Rotary Club of Faribault

In just 27 weeks, the Faribault Rotary Club will celebrate its 100-year anniversary on May 1, 2020.  This week’s historical highlight is from 1991.
Dr. Richard Huston, local veterinarian and now in private consulting, showed the club slides of his trip to Bolivia through the Ministry of Christian Veterinarians.
The club recognized Layton Hoysler for 31 years of perfect attendance, Al Burkhartzmeyer for 24 years and Olaus Moe for 18 years.
Cate Grinney was a student guest from Faribault High School.
The Annual Honors Banquet was held at the high school.
A Group Study Exchange from Argentina visited the club.
Club dues were $125.
State Senator, Tom Neville addressed the club to discuss the recent legislative session.
Every member was to sell 5 dozen roses at $12 each. $400 dozen were sold.
The 27th annual Youth Benefit concert was held at the high school.
Our club’s 71st president in 1990-91 was Dr. Richard Skewes.
The following was taken from the Jan. 23, 1991 weekly bulletin:
“I finally figured out how government works. The Senate gets the bill from the House. The President gets the bill from the Senate….and we get the bill for everything!