Rotary Club of Faribault

Posted by Mary Reese

Tom Hubler

     Tom Hubler was the guest speaker April 3rd 2019. Tom wrote the book The Soul of the Family Business and runs a Twin Cities based company called Hubler for Business Families which is directed to helping family owned business create focus and reenergize their businesses.
     The Soul of Family Business covers topics such as the development of a shared vision for the family and for the business, creating individual and organizational strategies to ensure a personally and financially rewarding business, and preparation planning to ensure that family values continue to emphasize a positive family culture.
     Tom spoke of the soul and how that translates to the family that works together. He outlined the Ten Characteristics of a soulful Family business and why they are important. They are creating and utilize a common family vision, develop and maintain positive communication and conflict management skills, practice forgiveness, embrace change, regular family meetings, love, create legacy plan, have an active board of directors, have a current family participation plan, practice gratitude, service, and philanthropy. Tom has over 35 years as a family business consultant.