Rotary Club of Faribault

Posted by Kurt Halverson


     I am delighted to share with all of you that our Strive Banquet was an overall success!  We did have a few hiccups, but when you consider what a large event this is, that is to be expected.  We planned for about 50 people in attendance and I think we met that total.  Due to the banquet falling on the last day of spring break (which I take full responsibility for; I failed to look at the school calendar when rescheduling),  we were a little light on student turn-out.  The Inn at Shattuck provided us with an amazing venue, delicious food (with exquisite dessert trays) and incredibly helpful staff. 
     Thank you to Troy Dunn for taking attendance.  Pastor Greg and his wife Diane made excellent hosts; in addition Greg led us in prayer and song. Thank you.  Carmen was amazing in taking care of a lot of the behind the scenes preparation, including sending out invites, tallying RSVPs, and taking care of the programs.  I really appreciate that Carmen! Keith Kluzak did a wonderful job, as always, with taking care of the scholarship portion of the program.  I know you put a lot of time into that, Keith, and I am so grateful!  Finally, President Keith Kramer did an outstanding job in providing our guests with an overview of Rotary and leading us in the customs that we follow at the beginning of every meeting.
     Thank you all for your support of Strive in whatever role you play. This program would not be successful if it were not for you!
Kurt Halverson