Posted by Murray H Hanson
There was an intercity meeting with 100 Rotarians attending from New Prague, Northfield, Owatonna and Faribault.
The club donated 175 books to the Faribault Public Library.
The club’s book project was recognized in the Rotarian Magazine.
Our club’s 26th president in 1945-46 was A. B. Morris.
There a was a program on the history of the Rice County Historical Society and plans for the restoration of the Faribault House, recently purchased by the society with a gift from Guerdon Allen.
There were programs featuring demonstrations by students of the Braille School and Deaf School.
Howard M. Quigley District Governor 1944-45 from Olathe Kansas, moves to Faribault and joins the club and was a member until 1966. (So, Rod knew him!)
Our club’s 27th president in 1946-47 was John C. Lysen who was also District Governor in 1954-55.
He was a member from 1934-65 so Rod knew him as well.
Club members were guests of the Minnesota Braille and Sight Saving School for a meeting.
There was a club picnic at the Deaf School.
There was a debate on the Taft- Hartley Labor law.
A program was presented on the work of the Salvation Army.
A program was dedicated to the “Early days of Faribault.”
Our 28th club president in 1947-48 was Stuart V. Willson.
There was a picnic at Schroeder cottage on Cannon Lake with 70 Rotarians, spouses and children attending.
“Socialized medicine in Great Britain” was the subject of one meeting.
Our club’s 29th president in 1948-49 was Edgar C. “Dick” Lehman.
Dick was Roger Koopmans father-in-law.