Rotary Club of Faribault

Civil Air Patrol

Captain Randall Knots shared his experience in the Civil Air Patrol. Capt. Knots is a retired Air Force Veteran serving from 1969 for 8 years, including a one active year in Vietnam. Earned a master’s degree in System Management from Southern California. Worked 32 years in data engineer and computer/data consultant for several fortune 500 companies. Upon retirement in August 2017 became involved with the Stanton Civil Air Patrol squadron (at the birth of the Stanton unit). Currently Capt. Knots is the Public Affairs Officer of the MN Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.
The Civil Air patrol was created the week prior to the bombing in Pearl Harbor, December 1st 1941. It is an auxiliary program of the Air Force, yet is not a part of the military.  It first comprised of pilots which would not be used in active duty going into WWII. The Civil Air Patrol is 100% volunteer basis organization, comprised of over 60,000 members. The Values of the Civil Air Patrol Integrity, volunteer service, excellence and respect.  Their mission is to provide service over land of: Search & Rescue, Severe weather & emergency efforts, along with educating youth.
The Midwest divisions are more focused on education and training of young cadets more than emergency relief missions. Cadets focus of training of science, mathematics, physical fitness and aviation. Capt. Knots spoke highly of the value of the young cadets’ ability of performance high as in their youth. Averaging well over a B average (82%). Along with staying fit through the Civil Air Patrol. Each cadet must meet a certain physical standard to move up in rank. 71% of Americans would not pass basic Military standards as of today. The value of character, education and service makes this a great program for any child looking to better themselves with excellence.