Rotary Club of Faribault

Posted by David Connelly

David Swan

     David Swan talk to us on the ‘The Gold in Your Soul’ regarding the hidden aspects to youth sports. Mr. Swan played youth sports and went on to play basketball in college while receiving a masters degree in statistics. He spent 6 years coaching basketball in Norway. Mr. Swan asked us to identify some of the reasons to play youth sports. Ideals like: sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and self-confidence. Mr. Swan uncovered the darker side of youth sports and what seems to matter more to programs than the ideals that we listed as a group.
     Mr. Swan expressed that many programs focus much of their time on their best talents, leaving the majority to be left less developed, ultimately leaving the pool of youth talent shallower than other counties. Mr. Swan applied research which express more of a handicap for at least ½ of our youth. Sighting that 32% of all NCAA top 500 tier athletes are born within the first two months of educational year. With only 6% coming from the last two months. With these athletes being identified at the ages of 8,9 or 10, the difference of one year is a very large scope.
     While the youth athletic systems in this country are looking for the best talent for their profits, Mr. Swann states we are leaving behind many kids who then lose interest in sports. Mr. Swan expressed a key attribute which sports can teach our youth. What is takes to be a winner, the drive to succeed. This trait is 100% transferable in to the real world of business and successful careers. You can find out more information on this interest subject at Champions Circle website.