In just 20 weeks, the Faribault Rotary Club will celebrate its 100-year anniversary on May 1, 2020.  This week’s historical highlight is from 1997.
Rotarian Dr. Roy Anderson gave a presentation on his book called “The not so Straight River.”
Jerry Bell, President of the Minnesota Twins, gave a presentation to the club about what makes a successful sports franchise and the proposal for the new Twins stadium.
Palmer Dragsten was honored for 50 years of service and Al Burkhartzmeyer was honored for 40 years of service in Rotary.
The annual Honors Banquet was cancelled due to school construction.
Rotarian Marv Schrader presented the goals for Vocational Services which included the plans for the STRIVE program.
Nate Gagnon, son of Rotarian Tom and Linda Gagnon returned from being a Rotary Exchange and presented a very interesting program to the club.
Rotarian past president Kevin Mahoney spoke to the club about his trip to Israel organized by the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce.
The 58th Annual Christmas Concert was held at Trinity Lutheran Church.
Our club’s 77th president in 1996-97 was Don Olson.