Posted by Laura Bock

Congratulations Brenda!

Last week we heard from outgoing President Amy Amundson, as she thanked the club for a “different” year. She specifically thanked Murray Hanson and Lisa Humfeld Wilson for keeping our weekly meetings going during a pandemic, via Zoom. Amy you did a fantastic job leading Faribault Rotary in our 100th year. It was a different year for sure, but Amy, you lead us through like a champ. Thank you for your service and leadership to the club!!
Then Amy installed Brenda DeMars as Faribault Rotary Club's 101st President. The Rotary slogan for the new year is “Rotary opens doors and opportunities” Brenda is a firm believer in that statement. She shared her appreciation to our club for being active and participating. Brenda joined Rotary 10 years ago and our 100th President Amy Amundson was her sponsor.
In her year as president Brenda’s goals include working to bring back a youth exchange program to Faribault. She will be encouraging us to bring guests and expose more friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to Rotary, hoping to light the fire in them. Brenda is looking at a wishing well project, to receive donations of loose change, and she has implemented a Polio Plus water Jug and given us one year to fill it with our loose change. The jug will stay at the Inn and will be available to guest coming and going and to us weekly at our meetings.
Brenda the club is so excited to have you as our 101st president! We know you will be great, and we stand behind you ready to serve!