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Home Page Stories

Faribault Public School Superintendent Jamie Bente

Faribault Public School Superintendent Jamie Bente presented information regarding the the upcoming 3 ballot questions that will be presented to voters on November 8th. The questions are listed below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask him.  The link below is the audio of this presentation.

SCHOOL DISTRICT BALLOT QUESTION NO. 1                                      
RENEWAL OF SCHOOL DISTRICT REFERENDUM REVENUE AUTHORIZATION                                                      
The Board of Independent School District No. 656, Faribault, has proposed to renew its referendum revenue authorization, which is set to expire in 2023 for taxes payable in 2024, in an amount equal to $716.22 per pupil, subject to an annual increase at the rate of inflation. The proposed referendum revenue authorization would be first levied in 2023 for taxes payable in 2024 and applicable for 10 years unless otherwise revoked or reduced as provided by law.                                                         
                                    SCHOOL DISTRICT BALLOT QUESTION NO. 2
The Board of Independent School District No. 656, Faribault, has also proposed a capital project levy authorization of 3.855% times the net tax capacity of the school district. The money raised by this authorization will provide funds for the acquisition and installation of technology equipment, improvements, and systems. The proposed capital project levy authorization will raise approximately $1,366,200 for taxes payable in 2023, the first year it is to be levied, and would be authorized for 10 years. The estimated total cost of the projects to be funded over that time period is approximately $13,662,000.                                                       
BY VOTING “YES” ON THIS BALLOT QUESTION, YOU ARE VOTING FOR A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE                                                                
                                    SCHOOL DISTRICT BALLOT QUESTION NO. 3
The Board of Independent School District No. 656, Faribault, has proposed to increase its general education revenue by $302.00 per pupil if Ballot Question No. 1 is approved, subject to an annual increase at the rate of inflation. The proposed referendum revenue authorization would be first levied in 2023 for taxes payable in 2024 and applicable for 10 years unless otherwise revoked or reduced as provided by law.                                 

Jamie Bente

Faribault Public Schools
710 17th St SW, Faribault, MN 55021

Pictured here is Dick Huston, International President Elect R. Gordon McInally and Chris Kaufman (right).

There was a zone Rotary meeting in Bloomington Saturday night.  Our zone is composed of 23 districts.  Each district has about 55-60 clubs and a total of about 40,000 members.
We (Faribault) were honored to have a new member inducted in the presence of the International President elect R. Gordon McInally who is from Scotland.  Of all those clubs and all those members Chris Kaufman became a Faribault Rotarian.  There were only 6 so honored.
Briauna arrived to Chiang Mai, Thailand on August 14th. She has been adjusting very well to the Thailand culture and is loving her experience so far. The food is very different as is the school. She did say school lunches are way better in Thailand. She is taking Thai classes and is getting a better grasp of the language. Her mom and her sister speak some English so that has helped her adjustment. Below are a few pictures of her time so far. Her most recent Facebook post said she's not sure if she will want to come home in 10 months. 
Her welcome party at the airport!
Rotary orientation with other Rotary students in the area: 
Her host family birthday party: 
The view from her home: 

Off to a great start!

Brandelyn at her first Rotary meeting in Chile sharing the Faribault Rotary flag.
Brandelyn arrived in Rengo, Chile on August 26th where she was greeted by her host parents and her aunt. Since arriving, she has been adjusting well to the culture and the language. She has spent a lot of time with her family and feels very loved by everyone. She started school a week ago and is finding it challenging to understand what is going on in her classes. She has a couple of English-speaking friends who have been helping her through the adjustment. Below are a couple of pictures from her travels thus far. 
Arriving in Rengo, Chile.
Family time!
Chilean hotdogs: 
Views on the hike near her house: 
Jean arrived from Bangkok, Thailand in Faribault on August 23rd. He began school at Faribault High School on Tuesday August 30th. He is taking multiple classes and elected to not have a study hall. His favorite class is his percussion class. He is in a band back home. We got him a guitar to practice on since this is also one of his passions.
He has taught us a lot about his culture, life in Thailand, and we have even gotten to try some snacks and food from Thailand. Since arriving, he has met many family members, been cat fishing, camping, to a car show and fishing from our dock. He is settling in well but finds he is often bored between 4-6pm when no one is around. The percussion band will likely help with this boredom as football season kicks in. He will be playing during the football games. He gets cold easy which has us nervous for him for winter... we'll make sure he's warm. Here's a few pictures of our adventures so far: 
Rotary orientation at Mall of America: 
Rotary orientation
Stopped for a photo op on our road trip to get a puppy in Cadot, WI: 
Jean's first catfish: 

Get ready to sell!

The Faribault Rotary Annual Rose Sale will be starting in a few weeks. Details will be sent out soon to each member.
The honorable Dr. Dick Huston proposes Dr. Martha Brown, President of Lunar Tunes Music Inc., for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  If you have any questions please contact membership chair Keith Kramer.
The honorable Dr. Dick Huston proposes Kathy Wickwire, a retired musician, for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  If you have any questions please contact membership chair Keith Kramer.
The honorable Dr. Dick Huston proposes Christopher Kaufman, a financial planner for Great Waters Financial, for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  If you have any questions please contact membership chair Keith Kramer.
Chris will come to Rotary on the Sept. 14th and be inducted by the International President Elect from Scotland on the night of the 18th.  Would be fun to have if you were all there.  Radison Blu at MOA.
Assistant Governor Dick Huston visited Waseca Rotary.  Pictured with Dick is president Ann Fitch.  The have a club of 30+ and are really fun.  Former member Jon Stagman said to greet the Faribault bunch.
There will be no lunch meeting this Wednesday. We will meet at the Rotary Camp at 5pm for the annual picnic.

Sue Garwood

Sue Garwood provided our program about the Earliest woman in Rice County. 
Women have always been essential contributors to Minnesota history, though history
hasn’t always recognized them as significant. Many women’s stories are mothballed, hidden out of sight in history. As we record men’s history within the County, so do we remember and tell of women’s roles in our county's birth and growth into what we see today. 
The earliest evidence of settlement is more than 13,000 years old by the Archaic Indians. The first contact with natives and settling Europeans (French, Canadian, and English) was in 1650. Demographics once Minnesota became a state in 1858 in Rice County were booming, with 7,532 residents. 46% of which were women. 
The woman of the county was not only wives, farmers, or teachers but also land owners and town creators and helped establish both Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges. In 1860 46 women owned land in the county, including Sarah Morris, who founded Morristown. Ann Loomis North, with her husband, founded Northfield. Ann was the town’s most outstanding publicist. Writing many letters and promoting the area to friends out east, many of which chose to move here at her encouragement.
There is much history that the woman of Rice County has given with their minds, grit, and grace to share their stories. You can find much more information at the Rice County Historical Society or by attending any of Sue Garwood’s presentations around the community. A full schedule of opportunities is on the Rice County Historical Society website. https://rchistory.org/


Charlie Cogan

On Wednesday, August 31st, we meet over lunch at the Inn at Shattuck-St. Mary’s. Suzanne Fox provided the club with prayer, and Keith Kramer provided the week’s virtue, Humility. In club announcements, Charlie Cogan from the Northfield club who shared a book project in Nigeria to distribute to second-tier schools.
Chad Koepke sent a sign-up sheet to get plenty of Rotarians at the “100 men who give a damn” event on September 24th hosted by the Faribault Foundation. George Wickstrom asked all Rotarians to wear their Rotary pins out in public. 
In fellowship, Greg Ciesluk brought a guest, Ally Meyer from Big Brothers Big Sisters, to update the need for their Avid program. The program is only twice a month during the school year. Twenty-two students require monitors. Please contact BBBS if you are interested. Mindy Reeder asked for prayer for her mother, who was recently hospitalized. Many Rotarians were happy about the start of school. Dr. Huston shared the current need for platelets at the Red Cross center.
Dr. Huston also shared one of our newest members will be inducted at the tri-district Zone Meeting by International President-Elect. Kymn Anderson shared her thanks for what the Faribault Foundation is doing by setting up the two programs for the 100 men & 100 ladies’ events. 
Natalie Ginter provided community donations from charitable gambling back to the community youth. 
  1. Community Action Center: Basic blessing food backpack program of $10,000
  2. Divine Mercy Catholic School: Social and emotional health program of $10,000
  3. River Bend Nature Center: Education and enrichment activities for Faribault youth of $5,000
  4. Somali Academic Achievement of $3,000
  5. Faribault Parks and Rec: Friday night youth nights at Rec Center of $3,000
  6. Faribault Lutheran Schools: Social and emotional health programs. $2,270
The total amount going into the community to support Faribault youth was $33,270 in August.  
Jill gave her classification talk recently.  I asked her six follow up questions to help summarize her presentation for those of us who were present and for our club members who missed the meeting. If you have not had a chance to welcome her to our club, please do so.
  1. Your Family members, occupations (including you) or school level?” 
Jill DeBoef, Operations Manager serving Surgical and Medical Specialities in Faribault and Owatonna.
James DeBoef, Systems Administrator at People’s Cooperation in Oronoco
Jake Brockberg, Associate, Sam’s Club
Jordan Brockberg, Nurse, St. Mary’s/Methodist/Gonda at Mayo Clinic in Rochester
  1. Your Hometown/School/College
I grew up in Titonka Iowa and went to Titonka Consolidated High School.
I went to Mankato State University, Rochester Community & Technical College for AS in Health Care Technician, Winona State University in BS in Healthcare Leadership and Administration, and currently working on Master at Winona State for Organizational Leadership.  The Masters was put on pause during COVID and I hope to resume it soon.
  1. Your Previous occupations?
I have worked for Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Health System for the last 25 years.I have done several roles during the 25 years.Before Mayo Clinic, I worked in Austin, MN, at the Holiday Inn and served in several leadership positions.
  1. Any Hobbies?
Riding my E-bike with my husband.I have put on 1500 miles this summer on my Himiway Zebra.We go on the Douglas Trail from Rochester to Pine Island most often as the Douglas Trail is only a mile from our home in Rochester.We travel all the 50+ miles of trails in Rochester.We have gone to Lanesboro and plan to go on many other trails around the area.
  1. Rotary sponsor?
Nort Johnson
  1. Interesting fact about you or your life?
I worked at the Summit House on Pikes Pike for two summers during college.At the time, I lived in a dormitory style housing and only went down the mountain one day a week.It is awe inspiring to watch a sunset/sunrise from the summit.The shadow of the mountain casts for miles.
  1. Anything else you can think of?        
I appreciate the positive way the Rotary Club conducts the work of the club and the interactions of club members.The work is toward doing good things for the community and each other.Thank you for the opportunity to get to know all of you and participate in the good work.
  • Club picnic is a go for September 7, 2022
  • Looking for help with pull tabs at the Baseball field Labor Day weekend
  • Dr. Huston exchanged flags with Northfields Rotary club
New Members!!!!
  • Melissa Haars and Jim Malterer were inducted into the club
  • We all saw an awesome picture of Jim (1974) from before I was born….
Fellowship w/ Chad
  • Don Johnson spoke about his daughter Kierra’s ordination as an ELCA minister! Congrats!
  • Keith Kramer introduced his youngest child Allison to the group
  • Nort Johnson announced how happy he was to help the shop department shop for new equipment
  • Nick thanked everyone for supporting his fundraiser last week at 4th Avenue Methodist Church
  • Dr. Hanson noted that Dr. Huston should be honored to be mistaken for him
  • Dr. Huston had an awesome one liner rebuttal against Dr. Hanson
  • Club President Halvorson had an awesome clip from his favorite childhood movie


The Faribault Rotary Club has inducted two new members. Jim Malterer, second from left, is a retired tailor. Melissa Haars, third from left, is human resources manager at Crown Cork. They are pictured with Rod Mahler, far left, Malterer’s sponsor; and Keith Kramer, leader of the membership team. Jessica Amundson, not pictured, is Haars’ sponsor.

Rotarian Jim Malterer front and center in 1974

Jim was a Faribault Rotary Club member 48 years ago. Also, please note Dr. Roy Anderson at the far left in the front row.
Jill DeBoef
Jill’s Classification Speech
  • Jill spoke about growing up in a small town in Iowa (Titonka) and working as a waitress at a young age
  • Jill decided to get an education instead of just “getting married” like her father wanted for her
  • Jill talked almost entirely about her son-Jake and his autism
  • Jill told everyone how prevalent autism has become and was happy to tell everyone how great Jake has done in life and what a joy he is to be around for everyone
  • Jake holds down a job and lives on his own telling his mom “I don’t make much, but I don’t need much”
  • Awesome classification speech Jill-very inspiring.
The CDC has designated Rice County as Low risk again for Covid at this time. Therefore masks are still optional indoors but strongly recommended.  We will continue with 6 seats per table.
If you are unable to attend the meeting in person please use the Zoom link provided.
Assistant District Governor Dick Houston updates on district 5960 activities and resources:
  • Visit other clubs, get your Rotary passport stamped (see passport photo above), and then enter a drawing to win a print painted by the brother of our international president. 
  • District Governor Dayle Quigley plans to give each club leader a Rotary tie or scarf.
  • The District Awards program includes different club awards presented each spring. We should enter our club.
  • We should continue having two years’ worth of presidents-elect on our board for stronger continuity of leadership.
  • Please read the weekly newsletter from Dr. Quigley: President and District Governors may find information in it that’s especially useful to members of your club.
  • All Rotarians are encouraged to contribute to the Rotary Foundation. Foundation grants support basic education, economic growth, disease prevention, maternal and child health, conservation, and water.

Your Title Here

  • FRYS’ posted a profit of $15K in July for the second highest month since inception ($19k in November)
    • E-tab sales were strong at $104K compared to an average of $91K for a positive 14% above trend.
    • Gross profit margins had a margin of 14.8%, aligning with the historical average of 14.5%
  • Paper tab sales posted the second-best month on record with revenue of $90K for a positive 61% beat above the monthly mean of $56K in sales.
  • As with e-tabs, probability remained with FRYS as the gross profit margin on paper tabs hit 21.1% versus the monthly average of 18.4% while delivering gross profit of $19K, exceeding e-tabs’ gross profit of $15K due to more favorable profit margins – even though paper tab sales were only 86% of the e-tabs
  • While both paper & e-tabs had favorable returns, FRYS’ most profitable outfit is the surging Bingo experience at Boxers, producing sales of $14K with the highest gross profit margin of all games at 28.1% for $4K in gross profit
    • In fact, Bingo revenue has almost doubled in 6 months since the game first rolled out in February
  • Turning to other charitable gambling news, FRYS will be selling pull-tabs at the MN Town Ball State Tournament at Bell Field over the long Labor Day weekend from September 2 – September 5 à FRYS is looking for volunteers to help sell pull-tabs
  • Another FRYS development is the near completion of the first phase of projects at the Rotary Camp
    • This round is focused on exterior assignments with interior work next on the docket for an expected to start in mid-September
  • In other news, FRYS dished out $6,900 in unearned business income taxes (UBIT) with $4,700 headed to the Federal Government and $2,200 headed to the State of MN
    • Per Dave Beranek and Reese Winter’s research, FRYS was going to have to pay UBIT this year regardless of the amount of money donated back into the community due to the start-up cash FRYS received to get its charitable gambling operation up and running taxed at ~30% clip
    • Further complicating UBIT is the numerous payments and expenses that FRYS’ charitable gambling account experiences at the turn of the month, such as revenue share with M-Peters, the City of Faribault along with various other cash outflows that need to be funded
The following expenses were approved
  • CG Made Easy Administrative Fee = $250
    • Fixed fee every month
  • Inventory = $8,000
    • Opportunity to purchase more inventory on hand for MN Town Ball State Tournament along with robust sales in July & August so far, meaning more inventory needed
  • Rotary Gambling Team Compensation = $2,600
  • Bingo Team Compensation = $2,000
    • Bingo is being hosted every Thursday night
  • Revenue Share with MPeters = $8,000
    • Profit share is 31% of e-tab gaming à Solid activity in July and August so far means a higher revenue share
  • City of Faribault = $1,200
    • Rise in sales in July could mean more profit share with the city
  • Revenue Share with Boxers = $8,000
    • Profit-share w/ e-tabs = 15% & paper tabs = 20% à Strong paper tabs sales in July and so far in August means higher revenue share
  • Misc. Cost = $2,000
    • FRYS hired Reese, Winter payroll processing is ~$1k a month with another $1k for pursue bingo and/or other misc. costs that arrive
  • Total Expenses = $32,050
    • On a first by Jake Cook & a second George Wickstrom, FRYS’ membership approved September’s expenses
It is time to clean up the Rotary Camp in preparation for our Annual Picnic. On Thursday, September 1st starting at 6:00 pm we need weed whippers, leaf blowers, and a chain saw. I will provide everything else. I'll have the gate open by 5:30 if anyone wants to come earlier.
Please respond to this email if you can help!
The Faribault Rotary Camp is located on the shore of Cedar Lake on 18 beautiful wooded acres.
It is about 7 miles from Faribault.  

From Faribault:
Go WEST on 7th Street continue as 7th Street becomes CR 11
Turn slightly LEFT onto CR 38  (Cedar Lake Blvd) 6.3 miles
Look for the Rotary Camp sign on the left side of the road and
Turn LEFT onto HINCKLY WAY  0.3 miles
Take a SHARP LEFT onto HOLT TRAIL  0.1 miles
Dave Beranek

Eric Craig PHF awards +3, +4, +5

Jake Cook PHF award +4

Kay Hoagland PHF award

International Rotary has awarded three Faribault Rotarians with Paul Harris Fellow awards. The awards are earned when a member contributes $1,000, at one time or accumulatively. The foundation in turn provides funds to clubs who do international projects. This past March the Faribault club completed a water purification and garden project for 550 school children in Cambodia.

Your Title Here

Assistant District Governor Dick Huston exchanged our club flag with Northfield Rotary President Todd Thompson last week.  The Faribault Rotary club sponsored the Northfield Club in 1925.

Zak Branham

The highlight of our meeting was the presentation by new member, Zak Branham, during his classification speech. He shared the fact that, “We know more about Mars and the Moon, than our ocean.” More books are about “Leadership” than “Doing the Right Thing.” He believes we have an “ocean” of opportunity to do good! This philosophy was developed through his family lifestyle. Zak holds a major in Organization Leadership from River Falls.
He was greatly impacted by the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and went there to serve in the clean-up experiencing great support and tragedy. He married after college and he and his wife have two children. He shared stories of his family and the health struggles of his daughter, Esther. He helps to lead the bank in Faribault at Affinity Plus. Zak resides in Owatonna with his family. His classification speech wove together his beliefs in specific statements, giving insight into his motivation and purpose in life. We are excited to have Zak in Rotary!
President Halverson opened the meeting with the Four Way test and Pledge of Allegiance. The invocation was given by Jessica Amundson in the form of a blessing. Ken gave us perspective into the virtue of perseverance – Stay the course! Don’t give up!
During the meeting, there were special announcements and reminders:
  • Dave – Picnic at Rotary Camp – Sept. 7. Will need a “clean-up crew.” Watch for specific details in the next few weeks.
  • Jess – Picnic volunteers needed.
  • Murray – Need confirmation of who is attending. Respond to your emails.
  • Brenda – Dawn Walker’s birthday, owner of Boxers. (Youth group will pay for this.)
  • South Central – Whiskey World fundraiser, all invited.
  • Riverbend Ramble – Live auction and fundraiser.
Chad Koepke went around the room during fellowship. Edel Fernandez shared that South Central enrollment is up! The Faribault Sheriff was here as a guest, John Sherwin. He looks forward to serving the community of Faribault. Rural Evangelism Mission fundraiser invitation was handed out by Pastor Greg, inviting all to attend and support families in Liberia. Special thanks were extended to all who helped at Blue Collar event. Prayers were asked for George’s grandchild, Stella. Zak Branham, introduced his guest, his wife.
Chad also shared that gambling profits are up with a $15,000 profit posted this month. Brenda noted that additional volunteers are needed to support upcoming events. The Rotary Camp was being updated over the summer and is close to being done.
At today’s meeting, several members were also recognized for their financial gifts. The Paul Harris Society Fellow Recognition was awarded to members who gave more than $1,000 anytime throughout the year. Receiving this recognition at the meeting was: Jake Cook; Eric Craig; and Kay Hoaglin. Congratulations and thank you!

Katy Anderegg

Our very own Katy Anderegg, Naturalist/Operations Manager  at River Bend Nature Center,  was our presenter on August 10th, sharing details on the upcoming Riverbend Ramble. The Ramble is Riverbend’s largest fundraiser of the year and has been going strong for 41 years. The Ramble will be held on August 26th at the Inn at Shattuck-St. Mary’s with dinner, live & silent auctions, and a heartwarming program. Riverbend is a non-profit nature center which depends on your support to provide programs, habitat restoration, and maintaining trails. Riverbend host grade-school students throughout the year from all over southern Minnesota for nature-based learning and discovery.
Live auction items include: A Riverbend Nature package, a Ely weekend getaway, A “stay-cation” package in Faribault, Sunset Salon pedicure package. The silent auction starts August 17th, you can get in on the bidding here at the Silent Auction link.  Riverbend Nature Center has been a cornerstone gem of the Faribault community for 4 decades, please come out and support your local community and all the birds, bees, and trees by attending the Ramble event, making a donation, or by becoming a member.
Ramble fundraiser is Friday, August 26th starting at 5:30 pm at the Inn at Shattuck. Tickets are $75.00
Here is a link to view our online auction items. Bidding opens at 7:00 am on Wednesday, August 17th and closes at 8:30 pm on Friday, August 26th.

Thank you volunteers!

Blue Collar admission

Members of the Faribault Rotary Club collect the $10 admission fee and hand out wristbands at the entrance to Teepee Tonka Park Saturday afternoon. (Kristine Goodrich/southernminn.com)

The Faribault Rotary Club is sponsoring twin sisters Briauna Jo and Brandelyn Anne Tlusty to spend their senior year in high school as international exchange students.  Later this month Brandelyn will travel to Chile and Briauna to Thailand where they will live with a host family.  Pictured are Natalie Ginter team lead of Faribault Rotary's Charitable Giving Committee (left), Brianuna, Brandelyn and Chair of Youth Services Chad Koeple.

Onn the road with Kurt and Natalie!

Natalie and I are back from my work conference in Salt Lake City.  While we were there, we had the chance to do some sight-seeing and even visit a local Rotary park! 
A $2500 donation that Faribault Rotary Youth Services was made towards Rice County United Way’s Dolly Parton Imagination Library program which provides free books to youth in Faribault. Pictured from left to right: Rice County United Way Executive Director Elizabeth Child and Faribault Rotarians Natalie Ginter, Mindy Reeder, and Kurt Halverson.
The Faribault Rotary Club donated $4,000 to the Faribault Soccer Club youth soccer program. The funds will be used to provide American Sign Language interpreters to help ensure the youth soccer program is more inclusive for hearing impaired athletes and families.

Congratulations Kurt Halvorson our 103rd Club President!

Kurt Halverson is the new president of the Faribault Rotary Club for 2022-23. He received the gavel from outgoing president Todd Sesker.
President Sesker’s recount of year
Completed the Cambodia water project, increased membership with 19 new members, restarted the Rotary exchange program, continued traditions of Rose sale, cash raffle, warm our community and other items. Finally upgraded technology to include document sharing. President thanked several people for their assistance.
Installation of new President Kurt Halverson
Kurt Halverson became President Halverson after he was handed the gavel from outgoing president Todd Sesker.  President Halverson gave the oath to the board and spoke about his vision for the club next year by providing a visual representing a house.  President Halverson spoke about a man name Paster Homer Dobson from Tracy, MN and said he will dedicate the next year to him.  Congrats Kurt!

New President's 1st Presentation

Well done, President Sesker!

Welcome Emily!

The Faribault Rotary Club inducted Emily Nesvold, center, as its newest member. She is pictured with Greg Ciesluk of the membership team (left) and her sponsor Dick Huston. Nesvold is a retired public school teacher and is a member of the GROWS Garden Club and the Faribault Environment Commission. 

Membership recruiting!

With the Rotary Kubota resting in the shed, Dick Huston has been out looking for new members in the Rotary BMW.
Just one year ago Brenda handed the gavel to Todd as our 102nd president.  This week we will install Kurt Halvorson as our 103rd Faribault Rotary Club President. We hope all members will be able to attend in person or on ZOOM.

Beautiful day for a parade!!

For the second year in a row, the club had a float in the Heritage Days Parade. It was great fun and plenty of candy was handed out.

Parade Selfie

Faribault Rotary Youth Services Inc.

The Faribault Rotary Club has donated $4000 to the youth soccer program to provide ASL interpreters to help ensure the program is more inclusive for hearing impaired athletes and families. 
We had a little fun with the return of retired Police Chief Andy Bohlen and retired Sheriff Troy Dunn. They were both honored with the dedication of the banners sponsored by the Faribault Rotary Club on display downtown in front of the Police Station. They both both might just help us solve the "Case of the missing blanket."

Thank you for your service!

Welcome Brandon!

Brandon gave his classification talk recently.  I asked him seven follow up questions to help summarize his presentation for those of us who were present and for our club members who missed the meeting. If you have not had a chance to welcome him to our club, please do so.
  1. Your Family members, occupations (including you) or school level?” 
My wife Toniette is a Sergeant at the MN Correctional Facility in Faribault.
Our daughter Anika is in 8th grade at the Faribault Middle School.
Our Son Brayden is in 2nd grade at Roosevelt elementary.
  1. Your Hometown/School/College
I grew up in Rochester, MN and attended Mayo High School, although Faribault is now my hometown.  We have lived her for 21 years!
I have an AAS degree in Law Enforcement from Alexandria Technical College and a BS degree from St. Mary’s University.
  1. Your Previous occupations?
I have always worked in law enforcement in some sort for over 21 years!
  1. Any Hobbies?
My hobbies are spending time with my father in our up north home near Siren, WI. I also enjoy sports, my favorite being baseball.I coach my children whenever I can and was an avid athlete until about 38 years old.
  1. Rotary sponsor?
Keith Kramer
  1. Interesting fact about you or your life?
I own and operate BLG woodworking in Faribault.I enjoy making things out of local trees, referred to as urban logging.
  1. Anything else you can think of?         Faribault is our hometown, I am happy to be a part of one of the finest organizations/clubs we have-Rotary!
Re-emergence of polio underscores the need for eradication

The detection of poliovirus, and even cases of polio, in places where it hasn’t been found for years has demonstrated once again that eradicating a human disease isn’t easy, especially in the final stages.In recent months, an unvaccinated man in the United States was paralyzed. In the

Rotary members in Poland provide a safe home for Ukrainian refugees

In March, shortly after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, refugees began arriving at a home in Wojciechów, a town about 20 miles from the city of Lublin in eastern Poland.

Rotary, Ukraine Friends to collaborate on addressing needs in Ukraine

Rotary, Ukraine Friends to collaborate on addressing needs in

Building peace in a fractured land

The Rotary Club of Jerusalem focuses on peacebuilding initiatives, including bringing together Jewish and Arab youths to learn about each other’s cultures.

Rotary Projects Around the Globe - September 2022

Learn how Rotary clubs are taking action in the United States, Brazil, France, Italy, and Sri Lanka

September 2022
Upcoming Events
Sheriff Jesse Thomas
Sep 28, 2022
New-Rice County Public Safety Center
Emily Nesvold
Oct 05, 2022
Classification Speech
Ken Weaverling
Oct 12, 2022
Classification Speech
Dr. Dick Huston
Oct 19, 2022
Rotarian of the Year
Chad Koepke
Oct 26, 2022
Annual Youth Services Meeting
Dayna Norvold
Nov 02, 2022
Habitat For Humanity
Jamie Bente
Nov 09, 2022
Classification Speech
Faadlil Sheikhmohamed and James Whelan
Nov 16, 2022
Waano learning center
no meeting
Nov 23, 2022
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Dec 21, 2022
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Dec 28, 2022