Leap of Kindness for Leap Year!
Faribault Rotary is joining the Leap of Kindness movement with a show of support for The Nest at Faribault High School.
The biggest need is cash.  Donated clothes need to be laundered.  This is a big expense for the free store. Next is toiletries of all kinds for boys and girls, and Falcon gear: shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles etc.
Our Goal:  $600.00 Cash   
PLUS, a basket overflowing with toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, and other necessities AND some NEW Falcon Gear or gently used (and freshly laundered) from your closet or your kid’s closets!
Collection Day at Rotary:  February 12
Final donations turned in by February 26 for deliver to the school.
The Nest
The Nest is a student store that offers free clothing, supplies and other essential items for Faribault students. The Nest is run by The Falcon Project, a student club that participates in and hosts monthly service projects.

The Falcon Project Mission:  Together we work, by providing helping hands, to make a positive impact in our school and community. 

Why “The Nest?”
We want to be able to provide the basic necessities for students that are in need. We want to contribute to our already strong community by giving back.
We want to make an impact on our students and community by providing basic necessities, increasing school spirit by providing more Falcon gear to our students, making students feel safe and welcome, and increasing student achievement.
Assistant principal Joe Sage at 507-333-6176