Rotary Club of Faribault

Posted by David Connelly


Our old friend Stephen Pribyl with Charles Mandile came to share the direction and purpose of HealthFinders Collaborative. HealthFinders has been filling the gap in healthcare since 2002, Ensuring health care access for everyone in our community.

Charles expressed health is much more than health care. The appointments and doctor visits we make are only a sliver of what makes up one's health. HealthFinders mission is to provide equal health care to all. Advocate for equality in health care system. 

HealthFinders supports Rice county with locations in Northfield and Faribault. Their services range from medical check-ups, health education to assistance with medical insurance applications with MNsure, etc.  30% of their services are made outside the offices, providing screening on-sight at local elementary schools and other locations. 

Key partners Allina, Mayo, Sterling, Delta Dental to name a few, HealthPartners is looking to advance their reach of service to our community. HealthFinders holds a monthly summit, bringing many of these competitors together to talk about how they can work together, better community health and bring down the cost of health care. 

Two thirds of the services are from the Faribault area. There seems to be a growing need in the community for the services. HealthFinders, with the support of their partners are embarking on the construction of a new health center in Faribault.

HealthFinders looks to continue their community improvement of health in many ways for many years to come. Their benefit to the community in worth, cannot be measured by their complete effect upon the community. Although HealthFinders did run a study which figured for every dollar spent, the return is $16.50 to the health care system’s cost. To contribute to their cause, connect at