Posted by David Connelly


Community Education - Faribault Public Schools ISD #656
Anne Marie Leland spoke about her dissertation of a full-service learning program. Anne Marie expressed her work in the Faribault community and through rotary shaped her positionality in the world when it comes to “equity and social justice” which is a big reason why she chose to enroll in the educational doctoral program.
Anne Marie’s dissertation on which was a case study of Somali parents who engagement with any rule Midwestern school district and I had to choose a couple of theoretical frameworks. The full-service model looked at providing parent education on school systems, dental/health wellness (through HealthFinders), and administrative support throughout the process.  
Anne Marie stated “Our district Faribault Public Schools we do a lot around the social-emotional learning piece as well and partnering with the virtues project, for example, partnering with our community-based partners that we understand the way in which to affect the most holistically is through that family system of support so well educators are known for just focusing on academics we are at the district at that focuses on the whole family and so my research really fit in nicely within my job as director of Community Education.
Participants were 8 female parents, 4 male parents. They ranged in ages of 24 to 68, they were all refugees representing 55 children. They all self-reported that they had no higher education from non-US or US colleges. They all expressed in the post-interview: The training was appreciated and the Hands-On help was very useful to their child’s education understanding. 
This case study worked well in our small community, It is a bright look at the future of education in a holistic frame. Further study and understanding of other communities big and small are needed to her advancement of like work. 
If you are interested in learning more please reach out to Anne Marie Leland, she will be delighted to share her experiences.