Posted by Murray H Hanson


River Bend Nature Center -- 1000 Rustad Rd, Faribault, MN -- 10 ...
Since the social distancing guideline prevents our normal fellowship, today will be our second "online" fellowship.  So, if you would like to respond to this bulletin or next week's email with any news or acts of service you want to share, I will publish them in the bulletin each week. Please let me know by 10 am each Wednesday. 
This past weekend started with 18 holes at the Legacy on Friday and I did smoke the 11 lb brisket on Saturday starting at 4 am.  Thought maybe I would see Brent coming down the street but no luck.  I hope everything is going well for each of you and your families despite all that is happening in the world.  Please remember to join our Zoom meetings at noon each Wednesday. 
From Brian Daniels:
Things on my end are good, just returned from Florida a couple of weeks ago to see our grandson graduate, great time. Now special session on this Friday, hope we can come to an agreement on bonding bill. 
Hope you are all doing well.  God bless and stay healthy, wealthy and wise. 
From Breanna Wheeler:
Things have been very busy at RBNC as we adapt to the new realities. We have modified summer camp and are developing many different options for education programs going forward. There has been a great deal of natural resource restoration work done with removing invasive species  which will continue through the summer and be ongoing- interested in more RBNC updates? Visit for all the latest.
As people look to relieve stress and enjoy an excursion during the pandemic, the trails have been busier than ever and we are so grateful to the members, donors, volunteers, and community partners that have made this resource available through their commitment to RBNC these past four decades. Your involvement makes this treasure possible now and into the future. Thank you!
From Cate Grinney:
I've had quite a few conference calls over the Rotary meeting time and haven't been able to attend.  Work is quite busy due to the SECURE Act from the end of last years and the CARES Act this year--lots of tax changes that provides a lot of opportunities.  We are not client-facing yet, but doing a lot of phone calls, WebEx or Zoom to communicate. Hope all is well with everyone!