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Home Page Stories
R. Gordon R. McInally

R. Gordon R. McInally

President 2023-24

June 2024

It’s customary for a Rotary president in the final month in office to recap the past year on this page, and I am proud of all we have achieved together. But I want to focus on our future, and that begins with polio.

We have reached an astonishing 3 billion children with the polio vaccine, and we have averted an estimated 20 million cases of paralysis. But it’s not enough. We must continue supporting the End Polio Now campaign to reach zero cases and keep our promise to the world’s children.

Polio is not our only global commitment. In fact, Rotary has been working toward global peace even longer. Spreading Positive Peace through service projects and Rotary Peace Centers around the world is more important than ever.

We must also continue to build peace from within, and that begins with supporting mental health and wellness among our fellow Rotary members and the communities we serve. Rotary has an opportunity to help build a global mental health system that currently does not exist, and I urge all members to consider joining the Rotary Action Group on Mental Health Initiatives to keep up the momentum we began this year.

It’s been the honor of a lifetime to serve as your president. You have given Heather and me memories we will cherish forever. I look forward to our continued friendship and our collective commitment to Create Hope in the World.

Jeff Molby

This week our guest speaker was Jeff Molby from Chemo Riders! 
Jeff joined us this week after biking 6,027 miles across the United States for the American Cancer Society. Jeff's hope is to encourage Rotary members to volunteer to volunteer with Chemo Riders and give cancer patients rides to their appointments. "Everyone deserves to have the proper treatment for cancer," says Jeff. His father was diagnosed with Colon cancer and was able to catch it early on. His brother also had colon cancer and has a clear bill of health after the proper treatment. "Don't procrastinate," says Jeff with a smile, "Get your butt checked! Along with giving rides to patients, there is a need to match new cancer patients or even family members to those who have gone through similar situations. These matches are informal connections, simply to help connect people to like situations. 
The journey across the USA began with a 'Walmart bike'. He also called it 'a bike shaped object' and even 'a bold choice'. Needless to say, it wasn't a bike destined to take him through his whole journey and eventually it met its final days and died just outside of Orlando. On October 10th he left home to get south. He spoke at Rotary clubs in Orlando and then moved towards Tampa in January. As March approached, he headed to Kay West, followed by Jacksonville, and Little Rock in April. From Faribault he is heading to Northfield. 
If you would like to follow Jeff on his journey, he can be found on multiple social media platforms and on chemoriders.org

Hometown Heroes

Dr. Murray Hanson presented Rod Mahler (US Army 1955-1957) and Marv Schrader (US Airforce 1960-1969) with banners from The Faribault Chamber of Commerce Hometown Heroes. 
-Nathaniel Cunningham says Mighty Fine Coffee is hopeful about getting the new drive through location up and running
-Sommer Cunningham encourages everyone to come to Stone Orchard to take plants home to plant! There are lots of veggies ready to go in the ground!
-Kurt Halverson reminded us how important humor is for the soul by blessing us all with a dad joke.... Why did the bicycle fall over?  It was 'two tired"
-Paster Mark Kenney gave a thank you and a shout out to Dusty and the Faribault Fire Department for lending a firehose to the church so the youth camp can drench the ground for a mud game. 
-As we approach the Rotary Sky Dive on July 14th, we might move forward with the decision to jump as a team knowing our dear clergymen and former clergyman Greg Ciesluk (State Farm Insurance) are willing to take any final confessions before we take the leap. It is a lovely thing, the way we Rotarians help each other out. 
-Greg also wanted to share with the group the celebration of his 40th class reunion and his 2-year wedding anniversary with his bride Rebekah Ciesluk!
-Pastor Scott has donated 16 gallons of blood! Imagine the people who have been helped through hard medical times because he was willing to give! If you would like to donate blood or help with an upcoming blood drive, please talk with Ellie Holmquist or Pastor Mark Kenney.
-George Wickstrom would like the club to know he does not have any plans to join the sky diving group this year. However, he did share a cool story about a time he was able to go hot air ballooning! It was an amazing experience! If you ever get the chance, go for a hot air balloon ride!
-There is a need for volunteers to do Fellowship in July. If this is something you are interested in, please talk to Kay Hoaglin for more details. 
The honorable Kurt Halvorson proposes Becky Ford, Community Resource Manager, for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  If you have any questions please contact Keith Kramer.
Volunteer Opportunities
  • Meals on Wheels
    • Looking for volunteers June 3-5
  • Blood Drive results
    • 5 gallons of blood were collected over Memorial Day weekend
  • Safe Summer Kick Off
    • Looking for Rotarians to hand out freezes and bracelets
  • Party at the Rotary camp
    • Adults-only party at the camp on August 22nd with a band, food, and drinks
  • Blue collar BBQ Fest August 2 and 3rd
  • “Jump” for rotary on Sunday, July 14th
    • Contact Dr. Huston if you're interested in skydiving ( or if you would like to push him out of the plane)
  • Heritage Day parade June 15th
    • Looking for Rotarians to walk in the parade
No rotary meeting on July 3rd
Rotary Camp update
  • 20k in updates to the camp were approved including chimney updates, fencing and structural foam
Several guests were welcomed to the club
  • Casi Steeves for the Faribault Chamber of Commerce, Professor Joseph Bell from Saint Olaf, Mankato and Northfield Rotarians, and our good friend Shafi from Afro Deli
Fellowship was led by George Wickstrom
  • George generously offered to double the money raised so we could buy a new Rotary banner

Joseph Bell

The presenter was Joseph Bell from Saint Olaf College
  • Joseph was invited to the meeting by Mary Ellen Bondhus after meeting her at the Faribault International Festival
  • Joseph has also presented at the MN Correctional facility in Faribault
  • Joseph has been teaching for 32 years, beginning in Tanzania
    • Joseph immigrated to Madison; this is where he learned to be an American
  • Joseph thinks everyone should have the opportunity to travel to another country and learn about a different culture
  • African people often don’t make eye contact
    • This creates an uneasy circumstance with Americans
  • Another common issue with Africans can be arriving prompt to appointments
    • It's not uncommon, for Africans to be late for appointments
    • This can also create an uneasy circumstance with Americans
At the end of Joseph Bell’s talk, Shafi shared a story he experienced this morning in downtown Faribault.  He was approached by a senior citizen who was curious about what he was doing walking downtown, early in the morning.  After sparking a conversation with Shafi, the senior citizen thanked him for speaking with her.     

April 2024

  • The heater FRYS charitable gambling was on with records shattered every month came to a halt in April à e-tab sales retreated to $124K from last month’s blistering $160K; however, the gross profit margin was more impactful at 17.7% compared to last month's 12.4%
    • Consequently, gross profits, aka hard dollars to FRYS, increased to $22K in April 2024 from $20K one month prior.
  • The pullback in paper tab sales was even more pronounced, falling to $58K in April from last month’s record of $110K
    • The gross profit margin also retreated to 19.4% from 20.4%, respectively, lowering gross profits to $11K in April, the lowest total since December 2023.
  • Bingo @ Boxers continues to pull sizable crowds as revenue reached its second highest figure of $19K (record = $20K February 2024)
    • The gross profit margin was a respectable 20.4%, indicating that the jackpot was likely not hit over the month of April and has likely been awarded by this time.
  • For those that remember last month’s membership blast, the warning shot was given that earnings in April are going to be depressed, and depressed they were at $2K as FRYS paid an impressive $15K in taxes to St. Paul, which is a new record for the organization
    • One could look at that $15K and be saddened by the outflows but the glass half-full approach would be to look at the $15K in taxes thankfully – thankful that FRYS had the opportunity to pay such income because of the organization’s prosperity!
    • There have been a lot of updates at the Rotary Camp that FRYS is very excited to share with you all. Let’s begin:
  • The building’s structure/foundation has been re-enforced with a spray foam, stabilizing the facility after rodents removed massive amounts of dirt from under the building
  • To prevent those pesky rodents from endangering the foundation once more, the FRYS board decided to invest in a protective fence that will keep the rodents at bay
  • The last of the safety investments stems from the fireplace and chimney à Both the chimney and fireplace need work on the brick, mortar, grout, innards, whatever you want to call it, to make for a safe fireside chat experience for those youngsters out at the Camp over the coming years (not to mention the Rotary adults only bash this August where smooth jazz from Mr. Kaufmann & Co. will permeate the soundscape alongside a beautiful fire!)
    • In aggregate, the capital investment at the Camp will be close to $20K this spring
      • Rotarians have put countless hours into recruiting new individuals, organizations and entities to the Camp so the FRYS board believed it was prudent to undertake such investment, ensuring a safe and welcoming experience for Campers
The following charitable contributions were approved
  • To: Faribault Rotary Youth Services à Proceeds to pay Caron Fence for the fencing out at the Rotary Camp to keep the rodents at bay
    • Bid for project was $7,727 à Membership approved up $8,500 for the bid
  • To: Faribault Rotary Youth Services $6,000 à Proceeds to pay for chimney and fireplace repairs/maintenance
    • Bid #1 – Safe Home, LLC: $2,819
      • Repair chimney and install new chimney cap
    • Bid #2 – Fountain Masonry: $2,650
      • Demo/remove old fire brick, salvage stone and cracked hearth à Restore/replace areas demolished
  • To: Faribault Rotary Youth Services $1,000 à Proceeds to pay for youth bracelets, cotton candy & gum for Heritage Days Celebration \
    • Wristband Bros Invoices: $798
      • 3000 wristbands your Faribault Youth
    • Flavor Ice & Double Bubble: $115.71
      • Candy & ice freezies
  • To: Dr. Dick Huston $49.54 à Reimbursement for purchase of children’s gardening books that Dr. Huston has been handing out to youth after Rotary Readers sessions
    • Total Charitable Contributions Approved: $15,549.54
      • On a motion by Greg Ciesluk & seconded by Kymn Anderson, FRYS membership approved the charitable contributions
The following operational expenses were approved for June
  • GG Made Easy = $250
  • Inventory = $5,000
  • CG Team Compensation = $3,000
  • MPeters = $12,000
  • City of Faribault = $1,500
  • Boxers = $10,000
  • Misc. (coolers, pursues, Bingo team comp) = $2,500
    • Total expenses = $34,250
      • On a first by George Wickstrom & second by Rod Mahler, FRYS Membership approved charitable expenses for the month of June
A rowdy bunch of Rotarians were pulled through the Memorial Day parade by tieless Dick Huston driving the Rotary Kubota. They had a great time handing out Rotary wrist bands under the supervision of Steve Bock.

Thank You!

Our Saviors Lutheran Church Pastor Drew Yakel (left) and Dick Huston hold Huston’s matching contribution to the church’s last monthly charitable coin collection. Children and others place coins in a jar to donate to a different nonprofit each month. In April they chose to support Rotary International’s goal of eliminating polio in the world. Huston, who is a member of the church and the local Rotary club, offered to match all donations up to $1,000. The church raised $1000 so $2000 will help vaccinate children in underdeveloped countries. 

The Griddy Dance

  • Opening: President Laura Bock: Pledge of Allegiance, Four-Way Test, Patriotic Song “Star Spangled Banner”
  • Virtue Reading: Independence, read by Ryan Holmquist
  • Invocation: Ellie Holmquist
  • Club Announcements
    • Friday May 24th Rotary Hosted Red Cross Blood Drive - River Valley Church – plenty of spots to donate still available
    • Monday May 27th Memorial Day Parade 8:30 line up near the intersection of Central Ave and 1st St. NW.
    • June 3-7 Meals on Wheels!
    • Thursday June 6th - Safe Summer Kickoff - North Alexander Park – 5pm
    • Volunteer Opportunities for Heritage Days Celebration June 13-15
    • Saturday June 15th Heritage Days Parade 5:30 line up at the Rice County Fairgrounds
    • Friday August 2nd and Saturday Aug 3rd Parking for Blue Collar
    • 7/14 Jumping for Rotary – skydiving event – see Dick Huston if interested
    • 8/22 Concert at Rotary Camp – Chris Kaufman and his band will perform for Rotary members and adult guests
    • Saturday September 7th Northfield Rotary Bike Tour - First Aid Station
  • Rotary Cash Raffle – each Rotary member is asked to sell at least 15 raffle tickets.  There are more available so please sell more if you are able.  This fundraiser supports the STRIVE program, music programs, and other youth programs annually.  Questions?  See Ellie, Ryan, or Ibrahim.  Due back by June 19th.
  • Help Wanted: New Member Mentors (see Kurt Halverson), Sgt at Arms (see Kay Hoaglin)- still in need of help, 2024-2025 “Grants” Chair needed (see David Connelly)
  • Our Savior’s Church – Guest today Pastor Drew spoke to members along with Dr. Huston.  Our Savior’s does a monthly support offering – this month they raised $1,000 to support Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio.  Dick Huston offered to match their offering!  Thank you, Our Savior’s, and thank you, Dr. Huston!
  • Fellowship: led by George Wickstrom
    • George welcomed all of our guests in attendance today.
    • Laura mentioned a successful Highway cleanup that was done the previous weekend and thanked all that helped!
    • Greg Ciesluk welcomed all of the guests today and later thanked Faribault PD Explorers for the great job they did at the Car Cruise
    • Mahad Mohamed thanked everyone for being so welcoming of he and his wife Hala Alharthi to Rotary.  He also mentioned their son’s 1st birthday is coming up!
    • Brandon Gliem described a grant that the Faribault PD has that will help hire 2 Officers in the future.
    • Ibrahim Khalif welcomed all guests attending today.
    • Kurt Halverson was excited to see our guest, Abdul.  He and Abdul did a demonstration of The Griddy!  Adbul previously taught Kurt how to do the Griddy so they did it together today for all of Rotary!  Murray may have had his camera out during the demonstration!
    • Brenda DeMars informed everyone that this Friday’s blood drive will be when she reaches 5 gallons of total donated blood.  She encouraged all to donate if they are able.  Thank you, Brenda!
    • Murray reminded everyone about the blood drive and welcomed our guests, including Dan Hedge.
    • Guest Dan Hedge thanked everyone for being welcoming and expressed he was happy to be there.  He also wanted to say Go Timberwolves!
    • George encouraged everyone to listen and look at virtues with purpose.  He thinks of a person(s) that demonstrate great examples for the virtues when he reads/hears them.

Dave Campbell

  • Dave Campbell: Books on Central Manager, Elizabeth Child: Executive Director
    • Books on Central – 227 Central Avenue in Faribault – longtime Dandelet Jewelry
    • https://www.ricecountyunitedway.org/books-central
    • This was part of the United Way efforts to have a local bookstore in Faribault.
    • The location is previous Dandelet Jewelry building which is a very historic place in Faribault dating back to the 1800’s. 
    • The first window display as Books on Central was in November 2022 with a Grand Opening of October 2023.
    • Their first 6 months’ rent was donated to help them get started.
    • They have gathered books from various donors such as Lonsdale Library, Book House in Dinkytown, and the Northfield Hospital.  Also many personal donations.
    • Every book that comes in is inspected and priced.
    • The inside of the building has received an epic renovation where they added a bathroom, improved floors, and moved the old large safes out of the building.
    • They also put a lot of work into shelving and re-purposing bookshelves.
    • There has been a lot of youth and community involvement in making Books On Central a success so far.  There has been a BA service day and Ruth’s House has helped.  Ibrahim Khalif also helped out a lot!
    • They are open Wednesday through Friday 1a-5p and Saturday’s 10a-4p. 
    • They welcome all ages and have a warm and inviting environment.
    • They also have events there and are more than just selling books.  They have had Authors, Historians, and Book clubs there.  All events have been free. 
    • They have also done free book coupons for Faribault students to help with incentive-based rewards for students.
    • For more information you can visit their website or find them on Facebook.
    • Future needs include newer novels and children’s books.  Volunteer help is appreciated and please spread the word about their store!
    • Rotarians had several questions for Dave and Elizabeth at the end of the presentation.

Thank You Volunteers!

A week ago Saturday morning a 2 mile stretch of County Road 38 on the north side of Cedar Lake which included the Rotary Camp turn off was cleaned by this group of Rotarians, family members and friends.
Cliff Pickover on X: "Fascinating. Along one possible path, North Korea and  Finland are separated by only ONE country. https://t.co/Gi5SmEGmW4" / X
North Korea and Finland are technically separated by only one country.

Jodi Ellingson

  • : “Haiti Empowered" - Jodi Ellingson (Apple Valley Rotarian)
    • Haiti has two times the population of Minnesota in 1/10th the size of our state.
    • Haiti is a beautiful country with mountains
    • When the media shows "Haiti" they are usually showing/talking about Port Au Prince, not the rest of the more rural areas.
    • Haiti means "mountains"
    • Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with 80% unemployment. This is a country that is hurting and distressed.
    • Haiti Empowered keeps kids safe in schools and off the streets where they are vulnerable. They have an on-site school, dental, and medical clinic.
    • The next project is getting lab equipment on site in the village where the school/dental/medical clinics are located. This will keep their staff safe and provide even more access to appropriate health care.
    • Rotary of Apple Valley/Eagan and others have helped Haiti Empowered. They donated a generator in 2020, Solar Panels, Water Filtration System and more.

Welcome Jan!

Jan gave her classification talk recently.  I asked her seven follow up questions to help summarize her presentation for those of us who were present and for our club members who missed the meeting. If you have not had a chance to welcome her to our club, please do so.
  1. Your Family members, occupations (including you) or school level?” 
Jan Kjergaard- Masters of Education
Husband- Jerry, deceased December 20, 2023- Dr. of Education
Son- Steven, Waterloo IA, Airport Director
Daughter-Sarah, Faribault, Apartments Compliance Manager
  1. Your Hometown/School/College
Garretson, SD- elementary, high school
University of SD- Vermillion SD
  1. Your Previous occupations?
Teacher- Special Education Teacher-Elementary to Adult Education
  1. Any Hobbies?
Sewing, reading, planting flowers, collecting gnomes and shit on a stick, driving grandkids around
  1. Rotary sponsor?
Laura Bock
  1. Interesting fact about you or your life?
Expert packer and mover (many moves over the years)
I like to plan and host events
I enjoy being with people
  1. Anything else you can think of?        
I like to collect fabric with the hopes of one day using it all.My kids say I have enough to open my own store.

Welcome back Sue!

  • Opening: President Laura Bock: Pledge of Allegiance, Four-Way Test, Patriotic Song
  • Virtue Reading: Faith, read by Ibrahim
  • Invocation: Scott Olson
  • Club Announcements:
    • Red Cross Blood drive at River Valley Church, May 24
    • Memorial Day Parade, May 27th. Meet at 8:30am if you'd like to participate
    • June 3-7 Meals on Wheels week
    • June 6, Safe Summer Kickoff at North Alexander Park
    • June 15th, Heritage Days parade at 5:30pm
    • Aug 2, Aug 3 - opportunities to volunteer with parking for Blue Collar Music Festival
    • September 7 - Northfield Rotary Bike Tour, opportunity to help at water/first aid stations
    • Rotary Cash Raffle - please sell tickets! Drawing will be June 26th.
    • A thank you letter from Cambodia was read at the club meeting.
  • Rotarian Reclassification:
    • Sommer Cunningham
    • -She turned 40 on the 15th! Her kids are age 17, 14, 12, 8 and 5. She's been married to Rotarian Nate Cunningham for nearly 20 years. Recently they went to Lutsen. Mighty Fine Coffee has been expanding; they purchased a property to put in a drive through and collaboration with a bakery, as well as other potential expansion opportunities
  • Sue Garwood is visiting from New Zealand for around a month, to catch up with family and friends in the area.  She attended our meeting last week!
  • Fellowship: led by George Wickstrom
    • Discussion at tables to reflect on what kind of take home do you get from the Pledge, Four Way Test, and the Virtue?

Welcome Deb!

Deb gave her classification talk recently.  I asked her seven follow up questions to help summarize her presentation for those of us who were present and for our club members who missed the meeting. If you have not had a chance to welcome her to our club, please do so.
  1. Your Family members, occupations (including you) or school level?” 
My Husband Scott Theisen-Freight Operations Supervisor at XPO Logistics. My Daughter Taylor Theisen-Field Engineer- Hensel Phelps.
Deb Theisen- Sales & Marketing Executive at ServiceMaster by Ayotte.
  1. Your Hometown/School/College
Wanamingo/ Kenyon-Wanamingo High School/ RCTC and Globe College
  1. Your Previous occupations? Chiropractic Technician, Server, Cosmetologist, Data Services, Car Sales, Owatonna People’s Press Advertising Account Executive, KOWZ & KRUE Radio Advertising Account Executive, and Big Brothers Big Sisters -Development Director.
  1. Any Hobbies? Gardening, Nature Hikes, Kayaking, and Boating.
  1. Rotary sponsor? Zak Branham
  1. Interesting fact about you or your life? I love adventure, traveling, nature, and boating. I am very close with my daughter even though she currently works and lives in Hawaii. Taylor and I have a couple trips planned in the next few months together! One with family, and then Lake Louise, Canada is coming up!
  1. Anything else you can think of?        
It’s my favorite time of the year, Scott and I should be launching the boat at the river in about a week! Can’t wait!
Teresa DeMars and Dick Huston presented a POCKET OF PRAIRIE to the Surad Academy and the Academy of the Blind this week.  It was a treat and wonderful experience at both schools.  Great cooperation of the administrations and teachers.  Each student learned about the pollinators and the importance of the prairie and were given a prairie plant to take home to plant in a pot on their front step or in a garden.  A big thanks to Rice County Soil & Water, Tri Lakes Sportsman Club and Faribault Rotary.  First photo is from Surad Academy and the second is from the Blind School.

Welcome Mahad!

The Faribault Rotary Club has inducted Mahad Mohamed as new member.  He is the co-owner of Little Scholars Academy.
Pictured is Mahad with his sponsor Dick Huston (left) and Faribault Rotary membership team lead Keith Kramer.

Welcome Hala!

The Faribault Rotary Club has inducted Hala Alharthi as new member.  She is the co-owner of Little Scholars Academy. Pictured is Hala with her sponsor Dick Huston (left) and Faribault Rotary membership team lead Keith Kramer.

Jan Kjergaard

  • Classification Speech:  Jan Kjergaard, also in attendance today were guests, Jan’s Daughter Sarah Rojas and Sarah’s husband Jose Rojas.
    • Jan presented today in front of a room full of Rotarians.  Jan grew up in Garretson South Dakota with her family.  The small town of 1,000 or so is located in a beautiful area of SD.  Garretson is known for the Jesse James cave!  Jan grew up with her parents and 3 siblings.  Her brother passed away at a younger age and she also has two sisters.  Education was always important in her family.  Jan attended USD and obtained her Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degrees in Education. 
    • She talked about meeting her future husband Jerry, with whom she married in 1977.  The two of them were married for 46 years.  They lived in 12 different communities and had 15 different homes.  They both worked in education and enjoyed working in different cities in South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota.  Jan taught a variety of levels in education, including Special Ed for grades K-12.  She and her husband Jerry have two children, Sarah and Steven.  She is very proud of her grandchildren and bonus grandchildren.
    •  She is very involved with them and their activities.  Jan spoke of the passing of her husband Jerry late last year and showed photos of the last vacation they took together in November 2023.  Jan then spoke of what is next for her which includes being a Grandma Taxi, Grandma Tutor, volunteering her time, and spending more time with her children Sarah and Steven.  She has also enjoyed being a part of the Rotary Readers recently.
Jan gave a heartfelt presentation and we are happy to have her as part of the Rotary Club of Faribault.  Thank you for sharing with us today, you did a fantastic job!
  Rotary International and the Faribault Rotary Club honored Marv Schrader at a Double Major level for donating an accumulative $25,000 to the International Rotary Foundation.  The Schrader's have generously supported two Faribault Rotary projects in Cambodia, The FATE Foundation, the Rotary Camp, First English Church and more.  There was also a slide showing Marv’s Faribault Hometown Hero banner as well as some news clippings from past Rotary scholarship events Marv helped with.  Thank you, Marv and Sara and Congratulations! 

Tom Gerbig 1943-2024

Rotary Meeting Notes:  05/08/2024
  • Opening: President Laura Bock: Pledge of Allegiance, Four-Way Test, Patriotic Song “America the Beautiful”
  • Virtue Reading: Honor, read by Paul LaRoche
  • Invocation: Ellie Holmquist
  • Laura Bock announced the passing of longtime Rotarian Tom Gerbig.  Tom passed away on May 3rd, 2024.  Tom was a Rotarian for 55 years and 4 months.
  • Club Announcements
    • Bring MOM to Brunch and Bingo at Boxers Sunday May 12th! Show her how much you love her and support Rotary at the same time!
    • Saturday May 18th - Adopt a Highway Cleanup 9 am
    • Friday May 24th Rotary Hosted Red Cross Blood Drive - River Valley Church
    • Monday May 27th Memorial Day Parade 8:30 line up near the intersection of Central Ave and 1st St. NW.
    • June 3-7 Meals on Wheels!
    • Thursday June 6th - Safe Summer Kickoff - North Alexander Park
    • Thursday June 15th Heritage Days Parade 5:30 line up at the Rice County Fairgrounds
    • Friday August 2nd and Saturday Aug 3rd Parking for Blue Collar
    • Saturday September 7th Northfield Rotary Bike Tour - First Aid Station
  • New Member Inductions:  Mahad Mohamed and Hala Alharthi were inducted to the Rotary Club by Keith Kramer and sponsor Dick Huston.  Congratulations and Welcome to the Rotary Club of Faribault!
  • District Awards:  Faribault Rotary received 3rd Place for the International Project work and also received a 2024 Membership Olympics Award.  David Connelly explained the meaning of both and talked about the positive increase in number of new Rotarian members!
  • Double Major Recognition: Marv and Sara Schrader were recognized and presented pins as well as an award for the outstanding contributions to Rotary over the years.  Dick spoke of their generosity and commitment to the Rotary Foundation.  They have contributed in many ways.  There was a slide showing Marv’s Faribault Hometown Hero banner as well as some news clippings from past Rotary scholarship events Marv helped with.  Thank you, Marv and Sara and Congratulations! 
  • Rotary Cash Raffle – each Rotary member is asked to sell at least 15 raffle tickets.  This fundraiser supports the STRIVE program, music programs, and other youth programs annually.  Questions?  See Ellie, Ryan, or Ibrahim.  Some Rotarians are already selling dozens and dozens of raffle tickets.  Who will sell the most?  The leaderboard is already being established by Grant with 122 sold.
  • Help Wanted: New Member Mentors (see Kurt Halverson), Sgt at Arms (see Kay Hoaglin)- still in need of help during July, 2024-2025 “Grants” Chair needed (see David Connelly), Webmaster Assistant (see Murray Hanson)
  • Re-Classification Speeches:  Happy Birthday to several Rotarians whom have birthdays this week!  Laura Bock, Peter van Sluis, Lisa LeBrun, and Theresa Vold all gave re classification speeches outlining updates on what’s new in their lives.  Great job to all of you.
  • Fellowship Part 2 led by Laura
    • George talked about upcoming discussions that will be had at Rotary Meetings regarding the 4-way Test, Virtues and Prayer.  George believes these are all opportunities to build character and said we are all our own CEO to build character. 
    • Guests of Jan were introduced and welcomed: her daughter Sarah Rojas and Sarah’s husband Jose Rojas.
    • Bob Speckhals-happy to be at today’s meeting and he applauded the medical professionals that provided care to him in previous weeks.
    • Mary Ellen Bondhus- appreciates our area LE and said she usually waves at them when she passes!
    • Marv- thanked Dick for the recognition and also thanked his wife Sara for everything. 
    • Scott Olson- had a recent medical call at church and applauded the first responders that came and the job they did.
    • Kurt Halvorson- thanked George for bringing up character conversation and encouraged inclusion of all Rotarians opinions and religious beliefs during future discussions.
    • Kathy Wickwire- had a LE contact recently and she applauded the Deputy whom was professional and courteous with her during the contact. 
    • Theresa- shared earlier in her re-classification about her recent contact with LE for expired tabs (that she said her husband didn’t renew!).  She reiterated during fellowship about how blessed we are for the LE we have working in this community.
    • Dick spoke of remembering good friend and fellow Rotarian Tom Gerbig who passed away.  He also welcomed new members Mahad and Hala to the club.  He was happy to see his dear friend Dr. Speckhals today.  He also spoke of the admiration for Juanita Picazo whom was instrumental in the Faribault Garden project.  He talked about how she continues to do great work in area communities.
    • Cate Grinney- happy to be at today’s meeting.  She congratulated Marv and Sara for their recognition today.  She also updated that she was recognized as one of Ameriprise Financials Top Advisors and will be going on a trip soon!  
    • Jake Kohl- provided some details of when Tom Gerbig’s Celebration of Life will be.  Jake knew Tom growing up as his neighbor.  Jake also congratulated Marv and Sara and wished Happy Birthday to all Rotarians celebrating this week.
    • Brandon Gliem- thanked all that mentioned kind words and feedback for local LE.
    • Kymn Anderson- commended Jan on a great job on her classification speech, congratulated Marv and Sara, and welcomed back Dr. Speckhals.

Deb Theisen

Deb Theisen gave her classification speech this week at Rotary.
'I grew up on a farm in Wanamingo, MN. I have three sisters: Tammy, Jeannie and Crystal. Tammy and Crystal still live a couple hours away and Jeannie has been out in Idaho for 25 years. My mom and dad still love on their farm. I try to help them as much as I can to keep them there. They have been battling some serious health issues. 
Our daughter Tayler was born 8-24-2000. She is our pride and joy. I married my husband Scott over 20 years ago here at the Shattuck Chapel across the street. Our daughter was our flower girl!
We started off living in Faribault, then Medford, then Owatonna for 10 years, but our daughter graduated from Medford Highschool. We moved back to Faribault after she graduated about 6 years ago and we live here now. Taylor is our only child and my favorite person on this planet. She was always in everything and taught me to get more involved. After she graduated high school, she went to college at Mankato State University.  Taylore graduated from Mankato State University with Construction Management and Project Management Degree. She was offered her first adult job as a field Engineer in Hawaii and has been there almost 2 years now. She lives on Oahu but also was recently on a project for a few months on Maui in Lahaina where it burned down. 
My daughter from Hawaii and my sister from Idaho come home for the holidays and sometimes a week in the summer for some boating and summer fun. I love Donahue's Greenhouse in Faribault. I spend too much time there in the summer. They have the most beautiful flowers. 
Hawaii is a fun place to visit Tayler. I have been lucky enough to go there twice. Hopefully again sometime! The first time I went with my mom to help Taylor get over the hump of being home sick! Then later, Scott and I went for a winter vacation. 
Family Adventures we have had include boating, hiking, swimming, surfing, parasailing, snowshoeing and Viking games. We also have enjoyed kayaking, camping, skiing, snowboarding and swimming with dolphins and sharks! I brought my daughter on a lot of adventures over the years. Now, she sends me pictures of dolphins which is just another Saturday for her, free diving with pods of 50 dolphins. 
Now we are empty nesters! Or having a midlife crisis. We aren't sure yet. We love spending our summers at the river and staying out on our boat. This summer we will be at a slip Wabasha on the Mississippi River. I love the bluffs and eagles over there. I wasn't sure if it would make me seasick, but there is something relaxing about sleeping in a boat on the water!
I have been very blessed to have the best friends!
I am a Big Sister to Annabelle. Becoming a "Big" is wonderful! I will continue to be a Big Sister and Volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters in southern MN. We have so much fun! Some of the highlights so far have been horseback riding, the MN zoo, kayaking, movies, hiking, dinners, laser tag, and making Annabelle smile!
My new team- ServiceMaster by Ayotte! I started there in the first week of 2024 as their sales and marketing executive. I have known Beth Ayotte for years and met Tom while I worked at the radio stations. I was their account representative. This is a family-owned business that Beth's parents started in 1995. She started working for them in 2000. There is something special about working for a local family-owned business. They really treat you like part of the family! Sales and Marketing is my specialty, but Service Master is also teaching me new skills. I am learning estimating for cleaning and restoration projects. I am still learning but getting better every day. The quotes I have done so far range from large manufacturing plants for 24/7 janitorial service, to smaller officers, churches, carpet cleaning and duct cleaning at homes and offices. I am also learning everything I can about restoration services we offer. Our Disaster Restoration team has many years of experience to help with water damage, fires, trauma and mold. 
This week for fellowship we decided to try something new. George led the group by asking each table to consider the reasons we choose to attend Rotary week after week. What gets you to Rotary?
What makes going to the weekly meeting worth it to you? Each table took some time to take notes for the board to take a look at and examine closely why our members make the effort to get to the meetings each week, and possibly what we can do to encourage members who haven't been as present at the weekly meetings.
The conversation was uplifting and encouraging. It was refreshing to approach our time of fellowship in a new way. It is always a good idea to try new things and this week's fellowship was something new. Thanks, George, for leading the group in a conversation which promotes productive and positive conversations. -Ellie

Welcome Scott!

Scott gave his classification talk recently.  I asked him seven follow up questions to help summarize his presentation for those of us who were present and for our club members who missed the meeting. If you have not had a chance to welcome him to our club, please do so.
  1. Your Family members, occupations (including you) or school level?” 
Me: Intentional Interim Pastor, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church
Wife Cindy: Accountant, Parish Support for Diocese of Winona-Rochester
Daughter Angela: Pre-school teacher, Primrose Childcare
Daughter Amy: Music Teacher, Pilot Knob STEM School
  1. Your Hometown/School/College
Richfield MN, Richfield HS
Gustavus Adolphus College (BA)
Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, PA (MDiv.)
Luther Seminary, St. Paul (DMin.)
  1. Your Previous occupations?
Manager & Group Manager for Minnesota Fabrics, Inc.
Wholesale Sales, Aero Drapery, Inc.
Owner, Window Dressings, Inc.
  1. Any Hobbies?
Reading, especially mysteries; golf; puzzles, esp. crosswords and Sudoku; exercising on an elliptical.
  1. Rotary sponsor?
Dr. Richard Huston
  1. Interesting fact about you or your life?
I am both a middle child and an oldest child. (I have a brother who is seven years older than I am with a sister two years younger than me and a brother two more years younger than me.)
  1. Anything else you can think of?        
I’ll be retiring after I finish my interim at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.
The honorable extremely tie-challenged Dr. Dick Huston proposes Mahad Mohamed, co owner of Little Scholars Academy and a previous member of Prior Lake Rotary Club, for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Keith Kramer.
The honorable extremely tie-challenged Dr. Dick Huston proposes Hala Alharthi, co owner of Little Scholars Academy, for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Keith Kramer.
The Cash Raffle 2024 is in its seventh week.  Now it is time to turn in your ticket stubs and money to Ellie or Murray.  Each active member is asked to sell at least 15 tickets or consider a donation. Ellie and Ryan Holmquist and Ibrahim Khalif have taken the lead for this fundraiser. 
The proceeds from this fundraiser help to financially support the STRIVE and music scholarships and other youth programs sponsored by our club.  Last year we sold over a 1000 tickets and with a solid concentrated effort over the next 7 weeks, we can do it again.
Thank you for your help in continuing the Faribault Rotary Club's mission to serve, promote and encourage the youth in our community.
Good day FRYS Membership,
Like our Minnesota Timberwolves stayed hot last night, FRYS charitable gambling is smokin’ hot at Boxers! I am starting to feel like a broken record with similar commentary every month but results are results, and the results show another record setting month that was March 2024 on three separate fronts.
Kicking things off in the digital realm, e-tabs posted a robust $160K in sales revenue for the month for the second highest recorded total in FRYS’ history just after December 2023’s $166K. Unfortunately, the ides of March took hold for FRYS as the gross profit margin collapsed to 12.35%, the lowest ratio for FRYS in the 2023/2024 campaign (average YTD = 15.45%); however, strong sales volume still resulted in a quality gross profits of $20K coming home to FRYS (YTD average = $19.5K).
If you recall just a few short months ago the FRYS’ paper tabs operation was in the doldrums as the first five months of the 2023/2024 campaign averaged paper tab sales of a meager $48K a month but that trend was usurped last month when FRYS paper tab sales posted a two standard deviation move with sales of $93K for the second highest total in history. Well, if last month's a two-standard deviation performance, which had just over a 5% chance of occurring, did not entertain you (cue Russell Crow in Gladiator) then how about a three-standard deviation performance for March 2024! A three standard deviation move is less than a 1% chance based on FRYS’ paper tab performance to put the significance into context. Paper tab sales exploded to a new record of $110K in March, crushing last month’s $93K by a whopping 18%. No doubt incredible news but just like the legendary infomercial sales Billy Mays (RIP) exclaimed:
Gross profits from paper tabs rose right alongside sales, totaling a new record $22K (YTD average = $10K) on a powerful margin of 20.4% (YTD average = 18.2%). Said differently, gross profits from paper tab sales eclipsed that of e-tabs for the first time since July 2022, nearly two years ago. The incredible performance resulted in FRYS cutting its largest rent check ever to Boxers (rent is a function of paper tab performance).
The working rationale for last month’s rebound in paper tab sales to $93K was the surge in Bingo activity at a record total of $20K in February but that theory might not be true as Bingo sales retreated to $14K in March 2024, breaking the correlation. Bingo reproduced solid gross profits of $3K (YTD avg = $3K) on a margin of 21.76% (YTD avg = 18.95%).
Robust e-tab sales, record setting paper tabs and solid Bingo activity joined together to establish a new monthly sales total at Boxers of $285K, demolishing the prior record of $223K by 28%! Incredible sales volume is all fine and dandy but sales are not what gets invested back into local youth endeavors, that my friends is profits, and profits were generated this month to the tune of $11K.
FRYS has helped our state government maintain budget surpluses as the organization cut a check for $14K to St. Paul last month, which will rise even higher for April at a new FRYS record of $15K. We are going to need a flurry of activity at Boxers over the course of April to help support earnings when $15K is headed to the bureaucracy regardless of performance.
In other FRYS news, the ball is in motion to stabilize the structure at the Rotary Camp via a foaming installation for a reasonable $3,500. The next step is ensuring the rodents do not get back under the building so FRYS is looking at installing a fence around the structure to keep the animals at bay. No word on that cost yet. Even though he is miles away, Dave Beranek has been coordinating such operations at the camp as he recovers from his surgery as there is no rest for the weary.  
Go play some pull-tabs at Boxers this weekend!

Beth Hortop

Beth Hortop - Farmers Insurance Agent in Owatonna, MN
  • Guest Speaker Beth Hortop: Executive Director at Exchange Club Center for Family Unity
  • www.centerforfamilyunitymn.com
  • The Exchange Club Center for Family Unity works directly with families, teaching parents the skills they need to be successful, addressing their individual needs and providing the resources necessary for putting an end to the cycle of abuse.
  • Beth talked about the programs that the Exchange Club Center for Family Unity provides for supporting families in many communities in southern MN.
  • Specifically, they provide:
    • Free Parenting Mentoring program- this is open to anyone who needs help parenting needs such as guidance, resources, support, and education.  They receive referrals from a wide variety of places.
    • Supervised Visitations program- help facilitate supervised visits for families where court orders may be in place.  They provide a place to have these parent/visits.  They currently serve 14 counties and have many success stories.
    • Safe Exchange program- provide a place for custodial and non-custodial parent/child exchanges at their facility.
  • They are always looking for more volunteers to help and anyone who would like to help on the Board of Directors or with any fundraising to help benefit their cause.
  • Beth explained the great work they are doing and provided an informative presentation.  She answered several questions from Rotarians and thanked everyone for their support.  She provided handouts for those in attendance today.
Rotary Meeting Notes:  04/24/2024
  • Opening: President Laura Bock: Pledge of Allegiance, Four-Way Test, Patriotic Song “America the Beautiful”
  • Virtue Reading: Kindness, read by Kristen Gleason
  • Invocation: Mark Kenney
  • Club Announcements
    • This Saturday April 27 – Open the Rotary Camp for the year!  Any help would be appreciated 1p-4p – bring a string trimmer, blower, or chainsaw if you are able.
    • Friday May 3rd, Big 9 Music Festival – need 6 volunteers from 6:30-9 to usher and tidy up after attending the concert for FREE.  Student volunteers to assist with clean up.
    • Saturday May 4th, Maple Syrup Fun Run – volunteers interested in manning water stations teams of two as early as 7am-1230 and as late as 1230-330.
    • Saturday May 4th- Celebration of Clubs in Hudson WI.  $20/person, details on the district website.
    • May 5th Cinco de Mayo! Celebration – location TBD – see Jessica Navarro if you are interested in volunteering or helping sponsor the event.
    • Friday May 24th - Rotary hosted Red Cross Blood Drive at River Valley Church
    • May 18th – Adopt a Highway cleanup- 10 am
    • Monday May 27th – Memorial Day Parade- 830 line up near the intersection of Central Ave and 1st St NW.
    • June 3-7 will be Meals on Wheels deliveries
    • Thursday June 6th – Safe Summer Kick-off at North Alexander Park. Looking for Rotary member’s participation and some fun idea to interact with kids at the event!
    • Saturday June 15th- Heritage Days Parade- 530 line up at the Rice County Fairgrounds.
    • Friday August 2nd and Saturday August 3rd- Rotarians needed for the Blue-Collar event parking
    • Saturday September 7th- Northfield Bike Tour- Rotarians needed for 1st aid stations.
  • Gambling Report – Chad Koepke- approval of expenses and donations. Brenda DeMars also encouraged Bingo events at Boxers.
  • Rotary Cash Raffle – each Rotary member is asked to sell at least 15 raffle tickets.  This fundraiser supports the STRIVE program, music programs, and other youth programs annually.
  • Help Wanted: New Member Mentors (see Kurt Halverson), Sgt at Arms (see Kay Hoaglin)- still in need of help during July, 2024-2025 “Grants” Chair needed (see David Connelly), Webmaster Assistant (see Murray Hanson)
  • Exercise with George Wickstrom:  George took a few minutes to talk to Rotarians about the importance of doing our best for our fellow citizens by measuring up to the words in our Virtues, 4 way test, Patriotic Songs, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Constitution.   
  • Fellowship: led by Mary Ellen Bondhus
    • Guests of Dr. Dick Huston were introduced: Mahad Mohamed and Hala Alharthi joined our meeting today.  They spoke of their desire to serve the community and were happy to attend.
    • Each table was taught some sign language by Mary Ellen.
    • Dr. Huston provided an update on Dr. Speckhals and shared that he visited him recently. 
    • George reiterated going to work on virtues and other things to help build strong character.
    • Brandon Gliem talked about a video shoot he did with Harry Browns in recognition of the upcoming Police Memorial Week in May.  Also reminded everyone of the Safe-Summer Kickoff event June 6th.  Would like to have Rotarians help with a fun event for kids.
    • Rod Mahler added that Dr. Speckhals should be coming home this Friday and he hopes to get him to Rotary next week!
    • David welcomed our guest speaker Beth Hortop.  He encouraged Rotarians to consider board positions on the Exchange Club Center for Family Unity if you are able.   David also talked about the cash raffle and had a story from last year where he commended Ibrahim Khalif for his hard work on selling tickets, even at David’s place of employment!
    • Theresa Vold had fun and enjoyed helping with the Rotary Readers!
    • Ellie Holmquist thanked everyone for their willingness to help sell raffle tickets!
    • Ryan Holmquist appreciates those who plan to help clean at the Rotary Camp and asked we all keep David Beranek in our thoughts.
    • Deb Theisen expressed she was excited to hear our guest speaker presentation today.
    • Lisa LeBrun was happy to be in attendance today!
    • Murray Hanson provided his weekly poking fun of Dr. Huston!

Dr. Scott Olson

  • Dr. Scott Olson’s Classification speech
    • Life of an intentional interim pastor
      • Graduated from Richfield high and attended Gustavus Adolphus college
      • Worked as a salesman for Minnesota Fabrics (no longer exists)
        • Worked in Minneapolis, Chicago, Louisville and Washington DC from 1976-1992
    • Attended the Lutheran Seminary from 1992 to 1996
      • Worked as an Associate Pastor in Illinois, Winona and Mankato until finding the work as an intentional interim pastor
    • Completed a Doctorate degree while in Mankato
      • Currently helps train other Interim Pastors
    • Currently working for Our Saviors Lutheran church for the next 18 months  
      • Scott helps churches in conflict and is specifically assigned to assist churches in finding a permanent Pastor
    • Scott talked about how difficult it is for him to leave a congregation after serving in an interim role
Churro day today! - if you were there you would know
George is not here today as he is having lunch with his family-miss you George.
Marv Schrader re-joins us after spending the winter in Arizona!
Virtue-Endurance-a good reminder as volunteer activities are coming around the corner and endurance will be needed
Volunteers needed- It is that time of year again- WE NEED YOU- SERVICE ABOVE SELF
  • Rotary camp cleanup-April 27th from 1-4p.
    • Bring hip waders if you have them  
  • Friday, May 3rd is the Big 9 music festival at FHS
    • 6 volunteers are needed for this event
    • Free admission to the concert is available for those who volunteer
  • May 4th
    • Maple Syrup fun run volunteers interested in helping with the water stations
    • 7a-1230 and 130-330p
  • Memorial Day Parade
    • May 27th
    • We will line up at 830a.
  • Conference of clubs in Hudson May
  • Safe Summer Kick Off
    • Thursday, June 6th at Alexander North Park
  • Heritage Days Parade
    • Saturday June 15th at 5:30pm.
Rotary Cash Raffle
  • The cash raffle is starting next week (April 24th)
  • Proceeds go to STRIVE, Little Feat Soccer among other youth-centered initiatives
  • The drawing will be on June 26th this year-the same day we will get our new President sworn in-Dave Connelly
  • Each member is asked to sell one book of tickets
New member mentors- see Kurt Halvorson if you are interested
Sergeant at Arms-contact Kay Hoaglin if you are able. 
  • Mary Ellen gave everyone a few Southern quotes to remember at the fellowship
  • Dick Huston reminded everyone Faribault raised $970k in 1978 to build our YMCA
  • Prayers to Cindy Yerington as she mourns the passing of her mother
    • Funeral is at Parker Kohl this Saturday
  • Update from Dr. Martha Brown
    • Really enjoyed her trip to Cambodia!
      • Looking to present to the club very soon on her trip
      • The presentation is too long for one meeting, looking to set it up soon

Big smiles!

Ellie serving popcorn.

Even the big kids liked the candy!

Eid al-Fitr is the earlier of the two official holidays celebrated within Islam. Eid al-Fitr is celebrated by Muslims worldwide because it marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan.

STRIVE Students

Rotary Celebrates the Completion of a Successful STRIVE Year
Another successful STRIVE year is in the books.  The annual Rotary STRIVE Recognition and Awards Banquet was held at the Inn at Shattuck-St. Mary’s this past Sunday evening’s celebration with inspiration, a bountiful meal, lots of joyful smiles, and students recognized for their achievements.  The setting was stellar with Rotary banners, the American flag and the themed tables decorated with classic books.  It was from quotes of those books that Rebekah Ciesluk, the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, joyfully inspired the students and guests with age-old wisdom to guide their very promising futures.
The evening began with the usual rituals of our typical Rotary meetings led by President Laura Bock.   We were led in the Pledge of Allegiance, the Four Way Test, a Patriotic song, virtue reading, and an invocation.   Laura gave an inspiring speech about the mission and good works of Rotary and our local club in particular and invited the students to be our guests for a Wednesday meeting.
A bountiful meal and delicious desserts were enjoyed by the 100 people or so gathered amidst round table discussions amongst students and their parents, honored guests, school officials from Faribault High School and Bethlehem Academy, STRIVE faculty and Rotarians.   Carroll Springmeyer and Marian Bahl, whose husbands Steve and Wes were instrumental in starting STRIVE and have been great supporters of the program for many years were given special recognition. 
After the meal, Greg Ciesluk, Rotary’s lead for the STRIVE program, presided over the scholarship awards and recognition of the STRIVE Scholars who completed the program through faithful attendance and completion of the scholarship application.  The application involved reflecting in writing on Rotary’s Four Way Test and its motto “Service Above Self.”  The scholarships were awarded to the following students in the amounts.  Thatcher Simon ($3000), Jessica Ung ($2000), Arthur Badillo ($1500), Natalia Rodriguez ($1500), Viggo Baum ($1000), Izze Dokkestul ($1000), Morgan Borchert ($500), Elliot Daschner ($500), Darryn Miner ($500), Lindsay Rauenhorst ($500), and Joseph Steinberg ($500).
Additionally, in the spirit of the original vision of the STRIVE program to encourage students to take a renewed interest in the value of education, two additional students were recognized for improvement in academic performance during the STRIVE year.  Those students were Abygale Dupont ($3000) and Johanna Ortiz ($1000).   Monies are available to scholarship winners after proof is received for the successful completion of one semester of full-time college.  The awards given to the above students totaled $16,500. 
All 24 students were recognized as STRIVE Scholars and given certificates for completion of the STRIVE program and a modest cash award of $50.   
The Rotary STRIVE program is one of the many ways our local club seeks to lift up the youth of our community.  We can be proud of these students and the difference our efforts make in the promising lives and futures of young people. 
Thank you to all who supported the Rotary International Soccer Pitch project in Battambang, Cambodia. The field costed around $10,700 and is now complete! in addition to the field there were two statues added to the school to honor one of the Cambodian kings who brought peace, as well as a famous Cambodian poet. Thank you to all who made this project possible!

Another Great Concert

The Faribault High School Concert Choir under the direction of Ben Beaupre accompanied by Rotarian Dr. Martha Brown provided a great performance. 
Photographer reflects on 18 years of chasing polio

Exhibit documents the scope of polio eradication efforts worldwide

Watershed moment gives rise to a revitalized riverfront

The Rotary Club of Milwaukee revitalized its city’s riverfront with a contribution from a local landowner — a strategy that could work in other communities.

Lebanon club channels the power of peace

he newly formed Rotary Club of Beirut Pax Potentia, Lebanon, which focuses on peacebuilding, has its origins in a project funded by a Rotary Foundation global grant

Solar energy expands access to health care

Solar energy isn’t just good for the environment — it’s expanding access to health care

Volunteers are at the heart of the Rotary Youth Exchange program

Rotary Youth Exchange runs entirely on volunteers and is a fulfilling experience for the students and host families.

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