Rotary Club of Faribault

Posted by Laura Bock

Respect Retreat 

     On Wednesday May 1st our club heard from a group of students who attend Bethlehem Academy in Faribault. 5 students and gave testimony about the 9th Grade Respect Retreat. Faribault Rotary sponsors this event each year for students at BA. A company called Youth Frontiers comes to the school for a one-day retreat. They meet with student leaders first thing in the morning, cover some games, songs, and topics of discussion to lead the 9th graders through a successful Respect Retreat. Add in the 9th graders about 9:30 and the end result is a day of activities, games, singing, laughing and conversation around the roll of respect in the school.
The student testimony was powerful. All 5 students, 3 - 9th graders and 2 Seniors told us how it makes their class come closer together. Clique and groups sort of dissolve and you see kids interacting with each other more in the halls and in just in general. The consensus of the students was this is a valuable program and they are thankful for our support.
Youth Frontiers was founded in 1987 with programs focused on middle school, high school, and retreats for educators.