Rotary Club of Faribault

In just 50 weeks, the Faribault Rotary Club will celebrate its 100-year anniversary on May 1, 2020.  This week’s historical highlight is from 1968.
Dr. Bob Reed our 18th president in 1937-38 gave a program on his trip with the S.S. Hope hospital ship and the countries he visited. He was introduced by Rod Mahler.
The mortgage for the Youth Camp was burned.
The club visited the Area Vocational School.
The club made a trip to the Old Log Theatre.
Our Club’s 48th president in 1967-68 was Francis J. Lockwood who was George Wickstrom’s sponsor in 1974.
Quote from the Faribotarian March 20, 1968”
“Rotary membership is like a savings account.  By putting into it regularly, each week a little more than you take out, you not only keep your principle intact, but earn interest in fellowship and in the opportunity to be a vital part of one of our community’s vital organizations.”