In just 16 weeks, the Faribault Rotary Club will celebrate its 100-year anniversary on May 1, 2020.  This week’s historical highlight is from 1999.
An anonymous Rotarian donated $500 and asked for matching donations for the Special Olympics.
The club delivered 406 meals during its two weeks turn with Meals on Wheels in January.
Local Golf Pro, Ken Gorg, spoke to the club about the developments of golf in general and how golf came to Faribault in 1910.
The club did an exceptional performance of Row, Row, Row your Boat during fellowship.
A group of Rotarians from Mongolia presented a program about their country.
The club presented the annual Honors Banquet and he second annual STRIVE Banquet two weeks apart in May.
The annual picnic and auction were held at the Rotary Camp.
Former Governor Al Quie spoke to the club.
Don Lucia, the new head coach of the Minnesota Gophers Hockey team and Rod Mahler’s nephew, spoke to the club about his goals and plans for the team.
Jeanine Sahagian sold 200 dozen roses during the annual sale.
The 60th Annual Christmas Concert was held at Shattuck-St. Mary’s.
Our club’s 79th president in 1998-99 was Pastor Gordon Orde.