our club’s 79th president in 1998-99 was Pastor Gordon Orde.
The end of the millennium/century/decade/year was acknowledged by reflections from Rod Mahler, Tom Gagnon (Gawn-yun) and Harley Pettipiece during the first program.
State Senator Tom Neuville outlined the big issues facing the 2000 legislative season.
Major General Eugene Andreotti of the Minnesota Air and Army National Guard addressed the club before leaving for Kosovo that week.
Faribault Futures leadership Program for 2000 told the club about their organization.
The annual STRIVE Banquet was held at the Lavender Inn.
The annual club picnic and silent auction were held at the Rotary Camp.
The annual Youth benefit concert was held at Faribault High School.
The club enjoyed the 61st annual Christmas concert.
Our club’s 80th president in 1999-2000 was Janine Sahagian. She was the first woman to join our club and the first woman president.
Club History 1999-2000 Murray Hanson 2021-03-09 06:00:00Z 0

The letter A

No Number from 1 to 999 Contains This Letter | Reader's Digest
If you were to spell out numbers, how far would you have to go until you would find the letter 'A'?  (One Thousand)
The letter A Murray Hanson 2021-03-09 06:00:00Z 0
Inventions Murray Hanson 2021-03-09 06:00:00Z 0

Polio Plus Recognition

Posted by Dick Huston

Charlie Cogan

Faribault Rotary Club members honored by Polio Plus team

Charlie Cogan, co-chair of Rotary District 5960 Polio Plus team, recently attended the Faribault Rotary Club to honor members Dick Huston, George Wickstrom, Marv Schrader, Troy Dunn, Dave Green, Rod Mahler and Brenda DeMars for their recent contributions to help eliminate polio in the world. The Faribault club ranks as one of the top 10 Rotary clubs in the district.

When Rotary International took on the task of eliminating polio in the world, there were 350,000 case in 125 countries. After leading the effort to vaccinate billions of young children across every continent there are now less than 150 cases in two countries. In addition, the mechanism and training put in place to fight polio has since been used to fight Ebola and now COVID-19.

Polio Plus Recognition Dick Huston 2021-03-03 06:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 2/24/2021

Hanan Mohamud

On February 24, 2021, new Rotary club member Hanan Mohamud gave her classification speech.  Hanan was born in Saudi Arabia, moved to Somalia, and then to Egypt.  She and her family came to the U.S. through the auspices of World Relief Foundation.   First coming to Florida, Hanan and her family found that while Florida was beautiful, it was not all that welcoming to new immigrants.  The family decided to move and because her family had a relative living in Faribault (Hanan’s Aunt), the family decided to move here. 
Hanan described the difficulties of a newcomer moving to Faribault and noted that Faribault really did not feel like home even though she had lived here for 17 years.  She recommended that people should try to talk to people who are different than they are.  Speaking about food, kids, etc. are natural topics to discuss to get to know someone and make them feel welcome.  She is grateful to be a member of Rotary so she can share her story, help the community, and continue to grow as a person. 
Hanan was the first member of her family to graduate from college with a degree in Psychology and has plans to further her education in graduate school.   Four months ago, she was blessed with a baby girl, describing her as her ray of sunshine.  She has been a leader in Faribault Senior High’s Realizing Individual Student Excellence (RISE) program, providing on-site mentoring and support for Faribault Senior High School students.  Hanan spoke of the positive impact RISE has made for students during the pandemic, making involved students feel like they belong to a community and that they can be themselves. 
Hanan’s classification speech sparked several questions about how to make Faribault a more welcoming community and how Faribault’s Rotary club can make a difference.  Hanan again emphasized how glad she was to be a Rotarian and contribute to making Faribault a better place. 
Last Week's Meeting 2/24/2021 David Sauer 2021-03-02 06:00:00Z 0

Global Grant for International Project


What are the Key Facts of Cambodia? | Cambodia Facts - Answers
Sambath Ouk spoke to the club about a Global Grant in Cambodia.  Dick Huston, Sam Ouk, and Natalie Ginter have been working on a Global Grant program to assist a village near Battambang, Cambodia acquire a Water Purification system for a 558 student,  grade 1-6 elementary school.  The school is located some 20 kilometers from Battambang and was built in 1997.  In 2014, the school had a biosand water purification system installed but it has fallen in disrepair due maintenance issues. 
In order to move forward with the project, money needs to be raised with an estimated goal of around $40,000.  Fund raising efforts with surrounding clubs, a Minnesota based Buddhist temple, and tying in fund raising efforts with the Khmer New Year were discussed.  Sambath and Dick Huston spoke of trying to organize a trip to Cambodia in February and March 2022 .   Sambath spoke about having the local Battambang Rotary club help figure out the actual cost for the system and then move forward with the project. Several members who have visited Cambodia
Global Grant for International Project David Sauer 2021-03-02 06:00:00Z 0

Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence: The Full Text in English…. and Spanish
Only two people signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, John Hancock and Charles Thomson. Most of the rest signed on August 2, but the last signature wasn't added until 5 years later. 
Declaration of Independence Murray H Hanson 2021-03-02 06:00:00Z 0

Where you live

Mobile vs. Stuck: Who Lives in Their U.S. Birth State? - Bloomberg
Half of all Americans live within 50 miles there birthplace. 

Where you live Murray H Hanson 2021-03-02 06:00:00Z 0

Club History 1997-98

Posted by Murray H Hanson
Rotarian Dr. Roy Anderson gave a presentation on his book called “The not so Straight River.”
Jerry Bell, President of the Minnesota Twins, gave a presentation to the club about what makes a successful sports franchise and the proposal for the new Twins stadium.
Palmer Dragsten was honored for 50 years of service and Al Burkhartzmeyer was honored for 40 years of service in Rotary.
The annual Honors Banquet was cancelled due to school construction.
Rotarian Marv Schrader presented the goals for Vocational Services which included the plans for the STRIVE program.
Nate Gagnon, son of Rotarian Tom and Linda Gagnon returned from being a Rotary Exchange and presented a very interesting program to the club.
Rotarian past president Kevin Mahoney spoke to the club about his trip to Israel organized by the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce.
The 58th Annual Christmas Concert was held at Trinity Lutheran Church.
Our club’s 77th president in 1996-97 was Don Olson.
Donn Johnson led a program entitled “A Look into the Crystal Ball at Faribault’s Future.”
In the first year of the STRIVE Program, the club awarded $3000 In scholarships to students.
Dr. Michael Richie presented a program on the advances in Refractive surgery.
The Annual Honors Banquet was held at South Central College and Brent Peroutka was one of the seniors being honored.
Club dues were set at $150 for the year.
There were programs discussing the economic importance of the Faribault Airport and the festivities involving the Hot Air Balloon Rally and the Tree Frog Music Festival.
Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Silkey presented a talk on Rice County Gang Suppression.
Rotarian Harley Pettipiece gave a program on his family’s past and how his family farm is now the site of Perkins Restaurant.
The 59th Annual Rotary Christmas Concert was held at Shattuck-St. Mary’s.
Our club’s 78th president in 1997-98 was Wade Karli.
Club History 1997-98 Murray H Hanson 2021-03-02 06:00:00Z 0
Most Common Boat Names Murray H Hanson 2021-03-02 06:00:00Z 0

New Member Profile- Mary Ellen Bondhus

Posted by Murray H Hanson

Welcome Mary Ellen!

Mary Ellen gave her classification talk recently.  I asked her six follow up questions to help summarize her presentation for those of us who were present and for our club members who missed the meeting. If you have not had a chance to welcome her to our club, please do so.
  1. Your Family members, occupations (including you) or school level?” 
Paul Bondhus (husband) BA from Mankato State University
Vice President of The Sheeter Group
Sam Bondhus (son) Junior College Student College of St. Scholastica
Will Bondhus (son) Sophomore College Student Rochester Institute of Technology, Forklift Driver Lowe’s Owatonna
Mary Ellen BS from University of Georgia
  1. Your Hometown/School/College
            Marietta, Georgia North Cobb High School 1986
            University of Georgia Publica Relations & Speech Communications
  1. Your Previous occupations?
MN Hands & Voices Parent Guide-
Helped families with Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children find resources.
Georgia Eye Bank- Trained Physicians and Nurses on Eye, Organ & Tissue Donation
  1. Any Hobbies?
           Camping, Drawing, Reading, Dogs
     5.  Rotary sponsor?
            Brenda DeMars
  1. Interesting fact about you or your life?
            I was born Blind.
New Member Profile- Mary Ellen Bondhus Murray H Hanson 2021-03-02 06:00:00Z 0

New Member Profile- Cindy Yerington

Welcome Cindy!

Cindy gave her classification talk recently.  I asked her seven follow up questions to help summarize her presentation for those of us who were present and for our club members who missed the meeting. If you have not had a chance to welcome her to our club, please do so.
  1. Your Family members, occupations (including you) or school level?” 
Scott (Husband)– GM of United Prairie Insurance
Cindy Yerington – Realtor with Edina Realty
Corey Johnston (son)- Retired Green Beret, now doing contract work for the State of Washington
Dan Johnston (son) -VP of Regional Sales with ClickSwitch -Owego, NY
Jason Johnston (son) – Medical Litigation Attorney/Partner with Zimmerman and Reed in Minneapolis
Cale Johnston (son)- Owner, CEO of ClickSwitch
Emery Yerington (Daughter) – Accountant for Scrap-It in Dallas, TX and is actively getting her masters in Accounting to study for her CPA.
  1. Your Hometown/School/College
 lived in Kearney, MO until 1970. We moved to West Liberty, IA and made that our home for 36 years before Moving to MN. We have lived in MN since 2006.
I graduated from Scott Community College with Associates Degree in Nursing.
  1. Your Previous occupations?
I did childcare in my home when my 4 boys were small. I can proudly say I did that for 10 years!
Then I went to college to get my nursing degree. After taking my Nursing Exam and obtaining my license, I worked as an ICU nurse in Muscatine, IA. I was in that position for 3 years and then I went to work
as an office nurse in a Pediatric Office in Iowa City.
When we moved to Minnesota I start working at Regions Hospital in St. Paul as a Pre-op/Post-op/PACU nurse until fall of 2018.
  1. Any Hobbies?
We love to boat. Before moving to MN our summers were spent at the Lake of the Ozarks in MO, And Boating on the reservoir’s in Iowa and Mississippi River - That is why we chose to live on Roberds Lake!I love to Read, spend time with my grandchildren and travel to see all of our children. When we are not traveling to see our family, our next favorite destinations are beaches for a little R&R.
  1. Rotary sponsor?
Brenda DeMars
  1. Interesting fact about you or your life?
I’m a New Year’s baby and that allows me to always spend my birthday with friends and family since it is a holiday!
WE have 5 children, and soon to be 8 grandchildren, the twins are due 2/14/2021 that will equal 4 grandsons and 4 granddaughters!
I moved my parents from Iowa in 2016 and they are residents at the Faribault Senior Living.
  1. Anything else you can think of?        
I look forward to meeting everyone soon and being an active member of Rotary.
New Member Profile- Cindy Yerington Murray Hanson 2021-02-23 06:00:00Z 0

STRIVE Zoom Banquet 2021

Congratulations Scholarship Winners!

The 2021 Strive Banquet was held virtually this year over Zoom.  President Brenda DeMars started the event off in typically Rotary meeting fashion, and Kymn Anderson shared with us the virtue of purposefulness.  Brenda then shared an overview of Rotary and highlighted a portion of the work that we do locally and globally.  Then Strive Committee Chair Kurt Halverson provided and overview of Strive.  After that, all of the students who participated in Strive were recognized, and then all scholarship recipients were recognized.  Kurt then thanked all those that help to make Strive possible, including those that contribute to the scholarship fund. 
A 21 minute recorded version of the banquet can be viewed at:
STRIVE Zoom Banquet 2021 Kurt Halverson 2021-02-23 06:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 2/17/2021

Posted by David Connelly

Welcome Mary Ellen Bondhus!

Image result for Mary Ellen Bondhus
Mary Ellen Bondhus enjoys her role at Edina Realty in assisting people in one of life’s most significant transitions. Born in Texas, Mary Ellen has lived life with a heart filled with hope, optimism, and resilience to overcome challenges. Mary Ellen was born blind and with heart complications which she concorded at early ages. Mary Ellen moved around from Texas to Northern California and finally Georgia. In Georgia, Mary Ellen met her best friend to this day, Molly in 7th grade. Mary Ellen also graduated from the University of Georgia, majoring in public relations. 
Mary Ellen’s history of blindness led her into her career field with the Georgia Eye Bank. In this position, Mary Ellen learned and strived with her human connections of listening and empathy. Mary Ellen met her husband, Paul, on a “winter wonderland” vacation trip to Minnesota. They had twin boys after marriage. Will and Sam were born prematurely. They both were resilient, overcoming challenges in the first couple of years of life. Will and Sam would eventually bring Mary Ellen and Paul to Faribault. 
Mary Ellen enjoys all that Faribault has to offer. The history, nature, culture, and most of all, strong community. 
Last Week's Meeting 2/17/2021 David Connelly 2021-02-23 06:00:00Z 0


Image result for If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle. If the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died because of wounds received in battle. If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes
If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle. If the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died because of wounds received in battle. If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes 

(If the statue is on the ground it is because of political reasons!)

Statues Murray Hanson 2021-02-23 06:00:00Z 0


Image result for Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history: Spades - King David /Hearts - Charlemagne /Clubs -Alexander The Great / Diamonds - Julius Caesar.
Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history: Spades - King David /Hearts - Charlemagne /Clubs -Alexander The Great / Diamonds - Julius Caesar.

Cards Murray Hanson 2021-02-23 06:00:00Z 0

Cable Cars

Image result for The San Francisco cable cars are the only mobile National Monuments.
The San Francisco cable cars are the only mobile National Monuments. 

Cable Cars Murray Hanson 2021-02-23 06:00:00Z 0

Club History 1995-96

Posted by Murray Hanson
Local veterinarian and agricultural consulting expert, Dr. Richard Huston presented a program about his trip to Mongolia.
The club participated in Meals on Wheels.
Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce President Kymn Anderson spoke to the club about her organization’s plans for Faribault in 1995.
The annual Honor’s Banquet was held at Riverland Technical College.
The club celebrated its 75th anniversary.
Our state representative, Lynda Boudreau, gave us a legislative update.
Faribault High School Superintendent Keith Dixon talked to the club about the upcoming levy referendum.
The club toured Viratec.
The 56th Annual Rotary Christmas Concert was well attended.
Our club’s 75th president in 1994-95 was Bob Bue.
Rice County Commissioner, Dan Minnick, spoke to the club about the growing pains of Rice County and the struggles of the Rice County Board.
There was a program about the merging of Peace Lutheran and Trinity Lutheran Schools.
Rotarian Harley Pettipiece talked to the club about the bicycle tours he and wife, Gloria enjoyed in Germany and Ireland.
Reverend James Snell gave his classification talk and said that it was a natural to go from his previous career in law enforcement to the ministry because he was so good at getting confessions.
The annual Honors banquet was held at Riverland Technical College.
Annual Dues were set at $125.
The Club received the Presidents Citation for Integrity, Love and Peace.
The club toured the Aircraft Restoration Facility at the Faribault Airport with owner and Rotarian Roy Redman as host.
Rotarian Bernie Ardolf spoke to the club about the upcoming Group Study Exchange from India and Brazil.
Club members participated in a special event that welcomed First Lady Hillary Clinton to Faribault.
Our club’s 76th president in 1995-96 was Kevin Mahoney.
Club History 1995-96 Murray Hanson 2021-02-18 06:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 2/10/2021

Posted by Laura Bock

From Cradle to Career FBS Community Education

Image result for faribault community education
On Wednesday February 10, 2021 Faribault Rotarians had the pleasure of hearing from Faribault Public Schools Community Education Team, Faribault Rotarian Dr. Anne Marie Leland and her associates Cassie Ohnstad, Kate Geary and Vicky Croon presenting “Cradle to Career FPS Community Education”
Anne Marie stated there has been tremendous growth of the Community School Education programing since she started in 2012.
Vicky Croon runs Community School at Jefferson Elementary. Coming up for 5th graders is an opportunity to work virtually with the U of Minnesota on a cooking class making apple sauce. Looking forward to some warmer months, and starting a community garden at Jefferson.  This will provide many learning opportunities.
Kate Geary runs the programing at the Faribault Middle School, serving 6 -8th graders. There are a variety of clubs offered five days a week, including the popular P.E on Wednesdays when there is open gym.  There are about 30 Kids taking advantage of this right now and soon warmer weather will allow them to do outdoor activities as well such as cross-country skiing and snow shoeing. The students have an advisory board within community school at FMS, and have expressed the need to be around their teachers more!
Cassie Ohnstad runs the programing for Highschool and Adult Education. She has partnered with some local businesses to launch a community training program for adults looking to go to work at Daiken or another factory in the area. The class is teaching the basics one would need to know to work in the factory setting, including handling tools, basic wiring and safety to name a few. She is also excited about “Renting Basics” a program that will be offered for new home buyers and first-time renters. When you are in charge of a house hold for the first time, you don’t know what you don’t know.  For example: when you are renting, it is not the landlord’s job to vacuum for you or change a battery in your smoke detector.
Thank you, FPS Community Education Team! It is so exciting to hear about the programs you are all putting together for our community – you are making our community a better place! We appreciate all your hard work and diligence! Visit us again soon!
Last Week's Meeting 2/10/2021 Laura Bock 2021-02-16 06:00:00Z 0

New Member Proposal- Suzanne Fox

The honorable Pastor Greg Ciesluk has proposed Suzanne Fox, the Director of Ruth's House, for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact membership chair Keith Kramer
New Member Proposal- Suzanne Fox Murray Hanson 2021-02-16 06:00:00Z 0

Tom Sawyer

Image result for The first novel ever written on a typewriter, Tom Sawyer.
The first novel ever written on a typewriter, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. 
Tom Sawyer Murray Hanson 2021-02-16 06:00:00Z 0

Raising a Dog

Image result for The cost of raising a medium-size dog to the age of eleven: $ 16,400
The cost of raising a medium-size dog to the age of eleven: $ 16,400 

Raising a Dog Murray Hanson 2021-02-16 06:00:00Z 0

Virtual STRIVE Banquet 2021

Posted by Kurt Halverson
This year the Faribault Rotary Club will be hosting a virtual recognition event in lieu of our usually Strive banquet.  We would be delighted to have you join us if it works for your schedule! 
In appreciation of your support
of the
Faribault Rotary Club STRIVE Program
You are invited
as an honored guest
to this year’s virtual program
Sunday, February 21st
7:00 pm
For Questions, please contact Kurt at:
Virtual STRIVE Banquet 2021 Kurt Halverson 2021-02-15 06:00:00Z 0

Club History 1993-94

Posted by Murray Hanson
Minnesota Attorney General Skip Humphrey presented a program on Environmental issues affecting our state.
Rice County Auditor, Lorraine Nelson spoke to the club about the duties and responsibilities of the county auditor’s department.
A group exchange team from India visited the club.
The annual picnic at the Rotary Camp was held on May 12th and included an auction with over $3300 going to the Rotary Foundation.
The annual honors banquet was held at The Riverland Technical College.
The club received a Presidential Citation Award.
A program was presented on the Prairie Island nuclear storage problem.
Dick Hanson, coordinator of the Real Life Cooperative, explained the new housing project underway at the King Mill site in Faribault.
The 64th annual Rotary Christmas Concert was held at Shattuck.
U.S House Representative Tim Penney updated the club on legislation in Washington DC.
Our club’s 73rd president in 1992-93 was Julius Wadekamper.
The club toured the new facilities at District One Hospital after the $5.2 million expansion and remodeling.
Dr. Richard Rush, President of Mankato State talked to the club about the school’s mission and its role in southern Minnesota.
Julius Wadekamper, Gus Hoffman and Janine Sahagian presented three separate programs summarizing their trip to the Amazon rain forest and the city of Santarem to visit Ron Hein who works with the children’s program the club supports.
The club raised $4,200 for the Rotary Foundation at the Annual Picnic and auction.
The club toured the newly remodeled Buckham Library.
The club listened to a program about the new proposed ice arena to be built next to Bruce Smith Field.
George Wickstrom played 78 holes of golf on the Annual Longest Day of Golf to support cancer prevention.
The IRS decided that Rotary dues are deductible on member’s federal returns.
The club sold 759 dozen roses.
The 55th annual Christmas concert was held at Shattuck-St. Mary’s.
Our club’s 74th president in 1993-94 was Ken Smith.
Club History 1993-94 Murray Hanson 2021-02-15 06:00:00Z 0


Image result for delta airlines
The average number of people airborne over the U.S. In any given hour: 61,000 
(this is significantly less since Covid-19) 

Flying Murray Hanson 2021-02-10 06:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 2/3/2021

Posted by David Connelly

Cindy Yerington

Image result for cindy yerington
Cindy Yerington was the first child born in Kansas City in 1961. This genuine mark of fortune has followed her throughout her life. She enjoys her current career in Realty at Edina Realty. “It allows me to bring care to people, help them make a life moment.” Cindy was glad to raise her 5 kids in the melting pot community of West Liberty IA.
Cindy was engaged in a lot of community service engagement from sport booster clubs, to Treats for Troops. Her family hosted three Rotary exchange students. She spent 25 years in the Nursing field which brought her and her family to the Faribault area. Cindy has a huge heart with everything she engages, and looks forward to her time within the Faribault Rotary Club, helping our community. 
Last Week's Meeting 2/3/2021 David Connelly 2021-02-09 06:00:00Z 0

Club History 1991-92

Posted by Murray H Hanson
Dr. Richard Huston, local veterinarian and now in private consulting, showed the club slides of his trip to Bolivia through the Ministry of Christian Veterinarians.
The club recognized Layton Hoysler for 31 years of perfect attendance, Al Burkhartzmeyer for 24 years and Olaus Moe for 18 years.
Cate Grinney was a student guest from Faribault High School.
The Annual Honors Banquet was held at the high school.
A Group Study Exchange from Argentina visited the club.
Club dues were $125.
State Senator, Tom Neville addressed the club to discuss the recent legislative session.
Every member was to sell 5 dozen roses at $12 each. $400 dozen were sold.
The 27th annual Youth Benefit concert was held at the high school.
Our club’s 71st president in 1990-91 was Dr. Richard Skewes.
The club supported the Fast for Hope project.
The club toured Mercury Minnesota.
The club listened to a presentation on the upcoming School construction bond referendum from Rotarian Tom Gagnon.
Rotarian Julius Wadekamper made it known to the club that the people of Santarem, Brazil were in desperate need of $5,000 to maximize efforts at saving children there. (Please read the “The Street Children of Santarem” in the stories section of the bulletin)
Navy Commander Raymond Lee Marshal discussed the Navy’s role in our National defense and in Operation Desert Storm.
The club plus spouses took a trip to the Old Log Theatre for the production “It Runs in the Family”.
The 28th Annual Youth Benefit Concert was held at the High School.
The club sold 488 dozen roses during the annual sale.
State Auditor Mark Dayton spoke to the club about the role of his office in state government.
Our club’s 72nd president in 1991-92 was Donn Johnson.
Club History 1991-92 Murray H Hanson 2021-02-09 06:00:00Z 0


Image result for The percentage of Africa that is wilderness: 28% (now get This...) The percentage of North America that is wilderness: 38%
The percentage of 
Africa that is wilderness: 28% (now get 

The percentage of 
North America that is wilderness: 38% 
Wilderness Murray H Hanson 2021-02-09 06:00:00Z 0
Alaska Murray H Hanson 2021-02-09 06:00:00Z 0
Your Elbow Murray H Hanson 2021-02-09 06:00:00Z 0

The Street Children of Santarem

 The following article was written by our 73rd President Julius Wadekamper who led the project.  He was fluent in Portuguese and had taught school in Brazil previously. This article is being reprinted from our 75th anniversary program in 1995.
Murray Hanson
By: Julius Wadekamper
            There is so much poverty, suffering, hunger, and child abuse in the world that we cannot begin to comprehend it. Anything that a person or an organization does to help is like a drop of water in the ocean. Nevertheless, for those who are helped even so little makes a world of difference to them. One of the greatest effects in their lives is to know someone cares and the effect in our lies is knowing that we, who are able to help, do so.
            It is not uncommon for the street children of Brazil to be shot. Well over 600 in Rio de Janeiro alone have been shot. How does this come about?
In Santarem, people migrate to the city from the interior in pursuit of jobs. The children must fend for themselves. They take to the streets to find a little work or to steal. Those from whom they are stealing hire off-duty policemen to eliminate the problem. This has been well documented.
On person who has made a big difference is Ronald Hein of Santarem. Seeing the plight of children of the streets he opened a shelter where they can come in groups once a week. They are attracted by sports, soccer, volleyball, basketball, music, guitar playing and singing, crafts such as woodworking, sewing, and a warm meal at noon. They are given a t-shirt depicting their association with the center and if in need, some food to take back to their families. Needless to say, they love the program, However Ronald has set some rules they must follow.
  1. They must have a job, which he helps them find. Hauling groceries from the market, shining shoes, selling popsicles, stocking shelves, etc. While on the job they wear their t-shirt and are proud to do so.
  2. They must be enrolled in school. (Schools only run for half days in order to accommodate all the students). Here again, since there is not enough space for all children to attend school, Ronald and his staff are able to secure room in the schools.
  3. They must sleep at home or with a relative, not under a bridge or in the streets. Home visits are made regularly to help the poor parents and the relatives.
Now many of the children are turning 16 and need to prepare for more permanent
work. Here is where the Faribault Rotary Club comes in. In addition to the $5,000.00 we have already sent, we have raised an additional $14,000.00 with the help of the Hudson, Wisconsin, and White Bear Lake Rotary Clubs, and with the assistance of the District and Rotary International. This money will be used to purchase technical equipment. For carpentry, sewing, printing, computer work, etc., for training so the children can enter in a profitable profession.
            Santarem is a town of 150,000 people 500 miles up the Amazon river. Our “drop in the ocean” is extremely meaningful to the 400 children we help and save. Faribault can well be proud of its Rotary Citizens and the good they do.
            There are 10 groups of 40 children each, boys and girls, in the Street Children Project. Each group meets once a week at the center. 400 children take part in the program.
The Street Children of Santarem Julius Wadekamper 2021-02-09 06:00:00Z 0

Ruth’s House 1st Annual Helping Hearts VIRTUAL Event.

Posted by Gregory Ciesluk
Image result for Ruth's House
On Saturday, February 13, 2021, at 6pm, Ruth’s House will host our 1st Annual Helping Hearts VIRTUAL Event. This entertaining evening includes Brenda Elsagher - National Speaker, Author, & Comedian - Can You See Me Laughing Behind My Mask?  In addition, there will be a soloist performance by Abby Engbrecht, a live auction, and a silent auction. This event is Ruth's House biggest fundraiser of the year, averaging about 30% of the overall annual budget.
To learn more, visit the website at or join here:


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Volunteer Opportunities  March 2021

Posted by Laura Bock
We are looking for volunteers next month!
 Monday March 8th Rotary Red Cross Blood Drive 12 – 6 pm
    Looking for volunteers to help run the drive.
Call, Text or email Laura Bock
507-384-2280 or
There will be opportunities to sign up on Wednesdays during our meetings as well.
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Last Week's Meeting 1/27/2021

Posted by Laura Bock

Juanita Picazo

Three new members inducted into Faribault Rotary Club | Community |
On Wednesday January 27th we had the pleasure of hearing from one of our newest Rotarians Juanita Picazo. Juanita was born in South West Texas and at the age of 13 her parents decided to leave Texas and head for Minnesota. Juanita recalls fondly her early years living in Texas and spending her weekends in Mexico with her Grandparents. She feels she had the best of both worlds. School during the week learning English and weekends with her grandparents learning to read, write and speak Spanish.
Juanita proudly described life in her migrant family as they travelled to Michigan to work in the berry fields.  Juanita has 5 children ages 23, 21, 13, 11, and 9, and she is a grandmother as well. Juanita was a young single mother, and she is a provider and a fighter. She made sure she provided for her young children at times working two or sometimes even three jobs.
After meeting her husband 13 years ago her life changed knowing that she now had someone who was going to be there for her. She had her 3 younger children and became a stay-at-home mom cherishing the time she was able to spend with her kids.
 As time passed, she had a desire to return to the work force and accepted a job in Elysian as a preschool teacher for a migrant program. After a few years of teaching, she advanced to a position as a family advocate helping families get whatever was needed to make a life here. Sometimes it was just picking up a child for school. She is grateful for her opportunities and recognizes that it forced her to grow as a person and change.
Juanita joined the Faribault High School as a Para and EL teacher, and now she is one of the coordinators of the RISE program for Faribault Public Schools. She continues to do what she does really well – help others. She provides social, emotional and academic support to the students giving 1000% - and it shows!!
We are so excited to have you Juanita!! Welcome to Rotary!!
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Club History- 1989-90

The club had 82 members.
 Deb Asp, an instructor at the Wilson Center, gave a presentation on the building and sailing of the Viking ship, Hjemkomst. Deb, her three brothers and eight others sailed from Duluth to Norway.
The club toured the Faribault Regional Center.
Representative Pete Rodosovich presented a program about his trip to the Soviet Union and Minnesota property taxes.
The 25th Annual Youth Benefit Concert was held at the Senior High. (This year (2019) will be the 55th annual concert.)
Nick Coleman, columnist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press gave a talk on his career as a newspaper columnist.
Our club’s 69th president in 1988-89 was Bob Trench.
The club volunteered for Meals on Wheels for 2 weeks in January.
Betty Piper, Director of Community Relations for the Minnesota Twins, presented a promotional video on “Twins Bloopers.”  The community relations program was instituted by Twins players to help them be active and serve as role models in the community.
The Annual High School Honors Banquet was held at Bethlehem Academy.
A program on how to eat Minnesotan and be healthy was presented to the club.
Dick Skewes attended the Rotary International Convention in Portland, Oregon.
The annual picnic was held at Gus Hoffman’s home on Cannon Lake.
Mike Monge, Deputy Director of Public Safety spoke to the club about fire safety.
Elizabeth Strofus, a member of the elite Women Airforce Service Program (WASP) presented a program to the club about her service in WWII.
Our club’s 70th president in 1989-90 was Jim Nielson.
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RI Presidential Message Feb 2021

Posted by Holger Knaack
Holger Knaack - Rotary International President-elect 2019-20

Holger Knaack

President 2020-21

February 2021

In Rotary, 23 February is our anniversary, and February is also the month when we focus on promoting peace. There is a reason for this: Contributing to peace and international understanding has been a high priority for us since our earliest days.

We are often asked: “How can we get involved in peace now?” There are many paths to peace in Rotary. Our youth programs point us in the direction of Positive Peace, as does the work of intercountry committees and the Rotary Action Group for Peace.

Another path is the Rotarian Peace Projects Incubator (RPPI), an inspirational collaboration among Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Rotary Peace Fellows and alumni. Led by Rotarians in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, RPPI has designed 48 global projects that any club can support, either directly or through Rotary Foundation global grants. Nino Lotishvili and Matthew Johnsen, alumni of the Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, are two of the many volunteers.

During my Rotary peace journey, I have learned how personal resilience helps build inner peace and create sustainable outer peace. This was the inspiration behind the Women Peace Ambassadors for the South Caucasus project, which is based on my field research in Georgia. The RPPI team of Rotarians and peace fellows recognized the incredible potential of women from mixed-ethnicity families who live on borderlands to be role models for peace within and beyond their communities. Through workshops on building inner and outer peace that draw on the power of storytelling, 40 participants will be sharing their stories and reaching around 400 extended family and community members. These inspiring but marginalized women will reclaim their inner strength as peacebuilders at the grassroots level. In this way, we will take steps toward the sustainable, peaceful society we need so much, not only in our region, but throughout the world. — Nino Lotishvili

I was excited to join the peace incubator project and to further strengthen my ties with Rotary’s peace community by working with past and current peace fellows to develop these proposals. My team wrote five proposals — three in Bangladesh, one in Iraq, and one in Poland — that focus on the arts and on education to generate dialogue across religious divisions and avert the radicalization of young people. I was inspired by how, despite the pandemic, we came together via technology with a vision to develop, test, and strengthen ideas and to produce workable solutions that clubs across the world can support to advance peace. I am excited to work with Rotary’s peace community to transform these visions into reality. — Matthew Johnsen

Here is further proof that in Rotary, we prefer action to words. This is Rotary at its best. I encourage you to visit to explore the projects and support them.

We have lasted 116 years because of our strong ethics, our passion for Service Above Self, and our unique approach to problem-solving. One of our greatest strengths is how we reach across our communities and across national, ethnic, religious, and political divisions to unite people of all backgrounds and to help others. This month, let’s celebrate our history and the many ways that Rotary Opens Opportunities to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace, our ultimate mission.

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Coca Cola

Coca-Cola was originally green. 

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Prime Time TV

The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV were Fred and Wilma  Flintstone. | Flintstones, Cartoon, Fred and wilma flintstone
The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV was Fred and Wilma Flintstone.
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Golf - Madison Parks - City of Madison, Wisconsin
Many years ago in Scotland , a new game was invented. It was ruled 'Gentlemen 
Only...Ladies Forbidden'...and thus, the word GOLF entered into the English language. 

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ClubRunner App for Your Smart Phone

Posted by Murray Hanson

How it works

To download the app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play, simply type in 'ClubRunner' in the search bar. Our mobile app is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch sets that have iOS 8.0 or later and with versions of Anrdoids that are 4.0.3 or better.  Click on this link!    Download the ClubRunner App today!

The ClubRunner Mobile App is your key to connect to our club and district on the go!

Completely, free to download and use, this app will let you access the key info you need while you're on the go. Password protected just like your website, the ClubRunner Mobile app allows you to to view our member directory, contact any Faribault Rotary Club member, read the latest articles posted to our website, learn more about our upcoming events and speakers, view our meeting details and track your attendance statistics, right from your smartphone or tablet!

image02 Member Directory

Immediately view the most up to date member directory, upon login. You can browse your member profiles which give you the necessary contact information you need to connect with just one click. Make a call or text, email them directly from your device, or even add them to your contacts list.

image05 Club & District Executives and Directors

View and contact your club/district executives and directors from current, past and future years. You can browse their profiles and connect with one tap.

image02 View Posts on Your Website

View the latest feed of home page stories that are on your own website and your district's site, directly on your phone, so you never miss any information!

image05 Explore upcoming events and speakers

Access all of your upcoming events and calendar items, and view event details, including associated links, download files and venue map. View who the latest speakers are and learn more about their presentation topic - both for your club and district.

image05 Club Details

View your meeting day, time and venue, complete with a Google map for directions through the new Club Info page right from your phone. Even get quick access to contact your club President, Area Governor and District Governor.

image02 Keep track of your attendance

Keep track of your attendance stats and banked makeups. Easily view which meetings you attended, missed and made up and get a quick glance at your attendance percentage for the year. Switch to the Makeups tab and view a list of your banked makeups.


I encourage you to add this app to your smart phone or tablet. You only have to login once and you will be able to call, text or email any club member from your device.  if you have any questions, please let me know.



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Flipped Coin

A coin is tossed until a head appears, what is the expected number of  tosses? - Quora
A flipped coin is more likely to land on the side it started on.
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Last Week's Meeting 1/20/2021

Kate Langlais

Kate Langlais is a local artist living and working in Faribault. She is involved at the Paradise Center for the Arts by teaching classes, working on the gallery committee, and displaying her work there. One of her current projects, "I Am Minnesota," features portraits of local 1st and 2nd generation immigrants along with their stories. Kate looks to do more pieces in her collection soon with a grant from Cultural Heritage Fund. Kate works primarily with charcoal and oil paint, but also works with other 2D media. Examples of her work can be found at
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Club History 1987-88

Posted by Murray H Hanson
Larry Neumann, assistant trainer for the Minnesota Vikings presented a program on the prevention & Care of Athletic injuries. He showed slides of the new training facilities at Winter Park in Eden Prairie and was optimistic about the Vikings Super Bowl chances.
Once again Captain Donn Johnson led a noble band of 22 Rotarians in the 8th annual Service Club Olympics.
The 66th annual picnic was held at the Rotary Youth Camp at Cedar Lake. The first club picnic was in 1921.
Donn Johnson spoke to the club about the background of “Life Unlimited,” an interdenominational singing group boys and girls ages 16-22 led by him.  They performed at 21 different events including the State Fair.
The club held several “fireside” meetings for new members.
Mike Gramse, founder, owner, and president of MRG Tool and Dye tells the story of his business during his classification talk.
The club’s Polio Plus Foundation fund drive surpassed $20,000 in pledges.
Our club’s 67th president in 1986-87 was Stu Thibodeau.
Club dues were set at $90 for the year.
The club and spouses enjoyed a leisurely summer evening with a dinner cruise on the Jonathan Paddleford on the Mississippi River.
A program was presented on the future of Ethanol.
The club toured the Faribault Woolen Mills and its new retail store.
The Annual Student Honors Banquet was held at BA.
The club toured MRG Tool & Die.
The club toured Faribault Foods.
There was a program on the progress of the new Viratec construction project.
Dave Beranek gave the annual financial report of Faribault Youth Services Inc.
Our club’s 68th president in 1987-88 was Dave Peterson.
A note from the Feb. 24, 1988 Faribaultarian:
“Roger Koopmans, accompanied by Donn Johnson, led the singing last week. Donn played well, but Roger’s tie would never be found in Gentleman’s Quarterly. Roger says it was a gift from Steve Springmeyer!  Wherever it came from….. I am sure there are no others in captivity.”
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Last Week's Meeting 1/13/2021

Posted by Laura Bock

Brian Coleman

Restoration Christian Community Church » Where Are They Now – Brian Coleman  Edition
On Wednesday January 13th Faribault Rotary had the pleasure of hearing a classification speech from one of our newest members Brian Coleman. Brian is Faribault Public Schools Service-Learning Coordinator.
Brian started us off with a reading on Unity by Morgan Harper Nichols and set the stage for a very moving presentation. Brian was born in Port Huron MI and stated that his town was not the safest place. He described his childhood for us (leaving many of us in tears). Brian had a very difficult childhood. He is bi-racial and his mom took him and his little brother to live safely away from his dad when he was just 3 years old.
 They were homeless, and lived in a car at different times. Elementary school was rough, minus his extremely awesome hair. Children can be very mean, and Brian was not spared from their name calling and harassment. By middle school Brian had learned to get along with others and discovered the sports of football and basketball at which he excelled. By high school Brian was participating in student senate and Varsity club.
 His talent on the court afforded him the opportunity for a full Scholarship to St. Claire County Community College. Brian was a shining star in his freshmen year. Any way he could be winning he was! As a sophomore he was let go from the basketball team, but allowed to keep his scholarship to SC4. He ended up transferring to Northern State University in Herron, South Dakota where he played basketball and met his wife Linda.
After college graduation, Linda relocated to Minnesota for a teaching job. After Brian’s Step Father passed in 2000 the family made a move back to Minnesota and Brian started a job with Workforce Center as a career counselor, and eventually landed where he is today as the Faribault Public Schools Service-Learning Coordinator.
Brian is married to Linda, they have three children Mason – 14, Jersey – 12, and Harper – 9. They are an active family and wishing Covid-19 would wrap up so they can get back to sports and the things they love to do.
Brian had started his presentation with a quote “all people can be successful with support.”  It is clear that Brian had a lot of support from a lot of people who love him. Even fellow Rotarians weighed in at the end of the presentation to say what an exceptional person he is.
WOW!  Are we ever lucky Brian has joined our ranks! Brian,  we are so excited to have you and look forward to making great thing happen with you in our club!
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7 Gross Things That Happen When You Bite Your Nails | Prevention
The most sensitive parts of the body are the mouth and the fingertips.
Sensitivity Murray Hanson 2021-01-19 06:00:00Z 0


The Merchant of Venice - The Folger SHAKESPEARE
Shakespeare created the name Jessica for his play "The Merchant of Venice".
Shakespeare Murray Hanson 2021-01-19 06:00:00Z 0


Image result for Less than 5% of the population needs just 4-5 hours of sleep.Less than 5% of the population needs just 4-5 hours of sleep.
Sleep Murray Hanson 2021-01-19 06:00:00Z 0

STRIVE 2021-22

Hello Faribault Rotarians!
Students in our community can thrive in life after high school when they have the opportunity to hear from members of the community about valuable life information.  Make a difference in the lives of Faribault-area youth by joining the Strive committee! The Faribault Rotary Strive program has over two decades of helping high school seniors prepare for what's next in life. We are in the process or wrapping up our 2020-2021 Strive year,  and about to start planning for 2021-2022.  We would love to have you be a part of it!  Just send me an email or give me a call to hear more about this amazing program and how you can help!
Thank you,
Kurt Halverson
Strive Committee Chair
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RI Presidential Message Jan 2021

Holger Knaack - Rotary International President-elect 2019-20

Holger Knaack

President 2020-21

January 2021

January is finally here. As we look forward to 2021, our thinking doesn’t have to stop at the end of these 365 days. Are you thinking ahead about what you will be doing in 2022, 2023, and beyond?  We cannot foresee the future, but we can steer ourselves where we want to go. I think it is important that every Rotary club hold a strategic meeting at least once a year. Past RI Director Greg Yank, who has a lot of experience working with clubs on their plans, shares his viewpoint.

A famous aphorism states, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Planning is essential to achieving success in all areas of life, including Rotary, and we’re getting better at it every year.  Strategic planning for Rotary clubs works. I have helped many clubs find that pathway by working with them to build what I call a blueprint, a multiyear plan that answers the fundamental question: “What is our vision for our club?” The best plans I have seen are those that are focused, when a club concentrates its resources on the best opportunities it has. Your Rotary club cannot be all things to its members and to the community it serves; it has limited human, financial, and time resources. A successful plan factors in assets and limitations to chart the desired pathway for your members.

Begin building a multiyear strategic plan by brainstorming with your club, asking, “What are our initiatives and priorities for the next two to three years?” Document your answers using action-oriented language that is specific, concrete, and measurable about the goals you want to achieve.  Next, narrow down your initiatives to a core set of three to five priorities. Your club will then develop specific objectives for each initiative, outlining who will be involved, key milestones of achievement, how progress will be tracked, and a timeline for completion. Keep your plan short and simple.  Then go out and do it. Review the progress you make toward accomplishing the initiatives, and revise as needed at least once a year. Rotary has a solid template to assist clubs in their planning, which you can find at

We want to enrich and enliven our clubs with new discussions and ideas. But how do we attract the diverse professionals, from different backgrounds, ages, and experiences, who are all driven by as strong a sense of integrity as we are?  Through strategic planning, we explore this question to define the very nature of our club and the value it offers to its members and to the community. Each club is different, and each club’s value will be unique. During the planning process, clubs may also find that some of the activities they used to do are no longer relevant or attractive.

Once your club makes a strategic plan, it’s time to take action and carry out the necessary changes. When we do that — as we engage members in vibrant and active clubs that not only have fun but also serve their communities with projects that have real and lasting impact — our clubs grow stronger. And when we discover what makes our own clubs unique and build upon those core values in all our efforts, Rotary Opens Opportunities to enrich the lives of everyone.

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Club History 1985-86

Posted by Murray Hanson
The club completes four successful weeks in January with meals on wheels.
Local resident, Bill Korf, was elected President of the State Fair Board. He gave a program highlighting the history of the Minnesota State Fair from 1859 to present.
A group study exchange team from Brazil visited the club.
The club participated in the 6th annual Service Club Olympics.
The Annual Honors Banquet was held at the Senior High.
The annual picnic was held at the Rotary Camp.
There was a program on Haley’s comet which was visible in late 1985.
The club was given a tour of the new Junior High School Building.
Our club’s 65th president in 1984-85 was Donelly Martinson.
State Senator Clarence Purfeerst spoke to the club about pending legislation.
Ken Gorg, Faribault Country Club Pro, addressed the club about the beginning of golf in Faribault and hopefully helped improve a few golf scores.
Led by team captain Donn Johnson, the club finished fourth (out of seven) in the 7th annual Service Club Olympics.
The 22nd annual High School Honors banquet honoring 43 seniors from BA and FHS was held at Bethlehem Academy.
The club had 78 members plus one honorary member. Of this group Ardolf, Beranek, Gerbig, Johnson, Koopmans, Mahler, and Wickstrom are still members today.
Football coaches from Faribault High School and Bethlehem Academy spoke about the upcoming season.
Our clubs 66th president in 1985-86 was Dr. Steve Springmeyer.
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CAC Food Shelf- Volunteers Needed

We are in need of 8-9  Rotarians, family and friends ages 10 and older to volunteer to pack food on Tuesday February 2nd from 5:30 to 7:00 at the Faribault CAC food shelf. 1400 Cannon Circle door 5.
Call, text, email or just mention to Laura Bock you would like to be involved!
CAC Food Shelf- Volunteers Needed Murray H Hanson 2021-01-12 06:00:00Z 0


Image result for Cows give more milk when they listen to music. ( Dick, Steve... any comments?)Cows give more milk when they listen to music. 
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The Eye

The eye makes movements 50 times every second.
The Eye Murray Hanson 2021-01-12 06:00:00Z 0

Club History 1983-84

There was a program titled “Information Ala Carte” telling the club about new telephone communication possibilities and technologies such as the personal computer.
The club took second to Sertoma as they won the 4th annual Service Club Olympics. Dale Hamilton won the pie eating contest.
Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Richard Berge gave the club an update on Faribault Schools.
The 20th Annual Honors Banquet was held at Faribault Senior High.
Music Scholarships were awarded to four Faribault Senior High Students.
George Wickstrom organizes a bus trip to the Minnesota-Purdue Big Ten Football game at the brand new Metrodome.
The annual club picnic was held at the Rotary Camp.
Janine Sahagian, Clinical Vice President, Constance Bultman Wilson Center spoke to the club on adolescence and the Center programs.
New member, Donn Johnson, was inducted into the club on Dec. 14, 1983.  His sponsor was Dick Skewes.
Our club’s 63rd president in 1982-83 was Bill Wise.
The club took the annual Rotary Ann party on the road with a bus to the Old Log Theatre.
Rotary District 596 Mid-Term Evaluation was held in January at Shattuck.
There was a club program on the formation of the new Faribault Area Hospice.
Gayle Mahler (Rod and Jean’s daughter) presented a talk about her recent mission trip to the Philippines.
Northwest Airlines President Steve Rothmeier talked to the club about the Airline industry.
The club was given an update on the U.S. Postal system and to get use to the new extra 4 numbers given to each zip code.
The highly anticipated classification talk from Donn Johnson was well received.
Judy Fruehbrodt, our Rotary exchange student to Sweden gave a lively presentation to the club about life on the farm, learning Swedish, their school system and other social activities. Today, Dr. Judy Fruehbrodt- Glenzinzki is a physician here in Faribault.
Minnesota Governor Al Quie gave a non-political talk to the club about his perceptions of power bases in America.
State Auditor and future Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson spoke to the club.
Our club’s 64th president in 1983-84 was Tom Gagnon.
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Last Week's Meeting 1/6/2021

Posted by David Connelly

CAC Food Shelf

Wopata steps into role as executive director of Northfield Union of Youth |  Northfield News |
This past week fellow Rotarians Anika Rychner and Scott Wopata spoke to our club about Northfield's Community Action Center. The Community Action Center is a non-profit looking to take local challenges and create local solutions for them. The CAC has many different programs they operate. From food access, transportation, and housing support, to youth services. Recently, with over 20 various local partners, the CAC has created a mobile food unit in Faribault. Since April has delivered over 9,000 boxes of food to homes in 9 neighborhoods, feeding 1,500 people.
The Faribault Rotary Club has signed up to provide monthly volunteer service for the mobile food shelf. If you would like to stay up to date on the project, check out their new Facebook page @Faribault Food Access or at
Last Week's Meeting 1/6/2021 David Connelly 2021-01-11 06:00:00Z 0

Club History 1981-82

The Club participated in the second annual Service Club Olympics
Governor Al Quie addressed a joint meeting of all the Faribault service clubs.
The annual Honors Banquet was held at Faribault High School.
There was a program on the future of public and cable television.
The club had a presentation by local Naturalist Orwin Rustad and a walking tour of the Nature Center followed by a picnic lunch in the parking lot.
Club dues for the year was $60.
The Club held the 17th Annual Youth Benefit Concert with 582 people attending.
Attendance Chairman George Wickstrom informed the club that each member is responsible for marking the attendance log at lunch or you will be marked absent.
The 42nd annual Christmas Concert was held at Shattuck.
Our club’s 61st president in 1980-81 was Oskar Teisberg.
The club participated in the 3rd annual Service Club Olympics with Sertoma winning for the third year in a row but this year we were second place.
Attendance was at 83.5% this year down from 89.24% in 1981.
Faribault mayor Gary Kindseth spoke to the club about the city’s sound financial position and future plans.
The club held the annual honors banquet for 50 BA and FHS seniors at Bethlehem Academy.
Future Rotarian of the year (2009) Dave Beranek joined the club on June 16, 1982. Wes Bahl was his sponsor. During his classification talk he mentioned that he was single and played fastpitch softball.
New improved songbooks were provided by a number of Rotarians. These are our current songbooks and replaced the ones purchased in 1966.
The club awarded four music scholarships to Faribault High School seniors.
Our club’s 62nd president in 1981-82 was Dale Hamilton.
Club History 1981-82 Murray Hanson 2021-01-05 06:00:00Z 0

New Member Profile- Chad Koepke

Welcome Chad!

Chad gave his classification talk recently.  I asked him follow up questions to help summarize his presentation for those of us who were present and for our club members who missed the meeting. If you have not had a chance to welcome him to our club, please do so.
Chad Koepke
  • Your Family members, occupations (including you) or school level?” 
  • Father: Steve Koepke – Banker @ Wells Fargo
  • Mother: Kim Koepke – Banker @ State Bank of Faribault
  • Sister: Lauren Koepke – Banker @ State Bank of Faribault
  • Your Hometown/School/College
  • Hometown: Blaine, MN
  • High School: Concordia Academy, Roseville
  • Undergraduate Degree: Labovitz School of Business & Economics @ University of Minnesota Duluth (B.B.A – Finance)
  • Graduate Degree: Carlson School of Management @ University of Minnesota (M.B.A – Finance)
  • Your Previous occupations?
    • Financial Institutions Group (Portfolio Manager) @ Wells Fargo
  • Any Hobbies?
    • Music (guitar & producing)
    • Athletics & Fitness
    • Reading (non-fiction)
  • Rotary sponsor?
    • Dr. Huston
  • Interesting fact about you or your life?
    • Owner of a Quaker parrot (Bird) that is 18 years young
  • Anything else you can think of?        
    • Recently proposed to the love of my life, Courtney, on Christmas Day 2020
New Member Profile- Chad Koepke Murray H Hanson 2021-01-05 06:00:00Z 0

Mt. Rushmore

Who's on Mount Rushmore? | Wonderopolis
Mt. Rushmore cost less than $1 million dollars to complete.
Mt. Rushmore Murray Hanson 2021-01-05 06:00:00Z 0

Inca Empire

Image result for The Inca built the largest and wealthiest empire in South America, but had no concept of money.
The Inca built the largest and wealthiest empire in South America, but had no concept of money.
Inca Empire Murray Hanson 2021-01-05 06:00:00Z 0

STRIVE 1/13/2021

Posted by Kurt Halverson
Hello Everyone,
Here is the link to the January Strive Session, where we will hear from Dr. Brian Wariboko about his life's journey: 
Kurt Halverson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: January Strive Session
Time: Jan 13, 2021 09:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting
Take care,
STRIVE 1/13/2021 Kurt Halverson 2021-01-05 06:00:00Z 0

Congratulations Dr. Leland!

Posted by Barry Shaffer

Faribault administrator graduates in online ceremony

Anne Marie Leland, the director of community education for Faribault Public Schools, finished her Doctor of Education degree last March but due to the pandemic, had to wait until December to officially participate in the formal graduation ceremony.
The online ceremony conducted by Minnesota State University, Moorhead included all bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees conferred through the MSUM College of Education through 2020. The ceremony included all the usual pomp and circumstance complete with graduation speeches, awards, music and revelry. Outside audiences were able to link in to cheer for their favorite graduate.
Congratulations Dr. Leland! Barry Shaffer 2020-12-28 06:00:00Z 0

Rotarian of the Year 2020 Eric Craig

Posted by Misty Schwab

2020 Faribault Rotarian of the Year winner enjoys giving back

Faribault Rotarian Eric Craig was named the 2020 Faribault Rotarian of the Year Dec. 16 via online streaming. Craig grew up in Faribault and joined the local club in September 2015. He had previously been recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow.
Reprinted with permission from the Daily News
“Eric Craig is a ‘do everything’ kind of Rotarian,” according to Dick Huston. In just over five years of involvement with the Faribault club, Craig has shown that he, as fellow Rotarian Huston said, “definitely lives the ‘service above self’ model of Rotary.”
“From selling the most roses for fundraisers to helping with the clothing drive in the winter time, from helping at blood drives to working at the camp, Eric is first and foremost ready to go,” Huston said. Just before the Faribault Rotary’s virtual Christmas concert, the club recognized Craig as the 2020 Faribault Rotarian of the Year in a Dec. 16 online meeting. “I was extremely honored, extremely surprised and humbled,” Craig said. “You have a group of 60 Rotarians, and they give their time, and their families give time, and any one of them would be deserving. I was extremely honored and humbled to be recognized by my peers.”
Craig grew up in Faribault, and after living in St. Paul for about a decade, returned to his hometown about 10 years ago. He joined the Faribault Rotary Club in September 2015, making him a relatively new member.
His involvement with the Faribault Rotary Club started with his employer at JOD Limited, where he’s worked for the past 11 years. His business partner at the time, Gary Demro, had been a 40-year member of the Faribault Rotary and said to Craig, “My time is up, and I want you to join.” Craig said he plans to be a lifelong member of Rotary. “The most important thing, the thing that influences me the most, is the people, who give back through service or monetary, in most cases it’s both,” Craig said. “It’s just really humbling to be a part of a bigger cause.”
In the past five years, Craig has participated in Rotary volunteerism and project fundraising in a number of capacities. He has volunteered with Red Cross blood drives, a winter clothing drive called Warm Our Community, Meals on Wheels, and Salvation Army bell ringing for the Red Kettle Campaign. Next year, he said the Faribault Rotary Club plans to participate in the Adopt a Highway program. In Craig’s first year in the club, the Rotary held a fundraiser for a community project, “buddy benches,” which gives children a place to make friends if they feel alone at recess. He also helped the club raise funds for the Rotary mural on the Vacuum and Sewing Center downtown.
Even while traveling abroad, Craig can’t get enough of Rotary. Since there are clubs in around 220 countries, and members are welcome to join meetings held around the globe, Craig has taken full advantage of those opportunities when possible. He and his wife, Sara, attended a Rotary meeting in London, England, while on their honeymoon. They also attended a meeting in Dublin, Ireland, where Rotary’s first club outside the U.S. was established. Although he hasn’t volunteered abroad as a Rotarian, Craig’s monetary donations as a Paul Harris Fellow have served people around the world. In Rotary, anyone who gives $1,000 in a year is considered a Paul Harris Fellow. Craig has taken it a step further by belonging to the Paul Harris Society, committing to giving $1,000 every year.
There are still more ways Craig wants to give back through Rotary. A big goal for the future, he says is to become involved with the club’s international projects. The Faribault Rotary Club has contributed to efforts abroad like improving farming processes in Sierra Leone in west Africa, sending books to schools in Africa, and providing polio vaccines to children in Pakistan.
Craig also plans to continue serving as club treasurer, a role he began four years ago. While committing much of his time to Rotary, Craig has extended his outreach to another local volunteer opportunity. Being involved in Rotary led Craig to join Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota, which Huston recommended. Through the program, which matches children and teens with adult mentors, Craig and wife, Sara, mentor a “Little” close in age to their son, Finley, 6.
Throughout his involvement with Rotary, Craig is especially appreciative of Sara and Finley for not only being accommodating of his involvement with Rotary but also being involved themselves. At Christmastime they join him in ringing the bells for the Salvation Army.
He also appreciates his business partners and colleagues at JOD Limited, who allow him the flexibility he needs to give as much of his time as he can to Rotary.
This community has given me so much in my life,” Craig said. “I enjoy being able to give back.”
Reporter Misty Schwab can be reached at 507-333-3135. Follow her on Twitter @APGmisty. ©Copyright 2020 APG Media of Southern Minnesota. All rights reserved.
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New Member- Mary Ellen Bondhus Murray Hanson 2020-12-21 06:00:00Z 0

New Member-Cindy Yerington

Welcome Cindy!

The Faribault Rotary Club has inducted Mary Ellen Bondus and Cindy Yerrington as new members. Both are both realtors with Edina Realty. Bondus has a history of volunteering and Yerrington has family history in Rotary.
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Square Trees!

Image result for valley of square trees in panama
The "Valley of Square Trees" in Panama is the only known place in the world where the trees have rectangular trunks.
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New Member Profile- David Sauer

Welcome David!

David gave his classification talk recently.  I asked him seven follow up questions to help summarize his presentation for those of us who were present and for our club members who missed the meeting. If you have not had a chance to welcome him to our club, please do so.
  1. Your Family members, occupations (including you) or school level?”
David Sauer – Presently retired.
Kris Sauer – spouse – Director of Admissions Bethlehem Academy
Elizabeth Sauer – Junior University of Wisconsin Madison
Caroline Sauer, Senior, Bethlehem Academy
  1. Your Hometown/School/College
Faribault, Minnesota/ Faribault Senior High Class of 1984, BA Chemistry Gustavus Adolphus College 1988, MA National Security Policy the George Washington University 1991
  1. Your Previous occupations?  Central Intelligence Agency
  1. Any Hobbies?  Exercise, Duck Hunting, Collecting old things, History
  1. Rotary sponsor?  Rod Mahler
  1. Interesting fact about you or your life?  I have met the then President of China, the King of Cambodia, the Prime Minister of Cambodia, the President of Taiwan, former President George H.W. Bush, and former President Barack Obama.   
  1. Anything else of interest?  Proposed to my wife in a Senator’s office in the Senate Russell Office Building
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Last Week's Meeting 12/9/2020

Posted by David Connelly

Chad Koepke

Chad Koepke inducted to Faribault Rotary Club | Community |
Chad Koepke addressed the club with his classification speech this week. Chad grew up in Blaine MN. Sports growing up were a focus and passion for Chad, who excelled at Football and Basketball. Graduating in 2010 Chad went to college at Minnesota Duluth majoring in finance and received his MBA at Minnesota Carlson School of Management. Employment brought Chad to Faribault to the State Bank of Faribault for a short period before becoming a portfolio manager with Wells Fargo. Chad has recently transitioned back to the State Bank of Faribault as the Assistant Financial Officer. 
Chad is excited for this holiday season with this girlfriend Courtney, with some big plans to share with us all in the new year. In his free time, Chad still enjoys sports along with playing guitar, music production, and reading non-fiction topics. Lastly, Chad is excited to get into the Faribault community and be a positive force for others. As a new mentor in BBBS, Rotary, and other community groups.
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Club History 1979-80

Posted by Murray Hanson
Donn Johnson gave an interesting program about the Faribault Senior High Choir trip to Mexico.
The annual rotary Ann Banquet was held at the Faribault Country Club with George Wickstrom as chairman. (Rotary Ann and eventually Rotary Andy were the nicknames of spouses of Rotarians)
The annual Faribault Rotary honors banquet was held for seniors at Faribault high School.
A program by new Rotarian Chip Harris, the plant manager at the Faribault Treasure Cave Blue Cheese operation told the story of how Faribault Rotarian Felix Frederiksen while fighting in France during WWI watched how Roquefort cheese was made and took a fancy to it. Felix then started the operation in Faribault in 1936.
The annual picnic was at the Rotary youth camp.
Rotarian Rod Mahler was on WCCO Tuesday July 17 doing an energy conservation interview and the following Wednesday morning on national TV and then on the CBS evening news with Walter Cronkite.
15th Annual Youth Benefit Concert was held with Dr. Richard Skewes as senior high orchestra director and Donn Johnson as choir director. George Wickstrom sold the most tickets- 47.
Our club’s 59th president in 1978-79 was Gilmore Lundquist.
Roger Koopmans was inducted with great ceremony after 10 years in the Rochester Club and the last four years of perfect attendance. On January 1, 2020, he will have 50 years in Rotary.
Bernie Ardolf joined the club on Jan 8, 1980. He also will have 50 years in Rotary this January.
The club celebrated Rotary’s 75th anniversary.
Arthur Johannsen’s 29 years of perfect, attendance was acknowledged and honored by Al Burkhartzmeyer.
The club took 4th place in the first annual Faribault Service Club Olympics.  Sertoma won 1st place.  Events included 15 different events including a Liar’s contest, checkers, cribbage, darts, a football throw, golf putting and many more.
The annual club picnic was held at Gus Hoffman’s home on Cannon Lake.
Improvements were made to the Youth Camp which included a new large deck, an upgraded bathroom, a remote shelter, and steps to the waterfront.
The club held the 16th annual Youth benefit concert.
Our clubs 60th president in 1979-80 was Robert Nichols.
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Community Services Update

Posted by Laura Bock
Red Cross Blood Drive -  We had 37 donors and collected 42 Units of blood. 10 Rotarians volunteered to run the drive with the Red Cross crew. Special thanks to Troy Dunn, David Sauer, Chad Koepke, Rod Mahler, Kymn Anderson Gail Kaderlic, Mark Kenney, George Wickstrom and Brenda Demars!
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Its time to RING THE BELLS! The Salvation Army needs our help! Please sign up for a 2 hour shift by visiting or call Jim at 715-733-0575. Please contact Laura Bock if you need assistance. 507-384-2280.
Meals on Wheels
There is still one opening for delivering Meals on Wheels the week of December 14 Monday December 14th is still available. Contact Laura Bock if you can take that shift.
FYI – Faribault Youth Investment
We can use our help packing some meals the week of December 14th. We need to assemble a group of 6 -8 people to pack. Date and time TBD, most likely after 5:00 one day. Interested persons should contact Laura Bock 507-384-2280
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No 81st Annual Christmas Concert Event

Posted by Murray Hanson
Twas ten days before Christmas, when all through downtown,
Not a Rotarian was stirring, no one to be found;
For there was a pandemic that filled the air,
With hope that a vaccine would soon be there;
The Rotarians were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of Christmas concerts danced in their heads;
They knew in a moment the time had drawn near,
But there would be no sign-up with Donn this year
For now, we will be zooming, which will be a test;
Instead looking forward to Gail and Greg's Christmas best;
More rapid than searching the Faribault Rotarians will zoom
And Brenda whistled and shouted and will call them at noon:
Now, Mahler! Now, Wilson! Now, Sanchez and Nelson!
On, Sauer! On, Sesker! On, Coleman and Wickstrom!
To the seat of your desk! To the end of the screen!
Now dash away! Dash away! And soon we'll be seen!
Then we heard Gail and Greg exclaim, as they logged out that night;
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"
All Rotarians, Rotaract members, their families, and guests are invited to the NO 81st Annual Faribault Rotary Christmas Concert Event to be held on Wednesday December 16th at noon on Zoom.  First, we will award Faribault Rotary Club's Rotarian of the Year 2020 with President Brenda and the recipient live from The Inn at Shattuck.   Following this presentation, the joyful sounds of the holiday season will be brought to us by Pastor Greg Ciesluk and Gail Kaderlik.  Our regular host for over 30 years, Donn Johnson will sit back and enjoy this program with the rest of us with the hope that everyone will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
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Toys For Tots Request

Posted by Murray Hanson
My name is Hailey Reuvers and I am a freshman at Faribault High School and a member of the student council.  I am reaching out the Faribault Rotary club seeking donations.  Each year we host a big fundraiser for Toys for Tots so we can purchase and donate toys to families in need. Unfortunately this year with COVID-19 pandemic, our fundraising options are extremely limited. The link to this GoFundMe is really our only way to raise money this year. Please consider donating even a dollar to help these children have a happy holiday. Every donation counts!
Thank you so much for your time, I appreciate it. I hope you and your family have a happy holiday!
Hailey Reuvers
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Manhattan Island

Related image
Manhattan Island was once home to as many different species as Yellowstone National Park.
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Harry Truman

Harry S. Truman | U.S. President & History | Britannica
Harry Truman was the last U.S. President to not have a college degree.
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Last Week's Meeting 12/3/2020

David Sauer

On Wednesday December 2nd our club had the pleasure of hearing a classification speech from one of its newest members, David Sauer. David started his presentation for the comfort of his home office via Zoom because of the pandemic. He gave a "shout out" to Rod Mahler, his sponsor who introduced him to Rotary. 
He paid a compliment to the Rotarians for all they are doing in the community to make a difference and then he started to talk about his family. His parents who were present in person at the Inn at Shattuck for the virtual meeting, came to Faribault in the mid 1950's. His father was a Dentist, and his mother a stay at home mom who he credits with raising himself and his brother and sister. She instilled in them a strong value for education. David explained how he graduated from Faribault Senior High in 1984. He mentioned some of his graduating class and the great things they are up to - Heidi Nelson (current Rotarian) running the Paradise Center for the Arts during a pandemic when theater goers cannot gather, John Jasinski a State Senator, and others with incredible careers. 
David attended Gustavus after high school and decided to take a "J-term" and study abroad in Eastern Europe. This was 1986, and when he got off his plane there were armed guards at the airport - again 1986, intrigue, and a love of Tom Clancy novels led David on a path to listen to and speak with a recruiter for the CIA, yes Central Intelligence Agency! 
His story is fascinating, meeting his wife in Washington while attending George Washington University, and playing softball for fun, he goes on to tell of almost two decades of work in foreign countries, learning the Chinese language, to finally having to tell his daughters what he really did for a living in 2019 on their way to watch their father receive an honor at the CIA headquarters.... His stories are simply edge of your seat exciting and it's like having someone read a spy novel to you! 
David you are so humble and kind, and gracious. I hope you share more stories about your time with the CIA, and Rotary already appreciates the time you have given to volunteer in the early days of your membership. We are looking forward to so many more really great times with you! WELCOME!
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Club History 1977-78

Posted by Murray Hanson
Rotary exchange student Satsuki Tanaka from Japan gave an informative program on her country and her impressions of America.
The club enjoyed a school lunch with the students in the cafeteria and a tour of Faribault Senior High School led by Principal Boettcher, Mr. James Warren and student Heidi Mahler.
The Annual Honors Banquet recognizing the accomplishments of 43 Seniors from BA and Faribault Senior High was held at the High School.
Repairs were made at the Rotary Camp after vandals had broken seven windows.
Superintendent John Messerli updated the club on plans to address overcrowding and the educational needs for the future of the Faribault School System.
State Senator Clarence Purfeerst gave the club a legislative update.
This was taken from the Feb. 9, 1977 Faribotarian:
The trouble with being a leader is that you can’t be sure whether people are following you or chasing you.
Our club’s 57th president in 1976-77 was Ralph Palan.
The club overwhelmingly supported the proposed amending of the Rotary constitution which would allow women to become Rotarians.” This change was adopted at the Rotary International Convention.
There was a program informing the club of plans for the state amateur baseball tournament to be played in Faribault in late August.
The club toured the yard and gardens of Roger Koopmans.
The Youth Camp was used by 3562 campers.
The 14th annual Youth service Benefit Concert was held in the Junior High Auditorium. The Senior High Choir was directed by Donn Johnson and the Orchestra by Dr. Richard Skewes.
Congressman Al Quie spoke about the race for Minnesota Governor and was accompanied by U.S. Senate Candidate Dave Durenberger. TV cameras were present at the meeting.
Pastor Lowell Lundstrom spoke to the club about his evangelical ministry.
Our club’s 58th president in 1977-78 was Dean Purdie.
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Enbridge Pipeline Update

Thank you for welcoming Jon Eisele and me to your Rotary Club earlier this year! As you may have heard, Enbridge Energy has received permits to begin construction of Pipeline 3. Shovels are currently in the ground so Minnesotans can soon have safe and available access to the fuel they need. 

Enbridge will be hosting a Virtual Open House on Wednesday, December 9th at 5:00pm. Enbridge and their skilled Labor partners have developed plans to safely and respectfully construct Pipeline 3 over the upcoming months. This is a great follow-up to our discussion with you and your club. Please review the attached flyer in the email that follows the bulletin and you are welcome to join and learn what to expect during pipeline construction. This link on the attachment will connect you to the event on Wednesday.

It is also here:

Thank you again and I hope you will join us on Wednesday! 

Chad Fahning | @weberjohnsonpa

651-890-7466 cell

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RI Presidential Message Dec 2020

Posted by Holger Knaack

Words of Encouragement

Holger Knaack - Rotary International President-elect 2019-20

Holger Knaack

President 2020-21

December 2020

As I look back on 2020, I reflect on how our lives have changed. The global COVID-19 pandemic brought pain and loss to many of us. And for almost all of us, our daily lives, family time, and work also changed this year. But we've made it to the end of this difficult year, not on our own but by reaching out to one another, as we always do in Rotary. With each passing year, I become prouder of our organization.
I will choose to remember 2020 as a year of great change and strength for us; Rotary didn't stop, despite the pandemic. We removed obstacles, found new ways to connect, and embraced new approaches to service, such as online projects and virtual fundraising. I have invited two Rotarians to share their stories about how Rotary grew stronger this year.

When the pandemic shut everything down, our emerging e-club was already providing digital service, including internationally. Fourteen U.S. women and I, members of multiple Rotary clubs, were using WhatsApp to mentor women entrepreneurs in rural Costa Rica, helping them to grow their ecotourism business, RETUS Tours [the subject of the magazine's May cover story, "Nature & Nurture"]. The project has grown, with 30 Rotarians now providing consulting and help with the RETUS website and social media. Most importantly, we continue building relationships and empowering these women to transform their own lives, and we are doing it online. I've even helped one of the women, Rosa, prepare a presentation in English for an online international conference. While our engagement with the Costa Rican women still requires some hands-on activity, the most transformative impacts haven't had to be in person.
— Liza Larson, Rotary E-Club Engage and Rotary Club of Plano East, Texas

I was president of my club when COVID-19 hit, and many members didn't yet have Zoom. Only 10 of our 53 members participated in the first Zoom meeting during the pandemic. I thought that reaching out and getting guest speakers from around the world to engage our members would help. Many Rotary leaders, a Rotary Peace Fellow, and even RI President Holger Knaack visited virtually and spoke to our club. Meeting attendance improved, while we reduced running costs by cutting out meals. Some members who worked outside our city and had missed our meetings even rejoined us. Registering our online meetings on My Rotary enhanced contacts with clubs across the world, and the joint meeting addressed by Holger attracted more than 300 visitors. We also raised more funds as members and visitors contributed to our projects. To continue being flexible for all, we are now offering hybrid meetings. For me, 2020 has been the best year in Rotary as I've made many new friends.
— Blessing Michael, Rotary Club of Port Harcourt North, Nigeria

These stories should give us all reasons to be optimistic about Rotary in the year ahead. We are not just surviving; we are gaining strength. We are discovering how resilient our organization truly is. We are seeing for ourselves how Rotary Opens Opportunities — even during pandemics — to grow, connect, and engage our members and the communities we serve.

From our home in Ratzeburg to yours, Susanne and I would like to bid you and your family the warmest of season's greetings. We can't wait to see the good things that 2021 will bring.

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Image result for The average raindrop falls at seven miles per hour.Raindrops can fall as fast as 20 miles per hour.
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Did you know frogs can’t swallow with their eyes open
Frogs cannot swallow with their eyes open.
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Paul Harris Awards- Doyle and Ford

Posted by Dick Huston


Rotarian George Wickstrom and Rotary International have presented Becky Ford and Father Henry Doyle with Paul Harris awards.  Rotarians accumulate Paul Harris points with their own donations and can use those points to honor community members who practice the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self".  Pictured here is George Wickstrom with the recipients.
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There is no scheduled Faribault Rotary Club Meeting this week.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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ONE-TON pig has throat cut after winning Taoist temple competition in New  Taipei | Daily Mail Online
The biggest pig in recorded history weighed almost one ton.
Pig Murray Hanson 2020-11-24 06:00:00Z 0

Club History 1975-76

Posted by Murray Hanson
On Jan. 8th, George Wickstrom presented a very interesting classification talk which included how to present life insurance to a prospect.
Rod Mahler presented a program on his “Big Game Hunting” expedition in Alaska complete with slides and movies of trophy bags of brown bear, moose and caribou.
Roger Koopmans made his first visit to the club as a visiting Rotarian from Rochester.
Layton Hoysler reviewed a successful year as District Governor.
The club has a three-year pledge drive to help defray expenses at the Youth camp related to a new bath house and other remodeling.
Wade Karli was the first club member to participate in the Rotary Foundation Program titled “Awards to Teachers.” He will be studying at Oxford in England in the fall.
The club teamed up with the Lion’s, Exchange, and Sertoma for the Faribault Service Club’s Golf Tournament and dinner.
Our club’s 55th president in 1974-75 was Dan Moline.
The price of lunch increased to $3.00.
A dozen Rotarians attended the District Conference in Arden Hills.
Earl Bonde presented a slide story about his 3-week trip to China visiting communal farms and other agricultural interests.
A slide presentation narrated by WCCO’s Dave Moore titled “Trip through the Valley Fair” was presented to the club promoting the new Valley Fair theme park in Shakopee.
The club hosted six visitors from India as part of a study exchange group coordinated by past District Governor, Layton Hoysler.
The club visited Harley’s Auto Salvage and witnessed the crushing of automobiles.
There was a program on the future of wind power.
Each Rotarian bought $15.00 worth of tickets to the annual Rotary Youth Concert.
Wade Karli returned from a year in England and presented a program about his Rotary Fellowship at Oxford University and Lady Spencer Churchill College.
Our club’s 56th president in 1975-76 was Gustav Hoffman.
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Last Week's Meeting 11/18/2020

Posted by David Connelly

Big Brothers Big Sisters on Southern Minnesota

Michelle Redman, Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Southern Minnesota was our guest this week. As many understand BBBS matches children with adult mentors for better enrichment of a youth life. Mrs. Redman spoke of the in-depth pairing system of BBBS, looking not to make just a match but the ideal match for success. 
BBBS is predicated on one-on-one interaction in activity. This has been a challenge due to the on-gowning pandemic. BBBS has adapted to these new norms with virtual engagements and a new partnership with the middle school program Avid. The Avid program pairs a big with a student to work on guided program topics to enhance engagement and planning skills within the student. 
The waiting list for littles looking for a big is over 250 kids. If you are looking to make a difference in a child's life, with as little of a commitment of 2 times a month. Michelle's contact information is as follows:
Executive Director
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota
Office: 507.414.0311 | Cell: 507.456-1270
Last Week's Meeting 11/18/2020 David Connelly 2020-11-23 06:00:00Z 0

Last Week's Meeting 11/11/2020

Posted by Laura Bock

Sambath Ouk

On Wednesday November 11, 2020 we had the pleasure of a classification speech by new (returning) member Sambath Ouk. Sam is an experienced speaker with a fascinating life story. It is one of hope, and he tells it well. Sam was a refugee coming to America at the age of 2. He spoke of his life as a young refugee and the families that helped him along the way. He traveled here with his mother and grandparents. It was a hard life, he experienced poverty and racism.
 Hope – he says is what got him through. As a youth in the Rochester MN area he became involved with gangs. His school was extremely segregated, and gangs were forming all over Rochester. After a conversation with a teacher, Sam started changing the groups he joined. He belonged to multiple groups that helped him move forward in high school with a job and his studies. He belonged to a unity group that made racial justice “cool”.
Sam learned how important it was to find common ground in any situation, and he excels at that practice now in life. The Rotary model of Service Above Self is one of Sam’s favorites. He has set the bar high for the rest of us to follow his examples of the 4-way test.
Welcome back Sambath, we are looking forward to your leadership in Rotary, and the community!
Last Week's Meeting 11/11/2020 Laura Bock 2020-11-17 06:00:00Z 0
Toe Wrestling Murray Hanson 2020-11-17 06:00:00Z 0


What are some interesting facts about gold? - Quora
It is estimated that the world's oceans contain 10 billion tons of gold.
Oceans Murray H Hanson 2020-11-17 06:00:00Z 0


Chocolate - Wikipedia
Vanilla is used to make chocolate. Chocolate makers often include vanilla as a method to smooth or reduce bitterness arising from low quality bulk beans. Starting nearly a century ago, chocolate companies found that the low quality beans they were using were often bitter for consumers, even after adding a lot of sugar, so they added vanilla.
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Club History 1973-74

Posted by Murray H Hanson
Newly elected Mayor, Bob Larson, addressed the club with goals and aspirations for Faribault.
Congressman Al Quie updated the club on what is happening in Washington DC.
The club sponsored two delegates, Faribault Juniors, Therese Sorenson and David Mahler, to the St. Paul Youth Conference.
Layton Hoysler was nominated to serve as District Governor for 1974-75.
Arlen Erdahl, Minnesota Secretary of State, presented a program on voter registration.
Total membership stayed at 68 Rotarians for 1973.
A music scholarship was awarded to Rebecca Wickstrom daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Wickstrom.
Our club’s 53rd president in 1972-73 was Rod Mahler who is now been a member for over 62 years. He was the sponsor of our 100th president, Amy Amundson.
The following was noted in the Faribotarian from the June 27, 1973 meeting.
It was like New Year’s Eve. President Rod gave a summary of the Rotary year that just ended and turned the gavel over to President-Elect Dr. Roy Anderson. It was the biggest smile that Rod had all year. Our Thanks to Rod for a most successful year.  Roy started out in shirt sleeves and laid out his goals for the club.  Maybe this was a preview of things to come. 
Which leads us to 1974!
The club had a program titled, “Morality in Politics.”
Dr. Roy Anderson presented a highly educational program and film titled “Eyes on the Road.”  Which was produced by the esteemed American Optometric Association for driver’s training and educational purposes.
Eight Faribault Rotarians and their wives opened their homes to visits from Rotarians from around the world during the International Convention in Minneapolis. Amongst those were Rod and Jean Mahler who entertained a couple from Saskatchewan and Roy and Bobbi Anderson who entertained a couple from Ontario, Canada.
Thirty-five seniors from Bethlehem Academy and Faribault High School were honored at the annual Honors Banquet at the Senior High.
Layton Hoysler becomes District Governor for Rotary District 595 and made his official visit on July 3rd.
The annual picnic was a huge success at Gus Hoffman’s “resort”
This was taken from the Jan. 30, 1974 Faribotarian:
Here is a bit of legend: England’s King Charles the second, who ruled from 1660 to 1685, likes loin roast so well he decided he would “knight” the meat.  Touching his sword to a piece of roast, he declared, “I hereby dub thee Sir Loin.” Today we find sirloin steak on most restaurant menus.
Our club’s 54th president in 1973-74 was Dr. Roy Anderson.
He was my sponsor in 1993.
Club History 1973-74 Murray H Hanson 2020-11-12 06:00:00Z 0

Movie Trailers

Image result for Movie Trailers used to come on the end of movies, but no one stuck around to watch them.Movie Trailers used to come on the end of movies, but no one stuck around to watch them.
Movie Trailers Murray Hanson 2020-11-10 06:00:00Z 0


Image result for beavers
Beavers can hold their breath for 45 minutes.
Beavers Murray Hanson 2020-11-10 06:00:00Z 0


15 Greyhound Facts You May Not Have Known – The Pawsitive Co
Greyhound can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.
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Club History 1971-72

Posted by Murray H Hanson
Rod Mahler led a large group of Rotarians on a bus trip to a North Stars Hockey game.
The club visited Shattuck for lunch and was treated to a demonstration by the famous Crack Drill Team.
There was a program on the proposed ultra-modern Zoo to be located on a choice 470-acre tract in Apple Valley.
The club’s annual Rotary Scholarship Awards Banquet was held at Bethlehem Academy.
A brand-new American flag was donated to the club by Rod Mahler and replaced by him again in 2017.
The fellowship tradition of introducing guests by stating their name and having everyone shout out their name by saying “hi “was brought back after many years and is still in practice today.
Our club’s 51st president in 1970-71 was Erwin Sorenson.
Dr. Roy Anderson took over registration duties for the Youth camp from Dean Purdie.
Roger Strom, manager of the Red Owl Store gave a program about a new program in our community titled “Big Brothers.”
The club’s annual presentation of scholarship awards was held at Faribault Senior High.
The club paid a visit to the Alexander Faribault House which was built in 1853.
The club sponsored the eighth Annual Youth Concert for the Youth Camp.
The club began meeting at the Lavender Inn on Nov. 1st.
Our club’s 52nd president in 1971-72 was Alvin Burkhartzmeyer who later honored in 2010 for 50 consecutive years of perfect attendance.
As many of you know, following high school, Al joined the Navy. However, this ended in tragedy when the overloaded bomber on which he was the radioman crashed on a Pacific Island an Al was the sole survivor of the 12-man crew and was badly burned and injured.  After a long recovery and an official visit to each of the families of the 11 crash victims, he returned to Faribault to join his father and two brothers in the very successful operation of Burkhartzmeyer Shoes Inc.
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Last Week's Meeting 11/4/2020

Rick Olson

May 2021 Rotary Eastern Europe Tours
Rick Olson of the Prior Lake Rotary Club spoke to us over Zoom about their continued efforts in Nigeria with-in the Nakivale Refugee Area. The Prior Lake club has created a Best Future School to provide better education changes for kids within the Refugee Area. Along with improving water access, sanitation. 
The Nakivale best future school sees about 500 kids. The class buildings are small with no room for desks. The Nakivale refugees see little support in food and funding, averaging about 5.67 per month per person. It is all a start, with a lot of room for growth in efforts. 
Recently Prior Lake added a Better Future Bakery and Sewing center. Both new concepts look to help provide more food and supplies while creating opportunities for learned skills. Prior Lake is looking to continue their efforts by teaming up with to increase clean drinking water in the Refugee area. They would love your support towards their goal of securing a Rotary International grant to continue their efforts. You can learn more about this project at
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RI Presidential Message Nov. 2020

Holger Knaack - Rotary International President-elect 2019-20

Holger Knaack

President 2020-21

November 2020

We all know Rotary's tremendous power to transform our communities and ourselves. However, in every community, people have been left out, and we have not made a strong enough effort to reach them.

The RI Board of Directors is taking action to make Rotary more welcoming and diverse. We formed a task force to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion to help clubs attract new members regardless of gender, race, religion, age, or other factors. This will help us speed up the change we all want and need. The selection of Jennifer E. Jones as Rotary president for 2022-23 — the first woman to lead our organization — is another step in this direction.

At the grassroots level, clubs drive inclusion and diversity. Alia Ali — who serves on the board of directors at the Big West Rotaract Multidistrict Information Organization and is a Rotary Youth Leadership Awards alumna and past president of the Rotaract Club of Surrey-Newton, British Columbia — offers her perspective.

I still remember the relief I felt as a RYLA participant four years ago. I had finally found my people: people who cared as much as I did. All over the world, Rotary has the same heart. We serve our communities and take action where others feel paralyzed by the size and scope of a problem.

Let's continue that spirit, especially when the conversation is difficult. Racism, prejudice, and discrimination take on different forms but exist in every country, in every city, and in every person. How do we root it out?

As a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant, I help organizations create a culture that empowers and attracts everyone using the power of empathy. When we feel with others as if they were ourselves, we cannot hold prejudice in our hearts. When every child reminds you of your own child, when every woman or man reminds you of your mother or brother, you start seeing the world differently.

We can apply The Four-Way Test through the lens of empathy. Are we building goodwill and friendship with everyone in our area, including women? Are things fair and beneficial to people of all ages? Who has to make choices that you don't have to make?

I made a heartbreaking choice between Rotary and my religion when a Rotary convention was held during Ramadan. I wondered: When we ask if this is fair and beneficial to all concerned, did that not include me as a Muslim? Would the convention ever be held over Easter? Only by asking difficult questions can we begin the work of creating a more inclusive and diverse Rotary.

We already connect so many people across the world. Imagine the possibilities when we bring even more people along for the ride. That's the future of Rotary I want to see: one where we are unstoppable in our service, relentless in our kindness, and intentional in the change we want to see.

Rotary has a big enough heart. If we open our door wider, we might find a lot of interesting people with new voices and new perspectives. We already have a variety of clubs offering different styles, cultures, and opportunities — and those who do not feel welcome in any particular club might be great candidates for new clubs created on different models. It's important that we make sure every new Rotary member is a good fit for their club. Rotary Opens Opportunities through diversity.

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Rotary Event Outfits Dozens for Winter Ahead

Warm Our Community

Faribault Youth Investment's Becky Ford (left) and volunteer Emma Mentz hand out food boxes at the annual Warm our Community event.(Andrew Deziel/

This article was reprinted with permission from the Daily News

Amid unprecedented need, more than 100 area residents crowded into the Faribo West Mall Saturday for the Faribault Rotary Club’s annual Warm our Community Event. Event organizer and Faribault Rotary Club member Keith Kramer noted that just 45 minutes into the event organizers had already handed out 100 “tickets,” enabling families to get some much needed warm winter outerwear. That was well in excess of the roughly 70 families that showed up at last year’s Warm our Community Event. Thanks to generous contributions from the community and a long list of local businesses and organizations, there were more coats, mittens and hats than before.

That was a huge help for families who have struggled with low wages or job loss over the last few months. Local refugee Star Aye, a Montgomery resident who is part of the region’s growing Karen refugee community, and her husband Thein Shwe were among them. Aye has lived in Minnesota for a decade, but it was her first time at Warm our Community. She said that for her family, the opportunity to get the winter clothes her family needs without having to spend big bucks at a department store was a big help.

Boots, coats and snow pants for children were the first to go, but larger sizes were in demand too. In addition to outerwear, the Warm Our Community event expanded this year to provide food boxes and flu shots for those in need.  Food boxes were provided by a coalition of local nonprofits including Faribault Youth Investment and Growing Up Healthy, which have joined together in recent months to fill the need left behind by the abrupt closure of the Faribault Area Food Shelf.

It was the first time the event has been held at the Faribo West Mall, along with the first time it was held on Halloween. While the setting provided much welcome additional space, minimizing the spread of COVID-19 was still a challenge given the large crowd. For Natalie Ginter, a local Rotarian, this was her third year helping out with the event. She said that every year, she’s seen the event grow and become more organized, and this year was no exception. “This location is really great,” she said. “There’s a lot of room to spread out.”  For Ginter, the event was about ensuring that the dignity of every person. That’s also what has motivated numerous volunteers from the River Valley Church to help organize the event for the last several years, including Misty Zacharaias.  Though Zacharias had previously heard about the event, it was her first time participating. She said that she was thankful to be able to help and hoped that the yearly tradition will continue well into the future.  “This event is a great blessing for the community,” said Zacharias. “I just wish we had more to give to everybody.”

Rotarian Kurt Halverson also expressed disappointment that there weren’t enough winter clothes to go around. Still, he expressed gratitude for the commitment of so many area residents to helping the less fortunate. “It’s amazing to see all of the support that’s available here in Faribault,” he said. “It really warms your heart.”  In addition to River Valley Church and the Rotary Club, several participants were new this year. With hunger concerns rising as the pandemic drags on into winter and federal assistance begins to run out, food boxes with a “breakfast” theme were also available.

FYI Executive Director Becky Ford was at Saturday’s event to distribute the boxes, and said that she would stay until all 150 she had brought were gone. Although demand wasn’t quite as high for food as for the winter wear, Ford said that about a third of the boxes were gone an hour into the event.  Demand was notably lower for flu shots provided by Rice County Public Health. Supervisor Laura Burkhartzmeyer stressed the importance of getting a flu shot amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but expressed disappointment at the lack of interest.  “A lot of people have already gotten it or they just don’t believe in it,” she said.

Reach Reporter Andrew Deziel at 507-333-3129 or follow him on Twitter @FDNandrew. © Copyright 2020 APG Media of Southern Minnesota. All rights reserved.

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Annual Rose Sale 2020 Sales

Please turn in your Rose sale collections in full at a Wednesday meeting or drop them off at Reliance Bank.  Thank you everyone for another successful year selling roses to raise money for our youth programs and scholarships.
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Your Eye

Image result for Your eye expands up to 45% when looking at something pleasing.The pupil your eye expands up to 45% when looking at something pleasing.
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Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds | Rotary Club of Faribault
Storm clouds hold about 6 trillion raindrops.
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Warm our Community 2020 Recap

Posted by Keith Kramer

Service to our Community

Warm Our community was a great success this year as we were able to collaborate with Faribault Youth Investment who gave away over 100 boxes of food.   Rice County public health gave away information and provided flu shots.  Over 20 volunteers from River Valley Church helped to provide a cheerful event.  The Faribo West Mall graciously provided free space/tables and the Diversity Coalition gave $1,000 worth of gloves/mittens along with the many people and local organizations that gave generous cash donations to purchase outerwear. A group of us arrived at the mall at 7:00 am Saturday morning and in the next few hours over 100 families came through the event. The need was great and similar to past years as we ran out of children’s coats/snow pants before being able to serve everyone.
Lastly, I am humbled by the great people that we have in Rotary. A LOT of work went into this event by Rotarians and other like minded volunteers.  I could not be more proud of our team for their attitude of service above self and their willingness to step up and lead.
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Club History 1969-70

Posted by Murray H Hanson
The club was invited to the 5th anniversary of the American Legion.
A work detail was organized for spring clean-up and to stain the building at the Youth Camp on May 3rd.
On June 11th, the last meeting was held at the Faribault Hotel because they no longer had food service.
Ex- Minnesota Governor Karl Rolvaag and Ambassador to Iceland presented a program on Iceland.
On October 1st, the decision was made to make the Evergreen Knoll the regular meeting place.
The program on October 15th was watching game 4 of the 1969 World Series between the Baltimore Orioles (who beat the Twins) and the amazing New York Mets on a color TV furnished by Rod Mahler.
The 30th annual Christmas concert was presented by the Faribault High School Choir.
Our club’s 49th president in 1968-69 was Rev. Lawrence K. Gallman.
A quote from Rev. Gallman that year was, “I’m inclined to believe that occasionally when the Lord looks us over, he is sorry he took that Sunday off.”
There was a program on Faribault’s newest industry, The Faribault Cable Television Company. The advantages in local reception and broadcasting versus conventional TV was explained.
There was a program on the importance of expanding the Faribault airport by extending and adding runways to make possible continued industrial growth and prosperity.
The annual club picnic was held at Gus Hoffman’s home on Cannon Lake.
Rod and Jean Mahler were hosts to Rotary exchange student Juan Jose Vazgues Avila from Lapaz, Bolivia.
Our 49th president Rev. Lawrence Gallman received the WCCO Good Neighbor Award.
There was a planning meeting to discuss the future of the Rotary Youth Camp including repairing the springtime washouts around the lodge.
The club’s 50th Anniversary banquet was held at the Eagle’s Club on May 8th. Al Burkhartzmeyer was banquet chairman and Dan Moline was emcee.
Our club’s 50th president for our Golden Anniversary year was Dr. Burton Orr.
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Last Week's Meeting 10/28/2020

Posted by Laura Bock

Dave Beranek

On Wednesday October 28th Rotary club of Faribault held its annual meeting for Rotary Youth Services Inc. A separate entity from the club that holds a 501C3 nonprofit status. Faribault Rotarians are automatically a member of Rotary Youth Services as well as the general club. A $50.00 due is required annually and the billing will be sent next week.   The youth services fiscal year ends August 31 each year. 
The meeting was called to order by Jake Cook a motion was made and seconded. Jake covered the updates at the camp including the septic system, driveway project, roof, new dock and gaga ball pit. The kitchen has been remodeled and the bathrooms are next on the agenda. Jake Cook, Keith Kramer, and Eric Craig are all up for board re-election (3-year term) and they accepted the nominations and were unanimously voted in again by the club. 
Dave Beranek took over the meeting at that point to discuss the finances of youth services. There are basically two accounts, one is the camp account, and it is holding funds to finish the driveway next year, and do the bathroom remodel yet this year. This is where rental fees for the camp are deposited. The second account holds the clubs fundraising from the cash raffle and the rose sale and the Rotary concert ticket sales held every fall (postponed in 2020 due to Covid-19). This fund is used for the STRIVE, Music and Arts scholarships and to cover the banquette for the students and families in the spring. The Bahl funds are held in a third account, and the continuation of those funds are uncertain. 
A motion was made to accept the financial report and the meeting was adjourned.
Any Rotarians who have not visited Faribault Rotary Camp out on West Cedar Lake should make the short trip out and see the camp, it is 18-acres of beautiful land with lake shore, and trails. A large deck, fire pit, new gaga ball pit for entertaining children, a fully remodeled kitchen with full size fridge, stove and oven and a microwave. It does have running water in season with a water heater and two bathrooms. Reunions, Weddings, other gatherings can be held there. Boy scouts and Girl Scouts clubs along with youth groups use it on a regular basis when they were able to gather in groups. If you have interest in renting the camp between May and September annually, see Jake Cook, or one of the Rotary Youth Service board members.  
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Member Profile- Gail Kaderlik

Welcome Gail!

Gail gave her classification talk recently.  I asked her seven follow up questions to help summarize her presentation for those of us who were present and for our club members who missed the meeting. If you have not had a chance to welcome her to our club, please do so.
  1. Your Family members, occupations (including you) or school level?” 
Husband Bruce Kaderlik-Dairy Manager, Fareway Foods
Gail Kaderlik -Executive Director SCC Faribault Campus Foundation
Daughter Katie Prinsen-Sr. Analyst for Optum
Son-Josh Kaderlik- Head Brewer at Montgomery Brewing
       Son in law-Trevor Prinsen-Business Analyst at Carlson Wagonlit Travel
  1. Your Hometown/School/College
Kenyon/ Kenyon High school/ Augsburg College
3.Your Previous occupations?
Radio Sales-Power 96
Optical Manager
Clinic Administrator
Eyewear Sales Rep/consultant
  1. Any Hobbies?
Theater, Traveling, and Reading
  1. Rotary sponsor?
Dick Huston
  1. Interesting fact about you or your life?
I sing and do great voice imitations.
  1. Anything else you can think of?        
I won the Rotary Car Raffle in September 2012
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Image result for a shrimp's heart is in it's head
A shrimp's heart is in it's head.
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Pound for pound, Spider Silk is... | Trivia Answers | QuizzClub
A spider's silk is stronger than steel.
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Club History 1966-66-67-68

Posted by Murray H Hanson
The club held the first concert of the Senior High music groups for benefit of Faribault Youth Services Inc. (This October will be the 54th year.)
A moose dinner was furnished by the Purdies.
“New Eyes for the Needy” program was sponsored by the club.
The Faribault Senior High School basketball team, state runner-up champions were entertained by the club.
The club sponsored a picnic for foreign students from Carlton and St. Olaf.
Our club’s 45th President in 1964-65 was Layton Hoysler who was also District Governor in 1974.
A thousand trees were planted at the youth camp.
New song books were purchased.
Faribault Club becomes a 400% club for the Rotary Foundation.
Our 46th president in 1965-66 was Arthur C. Johannsen.
More trees were planted at the Youth Camp.
The price of lunch increased to $1.50.
A program was given by Ralph Plaistad on his recent attempt to reach the North Pole by snowmobile.
Our club’s 47th president in 1966-67 was Dr. Heinz H. Bruhl.
Dr. Bob Reed our 18th president in 1937-38 gave a program on his trip with the S.S. Hope hospital ship and the countries he visited. He was introduced by Rod Mahler.
The mortgage for the Youth Camp was burned.
The club visited the Area Vocational School.
The club made a trip to the Old Log Theatre.
Our Club’s 48th president in 1967-68 was Francis J. Lockwood who was George Wickstrom’s sponsor in 1974.
Quote from the Faribotarian March 20, 1968”
“Rotary membership is like a savings account.  By putting into it regularly, each week a little more than you take out, you not only keep your principle intact, but earn interest in fellowship and in the opportunity to be a vital part of one of our community’s vital organizations.”
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Paul Harris Award- Dunn

Congratulations Troy!

Troy Dunn recently received his Paul Harris plus three.  Each time a Rotarian contributes $1000 to the International Rotary Foundation or to Polio Plus they are recognized as a Paul Harris fellow.  The Foundation works to enhance the lives of people around the world.