Rotary Club of Faribault

Selling Roses!

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We would like to reach out to everyone regarding the Rose Sale and the procedures to follow for our big fundraiser.  We know that many know how the Rose Sale works as we have done it the same every year, but have realized that we many new Rotarians that very likely are confused by the packet they received if they were not at the meeting when we handed them out.  Roses are again to be sold for $20 a dozen.
In your packet was:
  • a flyer to hang up at your place of employment to entice people to buy roses.
  • a list to track your orders and what they choose, red or grower’s choice.  Growers choice is dozens of roses in different colors that the grower chooses to send for us to give out.
  • thank you receipts to cut a part as some people will ask for one if they pay in cash.
  • Slip to turn in- with your name, how many dozen roses and broken down into how many of Red and how many grower’s choice - you can fill in the amount paid or owes at that time. PLEASE DO NOT HAND IN THE MONEY UNTIL YOU HAVE ALL OF IT COLLECTED.
We are asking this year if every Rotarian will please work hard to sell their 12 dozen roses.  We have 60 Rotarians and if everyone does their part to sell the roses that would be 720 dozen roses – WOW- that would knock it out of the park with our profit for the club being approximately $9,000   - that is huge and we definitely need this fundraiser more than ever.  Many sell many more than expected so please try to do your fair share as a club member.
If you struggle with selling roses or just don’t have the time, we are asking each Rotarian to then make a good will donation of $ 150.00 to the club.  We are just asking everyone to participate this year. 
Key dates:
Kick off of the Rose sale was September 19th and orders are due on October 10th.  Please give it your best!
Delivery date is set for OCTOBER 22ND and ROSES can be picked up at BLOOM FLORAL AT 408 CENTRAL AVENUE, FARIBAULT MN, BEGINNING AT 10:00 AM.
Thank you everyone for your hard work and commitment to this fundraiser for the Faribault Rotary
Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Brenda at 507-409-1344 or Amy at 507-409-1329.