Rotary Club of Faribault

Gary Amaroso

     Our speaker and visitor last week were Gary Amoroso who is the Executive Director for Minnesota School Superintendents. He was invited to come speak by our very own Todd Sesker. Gary is in his 43rd year of being a part of the education system. He started as a social studies teacher in Wisconsin and followed the path to administration after being tapped on the shoulder as a candidate to the positions. Gary was the school superintendent for Lakeville Schools for 10 years before starting as the Executive Director in 2011. He truly believes that all jobs and positions are not possible without the education from all our teachers, in school and at home.
      Minnesota School Superintendents are focused on giving resources and support to their members throughout Minnesota. The superintendent position can be a lonely spot because their peers are spread out through the state. This group provides the tools to the superintendents that they need to be successful and a support team that is behind them all the way. There are 600 plus active members and they are working with the most important part of our society, the children.
     Another big part of the Minnesota School Superintendents is the work that they do with the state legislature to help represent our school systems and help get important bills passed including the snow days bill. Gary stated that they do not want something to go into congress and yet have nothing get done, so there is a good part of their focus that works with the legislature on the school bills.
     Gary will be retiring in 2020 and is looking forward to the change but is still passionate on how education can change the country.