Posted by Murray H Hanson
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Our 22nd club president in 1941-42 was Dr. Donald Chathum.
He was a member from 1921-1963 so Rod knew him.
There was a program that covered reports on war experiences of Walter Rumpf, Dick Peavey, John Boosalis, and A.M. Hanson.
The club heard a report on the Canning Center at Central School.
Our 23rd club President in 1942-43 was Dr. Carl A. Hansen who was still a member in 1970 so Rod knew him also.
The club had a joint meeting with Northfield and Owatonna.
Dec. 23, 1944
Our club had a necktie contest.  A prize was offered for the best necktie at Harry’s store for the Rotarian wearing the loudest necktie that he received for a Christmas gift.  Father Foley was to be the judge.
Dec. 30, 1944
The necktie contest was won by future president and District Governor, John Lysen despite all the heckling and Father Foley came through as always with a wonderful message.
(In an unrelated story, 7-year-old Dick Huston received his first necktie for Christmas.)
The Faribault High School basketball team and coach provided an entertaining program.
Leonard Elstad, Superintendent at the Deaf School, served as District Governor.
Sons and daughters of Rotarians were guests at the Christmas meeting.
Our 25th club president in 1944-45 was Frank H. Klemer.