Posted by Murray H Hanson
The Faribault High School Band presents an annual concert in January.     One meeting featured a debate on organized labor.
Our 10th president in 1929-30 was Victor O. Skyberg.
(side note- future Rotarian 46-year member and historian George Wickstrom was born Feb. 2, 1930)
The decision was made to invite a Daily News reporter to all meetings to write the news of the meeting first hand for the paper.
Our 11th club president in 1930-31 was Dr. James M. Murdoch.
(Future Rotarian, 50-year member, landscaper and orchestra leader Roger Koopmans was born Jan. 5, 1931)
One program was devoted to “Government in Business.”                                There was a “Special Guest Day” in August with 30 guests present.                  The Faribault and Owatonna clubs were guests of the Northfield Rotary club for an evening meeting.                                                                                There was a program devoted to the subject of taxes.
Our 12th club president for 1931-32 was Edward Johnson
A decision was made that the cost of the noon meal must be reduced to 50 cents or the club would move from the Harvey Hotel.
Special “Ladies Night” program with tickets to be $1.00 with 25 cents to be used to furnish entertainment.
All the boys of the city were invited to attend the Minneapolis- Toledo baseball game as guests of Rotary.
The topic of discussion for one meeting was “Inflation.”
Our club’ s 13th president for 1932-33 was Mendus R. Vevle.
(Future Rotarian, 62-year member, and our 53rd President Rod Mahler was born July 15, 1933.)