At Our Club Meeting on 09 July 2024

President Matt Villella  was in his element for the highly attended and energetic first Rotary meeting under Matt for this Rotary year (half way through our 100th)
There were a number of guests, duly introduced and welcomed, following the national anthem, toast and reflection (Matt V). See Pic of Matt

Update on PE Nomination Committee- Matt V
Rotary in the News- $100,000 Cheque Presentation Matt V
Shelley Rotarize yourself event- July 16, 2024-Matt V
“Rotarize Yourself"- A celebration of Shelley Crawford Tickets, Tue, Jul 16, 2024 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite

Northwest Dementia Working Group, Bill Heibein, David Glover and Nisha Sutherland. (Bios circulated in Matt's communique)
Introduced by David Legge (thanked by Shelley Crawford).See pictures.

Dr. Sutherland presented an overview on Dementia (see pdf attachment PowerPoint). There is a significant  burden of dementia in Thunder Bay (likely much higher than the 2000 stat cited currently).
Former PA Rotarian Bill Heibein spoke on his diagnosis and subsequent extraordinary course of many years dealing with Alzheimer's at a high level of quality of life. A good deal is attributed to his remarkable mental and physical lifestyle. He has presented and advocated for many years with considerable acclaim across the country.

The Northwest Dementia Working Group has been championed by our guests today, and that includes another past club member David Glover, who spoke on the exciting newly proposed Dementia Gardens (A Place to Grow) at Lakehead University (hopefully opening next spring).The project has been officially approved and breaking ground soon.

The Q and A was testament to considerable interest in this important issue and high respect for the work and dedication by all 3 guests.

Other important Announcements
  • Country on the Bay- Bob T
  • Dew Drop Inn Update- David S (last session June 27th)
  • Women’s National Baseball Lunch and Fellowship- Warren/David L...July 30th: celebratory lunch at Lakehead University with the Canadian Women's team. Game day thereafter at Port Arthur Stadium: Team Canada vs Team U.S.A ($15);  Lunch Sign ups ($35 for lunch). Warren /Shelley C
  • Paid members update- Matthew D
  • RYLA  update (6 students, 2 for our club from St. Ignatius) Art W
  • Cheque presentation: Port Arthur Rotary Silver Jubilee Scholarship Fund to Lakehead University (Matt V to Mark Tilbury-see pic)
  • Happy Dollars (Matt Diegel's subtle humor most effective)
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At our Last Meeting April 9

 President -elect Matt Villella chaired the meeting and also handled the AV: 
The sizeable crowd in person and online  sang O Canada.
Land Acknowledgement- Rod Morrison: a thoughtful overview on not what is this, this but why is this important?
President's Reflection and Toast: Matt Villella: making an impact every single day
Guest Speaker: introduced by Matt Villella and thanked by David Legge
Magnus Theatre- Artistic Director Magnus Theatre Thom Currie.
Thom's energy and creativity were fully evident in his description of the only professional theatre between Toronto and Winnipeg, that has made a huge impact on the cultural life of the city.
There have been many Rotarians past and present involved in supporting this live theatre. Now , Thom and company are working on the Next Stage Campaign including renovations, the 125 seat studio addition and innovative programming with a goal reach all and be inclusive. Thom chose to come to this community, an "island culture" and has thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.
The club warmly thanks Thom for his important leadership at Magnus, (once dubbed the "House of Crudo").

David Legge announced a special fellowship production for members and guests: Magnus production Liars at a Funeral: May 17th. Special pricing $25. Contact David or Shelley Crawford. WE did this with Man of La Mancha with great success in the past.

Brenda Winter:  Paul Harris Fellowship pins, certifcates and acknowledgments for great Foundation support : 7 new and 4 elevated recipients (see  pics). The club now has 52 members; 42 Paul Harris Fellows (28 multiples)
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At our last meeting March 26, 2024

Keynote Speaker:

George Saarinen - Passionate community activist and volunteer on AGE FRIENDLY THUNDER BAY:
George has served as a Trustee with Lakehead District School Board, first elected 2006 and has a history with the United Way as a Board Member from 2004-2016 and 2022 to present. He has served on the board of the Thunder Bay Library and was chair of TB with the building of the new Mary J L Black Library. George was a Founding Board member of Thunder Pride serving on the board 2012-2016 and from 2021 to present.
Active on the health front as well, George served on Northwest Local Health Integration Network Patient Family Advisory Committee from 2016 to 2022.  He is now serving with Ontario Health Northwest PFAC   Ontario Health Team Thunder Bay and District PFAC Digital Health Ontario PFAC Home and Community Care  Provincial PFAC.
Age Friendly Thunder Bay is very much a priority and George has been a member since its inception serving on Board from 2016-2020 and from 2022 to present. He’s also Chair of the Age Friendly Transportation Committee.  

His address demonstrated the intensity of his advocacy in supporting seniors in all aspects of their many challenges in daily life. This organization is highly eclectic. The numerous "working groups" cover many bases, all the way from accessing services (eg City Transit, even on new years day, to abuse prevention, food insecurity, keeping seniors at home, on and on.

Matt Villella introduced and thanked George, for the (warm reception) members and guests present.
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At Our Club Meeting 27 Feb 2024


Chair Judi Turner reviewed the club Allocation process and was delighted to introduce this phase round 1 of recipients.
All spoke eloquently on their respective programming and thanked the club.

Pictured :

L-R: Shelley Crawford (PAR president), Gail Kromm and Gary Ferguson (Salvation Army), Jason Pilot (Northwestern Ontario Regional Science Fair-Gold Level Sponsorship), Sue Paskoski (Eleanor Drury Children's Theatre-microphones for "every child a voice"), Rhonda Harris (Easter Seals- needy equipment), Melody Macsemchuk (Grace Place-plates) and Judi Turner (PAR Allocations Chair).
On Zoom screen upper left is a beaming Casey Charles, (Principal St James Elementary School). Casey and Salvation Army are co-running a fine Student Nutrition program.
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At Our Meeting 13th Feb 2024

President Shelley Crawford and LU Bartley Conference Centre staff conspired to present  a fun mix of Valentines theme and Rotary apparel to accompany a fine presentation by Dr. Mark Henderson and plenty of exciting events and club accomplishments.


Dr. Mark Henderson, Cardiologist (introduced and thanked by Rod Morrison and Lesley Bell) photo below

When Dr. Mark Henderson joined the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre as the first interventional cardiologist, his vision was to launch a full cardiovascular program right here in Northwestern Ontario. “Bringing cardiovascular surgery to Thunder Bay was one of our goals,” Dr. Henderson said. “It’s been the goal of cardiologists here for over 30 years.”

That’s important because Northwestern Ontario has the highest incidence of heart disease and the highest need for heart procedures per capita in Ontario. Yet our patients have to travel the furthest for services. Almost every family in the region knows someone who has travelled to southern Ontario or elsewhere for care.“We’re still sending hundreds of patients to southern Ontario for routine bypass surgery that could be done here. That needs to change.” 
Dr Henderson's vision is coming true. Today he outlined the extraordinary work of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, beginning with the earliest attempts at cardiology, and then melding with neurosciences and stroke management..

The need in the northwest here is great as heart disease and stroke are major health issues. The current aims from the Mission Statement relate to improving survival rates through rapid access to care, closing the inequity gap between haves and have not vulnerable people at risk, heart failure and keeping on top of congenital heart disease cases.
 The address was superb. It was candid yet hopeful about the challenges. We hope Dr Henderson can return again. he had to get back to his waiting patients!

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At our meeting October 24

1. Amy Kembel, on her life with Synergy North as Manager of Human Resources and Safety.
Her leadership in promoting and upholding workplace safety standards, including mental health
well being was highlighted. She has extensive knowledge and training in all aspects of leading
programming for Synergy North, including mentoring, labour relations, arbitration, and outreach
as well as a successful consulting business with The Kembel Group.

 2. Dr. Marg Woods, on World Polio Day, and our local Pizza for Polio fundraiser (with Eat Local
Pizza). Marg presented a comprehensive overview on Rotary International's extensive
involvement in eliminating polio: 2.5 billion immunizations in 125 countries. The first North
American outbreak was in 1895 in Vermont; in 1910 in Canada in Hamilton Ontario. The RI
president of 1979 brought Rotary into action on vaccination in public health management. The
POLIO PLUS campaign was born in 1985 and the POLIO PLUS PARTNERS program in 1985.
A primer on the virology and immunization programming for the 3 strains (two wild and one
derived) of the disease then led to a discussion of the ongoing Rotary determination to finalize
the goal of complete elimination (WPV 1 remaining only in Afghanistan and Pakistan). Rotary
clubs around the world hold this service dear to their hearts. Of note our own PA Rotary club
has seen members engage in international service, providing oral Sabin immunization clinics in
India, and of course benefiting from the cultural exchange

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At our meeting Oct 10, 2023


The Challenges of Recovery: a timely overview of the current addiction/mental health crisis in Thunder Bay, and how to deal with this.
Rotarian Gary Ferguson, Executive Director of the Salvation Army Journey to Life Centre has extensive professional and personal knowledge and insight into this critical issue.
His presentation was candid and highly sobering. The needy are many; demand for recovery services is great (overwhelming?).
The work done at the Centre is a great model for integrating men back into a healthy lifestyle. The challenges" include addiction, recidivism following treatment sessions, and often combined with diverse forms of mental illness. The key take away-"finding a purpose."
There have been many wonderful success stories: time, patience and understanding required.
The Field of Greens, a PA Rotary project has been one strategy yielding positive results

President Shelley Crawford introduced the theme in her reflection on WHO's World Mental Health Day (on this day) and with Rotary International President R. Gordon McInally's focus for his year on mental health.

Gary was introduced by Paul DeBakker and thanked by Bill Everitt.
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At our Meeting on September 26, 2023

A packed house was energized by 2 presentations (as well as multidimensional reports on  all club events and service opportunities (see club runner website):

1.  Jeremy Bryan 
Our club 1997 Rotary Outbound Exchange student to Costa Rica, where is interest in international affairs took off. He credits Rotary for much of this great career start. He is a graduate of Hammerskjold High School, and  presented from his home in Ottawa. With Foreign Affairs Canada, preceded by NGOs in Bangladesh and Paraquay, his career has been highly eventful and meaningful, representing Canada as a diplomat. Pictures show him at various stops including Penang, Malaysia, Sudan, Kyiv, Ukraine and a reunion with his Costa Rican family.

2.  2023 Country on the Bay Festival Rotary (and Rotaract )   volunteer leads on hand for cheque presentations (Dawn Sebesta, Bob Hookham from Fort William Rotary club along with PA Rotarian Bob Tomlinson pictured with treasurer Kevin Holloway and President Shelley Crawford) accepting cheque for  $16,928.70. This reward for hard toil will be used for a variety of service opportunities in our upcoming year. In addition, Rotaract President Aja Melanson is pictured receiving her cheque for $2000. The Rotaractors were once again in big force in this year's success story.

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Celebration of 2022-2023 year

We had a wonderful gathering at Red Lion Smokehouse to celebrate the past year of 2022-2023 and the Presidency of Brian Walmark.  Lots of things to be proud of including raising $33,000 from Rotary Radio Day and $15,000 from Country on the Bay.  These funds go directly back to our community.  We also had the Be the Bridge ceremony that say Rotarians from Duluth and Thunder Bay celebrating 100 years of partnership.  We also had many other great memories with our efforts at the Dew Drop Inn, working on CRA application and the Waterfront Trail.  Thank you Brian for a wonderful Rotary Year! 
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At our meeting 

SEPTEMBER 12/23 MEETING-Lakehead University

A packed house heard a great presentation outlining the many dimensions of the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority (LRCA)  protection and stewardship work of our Thunder Bay watersheds.
Ryan Mackett (Communications Manager) and Jessie McFadden (Stewardship Program Coordinator) spoke on the jurisdiction, regulatory powers, flood management and conservation efforts in this large conservation area (36 total CAs in Ontario). Of particular interest are the 10 properties offering unparalleled opportunities for nature/conservation exploration open to the public.
The LRCA Healing Trail is an exciting new urban conservation area development right on their property (Oliver and Golf Links Rd)  with a healing trail, medicine garden and more. Ideal for people to access and enjoy. Stay tuned. Check out the comprehensive website. There are many great event importunities in the immediate future.

Rod Morrison introduced  his spouse Lesley Bell who is our latest Family Associate member. 

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At our Meeting Aug 22, 2023

1. Dave Long, District 5580 District Governor, met with the board and presented a highly informative overview of Rotary as a great service organization with major impact around the world.
His background in Rotary at Detroit Lakes Noon Rotary, began simply with a friend inviting him to meetings. His Power Point then covered all the way from Why Did I Join? to Why am I still In? to the impact around the world of Rotary International. His passion for international service and leadership within 5580 shone through.
Dave's affable presence and fellowship carries on, he visits other Canada clubs Wednesday and Thursday, now a third of his way through his district tour.

One of his favourite quotes: It is NOT "it is what it is" but "It is what you make of it." Well worth pondering on, and so apt.

2. The club welcomed new members Amy Kemble and her daughter Olivia, (an Associate member ) and Cindy Kisken.
Past District Governor Roly Turner, current DG Dave Long, Past president David Legge and PA president Shelley Crawford were all involved in this brief ceremony.
Welcome Amy, Olivia and Cindy. 
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At our meeting Aug 8

President Shelley Crawford, with assistance from Kevin Holloway (and thanks to Mark Tilbury and LU) conducted a great meeting at Lakehead University.
RYLA students presenting on their fine experience at RYLA Camp, Crookston MN- Dawson Haack, Jayla Hygaard, Prisha Brar.
New club family membership introduced - Amy Kembel with daughter Olivia Kembel.
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At our Meeting July 25

Today’s meeting welcomed new member, Cindy Kisken, who is happy to be part of our club and looks forward to volunteering at Dew Drop Inn next month.
Club members vigorously bid at a Chinese Auction, led by Brenda W, on a handcrafted bowl signed by David Suzuki to raise money for the Rotary Foundation in support of global environmental protection programs…congrats to David L on winning!
We said a sad goodbye to Fern, our Rotary International Exchange student from Thailand…she’s off home on August 1. Thanks, Fern, for all your service involvement this past year.
Bob T thanked all volunteers for their Country on the Bay efforts…this terrific fundraiser will bring in around $16,000 for each of the three local Rotary clubs! And we thank you Bob! 👏🏻
Port Arthur Rotarians and friends enjoyed Border Cats baseball, even though they lost.
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At our Meeting May 23 

AT OUR CLUB May 23, 2023

President Brian Walmark welcomed guests, and provided a thought provoking land reflection (asking how do we benefit from living on this First Nation Treaty Land?).
He then offered  a general reflection summarizing feelings of his recent Focus Group (of non Rotarians) on the value of service clubs and challenges to recruitment.


Results of the 57th annual 2023 Rotary Radio Day were provided by Chair Matt Villella, along with Administration lead Krysta Logozzo Daniele.
The final add total was 581 and gross revenue an outstanding $32,355.

On hand the club were delighted to thank Dougall Media President and club member Hector Dougall along with long standing primary support for RRD- Ann Snell and Rosa Tucci (pictured).

A tremendous amount of hard work was put in by Dougall media and many club members, with additional congrats (beyond the above named) to the Money Men Chris Bailey and Albert Brulé, as well as the top 3 sellers (astounding work): Bill Everitt (119 ads), Warren Philp (72 ads) and Shelley Crawford (68 ads). Then there were many who provided live interviews, ad reader and Family Day Supporters.

The wrap up included valuable commentary from members and Hector Dougall, who put tremendous effort into promoting the event through his many channels.


Past DG Roly Turner and club international project lead gave a fine update on the Mano A Mano "20 de Septiembre Health Clinic" in rural Bolivia, complete with slides, blue prints and a cogent message that partnership is key and extremely important in pulling off the rather amazing feat of a full service health clinic for cost of just $100, 000 USD. Our club inputted $2000. Along with 12 other U.S. District 5580 and 3 canadian clubs and using District matching grants, this building is nearing completion and is an outstanding Rotary accomplishment.


Upcoming service opportunities are highly recommended and include: DDI (May 25th-D. Silliman), Highway trash pickup ( June 3-D. Silliman), Big Plant Day at Salvation Army Jpourney to Life Field of Greens II (June 6-D. Legge and P. DeBakker), Outlaw Bridge Ceremony a joint Canada -United States venture( at Grand Portage Hotel July 1-B. Walmark with a host of dignitaries and speakers).

Finally, Congratulations in order to Past President Vonnie Cheng receiving a fellowship award from Lakehead University.

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At our Meeting June 12 

Special guests:
Vijaykumar and Savita Nazare of Rotary Club of Dombivli, India, District 3142
Olivia Kembel :- Grade 9 St Ignatius High School
Fernanda Soto Venezuela- St Ignatius HSan
Fern (Manatsanan)-St Ignatius HS
Amy Kembel-Amethyst

Today’s focus was on the diverse Rotary Youth involvement in the community

The new PA Rotary Interact club pilot was discussed by lead Olivia Kembel
She has good experience already in multiple leadership endeavours already
Fern in interview with Shelley Crawford
Recounted her own experience with Interact in her home city in Thailand.

Fernanda and Derek Monias (Sandy Lake FN) reported on their fine experience at the Honouring Indigenous People in Winnipeg in March. Derek reported on Zoom from Sandy Lake.
The interaction between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in multiple forums was exceptional
Potential linkages with Rotaract and Interact were all cogent.
The club was treated to youth leadership in full force.

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At our Meeting June 27 2023

AT OUR CLUB June 27, 2023

President Brian Walmark's concluding meeting as President commenced with an outstanding "Land Acknowledgement/Refection" summarizing our progress in club reconciliation with Indigenous peoples: what has the club learned and what has the club undertaken?  Brian's passion and commitment to this mission shone through.

There were then salient announcements concerning RYLA (driver requirement from Duluth home), Dew Drop Inn, Country on the Bay volunteers urgently needed, and an open invitation to attend the gala Outlaw Bridge celebration July 1st at Grand Portage.

President Walmark's  farewell address was thoughtful and reflective. It themed on the continuous evolution of Rotarian activity over the years consistent with that of the city and asking what relevance the organization has achieved over these many years (100 coming up).
He thanked all for their support in his presidential year.

His "thank yous "were most heartfelt:
 Highlighted were: Art Warwick, Rod Morrison, Jaro Kotalik and Kevin Holloway. Others were almost too numerous to mention.
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Be The Bridge July 1st 2023

Port Arthur Rotary is extremely proud of the great Be the Bridge event at Grand Portage Lodge & Casino on July 1, 2023. It was a special event that included dignitaries
Terese Tomanek, Duluth City Council
Gary Melander ,Rotary Duluth 25 president
Kay Biga, Past District Governor
Dave Long, District Governor
Beverly Soloway, historian, president, "The History of the Outlaw Bridge."
Dominic Pasqualino- Acting mayor of the City of Thunder Bay
Special thanks to past president Brian Walmark for leading the charge on this great event. What a wonderful legacy project. Thank you for this amazing event.
We thank our sponsors for making this event happen.
Gold Sponsors
Hedgehog Technologies
Phoenix Consulting
Rosslyn Family Dental
Silver Sponsors
Hector Dougall
City of Thunder Bay
UPS Store on Memorial Ave
Thank you for helping us celebrate. Looking forward to another 100 years of partnership with Duluth and Thunder Bay.
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At our club Meeting July 11 2023

AT OUR CLUB July 11, 2023

New President Shelley Crawford welcomed a healthy crowd live and on Zoom for her first meeting.

Notable new guests are both prospective members: Cindy Kisken, and Amy Kemble. Present also were the new Rotaract President Aja Melanson and Past President Elyse Pither. Also Past Past President Karissa Kilby

Her Land Acknowledgement and introductory comments re a focus on Mental Health, the Environment and Diversity, Equity Inclusion included a board approved a one year trial  initiative to offer up to five bursaries to support prospective members who would be excellent Rotarians but who lack the financial means to pay the full membership. The hope is to attract young entrepreneurs, newcomers, people on a disability pension, and others who are underrepresented in our club based on inability to pay the full fee. These comments were followed by our 2022/23 Inbound Exchange student Manatsanan (Fern) Sirichaikeereekosol's final presentation, a hybrid verbal and video that entertained and informed the members of her fine year here. She presented the club with a Rotary banner from her home club (her mother is president there).

She was introduced by 2 of 3 host parent cohorts: John Stephenson and Marg Woods, and Shelley Crawford and David Legge. All are pictured along with Rotary YEO (acting) and Secretary, the always reliable Matthew Diegel. Absent for this celebration where the other host parents Yan Yan and Hau Chen. Fern received a lovely piece of Indigenous art sourced by Marg Woods as a gift from the Club, presented by John and Marg.
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At our club meeting 


Past President and current Club Trainer Warren Philp delivered a very timely overview on Rotary as a whole and our own Port Arthur Rotary club.
Past President Kevin Holloway provided the full tech support. 

It was timely because members are always beneficiaries of updates on  club functionality in these ever changing dynamic times (right now emerging out of the recent pandemic and getting back to some degree of normality, with meetings now at Lakehead University). His presentation on Power Point is available on the left side of our webpage..

His address is very aptly named: WHAT'S OUT THERE FOR YOU.
The subtitle is: ROTARY IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.
There is a great deal to be done and be proud of.

The key messaging involved acquisition of skills and ease entering the club digital platform ClubRunner.
The tutorial clearly explained the mechanism for using this effectively. Members may need updating of their Log in User Name and Password.

There is a real wealth of information therein, all the way from the basics of personal id, to being informed in social media, and copious opportunities within the world Rotary movement.

The club is indebted to Warren for his leadership in catalyzing club excellence. Hopefully a follow up in the future will cement much of this material.

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AT OUR CLUB February 28, 2023: Rita Komendant’s Love of ARCHITECTURE!

The Love of Everything, the Love of Architecture!  Rita Komendant, Architect and Member of our Club, gave us her take on the magic of designing built form with a slideshow presentation of iconic structures and accompanying discourse.  We met in person at the Roots to Harvest location on Fort William Rd. The thinking and dynamics of the design process are woven into Rita’s life experience as a design architect.
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In our meeting January 24, 2023

THE SCIENCE NORTH NW ONTARIO EXPANSION PROJECT with Lead and Senior Scientist Emily Kerton
Emily's dynamic presentation covered the entire gamut of:
1. History of Science North to present day activity in Thunder Bay
2. The exciting new build at the Thunder Bay waterfront Pool 6 area and it's impact in partnership with the WTRCAT (Waterfront Rotary Community Action Team) and new Thunder Bay Art Gallery
3. The principal focus of Science North- science learning and fun for all of northern Ontario in a carbon zero hub braiding knowledge in education, relationships, water, future generations and ecological systems,
4. The visitor experience concepts were outlined and are very impressive. The project expansion will also move to Kenora for the Lake of the Woods Expansion.
5. We learned of the funding strategies and figures, architect collaboration, time line and upcoming capital campaign.
Emily's energy and determination are highly contagious. This was a visionary and very effective presentation. She was introduced by David Legge and thanked by Joe Wasielewski.
The club was pleased to formally induct:
Community member Roots to Harvest (ROOTS COMMUNITY FOOD CENTRE) and Sandy Jennings (individual).
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In our meeting January 10, 2023

AT OUR CLUB  January 10, 2023

President Brian Walmark chaired today's meeting, commencing with a relevant reflection by elder Stephen Paquette on the meaning of "land ownership" by indigenous peoples in Canada. His interpretation distinguishes this phraseology from caretaking and stewardship of the land (his preferred interpretation). 
Kevin Holloway was at the helm of tech for this well attended hybrid meeting, making for an excellent experience for all.
Today's O Canada emanated from the world junior hockey tournament event.


Prominent business manager Brent Boyko has a lengthy and valued relationship with Rotary, dating back  ago (age 16) when he was an outbound Rotary Exchange student (Fort Frances Rotary) to Akita, Japan. 
The impact of this experience has enriched his life thereafter, and today he presented on "My Rotary Experience." He was accompanied by two Hammarskjöld students that he and family are currently hosting (through Home Stay), pictured with Brent today (Theresa Moik on the right from Hamburg Germany, and Sofia Villena from Mexico City on the left). Of note they were able today to meet our own inbound student from Thailand, Fern.

A (brief ) CV of Brent follows. He has a successful career in management largely in the forest sector looking at improving the environment.

Brent Boyko is a seasoned manager with over 30 years’ experience in the forestry sector. He has managed pulp and paper mills and understands the impact that these facilities have on host communities. He led a 210 MW power facility conversion from coal to wood pellets, a first in Canada. He has contributed to several industry organizations, presenting at conferences including IEA task 32, Canbio, WPAC, and NRCAN. At the director level he explored bioenergy business development opportunities in First Nation communities. He has a Chemical Engineering degree and an MBA from Athabasca University. In his spare time, he volunteers in his community, supporting children and elder charities and local service clubs. He is passionate about community, running for municipal politics in the 2022 election.

His presentation commenced with a fine testimonial letter from Heihadhiro Okamoto, who himself was a Rotary Exchange student (from Japan) staying with the Boykos in Fort Frances, almost 44 years ago, a life changer for him. 

Brent's life in Japan and now years later his giving back to international students here in Thunder Bay were highlighted and well understood by the members.

Brent was introduced and thanked by President Walmark.

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At Our Club July 26, 2022: Business and Successes

Country on the Bay was a great event for Thunder Bay!  Local Rotary Clubs and others volunteered to run the busy beer tents in return for loads of community fun and music with a side-order of fundraising.  Here's just one of those three tents, and a view of the stage:
Centennial Committee Report – new logo, ongoing progress on the 2024 Centennial Project at the new Thunder Bay Art Gallery.
Catch the Ace – Jackpot is large, only 10 cards remaining!
Dew Drop Inn – call Judi Turner to sign up for our monthly community service Thursday July 28th.
PA Rotary Golf Tournament – Next Wednesday Aug 3rd, Meal $45, Golf $25, Carts $15.). or Leslie Savitsky.
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At Our Club July 26, 2022: Werner Schwar

President Brian Walmark began this spirited meeting with his personal Land Acknowledgement and Indigenous-themed reflection.

Werner Schwar, Supervisor of Parks and Open Space Planning for the City of Thunder Bay has  extensive experience as a landscape architect and more!  He outlined the many excellent city projects underway, all greatly enhancing Thunder Bay’s landscape:
At Our Club July 26, 2022: Werner Schwar 2022-07-27 04:00:00Z 0 Jumpstart,PARotary,ThunderBay,WTRCAT

Tuesday July 5, 2022

President Brian Walmark chair his first Rotary meeting of his year.
Our guest speaker was Gail Brescia, Executive Director of the St. Joseph’s Foundation, ( and distinguished Lakehead Rotarian, provided a comprehensive overview of the huge scope and diversity of care dating back 140 years provided by the Sisters of St. Joseph.
A recently developed video highlighted the history, with narration by Sister Bonnie McLellan.
Currently, the St. Joseph’s Care Group has an expanded care mandate encompassing seniors care, rehab care, complex care, addictions and mental health in a renowned multiple service to all citizens in the northwest. Sister Bonnie says: “we work with people on the fringe and embrace everyone.”  
Acute care at St. Joes moved to chronic care in 1999. Now there are many sites including the main hospital, Hogarth Riverview Manor, Sister Margaret Smith Centre (addiction care), Dawson Road Lodge and Bethammi Nursing Home.
The leadership in all aspects of development were outlined in the fine video. The great work of the Foundation was highlighted, through thick and thin.
There were many accolades and questions from the audience members.
Gail was introduced and thanked by President Brian Walmark.
Tuesday July 5, 2022 Kevin Holloway 2022-07-06 04:00:00Z 0

At our club June 28

AT OUR CLUB June 28, 2022

Incoming President for 2022-23 Brian Walmark presided today, with assistance from co-hosts Warren Philp, Matt Villella, and outgoing president Jim Madder
Members acknowledge the excellent Newsletter communiques executed by Jim over the past Rotary year. 
Thus, please review Jim's June 27th communique for a fulsome overview of this week's news.

Special welcome guests today included Frank Wilson (WT RCAT) and Mike den Haan (VP External Relations at LU)

Brian's expanded land acknowledgement today was special. It was meaningful, relevant and what he termed " the first step only, in true reconciliation"

Warren Philp introduced our distinguished speaker today. Fort William FN Chief Peter Collins spoke to us from his office, (whilst juggling other significant demands) on economic development : past, present and future at Fort William First Nation.
See pic

Chief  Collins is the long serving Chief of Fort William First Nation. He will be stepping aside at the end of this his tenth and final term.  He has overseen a massive transformation of Fort William First Nation in terms of economic, social and educational development.  Chief Collins is one of those rare leaders who balances the economic needs of his people with social development.  He is a strong champion of education and its potential to empower members of his community. He previously served 9 years as Regional Grand Chief of the Northern Superior Region, chair of Dillico Child and Family Services and currently holds a Board position with the, Anishnawbek Nation, formally know as the Union of Ontario Indians.  

He was first elected chief in 1998, following several years on band council. His extensive experience covered relations between Anishnabwek peoples (and non) in this area  and by sheer determination, resulting major economic successes over the years. The accompanying photo shows him wearing a Resolute ball cap. The original Fort William FN agreement with (then) Bowater resulted in the mill build, principally by his people. A number of other accomplishments were then discussed. FWFN members are treaty rights holders, not "opponents" They work hard to succeed as a community.

 Chief Collins reaffirmed in addition his commitment to education of his youth and a special desire to assist members with disabilities.

The club is indebted to Chief Collins for his taking the time from his  busy schedule to address us. There are many positive commonalities between our organizations. He was thanked by Brian Walmark.


(refer to Jim Madder's communique June 27th)

1. (Warren Philp): Waterfront Trail Rotary Action Team: acknowledgements abound to contributors including President Madder.
 An economic and tourism impact study is moving ahead on this big project, as well as a website.

2. (Bob and Joanne Tomlinson): Wilderness Discovery Centre: final electrical and plumbing touches are completed at the staff quarters. Bob showed slides-very professional results.
RYLA transportation salutes Leslie Savitsky (front leg to Duluth) and Brenda Winter (returnees arriving back from Duluth).
Country on the Bay at FT William Historic Park; preparations being finalized with club volunteer assignments forthcoming.

3. (John Stephenson): Our Thai incoming student Fern will be attending St.Ignatius High School. Matt Diegel and John are working on final touches and Shelley Crawford is coming on board as Youth Exchange Student Counsellor. A 2nd potential host family is identified. Two more host families need to step up.

4. (Brian Walmark) thanked Kim Gurnett and  Jim Madder for a wonderful Passing the Gavel afternoon at Jim's residence.
Kevin Holloway showed a variety of videos including the spoof Rotary Philharmonic Band and Choir effort. All fun.

5.(Shelley Crawford) encourages participation in a big funding announcement at TB Art Gallery (3:30 p.m.) Thursday, June 30th.

6. Happy Dollars: Once again nice contributions engineered by Warren Philp.

At our club June 28 2022-06-29 04:00:00Z 0

At the Club June 21st

President Jim Madder chaired his penultimate meeting today, the summer solstice, and celebrating National Indigenous People's Day.

There is a healthy movement within the club referencing partnership, inclusion, and reconciliation with our Indigenous brothers and sisters.
 Commencing with the O Canada sung by FN students in Manitoba, and a land acknowledgement, Jim reflected on the above and the many current club business activities, past, present and future including a healthy roundtable discussion on our direction into the future.

(Members : consult Jim's fulsome June 20th communique (by email).

Business Addenda/Updates

1.Catch the Ace: This important fundraising event has done well with the elusive prize climbing and proceeds available for needy organizations. A number of new candidate fund recipients were brought forward today (Albert Brulé).

2. Rotary In-Bound Student Exchange: Progress is made made with 2 host families on board. A "counsellor" position still needs to be filled (contact John Stephenson, Matt Diegel). Our Thai student will be attending Superior CVI in September.

3. Meeting format: of considerable importance: current thinking is: weeks 1 and 3, hybrid/ weeks 2 and 4 social and service/ and where a 5th week occurs, business.

4. Dew Drop Inn: Service for June 23 requires members to step up (D. Silliman)

5. Volunteer hours feedback: (Jim Madder) is accessing data on total hours served: quite impressive

6. Jim Madder passes the gavel this coming Saturday at his residence: details in communique. A unique opportunity for socializing and paying respect for Jim's fine year at the helm as president.
7. Happy Dollars: This has become an excellent fundraising activity that is fun and and satisfying for all (Bill Everitt today in charge). It helps our treasury as well. (C. Bailey)
At the Club June 21st 2022-06-23 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club June 14, 2022:  Service, Socials and Such

1)   Driver needed to bring our RYLA students back from Duluth July 17th:  Bob Tomlinson
2)   More volunteers please for Country on the Bay at Ft William Historic Park, July 21 through 24.   Rotarians, your friends and family can be servers. Our Club earns $ for our charity fund!  Smart Serve required: Bob Tomlinson.
3)  During June, Rotaract gets 15% of all Sleeping Giant orders including non-alcohol via link:…/thunderbayrotaractclub/  Win-win for Rotaract!
4)  Rotary Youth Exchange hosts and counsellor urgently needed: John Stephenson.

5) Catch the Ace in Week 37!  Jackpot approaches $19,000.  Over $50,000 to local agencies so far.  It’s a win-win!     
6) Port Arthur Rotary with U Way of Thunder Bay is offering an NOHFC internship, see Jim Madder’s email and flyer and spread the word!
7)  Save the Date for a Social on July 19th at the TBay Art Gallery:  Shelley Crawford
8) Passing the Gavel at Jim Madder’s home, social 2–5PM on June 25th.  RSVP to Krysta Logozzo-Daniele.   
9)  Garden Boxes will be set up and planted at Red River Road and St Paul's Street on Friday June 17thMary-Anne Mackett, Shelley Crawford, Jim Madder if you have soil mix, water jugs, plants, helping hands.
At Our Club June 14, 2022: Service, Socials and Such 2022-06-14 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club June 14, 2022: Spotlight on Rotarians

Today we put the spotlight on Art Warwick and Warren Philp then Bill Everitt and Matt Villela. What a diverse and accomplished membership we have!

Each speaker gave us snapshots of their very interesting lives, Rotary ideals and history of service. We had a romp through history including a too-close encounter with the Klu Klux Klan, being in the Boston Marathon the year of the attack, induction in the Chatham Baseball Sports Hall of Fame, and Toastmasters International to name a few. 

Thank you, Shelley Crawford for introducing and thanking all our members involved in this and the previous two sessions.
Thank you Zoom hosts Bob Tomlinson and John Stephenson, Happy Dollar host Brenda Winter and scribe David Legge!

At Our Club June 14, 2022: Spotlight on Rotarians 2022-06-14 04:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker: J.K. (Jules) McClusker

"Indigenous perspectives on Money."

President Jim Madder chaired today's meeting with a guest presentation and spotlights on recent service and fellowship activities.  Members:  see Jim newsletter for more details.

K. J. (Jules) McCusker philanthropist, Indigenous Educator, philosopher, special advisor, social activator and Senior Creative Director of Mixed Blood Inc.  He graduated from the Vancouver Film School and is vice president of the Métis Artists’ Collective Graphic and Métis Artists’ Collective, to encourage and facilitate Métis Arts and Culture and increase public awareness and engagement of Métis artists, with a pan-aboriginal focus. He is a regular contributor to the Toronto Star.

Guest Speaker: J.K. (Jules) McClusker 2022-06-07 04:00:00Z 0 JulesMcClusker,MetisArtistsCollective,PortArthurRotary

At Our Club:  Fun and Service and goings on

1.   Spring Clean Up at Current River Park then the Waterfront Trail area near Great West Timber all on June 4th.  Thank you all volunteers!  (D. Silliman and W. Philp

2.    Fun in the Sun at Coral Bay pitted Rotarians against TB Rotoractors in a friendly networking social.  Great fun!  (S. Crawford and Elyse Pither, President-Elect Rotaract Club)
3.    Big Plant Day at Field of Greens II on June 6th went well.  Rotarians, and Salvation Army Journey to Life staff and residents worked together. (G. Ferguson, D. Legge, P. DeBakker, K. Logozzo-Daniele with videos and many more). Media awareness was excellent. We need sourcing and planting in a special tribute box in memory of Joe VanderWees: medicinal herbss like sweetgrass are needed. (P. DeBakker, D. Legge)
4.    Happy Dollars...excellent response from generous members (D. Shanks)
At Our Club:  Fun and Service and goings on   2022-06-07 04:00:00Z 0

May 31, 2022 Guest Speaker George Stanios

President-Elect Brian Walmark introduced our guest speaker, Mr. George Stanois, Senior VP, Toronto and Western Canada of the successful consulting firm BNP GOLDIE Canada:

George is an effective fundraising consultant and author of The Vigilant Fundraiser. His talk was “The Vigilant Fundraiser: 12 Steps to Fundraising Success”.  Here are those steps:
May 31, 2022 Guest Speaker George Stanios 2022-05-31 04:00:00Z 0 BNPGoldieCanada,BNPPerformance,GeorgeStanios,PortArthurRotary

May 24th: At the Club


President Jim Madder chaired today's meeting that featured a  stellar "interview" pitting the wit and grace of fellow Rotarians Krysta Logozzo Daniele and Hector Dougall (pictured).

Shelley Crawford introduced Krysta and Hector as part of her quest for club members to get insight and energy by getting to know their colleagues better. 

This was a lively duel that covered many life experiences and learned values (Hector used his interview guide). It was noted that the strong family legacies of both play a major role in moving the club along successfully.
Club News
1. Dew Drop Inn commitment for this upcoming 26th of May (contact Dave Silliman)
2. (Bob Tomlinson) reported on several major activities including: the Wilderness Discovery Camp Day (work and appreciation) May 21st (see photo);
Country on the Bay Festival at FT William Historical Park- up to 75 volunteers needed and excellent financial rewards anticipated. Smart Serve required. And also, driver volunteer required to return RYLA students back home from Duluth (Crookston) July 17th.
3. Field of Greens II big plant day tentatively booked for Monday June 6, 1000h at Salvation Army Journey to Life (D Legge and Paul DeBakker)
4. Clean Up Day at Current River Park (0900 h-Dave Silliman). Then move over to WRCAT clean up at Marina (W. Philp).
5. Fun in the Sun Day June 5th at 1625 Coral Bay Dr. Shuniah (3 pm to 8 pm) social and networking interaction with TB Rotaract Club (Shelley Crawford) Informal and pot luck... lots to do especially meeting and  interfacing with Rotaractors
6. Catch the Ace: (Albert Brulé): there are fewer cards left and a much bigger winning jackpot approaching $16,000.
7. Happy Dollars (Brenda Warner and Bill Everitt).
May 24th: At the Club 2022-05-27 04:00:00Z 0

May 17, 2022: Spotlight on our Fellow Rotarians

President Elect Brian Walmark chaired today's meeting highlighting the lives of six current Rotary members.  Warren Philp found a nostalgic O Canada from a 1978 NHL Canadiens game, sung by Roger Doucet – nice - and Brian Walmark provided a meaningful reflection on reconciliation.
Shelley Crawford thought of a fun and novel way for our members to get to know each other better.   Rod Morrison and Brenda Winter teamed up first, followed by Shelley Crawford and David Legge, and finally Paul DeBakker and Brian Walmark.  They gave us a touch about their careers and their lives - and tossed in interesting anecdotes and smiles!
Shelley thought this format was worth a try and she was right – we'll do it again soon!
Brian Walmark thanked those who stepped in front of the spotlight for this unique and dynamic glimpse.  Members and guests can be proud of their fellow Rotarians.

Hats off to today's contributors and we look forward to the Rotarians who are lining up for next week! 
May 17, 2022: Spotlight on our Fellow Rotarians 2022-05-17 04:00:00Z 0

May 10th Speaker Notes

AT OUR CLUB  May 10, 2022

Matt Villella chaired today's meeting, which featured a fine reconciliation "reflection" by Brian Walmark and an outstanding presentation from Thunder Bay Police.

Members should refer to Matt's May 9th meeting communique for a full bio on today's speaker.


Veteran officer Wendy R presented a very enlightened no-holes- barred "Day in the Life of a TBPS Officer: a Personal Experience." 

This was an all encompassing account from a very positive (and unjaded) police officer with 25 years experience on the Thunder Bay Police Force( and more prior to that).

Having experienced every sort of challenge in policing, her account did much to verify her work excellence and dedication to public service in law enforcement. And the ever challenging, even worsening status of the job demands was covered succinctly and honestly.

Her calm and friendly demeanor and wealth of experience shone through further in the lengthy question and answer period.

Her old school chum president-elect Brian Walmark, introduced her and also thanked her on behalf of the club. We hope she returns to the podium

May 10th Speaker Notes 2022-05-11 04:00:00Z 0

Welcome Rita Komendant, Welcome back Jim Crooks!

Rita Komendant was introduced by Jaro Kotalik and officially inducted to our Club today.  Her biography shows she will be an eclectic, service-oriented, sociable addition to the Club interested in bees, architecture and activism: A hearty welcome and congratulations Rita!

Jim Crooks was welcomed back to the Club with open arms after a few years' hiatus.
Past President Warren Philp provided a great summary of Jim's experience in the Club and in Thunder Bay.  Welcome back Jim!
Welcome Rita Komendant, Welcome back Jim Crooks! 2022-05-03 04:00:00Z 0

May 3, 2022:  Matt Villella on Social Media

Matt Villella on Social Media: Where Do We Go From Here?

Matt gave us a report and some recommendations using his own knowledge as Professor at Confederation College and his students's class project doing a case studay of our Club's social media.  Matt's polled us on a few areas then explained Social Media Purpose, Awareness, SWOT analysis, goals of engagement and marketing.  We may have won an award in District 5580 but we can do better!  We look forward to recruiting one of Matt's students to lead us forward.  We'll be learning how to use the platforms better.  Thank you to all of Matt's students for their great work on the project!
#socialmedia #ConfederationCollege #digitalmediaproduction  #MattVillella
May 3, 2022: Matt Villella on Social Media 2022-05-03 04:00:00Z 0

April 19, 2022: Two speakers at Hybrid Meeting

We had two excellent speakers at our hybrid meeting!     Anton Waschuk is a third generation Ukranian Canadian speaking to us from Toronto on his very diverse work with Western NIS Enterprise Fund which is an economic leadership program working across Ukraine and Moldova. 
And The Honourable Patty Hajdu, Federal Minister of Indigenous Services and Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Northern Ontario gave generously of her time to speak to our Club.
April 19, 2022: Two speakers at Hybrid Meeting 2022-04-19 04:00:00Z 0

April 12, 2022:  The Painting Crew etc.!

President Jim Madder presided at today's hybrid meeting in the Oliver Rd Community Centre.  Tech was handled by Kevin Holloway and Mark Tilbury on site and Matt Villella on Zoom.  Matt played the TSO's O Canada.  Jim Madder gave a Land Acknowledgement.

Announcement and Updates: 
(1)  Dew Drop Inn Painting Project  (2) Rotary Student Exchange  (3)  Catch the Ace   
(4)  St. James School Speakers Series   (5) RYLA Camp    (6)  Field of Greens  and more
April 12, 2022: The Painting Crew etc.! 2022-04-12 04:00:00Z 0

April 12, 2022: Paul Harris Fellows

Paul Harris Fellowship Recognition!

Foundation Chair Jaro Kotalik welcomed and congratulated members who have earned Paul Harris fellowship pins and certificates.  We were delighted to have Dan Brown, Assistant District Governor 5580 (Nipigon Rotary club) assist in the presentations.  Many were present in person or by Zoom.  The Club and the Rotary Foundation is much indebted for their generosity:

April 12, 2022: Paul Harris Fellows 2022-04-12 04:00:00Z 0

April 12, 2022: New Member Dr. Marg Woods

Past President John Stephenson introduced his spouse Dr. Marg Woods, who was inducted into the Club as a new Family Member.

Marg is delighted to be joining this wonderful organization and the Club is delighted to have her join! Past President Kevin Holloway read the Charge and Jim Madder and Secretary, Past President  Brenda Winter presented her pin and membership materials.  Congratulations and warm wishes Marg!
April 12, 2022: New Member Dr. Marg Woods 2022-04-12 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club Tuesday April 5, 2022

President Jim Madder welcomed a large audience today; many guests keen to hear our esteemed guest speaker Samantha Smith:
Guest included: Kristi Robins, Diane Walker, Angela Vistorino, Dawn Unwin, Shabaaz Kahn, Sherry, tbarrett, Varsha Lama, Carla Sereda, Frank Wilson, Karshan Kharel, Laura St. Jacques, Lisa, Pardeep Harry, Rebecca Johnson, Rhonda H, Dana Lamminmaki.

 Cohosts: Mary-Anne Mackett, Matt Villella, Kevin Holloway, Brian Walmark

O Canada: played by Matt Villella (from a Raptors playoff game night)

Land Acknowledgement: Jim Madder.


The meeting commenced with an extraordinary presentation by Samantha Smith whose bio follows (, speaking from her home in Houston Texas. 

Samantha Smith brings a unique and diverse perspective to her audiences, being a former Police Officer and current Volunteer Firefighter, her stories are impactful and relatable. She has shared her stories of mental health and the LGBTQIA+ community with thousands of people from around the World. Samantha is a proud Lesbian, Wife and Mother who was recently named one of the top 28 speakers in the World at the 2021 World Championship of Public Speaking. She is passionate about mental health awareness and breaking down the barriers, specifically in the LGBTQIA+ community to ensure their voices are heard. Samantha is also a speaking coach who leaves her audiences not only empowered to tell their own story, but calls on them to take action, to be accountable and to effect positive change in their communities to protect those whose lives depend on it.

Samantha's skill as a public speaker was on it's full glorious display today.

She commenced with a powerful video of her semi-finalist talk that recalled a tragic encounter (involving mental health) she experienced as a police officer. 
Lessons learned were immediately apparent when building her case for:

Being Vulnerable
Being Courageous
Being Heard.  

Whilst unpacking the meaning of these phrases it became apparent there was an equivalency of all three in a temporal dimension.
Inclusivity is a vital outcome, and we all share personal vulnerabilities, usually with some degree hesitancy "to speak out" when faced on a daily basis with interpersonal challenges.

Samantha was particularly up front in discussing her own challenges in the past and laterally with the international Toastmasters Judges Code of Ethics. 
Her recommendations led to significant changes in the wording to include inclusivity for members of all sexual orientation groups.

Samantha's presentation was  dynamic and very well received. Under the guidance of fellow Toastmasters Matt Villella and Brian Walmark (who officially thanked her), there was an excellent Q and A session.
The club is indebted to Matt and Brian for organizing this session (it was recorded and Samantha is quite happy to share it as well as respond to more queries) ((

CLUB UPDATES (in brief)

1. See JIm Madder's communique for further details.
2. In addition a wee video on the contingent at work at the Dew Drop Inn Painting Project was shown (Kevin Holloway) with commentary and appeals from Bob Tomlinson, the big Chief.
3. Rotary Youth Exchange: an opening for an inbound girl from Thailand is presented for this upcoming year. Potential Host parents please take note and act (John Stephenson)
4.Rotaract Club Lovely Ladies social was a big success (Karissa and Shelley Crawford).
5. Next week 's speaker is MP the Hon. Patty Hajdu, live in person at the (hybrid) meeting emanating out of the Oliver Rd Community Centre
6. Happy Dollars: Shelley Crawford is a born fund raiser!
At Our Club Tuesday April 5, 2022 Kevin Holloway 2022-04-06 04:00:00Z 0

AT OUR CLUB March 29, 2022: Speaker Cherie Kok, Exec. Director, Hospice Northwest

What is Hospice Northwest?  
  • Hospice Northwest is a Hospice Without Walls: there is no one location but rather, volunteers visit and provide care in homes, LTC homes and even shelters
  • It is a stand-alone organization in Thunder Bay, with regional partners in Nipigon, Terrace Bay, Manitouwadge and Geraldton
  • It is not part of St Joseph's Care Group Hospice per se
  • Hospice Northwest volunteers provide a wide palette of support in palliative care, grief and bereavement, caregiver support and education events and workshops like the excellent "Die-alogues"
  • The homeless and vulnerably-housed receive care.
  • Newer programs are "HUUG" (Help Us Understand Grief) for children coping with loss and Indigenous-led programs
  • One client likened it to "Massage therapy for the heart"
Their website provides greater detail:
AT OUR CLUB March 29, 2022: Speaker Cherie Kok, Exec. Director, Hospice Northwest 2022-03-29 04:00:00Z 0

AT OUR CLUB March 22, 2022:  Club Activity Updates

President Jim Madder welcomed members today including those Zooming in from away:  Past President TBay Rotaract Club Karissa in Germany, Paul DeBakker in Scottsdale AZ and Warren Philp in warm, sunny Calgary.  The Vernal Equinox was yesterday – today it is snowing hard - and it's National Introverts Week in the US.

Matt Villella played an O Canada. Jim Madder gave a Land Acknowledgement.  Co-hosts were Jim Madder, Matt Villella, Krysta Logozzo.  Thanks, all!
We heard Club Activity Updates from the St. Patrick's Day Coming Out Party, Joint ToastMasters SpeechCraft Course, Allocations, Dew Drop Inn Service and Dew Drop Inn Painting Project, Board Nominations, Catch the Ace, Waterfront Trail, Catch the Ace and Rotaract projects.

AT OUR CLUB March 22, 2022: Club Activity Updates 2022-03-22 04:00:00Z 0


President Jim Madder welcomed members and guests including Cindy Kisken (guest of Shelley Crawford) and Klarissa, Past President of the TBay Rotoract Club who is in Germany doing applied cancer research.  Co-hosts were Bob Tomlinson and others.
O Canada was a reprise of the Canadian Women's Hockey Team gold medalists in Beijing.  Land acknowledgement by Jim Madder.
  • Dew Drop Inn Painting Project, a "HANDS ON" opportunity to paint the Dew Drop Inn walls over the next weeks before Easter: 8:30-11AM prep, 4-8PM painting shifts available. Contact Bob Tomlinson to sign up at 628-9599.
  • TBay Rotaract Club (Karissa Kilby et al) is launching a drive to collect feminine hygiene products for Beendigen.  Also: A bar night at Shooters to support the Red Cross effort in Ukraine on March 18th. Rotarians are welcomed to join!
  • Catch the Ace: The Ace is close, the jackpot nearing $8200. Go for it!! (A. Brulé)
  • St. James School: the mentoring resumes!  Members are invited to give short talks on inspiring topics of your choice: see previous email from M.A. Mackett and Angelina Tassone
  • Matthew Villella is working on diverse projects including a SpeechCraft session for Rotarians, social media plans with his students for PA Rotary and Rotoractors and is going to be working on a project with all 3 clubs to celebrate Easter Seals 100th in an event in September, Matt is looking for one more committee member from our club for Easter Seals 100th, and sign-ups to SpeechCraft.
  • St. Paddy's Day Coming Out Gala at The Chanterelle, Thursday, March 17! Tickets $40 pp includes a food, live music and fellowship!!! For real, not Zoom! Sign up ASAP from Shelly Crawford or Chris Bailey. Jim Madder and Kevin Holloway are helping out.
  • Happy Dollars: Bill Everitt brought an excellent response as usual.
AT OUR CLUB March 8, 2022: ANNOUNCEMENT HIGHLIGHTS 2022-03-08 05:00:00Z 0

AT OUR CLUB March 8, 2022: Guest Speaker Todd Kennedy, March of Dimes

Matthew Villella introduced our hard-working guest today,Todd Kennedy.  Todd is the Manager of Community Programs at March of Dimes Canada in Thunder Bay.  
Todd has been with March of Dimes for 22 years in a variety of roles in employment services, volunteer management, peer support and community program development for persons living with disabilities, survivors of polio, stroke and for their family caregivers.  Todd actively works with community stakeholders and health professionals. They develop and support a variety of programs and resources for local and regional MODC clients. They have a wonderful team of staff delivering client-focused services.  
AT OUR CLUB March 8, 2022: Guest Speaker Todd Kennedy, March of Dimes 2022-03-08 05:00:00Z 0


AT OUR CLUB March 1, 2022

President Jim Madder welcomed a healthy crowd celebrating a successful Rotary Family Radio Day, recently broadcast on February 21st.

Cohosts today: Kevin Holloway, Mary-Anne Mackett and Krysta Logozzo Daniele. 

 Notable guests today: Nicole and Noah (from the Dougall Team); Rita Komendant, Marg Woods

O Canada: a brilliant rendition from the 2022 Gold Medal women's hockey team medal presentation in Beijing.

Land acknowledgement: Jim Madder


Matt Villella and Krysta Logozzo Daniele were Masters of Ceremonies, in a celebration and big thank you to a huge plethora of folks on a successful Rotary Family Radio Day (Feb 21).

We were delighted to have Hector Dougall, President and CEO of Dougall Media (and lead for our community membership therein) with his team today.
Matt commenced with a rousing "Celebration" (thanks to Kool and the Gang).

The entire process was reviewed in words, testimonials and even video and audio clips:

56th year (PA Rotarian (and Hector's dad) Fraser originated the fundraiser)
  • over $1 million donated to assist our many beneficiaries
  • this year: 709 ads, $37,000 plus received, 21 family hour sponsors, 24 x 60 second sponsors, 300 x 30 second ads, over 21 hours on CKPR 91.5
  • Our top 2 sellers with amazing results: Bill Everitt (144), Warren Philp (126). How impressive indeed!
  • major contributions from Brian Walmark, (the "mentor"), Kevin Holloway, Matt Villella, Jim Madder, Albert Brulé, Shelley Crawford
  • ad readers
  • Money Men (A. Brulé), Chris Bailey
  • Copious members out selling and connecting

Hector Dougall provided an eloquent thank you to all; his leadership in this venture exceptional


1. The Canada Club Anniversary Dinner of February 25th (End Polio Now) garnered almost $4000. Big success
2. Dew Drop Inn (Feb 24th): 350 recipients (D. Silliman). Contact Judi Turner if available for next session March 24th
3. Catch the Ace: week 22 sees the elusive card still available, $7900 jackpot is awaiting!
4. Rotary Youth Exchange: John Stephenson confirmed the club will be participating again!! Good news.
5. Field of Greens: Our upcoming season is approaching: prelim meeting tbd (D. Legge and P. De Bakker). Helpers most welcome.
6. Happy Dollars: expedited by a happy golf addict in South Florida (Doug Shanks)
AT OUR CLUB TUESDAY MARCH 1, 2022 Kevin Holloway 2022-03-02 05:00:00Z 0

AT OUR CLUB February 22, 2022: Club Announcement Highlights


1. Rotary Radio Family Day yesterday was a huge success! Matt Villella and Krysta Logozzo Daniele thanked the many members who made this another triumphant fundraiser. Special thanks to Hector Dougall and staff/team at Dougall Media for significant enhancements - promotion being a great example. A formal "Thank You" celebration will be coming soon.
2. Virtual Rotary Anniversary Dinner this Friday, Feb 25, will feature an End Polio Now update, fellowship and a great auction: Jim Madder
3. RYLA: Bob Tomlinson reports the selection process is starting with local interviews.
4. Dew Drop Inn: this Thursday's Feb 24 shifts need volunteers: call D. Silliman.
5. Catch the Ace with TBay United Way jackpot is $7,365 as of today: all tickets give a chance to win and the certainty of helping charities!  A. Brulé
6. WTRCAT, the Waterfront Trail Rotary Community Action Team: Warren Philp is meeting with Chief Peter Collins of FWFN. A fine essay on the project by Janine Chiasson appeared in the recent Walleye magazine.
7. The 4 Way Test Essay Contest award presentations are upcoming: A. Warwick.
8. Happy Dollars. Warren Philp proved yet again that PAR members are generous.

AT OUR CLUB February 22, 2022: Club Announcement Highlights 2022-02-22 05:00:00Z 0 DewDropInn,DougallMedia,EndPolioNow,RYLA,UWayTBay,WTRCAT

AT OUR CLUB February 22, 2022: Guest Speaker Joan Zhao, SunHub Inc.

AT OUR CLUB FEBRUARY 22, 2022: Guest Speaker Joan Zhao, CEO, SunHub Inc.

President Jim Madder welcomed a cheery snow-blown crowd today.  Thank you co-hosts: Matt Villella, Jim Madder.  Today's O Canada was a from the 2022 NBA Basketball All Star Game (M. Villella) and Land Acknowledgement by Jim Madder.


Our speaker today was the unique, visionary Joan Zhao, CEO of SunHub Inc. ( who spoke on the fundamentals of her international for-profit social enterprise system.  This consultancy strives to find " common ground" between diverse people. SunHub is headquartered in Ottawa. There are many lessons for organizations like Rotary International. There are links to PARO, the TBay centre for women's enterprise that spoke to PA Rotary in the past.  Joan has lived in Thunder Bay and has international experience and academic credentials supporting her mission.

AT OUR CLUB February 22, 2022: Guest Speaker Joan Zhao, SunHub Inc. 2022-02-22 05:00:00Z 0

At Our Club February 15, 2022: Patrick Morash, Fort William Historical Park

President Jim Madder chaired an enthusiastic crowd for today's meeting during Flirtation Week.
Special guest welcomed back: Dr. Michel Beaulieu of Lakehead University hosted by Mark Tilbury. Michel has spoken to our group many times in the past.

O Canada today presented by Mary-Anne Mackett - KW Glee Club was superb.  Co-hosts Jim Madder, Mary-Anne Mackett, Matt Villella and John Stephenson.  Land acknowledgement: Jim Madder.

Patrick Morash, is a Family Rotary Member with spouse Janine Chiasson and the General Manager of Fort William Historical Park. He provided a fine overview today of its history, present status and future plans as a world class "Living History Museum."
At Our Club February 15, 2022: Patrick Morash, Fort William Historical Park 2022-02-15 05:00:00Z 0 CatchtheAce,DougallMedia,EndPolioNow,FWHP,FortWilliamHistoricalPark,PortArthurRotary,UWayTBay

At our Club February 9, 2022

President Jim Madder welcomed a healthy crowd of members and guests today: notable of the latter: Dan Brown (Nipigon Rotary Club and ADG), Stephen Margarit (Past President Fort William Rotary Club and current co-chair District 5580 Public Image Committee), Alyson MacKay (Lakehead University and guest of Mark Tilbury), Rita Komandent (prospective new member), Karissa (past president Rotaractor Club of Thunder Bay--- direct from Tübingen, Germany).
O Canada was played (from Jurassic park Toronto 2019).
A land acknowledgement was read by Jim Jim Madder.
Co-hosts thanked today: John Stephenson, Matt Villella, Jim Madder, Kevin Hollloway


The distinguished MLA (for Thunder Bay-Superior North), Michael Gravelle returned to our virtual podium for a very fulsome update on a huge spectrum of challenges facing our Thunder Bay area. He is currently the Critic for Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry. His knowledge and expertise on all these areas of importance, garnered over many years, is nonpareil.


Michael has always been very generous of his time and fondness for (all) Rotary clubs in Thunder Bay: his overview today and kind words about Rotary were much appreciated.
(Hear his recorded presentation)

 Major topics reviewed (including those raised in the question-answer period):
  • the plethora of challenges and changing world in Covid times with emphasis on this part of Canada.
  • specifically, the local opioid epidemic and mental health crises, highway road maintenance, inadequate child care, public service wage gaps, long term care restructuring necessity, communication with elected officials.
  • LU (and Sudbury) and NOSM , the local District Jail and Corrections Facility, the TB  Expressway, upcoming election issues
  • and more! 
Michael will be seeking re-election. This area has been blessed by his ceaseless toil in public service over the years.
He was generously introduced and thanked by Jim Madder


1. Following procedure protocol, the new President -Elect-Elect is Shelley Crawford (Krysta Logozzo-Daniele). The club congratulated her.
2. Rotary Radio Day: The home stretch sees 643 ads tallied as of this meeting: the goal is 700 and members are urged to push to meet this goal (Matt Villella)
3. Catch the Ace: the jackpot is at $7000. Important recipients are beneficiaries and the prize is still out there (A.Brulé)
4. The One Summit 5580 Rotary took place this last weekend. Several members attended. Jim Madder spoke of positive outcomes. Small projects are perfectly desirable and attractive-they needn't be massive.
    Stephen Margarit lobbied for members to self promote Rotary for enhancing our public image.
5. The (virtual) anniversary dinner is slated for February 25th (End Polio Now remains top priority). Auction items are requested (contact Jim or Don McDonald at Lakehead Club)
6. Happy Dollars were encouraged with success by a thankful Brenda Winter.
At our Club February 9, 2022 Matthew Villella 2022-02-09 05:00:00Z 0

At Our Club Tuesday Feb 1, 2022

President Jim  Madder welcomed members (including Lakehead Rotary Club President Don MacDonald) to an informal business meeting,( a.k.a Update Meeting), which contained so much good discussion on our activities, that several planned elements had to be deferred to the future because of timing limitations.

 Jim thanked our co host team, read a Land Acknowledgement  ( see below) and commenced the program with a fine O Canada (see pic), with thanks to Mary-Anne Mackett and Kevin Holloway.
The Kitchener Waterloo Glee Club is a delight.


(NB: see also President Madder's extensive pre-meeting communique for further details).

1. Past-President Krysta Logozzo Daniele announced that Shelley Crawford has accepted an offer to be nominee for President -Elect-Elect for 2023-24.
The floor is open over the next week for additional nominations (stay tuned).

2. Canada Club Deliberations: 
  • The Rotary Santa Claus Parade appears to be a go for next year (next planning meeting Feb 1)
  • PETS (for Presidents-elect) District training session is open for registration (to be held Feb 24th)
  • PA Rotary Centennial Committee (S. McAuley) will try and engage future Rotary International President Jennifer Jones (of Canada) as a guest VIP of Honour to visit here 
  • the 5580 ROTARY ONE SUMMIT (virtual) should appeal to all club leaders. Link:
  • the Canada Club Anniversary Dinner (End Polio Now) is scheduled for February 24. Auction Donations welcomed: details to follow re admission.
  • "Diversity Thunder Bay is proud to welcome Jody Wilson-Raybold as our 2022 keynote speaker.  Jody's presentation is entitled “Taking Steps to Advance True Reconciliation.” and she will be discussing a variety of topics related to this important public policy issue, including why governments struggle to advance true reconciliation, UNDRIP, racial justice for Indigenous peoples, and addressing our legacy of colonialism, challenges that we may face as a community/individuals, and creating safe spaces to have these important conversations."                    Registration Link:
  • Rod Morrison's fine interview with Sean VanderKlis , on the CBC morning show went very well (on our club making bridges with Indigenous peoples in this area)
3. Dew Drop Inn:
 Dave Silliman reported on another eventful session January 27th

4.Waterfront Trail /Rotary Community Action Team (W. Philp) has new Action Team membership and an expected infusion of significant funding from the City. Rotarians Jim Madder, Donna Ostrom and Janine Chiasson along with lead Warren form a strong core. The Action Team concept has a bright future looking at many other community projects.

5. RYLA (Youth Leadership in Crookston MN) appears to be going ahead in 2022 (3 reps from Thunder Bay) (B Tomlinson)

6. Catch the Ace: Entering week 18 with a jackpot of $6400, Albert Brulé is encouraging ongoing support. Dougall Media is assisting with in kind promotion (thanks to Hector Dougall)

7. Allocations Committee (Chair Judi Turner) has 5 applications in hand and decision making will take place this month.

8. Rotary Radio Day :Our RD ad campaign is doing very well, with the Early Bird segment now terminated, we are about 90 ads short of the 700 goal (Rosa Tucci, Matt Villella, Brian Walmark, Krysta and many more)

President Madder led a fulsome discussion on the complexities of Land Acknowledgement in today's world of earnest attempts at reconciliation.
 Many members had relevant and well thought out opinions, with a consensus emerging that the most meaningful path is to continue same, with timely modifications reflecting positive relationships and intended actions to follow up, not so much a rote or boiler plate statement. It should be thought of as a beginning not an end. Guest speakers in the recent past including Chief Louie (Osooyos FN in B.C.) and Derek Fox (NAN) have been important stimuli for the club to move forward. Hard work by Rod Morrison on the club Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Committee is helping to propel this end.

10. Happy Dollars: Warren Philp read out 7 months worth of Birthday Greetings and we sang our praise (almost to a symphony back up). This should generate  needed monies to the cause.

 The meeting adjourned right on time at 1300h!
At Our Club Tuesday Feb 1, 2022  Kevin Holloway 2022-02-01 05:00:00Z 0

AT OUR CLUB January 25, 2022: Chief Louie

President Jim Madder welcomed 41 plus attendees to today's meeting on Robbie Burns Day.

Guests today included:  Kay Biga (DG Elect 5580), Robert McLean (5580 Past DG), Ida Rowe, Dan Brown (ADG 5580 from Nipigon), Don MacDonald (President Lakehead Rotary Club), and from Thunder Bay news media Cory N of TBT News and James Murray News Net.

O Canada was played by Matt Villella; Jim Madder made the Land Acknowledgement.


Chief Clarence Louie, CM and OBC, distinguished Chief for 24 years of the Osoyoos Indian Band in British Columbia, was our dynamic speaker today from his office in B.C.


Chief Louie is recognized internationally for his exemplary leadership within his community including very successful economic and business development therein. He is a tireless advocate for Indigenous reconciliation as tied to positive relationships with the many layers of government and non government organizations.

AT OUR CLUB January 25, 2022: Chief Louie 2022-01-25 05:00:00Z 0

At Our Club January 18, 2022: Toastmasters

AT OUR CLUB  January 18, 2022: Toastmasters

President Jim Madder welcomed a very healthy crowd of 46 plus to today's joint meeting featuring Rotary and Toastmasters (International and Nanabijou locally) in partnership.

There were many guests from the local Nanabijou Toastmasters Club: Debbie Cashmore, Rami El Mawd, Ken Boshcoff (also President-Elect of Lakehead Rotary) and Jean Mirowski.  Neighbours to the south: Kimberlee Redington (a TM District Director), Harold Osmundson (keynote speaker, International TM Director from Minneapolis), David Goldsworthy, Dana Lamminmaki, Katy Hursch (a DFG Elect), Kay Biga (Rotary District 5580 DG Elect from Duluth, Jeremy, Kim and Michael (TMs from Minnesota).

The Canadian National Anthem was played by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Jim Madder read the Land Acknowledgement.


PA Rotarian and Toastmaster from Nanabijou Club Matt Villella presided today.
At Our Club January 18, 2022: Toastmasters 2022-01-18 05:00:00Z 0

At Our Club Tuesday January 4, 2022

Starting off the New Year, there was a catch-up, congenial, Zoom social followed by President Jim Madder's noon gavel and the meeting itself.

 Co-hosts: Jim Madder, Matt Villella, Mary-Anne Mackett and Kevin Holloway.

O Canada was played by Mary-Anne Mackett (a lovely multicultural rendition).
 Jim Madder read a land acknowledgement.

Matt Villella introduced (and later thanked) our guest speaker, Rhonda Harrison, Manager of Community Engagement, Northern Region for Easter Seals Ontario (about to celebrate it's 100th anniversary). Rotary helped to instigate the organization in 1922 with a successful Easter time stamps for envelopes fundraiser. 

Easter Seals' Mission is to support (permanently) physically disabled children under 19, to achieve independence and success, by providing mobility and accessibility equipment and socializing (principally at camps).

Approximately 80% of the clients have cerebral palsy and other neurodevelopmental disabilities. 

Rhonda used a Power Point overview ( and also a video) to outline the Mission, Impact, Mechanics and Fundraising standbys to make this an important resource for the more than 100 affected kids in the northern TB District. 

Many are familiar with annual fundraisers such as Snowarama (snowmobiling), the Celebrity Hockey Classic (with retired NHL players), Wine and Cheese, and the Celebrity "Roast." 

As expected, the Covid pandemic has meant adjustments, but success has been nevertheless achieved therein.

There was a fulsome Q&A session. The club is indebted to Easter Seals and Rhonda for the information. A complete overview is available on the website.



Among the announcements were: 
Dew Drop Inn Report for December 23 (D. Silliman), Rotary Radio Day progress (steady-Matt Villella), Catch the Ace (A. Brulé), Wilderness Discovery Camp (B. Tomlinson), Rotary Foundation Giving (J. Kotalik with more details next week), update on Laurier Tulloch (J.Dojack), and January meeting speakers preview (B. Walmark-see communiques).

 A relaxed and "fun" Happy Dollars was executed to perfection by Doug Shanks.
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At Our Club December 21, 2021: NAN Grand Chief Fox and more

President Jim Madder chaired this the last meeting of 2021 on the Winter Solstice. We had a fine presentation from Grand Chief Derek Fox of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation and many kind wishes and reflections from members.  We were particularly happy to welcome back Past-President Laurie Tulloch.

Co-hosts: Kevin Holloway and Jim Madder.  Anthem was a charming video found by Kevin Holloway.  Land acknowledgement by Jim Madder

FEATURE PRESENTATION:  Grand Chief Derek Fox of Nishnawbe Aski Nation

At Our Club December 21, 2021: NAN Grand Chief Fox and more 2021-12-21 05:00:00Z 0

At Our Club December 14, 2021: Inductions, Honouring Members

President Jim Madder presided over a very busy festive meeting Inducting two Community Members Dougall Media and Thunder Bay Community Foundation;  Honouring 60-year member Jim Colquhoun; and honouring District Awards.

Co-hosts were: Kevin Holloway, Mark Tilbury and Matt Villella.  Tech specialists, Kevin Holloway, Mark Tilbury and Matt Villella have mastered the hybrid model. Well done, gentlemen.

The Canadian Tenors sang O Canada and Jim gave the Land Acknowledgement that we meet on Fort William First Nation Territory.

At Our Club December 14, 2021: Inductions, Honouring Members 2021-12-14 05:00:00Z 0 District5580,DougallMedia,PortArthurRotary,TBCF,ThunderBayCommunityFoundation,UWayTBay

At Our Club Tuesday Dec 7, 2021

President Jim Madder presided over a full house today, that included guests: Dr Michael Wilson, Marilyn Stewart, Rita Komedant, Patricia and Ian Neely.

O Canada was followed by a respectful land acknowledgement.


Dr. Kieran Moore is the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario. Formerly the MOH for Kingston,Frontenac, Lennox and Addington, he has an impressive resume as an expert in public health and preventative medicine.

A brief introduction by David Legge sufficed to highlight his educational background and extensive experience in the public health sector dealing with evidence  based surveillance systems. Key interests therein include: bioterrorism, outbreak detection, public health in general, pre-hospital care, evaluation of data streams for early outbreak detection and more. For example, he is the Principle Investigator for the Pan-Canadian Research Network on Lyme Disease.

His early medical career centred on family and emergency medicine right here in Thunder Bay and he was a provincial coroner then as well.

Today's presentation was a fulsome update on the Covid 19 pandemic here in Ontario. 
The stats on vaccination uptake are relatively quite good in the Thunder Bay District Health Unit zone, with over 80 % of eligible residents fully immunized and booster dosing going well. 
Unfortunately as expected, and verifying the modelling, the 4th wave is picking up and the new Omicron variant (already here) is likely to be a headliner into the winter season (delta is still about 99.9 % responsible).
Dr. Moore has many goals: one example: keeping the provincial ICU admission number under 300. This will be a challenge as winter advances.

The complex picture, including disease prognostics and biology were reviewed, with risk, indicators and current metrics outlined.

A very healthy Q&A session weighed in on many elements such as: how the virus targets organ systems, viral zoonoses theory, school safety precautions (doing well in general), vaccine hesitancy around the world, CoVax challenges, potential input from Rotarians and more.

Dr. Moore had to move on to another important media event.  The questioning would have gone on much longer otherwise. He was most gracious in thanking his Thunder Bay friends as well as Rotary for their support and good work. Hopefully, he can report back in the future.

He was thanked by Paul DeBakker.

Dr Dimiter Alexandrov
 was on hand for follow-up questions and answers following his compelling presentation last week on new low energy fusion reactor science.
Indeed a 5 kilowatt prototype is already in the works; applications would favour rural (eg indigenous) communities in the north. Apparently there is already cooperation with scientists on the subject in the United States.
Stay tuned. Lakehead University would be the site for making this happen.


Members can review Jim Madder's communique listing the many current activities of the club.

Up to the minute highlights:
1. The Dew Drop Inn Rotary slot for December 23 is on tap. (D. Silliman)
2.Catch the Ace with UWTB: 2 new recipients are to be added: RFDA and Christmas Cheer Fund (Albert Brulé)
3. The PA Rotary Christmas tree (to be auctioned off) is to be erected and decorated starting today the 7th. Volunteers are welcomed going forward (S. Crawford)
4. The Christmas Carol Sing (virtual) is on -December 12th at 7:00 pm (Matt Villella: http//trinityunited/livestream/)
5. Clarence Louie, prominent FN leader and businessman (Osoyoos Band ) will be speaker at the end of January (hybrid format at Daytonas (B. Walmark)
6. Rotary Radio Day ads: Matt Villella encourages members to make use of the early bird deadline.
7. Jim Madder reiterated next week's meeting (hybrid) with live portion and celebrations at Oliver Rd Rec Centre.
8. Doug Shanks continues to be a magnet for Happy Dollar donations...all good.
At Our Club Tuesday Dec 7, 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-12-07 05:00:00Z 0

At Our Club Tuesday November 30 2021

President Jim Madder welcomed members as well as guest Rita Komandent.

O Canada was rendered from CBC Archives and was very attractive  (thanks to K.Holloway)

Jim Madder acknowledged the land we are situated on and then introduced our speaker


Rotarian Dr. Dimiter Alexandrov: PhD, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria is Head of the Semiconductor Research Laboratory at Lakehead University. He has  a number of high profile research interests and has recently been acknowledged for his (published) work on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).

Setting the stage for his work on an emerging novel prototype for a controlled, practical energy source devoid of both radiation release and radioactive waste, he reviewed the basics on nuclear energy physics: first nuclear fission, second, nuclear fusion.
The early experiments led to uncontrolled massive energy release, typified by  explosion bombs (eg the Manhattan project-1945, by fission reaction) and later the hydrogen bomb ( by fusion-1956), which of course had very adverse effects on the planet and humanity. More controlled fission technologies (eg CANDU reactors) still have the disadvantages we hear about every day.

In Dr. Alexandrov's lab, he found that by fusing deuterium with a  solid metal eg palladium) he could get helium and energy release (demonstrated by a glowing coil in his video). This is low energy in scale but sufficient for commercial application,  in theory.
Down the line he foresees a new fossil free (thus carbon emission free), radioactive free, radioactive, waste free, scalable, portable, source of clean energy. This might even be a godsend for remote communities and importantly would be controllable. Very exciting technology in the offing!

This is important work and it is being developed right here at Lakehead University.

 Jim Madder thanked Dr. Alexandrov for this remarkable research and  attendees responded enthusiastically as well.


ANNOUNCEMENT HIGHLIGHTS (see also President Madder's communique)

1.Salvation Army Kettles: A few openings remain  for December 11th (contact Bill Green)
2. Dew Drop Inn: a fulsome day assisting 370 people was held November 25th (D. Silliman)
3. Catch the Ace: Albert Brulé extols this important activity in support of 4 worthy recipients
4. The O Christmas tree project has been modified: unfortunately the pop up market will be deferred til next year. Our club is still decorating a tree that will be auctioned on line by United Way Thunder Bay (Shelley Crawford).      Drop off depot for decorations is Econo Lodge with thanks to Leslie Savitsky).
5. Jim Madder presented a cheque for $2500  from the club (to be matched) to Mark Tilbury (LU and PA Rotary) for a student named award.
6. Our club is issuing a media release relating to our Rotary district awards, tomorrow. Stay tuned.
7. Wilderness Discovery Camp is blanketed by light snow, but the staff quarters have been recently painted (B. Tomlinson).
8. Past-president Laurie Tulloch is recovering from major surgery at TBRHSC...let him know you are thinking of him (emails a good route to go).
9. Rotary Radio Day ad sales are picking up steam. Keep up the good work (Matt Villella).
10. Mark Tilbury askes all members to fill out the bio survey asap and email to Shelley Crawford (
At Our Club Tuesday November 30 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-11-30 05:00:00Z 0

At Our Club November 23, 2021: Catching Up

We had 22 members and guests at our relaxed meeting today, full of chat, updates and news. We were happy to see Anne Hélène Kerner, the Exchange Student from 2015-2016 (with Jim and Cindy Mucklow), Dan Brown, District AG and Nipigon Rotary, Karissa from Rotaract and Rita Komendant.
Updates and news: 
Anne Hélène Kerner, our 2015-16 Exchange Student, 
Albert Brulé on Holiday Tree Sponsorships,
Bill Green on Salvation Army Kettles,
David Silliman on Virtual Carol Sing,
Krysta Logozzo-Daniele on the Rotary Radio Family Days,
Canada Club Rotary Christmas Party - TBay and Nipigon Clubs: Fort William Rotary's Irene Sottile,
Kevin Holloway on the Roy Coran Big Band concert and
Jim Madder on our future meetings: Dimiter Alexander, Dr. Kieran Moore and Awards and Inductions.
At Our Club November 23, 2021: Catching Up 2021-11-23 05:00:00Z 0 CatchtheAce,PortArthurRotary,UWayTBay

At Our Club November 16, 2021: Feature Presentation NWO LIP Stacey Parks

President Jim Madder welcomed 29 members and guests. Prof Dimiter Alexandrov has rejoined the club and Jaro Kotalik welcomed back Rita Komendant. Thank you cohosts Jim Madder and Warren Philp.

O Canada was sung by students Faith Bage and Mallory Richards.  Jim Madder read the Land Acknowledgement.


Stacey Parks, coordinator for the Northwestern Ontario Local Immigration Partnership (NWO LIP) returned for presentation on the important work by the NWO LIP/Thunder Bay Multiculturalism Association partnership with Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Others such as the Northern Policy Institute and local civic groups assist.
NWO LIP links newcoming immigrants and refugees to the community to support successful integration. There are 83 LIPS across Canada.  We need them as much as they need us!

Stacey Parks ( is enthusiastic about this work. They currently support of Afghan Nationals in Thunder Bay as one example. Of 14,455 Afghani nationals who helped Canada's efforts, some 9,505 applications to enter Canada were approved.  Canadian government pledged to help 40,000 and 3,385 have arrived so far.  PA Rotary and friends are able to contribute in a number of ways.

It was a good presentation, well-received.  Jim Madder introduced and thanked Stacey.


1.  Salvation Army Kettle volunteers still needed on Dec 11th (B.Tomlinson, B. Green)
2.  Virtual Carol Sing on Dec 12th, donations to the Christmas Cheer Fund (D.Silliman).
3.  Catch the Ace Raffle:  Albert Brulé calls out for everyone to continue our support!
4.  Rotary Radio Day is in full swing!  Early returns on 1 hr sponsors and 60 second ads very encouraging. Let's all help raise proceeds for the community! Brian Walmark
5.  Rotoract President Karissa indicates the LU Thunder Wolves hockey game social has a good sign-up so far. Join the group if you get tickets!
6. Roy Coran Big Band with our own Kevin Holloway on trombone, Dec 19th at 2pm, Italian Cultural Centre (K. Holloway).  Come out and enjoy Christmas music!
7. O Christmas Tree Pop-Up Holiday Market, partnership of United Way and the Waterfront BIA. PA Rotary members can donate or volunteer or both. See pdf flyer!
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At Our Club Tuesday November 9, 2021

Hello Team: a very successful hybrid meeting..well done all.
Thanks for posting


 President Jim Madder welcomed members and guests to our first "hybrid" meeting ever, with the live element taking place at the Urban Abbey.

There was roughly a 50/50 split of folks at this very attractive venue and on Zoom.

The tech team headed by Kevin Holloway, Mark Tilbury and Matt Villella toiled long and hard with an outstanding result in this new era of PA Rotary.
Both audio and video connectivity was excellent and everyone felt included and charged.
Bob Tomlinson and Bill Green welcomed members at the reception desk (well done lads).

Notable guests included Louise and Jim Miller (Shuniah), introduced by Dave Legge.

O Canada (a Canadian military band amalgam) and Land Acknowledgement (by Jim Madder) were presented.


 Remembrance Day was honoured in a unique way with recorded versions of the Last Post, Minute's silence whilst viewing images of Thunder Bay area Canadians lost in the wars, Reveille and a reading of Flanders Fields by naval veteran MO Nelson previously recorded at the Current River Memorial site.
MO Nelson died recently at 100 years of age (October 1, 2021) and was cited today as an outstanding Canadian and Port Arthur Rotarian.
Another highly respected PA Rotarian, Rob Graham, also died recently (October 31, 2021)  and our special Remembrance day offering included a unique opportunity for photo and live testimonials of these highly respected colleagues.

(Rev) Dave Silliman then  took to the podium to deliver a powerful reflection on freedom; its meaning for him,  in a very personal way. Dave has had many recollections of import within his own family and personal life. He is honoured to be able to appreciate and live in a community with true freedom. His heartfelt address was a treat for listeners to think about and ponder our good fortune in service.

This very successful meeting ended with a nice Rotary celebration...(we are back)...cake (thanks to Shelley Crawford).


1.Nominee for 2021-22 President-elect Brian Walmark was ratified by members and congratulated (Rod Morrison et al)). Brian confirmed that he would do his very best leading the club next year.
2. Rotoract President Karissa invited members to join them for LU hockey ( November 19th) at the Garden.
3. The Rotary Foundation seeks donations (especially this Rotary donation month). RI over 100 years has earmarked over 4 billion dollars for projects around the world (contact Jaro Kotalik). RI is a top rated charitable organization.  Gloria Mink at District 5580 showed a video on example projects benefitting from grants in our district (Wilderness Discovery Camp very notable here).
4. Catch the Ace fund raiser is in week 6.  Support is encouraged, including weekly sponsorships. Tomorrow night, our partner United Way of TB presents a film narrated by Shania Twain with the beneficiary being Shkoday (A. Brulé).
5. Salvation Army Kettles sign up is still open (Dec 4 and 11). Contact Bob Tomlinson.
6. Week one of Rotary Radio Day is up and running with early sales returns already! (B.Walmark).
At Our Club Tuesday November 9, 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-11-09 05:00:00Z 0

At Our Club Tuesday November 1, 2021

AT OUR CLUB NOVEMBER 2, 2021President Jim Madder welcomed 30 (plus) Rotarians and our guest speaker Angelina Tassone.Cohosts today: Jim Madder and John Stephenson.Following a wintry O Canada sung by school kids (thanks to Kevin Holloway) and Land Aknowledgement (J. Madder),Mary-Anne Mackett introduced our guest Angelina Tassone, Principal at St. James Elementary Public School, for what turned out to bean extraordinary overview of the major challenges faced at this busy elementary school with a diverse low income cohort ofstudents, many of home have learning disabilities during the Covid 19 pandemic era.The real myriad of challenges were outlined clearly with many obstacles to be met even including labour action prior to the March 2020onset of the pandemic. There were many fears and uncertainties right away and all came to play throughout, with both students and staffdealing with the new realities of virtual learning, technology unfamiliarity, eventual mental exhaustion, even ramifications like food insecurity (no more breakfast and lunch in house programming), connectivity at all levels including with parents, and certainly gaps in academic progress.Many kids (and parents) were more interested in survival than learning.Angelina and her dedicated but beleaguered staff  (30 in contrast to 200 students) soldiered on, with number 1 priority being safety and individual caring for each student.They are constantly "starting from afresh and thinking outside the box in problem solving."This presentation was quite inspirational and verified PA Rotary's commitment as a helping pattern (there are many other great partners as well).The Q and A session focused on how our club can help. Angelina expressed her gratitude for our partnership.She was thanked by Mary-Anne Mackett, who organized this presentation and has overseen the PA Rotary partnership in reading/learning/ sports/ music (and more)programming over the past couple of years.(Angelina Tassone has been the Principal of St James Public School since Sept 2018. Prior to arriving at St James Angelina was an elementary school principal, a vice principaland a teacher. She also worked as a faculty advisor and associate professor at Lakehead University. For over 22 years Angelina has had the pleasure of working with incredible students, families and staff at Lakehead Public Schools. She is proud of her role in supporting student success and firmly believes that only through the caring collaborative approach of working with staff, families, and community partners can we truly make a difference in children’s lives).BUSINESS SUMMARY1.Rod Morrison Chair of the Past-President's Advisory Council outlined the procedure for nomination/election of a new President elect. Mary-Anne Mackett is relinquishing her current role and continuing as an important force within the club (thanks always for your yeoman service Mary-Anne). Rod was pleased to announce that Brian Walmark has agreed to put his name forth to assume this new role. Over the next week, any additional nominations are welcomed and at next week's meeting a vote should take place. Thank you Brian!!2. Jaro Kotalik spoke again on novel ways to enhance contributions to RI via the Paul Harris campaign. For non fellows any donation of $100 or more garners 1000 recognition points (up to December 31st/21) towards this goal.3. Bob Tomlinson and Bill Green are recruiting volunteers for the Salvation Army Kettles (Bubble) campaign  (December 4 and 11) at 2 locations.4. Dew Drop Inn (October 28th) saw 360 patrons at a cost of $189 to the club (D. Silliman thanked our volunteers).5. The 2021 Christmas Carol Sing is on, virtually, as at last year (very successful). It is on December 12th (D. Silliman and St Paul's United Church).6. Catch the Ace campaign with United Way Thunder Bay (A. Brulé), is picking up steam. One of our distributions (Shkoday Abriginal Headstart) is linked to St.James School.7. Next weeks grand HYBRID meeting will take place in part(i.e. live) at the Urban Abbey. Jim Madder, Kevin Holloway and Mark Tilbury are heading up this exciting new beginning. Check Jim's communique for details.8. Happy Dollars to the cause were generated by Happy Doug Shanks
At Our Club Tuesday November 1, 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-11-02 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club Tuesday October 26, 2021

President Jim Madder welcomed 30 + members and guests, including our distinguished U.S. guests, Past 5580 District Governors  Gary Nolte (Moorhead Rotary, MN) and Bob McLean (Central Lakes).  

The Star Spangled Banner and O Canada ( a beautiful rendition sung by the Tenors-thanks M.A. Mackett) were played followed by an appropriate land acknowledgement.

Co-hosts: Mary-Anne Mackett and Jim Madder)


Past DG Gary Nolte  (1998-99) was introduced by President Madder. Regrets from Gary's (RN) wife Cindy were conveyed.

Gary is a veteran and very seasoned, knowledgeable international volunteer in the international polio eradication campaign: Rotary service epitomized.

His address, entitled Rotary's Global Polio Challenge was a fine overview and reminder of the terrible disease that happily has been reduced to a mere one case extant today in each of 
Afghanistan and Pakistan.
 Gary has been on the front line (boots on the ground as our own past DG Roly Turner put it) in many of the endemic polio countries in the world (including India, Niger, Nigeria, Haiti and more). His wealth of experience shone through today. His slide show showed stark examples of the victims but also happy recipients of village campaign immunization programs (largely oral --provided by Gary, his RN wife Cindy and other team members) in all these areas.

Over 3 billion children were immunized. The campaign is at one inch from the goal line: a remarkable achievement: very inspiring.

Gary was thanked by all of us including President Madder and our past DG and good friend PA Rotarian Roly Turner.



1. The Salvation Army Journey to Life Centre Ribbon Cutting Centre was held October 22nd (D. Silliman and D. Legge): another outstanding achievement. Rotarian Gary Feruson, CEO, was MC.
2. The Rotary Santa Claus Parade for this year is postponed (insufficient prep time et al).It is hoped it will return next year.
3. Rotary Carol Sing: Fort William Rotary is planning an in person event and our club is exploring, independently, the possibility of another virtual event (with St. Paul's United Church (D. Silliman). Last years virtual concert was outstanding.
4. Dew Drop Inn: our turn is upcoming this Thursday October 28th (D. Silliman happy to hear from you).
5. The club is exploring the possibility of a Christmas social.
6. The club Remembrance Day program is upcoming with a tribute to MO Nelson.
7. Catch the Ace: Albert Brulé encouraged us to pick up the pace on the second run of this important fundraising event.
8. Future meeting options include a hybrid possibility (example-The Urban Abbey) (K. Holloway).
9. Mary-Anne Mackett, with regrets, is stepping down as President-elect. The Past presidents will reconvene to move forward.
10. Happy dollars (celebrating happy events) was successful again (Bill Everitt).
At Our Club Tuesday October 26, 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-10-26 04:00:00Z 0
AT OUR CLUB October 19, 2021:           BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS 2021-10-19 04:00:00Z 0
AT OUR CLUB OCTOBER 19, 2021: Two New Community Members – Confederation College and United Way Thunder Bay 2021-10-19 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club Tuesday October 12, 2021

President Jim Madder welcomed local members and our special guest, District 5580 Governor Keith Brokke (Fargo-Moorhead a.m. Rotary club). Additionally, Assistant 5580 DG Dan Brown was on hand from Nipigon, Sandy Lychowyd (Lakehead club and past ADF) and Joshua Taylor was introduced and welcomed by Jaro Kotalik.
Mr. Brokke's wife, Rotarian Lynn Brokke was also welcomed.

Hosts today were: Bob Tomlinson and John Stephenson.

The Star Spangled Banner and O Canada were played and President Jim proceeded to introduce DG Brokke.

 He commenced by thanking our club for it's fine work (and culminating in significant awards as recognition: major highlights-Dave Silliman in Vocational Service and Kevin Holloway as District Rotarian of the Year!!)

Our new DG (pictured) provided a very comprehensive overview of Rotary in our district and internationally. This included an introduction to the new international President Shekar Mehta (Calcutta Rotary, India). 
His theme for this year: SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES (for the better).
His focal points:
1. Rotary world wide membership remains fairly static at 1.2 million. EACH ONE, BRING ONE is a simple plea to each Rotarian.
2. Work to improve the world environment. This involves several major initiatives including bringing into the fold new clubs through Rotoractor partners; improving diversity and inclusion in members; empowering girls (with it's numerous ramifications: eg. water and sanitation project work).

Keith played a powerful video highlighted the issue of female empowerment (from India: skilled but impoverished women gaining needed status in weaving businesses.

Closer to home Keith spoke of projects emanating from District 5580 of exceptional merit (example D 5580 Global Scholar Alicia Helion working with microfinancing in Ethiopa.

He than gave a very helpful primer on District 5580 Grants, World Community Service, Rotary Global Grants (and how matching donations can add up substantially), Rotary Friendship Exchange planning, and Polio Plus campaign update (down to 2 cases in 2 countries!.

This year's District Conference: St. Cloud MN, Convention Centre- April 21-23.
This year's International Conference: Houston Texas-June 4-8, 2022.

Who but veteran, Past DG our own Roly Turner thanked his good friend Keith Brokke for a powerful presentation. The club thanks Keith and Lynn for coming and his strong leadership in Rotary over many years.


1. This coming Saturday October 16 a.m: garbage pickup, Current River park area (meet at Salvation Army Journey to Life Centre (contact D. Silliman)
2. Catch the Ace (2.0) is in full swing, week 2 (after a successful inauguration): Deadline is Friday at noon. Kubota is this week's sponsor (E. Mikkola, A. Brulé)
3. Proud Rotarian and Women in Rotary signs available again (J. Madder)
4. Rotary Foundation contributions  towards Paul Harris Fellowships and points program reiterated: (Jaro Kotalik)
5. October 19th program: Business-updates on our projects included.
At Our Club Tuesday October 12, 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-10-12 04:00:00Z 0

United Way "Days of Caring" Service Opportunity

From Erika Mikkola, UWayTBay:
On behalf of the United Way of Thunder Bay’s GenNext, I wanted to reach out fast to share we have launched a new spin on the traditional Days of Caring … MINI DAYS OF CARING (DOC)!!
Essentially, Mini DOC is the same as our normal big one-day event BUT instead of one day, Mini DOC will take place at different times until the end of 2021. Organizations, groups, and not-for-profits can apply for volunteer help with a project at any time and then we will fulfill their volunteer requirements by offering meaning volunteer opportunities to individuals, groups, and workplaces in the community. Day of Caring should be just one day, but every day. See website for more details – project requests & volunteer opportunities open now.

United Way "Days of Caring" Service Opportunity 2021-10-05 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club October 5, 2021 Feature Presentation: Meg Schmieder, ShelterBox Canada

AT OUR CLUB OCTOBER 5, 2021 Feature Presentation:    Meg Schmieder, ShelterBox Canada

Meg Schmeider, Fundraising Coordinator for #ShelterBoxCanada gave an outstanding overview of Shelterbox Canada and its much needed assistance providing shelter kits for some of the many millions in dire need after natural disasters.  It is part of an international organization.
ShelterBox was started by a Rotarian in Cornwall England in 2000, looking for a worthwhile international Millennial project.  Rotarians Ron Noseworthy in Kenora and Jackie Dojack and Maria Hudolin at PA Rotary took up the challenge locally.

See for inspiration and information. 

Meg began with "Why We Exist". We heard about their Coronavirus adaptation, international disaster site recipients, equipment and partners.  Local Rotary Clubs in disaster zones play a key role for distribution of ShelterBoxes.  Meg pointed out some fun, creative ways to raise support.

President Jim Madder and veteran Rotarians Jackie Dojack and Roly Turner confirmed our Club's long commitment to this cause.  We may put our box, bought as a demonstration, to actual good use!

Meg was introduced by Jackie Dojack and thanked by Mary-Anne Mackett.

For detailed answers to questions in the Q&A ...
At Our Club October 5, 2021 Feature Presentation: Meg Schmieder, ShelterBox Canada 2021-10-05 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club October 5, 2021: Club Business and Announcements

President Jim Madder welcomed 26 Rotarians and guests including Rotoract Co-President Karissa.  Zoom Host Kevin Holloway played a fine rendering of O Canada by the United Indigenous Communities of Canada.
Catch the Ace, UWayTBay "Day of Caring" volunteer opportunity, Waterfront Trail update, MO Nelson:
At Our Club October 5, 2021: Club Business and Announcements 2021-10-05 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club September 21, 2021: UN International Day of Peace Event

On this UN International Day of Peace, today’s presentation was a video compilation created by the Port Arthur, Fort William and Lakehead Rotary Clubs of Thunder Bay - reflections on world peace, live streamed and available on Zoom.  The program was hosted by PAR Rotarians Brian Walmark and Matt Villella and featured many local contributors.  PAR Past President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele gave the Land Acknowlegement.
Brian Walmark reviewed UN’s recognition of its long-standing ties with Rotary in the pursuit of peace and understanding: “Peace needs to be lived, rather than preached.” 
At Our Club September 21, 2021: UN International Day of Peace Event 2021-09-21 04:00:00Z 0
At Our Club September 7, 2021: ToastMasters Matt Villella and Brian Walmark 2021-09-07 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club August 31, 2021: Club Announcements and more 

President Jim Madder welcomed 32+ members and guests Paul Dubé, Phillip Murphy and Mélina.  Co-hosts were: Kevin Holloway, Jim Madder and Matt Villella.   O Canada today featured Canada's Gold Medal Women’s Soccer Team from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics - bravo to them!  We had a very interesting presentation from Mr. Paul Dubé, Ontario Ombudsman [see separate post].

1.   The very successful Rotary Progressive Garden Party (August 29th) was reviewed by hosts and managers Jim Madder, Shelley Crawford and Kevin Holloway. A slide show highlighted the lovely pastoral scene and happy attendees.
At Our Club August 31, 2021: Club Announcements and more 2021-08-31 04:00:00Z 0
AT OUR CLUB August 31, 2021: Guest Speaker Ontario Ombudsman Paul Dubé  2021-08-31 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club August 17, 2021: ShelterBox Canada for Haiti and more

President Jim Madder welcomed 32 members.  Thank you Zoom hosts Warren Philp and Jim Madder.

Jaro Kotalik gave an excellent overview of ShelterBox Canada. Long associated with Rotary, ShelterBox  puts large kits together with tools and materials to build urgently needed shelter in disaster areas such as Haiti today.  Maria Hudolin and Jackie Dojack got our club involved in this cause started by a U.K. Rotary Club.  We have a ShelterBox to promote, demonstrate and educate, and send money.  The Club thanks Jaro for his dedication to RI projects and clear explanations for Members.

ShelterBox Canada helped 139,000 people in 17 countries in 2019-20.  There are 15 affiliate ShelterBox charities world-wide.  Learn more and donate through the link - you can recognize the PAR Club in your donation:

At Our Club August 17, 2021: ShelterBox Canada for Haiti and more 2021-08-18 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club August 10, 2021: Guest Speaker Shannon Costigan

President Jim Madder welcomed over 30 members and guests to this week’s meeting.  Past-President Warren Philp introduced our featured speaker Shannon Costigan, Program Coordinator, Northwest Connector; North of Superior Workplace Planning Board.
“For communities to grow and prosper, they need talented people to put down roots and build their lives. From small tight-knit communities to major metropolitan cities, communities are looking at innovative, proven ways to attract and retain skilled professionals. The Northwest Connector Program is one of these initiatives. It is a simple, yet highly effective networking program to help area newcomers and new graduates start to develop a local, professional network.”  Some 70% of jobs are filled from referrals - the hidden job market.
At Our Club August 10, 2021: Guest Speaker Shannon Costigan 2021-08-10 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club August 10, 2021:  Updates and Announcements

AT OUR CLUB August 10, 2021:  Club Updates and Announcements
Catch the Ace      each Thursday until the Ace of Spades has been found!
Golf Day              August 17 - RSVP Doug Shanks
Progressive Garden Party August 28th - RSVP Shelley Crawford
Happy Dollars     always welcome - send to Chris Bailey
At Our Club August 10, 2021: Updates and Announcements 2021-08-10 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club August 3, 2021: Announcements

At Our Club August 3, 2021: Charming Photo of the Day and Announcements

A happy boy was photographed as he finally figured out how to get his mom’s money in the charity box at the recent UWTB-Rotary BBQ. Jim Madder described the happy dance that followed.

At Our Club August 3, 2021: Announcements 2021-08-03 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club August 3, 2021: Guest Speaker Gérard Boyer


Our guest speaker today was veteran French teacher, historian and school principal Gérard Boyer who spoke on "What's Missing in Thunder Bay and Thoughts on How to Resolve it."  Introduced and later thanked by President-Elect Mary-Anne Mackett, Gérard offered insights for urban improvement and tourism opportunities in the city.

To start, Gérard sees a need for a "gathering place" where residents and visitors  interact and share.  He mentioned the St. Paul St-Red River Road which coincides with the City’s North Core Revitalization projects underway.

At Our Club August 3, 2021: Guest Speaker Gérard Boyer  2021-08-03 04:00:00Z 0

Copy of At Our Club July 27, 2021 - Passing the Gavel

Kevin Holloway was the videographer du jour for the PASSING OF THE GAVEL AND PINNING CEREMONY involving now-Past-President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele, new 2021-22 President Jim Madder and President Elect 2022-23 Mary-Anne Mackett. No-Longer-Past-President Rod Morrison moderated the ceremony outdoors at the Krysta’s lovely home.  It was a grand setting with very accomplished past and present Presidents. 
Adding to the fun was a video replay of the hilarious “Krysta at the Helm” sea shanty from her recent farewell Zoom party - another Holloway production. Watch the video - Click Here.

Lots of esprit de corps!
Copy of At Our Club July 27, 2021 - Passing the Gavel Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-07-27 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club July 27, 2021: Guest Speakers Rob Zuback, Robin Gould


President Jim Madder welcomed 31+ members including ADG Dan Brown (Nipigon Rotary) and guest speakers and Community Members Rob Zuback and Robin Gould of Confederation College.

Co-hosts today: Matt Villella, Jim Madder, Mary-Anne Mackett.  Matt played the rollicking O Canada by Walk Off the Earth.
The Crawford C. McCullough Rotary Lecture Theatre
On hand today were Rob Zuback, Director: Advancement, Communications, External Relation, and Robin Gould (Director, Facilities Services) to outline an exciting new $2.4 million project to upgrade the Dr. Crawford C. McCullough Rotary Lecture Theatre. It was noted that ENT Surgeon Dr. McCullough was a respected former President of Rotary International back when Rotary was just North American. 

At Our Club July 27, 2021: Guest Speakers Rob Zuback, Robin Gould 2021-07-27 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club July 27, 2021 - Passing the Gavel

Kevin Holloway was the videographer du jour for the PASSING OF THE GAVEL AND PINNING CEREMONY involving now-Past-President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele, new 2021-22 President Jim Madder and President Elect 2022-23 Mary-Anne Mackett. No-Longer-Past-President Rod Morrison moderated the ceremony outdoors at the Krysta’s lovely home.  It was a grand setting with very accomplished past and present Presidents. 
Adding to the fun was a video replay of the hilarious “Krysta at the Helm” sea shanty from her recent farewell Zoom party - another Holloway production.
Lots of esprit de corps!
At Our Club July 27, 2021 - Passing the Gavel Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-07-27 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club July 20, 2021: Guest Speaker Trisha Klus

AT OUR CLUB July 20, 2021: Guest Speaker Trisha Klus

President Jim Madder welcomed 32 plus members and guests to this mid-summer meeting including Mackett clan: Larry, Anne, Janice, special  presenter Trisha Klus and also joining in was artist Mary Conley.   Zoom co-hosts: Warren Philp and Mary-Anne Mackett. The anthem: Anishnabee Warrior Sisters at a Jets hockey game.

PA Rotary Club President-Elect Mary-Anne Mackett introduced her sister Trisha Klus from Cobble Hill B.C. On hand were sister Janice and parents Larry and Anne.  Trisha told us about her exciting life as one of the first female aircrew in the Canadian military in the 1980s.

Trisha Klus is a lettering and book artist with art is in the Special Collections Library at University of Victoria, the National Library for Legal Deposit, private collections and elsewhere. Happily settled in Cobble Hill, B.C., she talked about her former life - being an officer and one of the first women aircrew in the Canadian Military.
At Our Club July 20, 2021: Guest Speaker Trisha Klus Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-07-20 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club July 20, 2021: Updates


Kevin Holloway and PA Rotary WDC Secretary Bob Tomlinson put together a little video showing the camp is almost finished.  Large ramps, staff housing are big projects.  A lot of hard work and determination at the camp!
More service opportunities:
At Our Club July 20, 2021: Updates Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-07-20 04:00:00Z 0


President Jim Madder welcomed 38 plus members and guests: (notable welcomes to Rita Komendant, Trisha Klus, Janice LeBoeuf, and Erika Mikkola- new associate member from United Way, Thunder Bay).


 Gerry Racey: President of the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists, veteran biologist from MNRF and expert on terrestrial and wetland eco-systems, presented today on


This fascinating "photo essay", complimented by a fine slide show, covered the gamut of history, purpose, planning, execution, and the many challenges and rewards of ice road construction in the far north. 

The immensity of the area, the gradually narrowing of the production schedule time window (climate change in action), landscape and environmental impacts and connectivity to remote communities was all highlighted in this very thorough overview by Gerry. His  background in ecology and communication/teaching skills were on full display today.

He was introduced by David Legge and thanked by Shelley Crawford.


1. Allocation Chair Judi Turner announced the next round of recipients in the successful United Way/Port Arthur Rotary Club Catch the Ace draw proceeds: 
Evergreen, a United Neighbourhood
March of Dimes
Boys and Girls Club of Thunder Bay

2. Erika Mikkola (United Way of Thunder Bay) invited participation and fellowship at the UW/PA Rotary Community BBQ: July 22 (1100-1800h) (

3. Dew Drop Inn service opportunity: July 22 (D. Silliman)

4. Completion of new Rotary Year Board of Director preambles with input from Krysta Logozzo Daniele (Past President) on fundraising, Mark Tilbury (lining up a video promo), Jaro Kotalik on RI Foundation opportunities for Paul Harris Fellowships, and Mary-Anne Mackett (President-elect) on upcoming programming.

5. Brenda Winter eliciting "happy dollars" for  good tidings re our location in times of forest fires, and the soccer cup final.
AT OUR CLUB TUESDAY JULY 13, 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-07-13 04:00:00Z 0

2021 Rotary Citizenship Awards to High School Students

2021 ROTARY CITIZENSHIP AWARDS have been made to the four local high schools.  Congratulations to all the female and male student recipients!
Hammarskjold High School:  Mia SURKAN, Kohl JOHNSON
La Verendrye High School: Marylyn TRAORÉ, Liam SCOTT
St. Ignatius High School: Vanessa DANIELE, Sebastien PARADIS
Superior High School: Dorian KENDALL, Tyler TURK
2021 Rotary Citizenship Awards to High School Students Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-07-07 04:00:00Z 0 PARotary,RotaryCitizenship

At Our Club July 6, 2021 - WHAT’S HAPPENING:

Upcoming Events:
Guest Speaker July 13:  Gerry Racey, President, Thunder Bay Field Naturalists, “Winter Roads”
Guest Speaker July 20:  Ret’d Capt. P. Klus, “The first women air crew in the CAF”
Catch the Ace:  The Ace is still out there!  Jackpot heading to $14,000.  Follow Warren’s How-To on increasing odds by creating groups to pool funds.  $10 for 10 numbers but $80 for 500 numbers!
Community Service – July 22:  CommUNITY BBQ:  Help out or just come out to the United Way TBay and RFDA’s Community BBQ at 570 Syndicate Ave S. 11AM-6PM on July 22nd, co-sponsored by PA Rotary and Superior Hearing.
Community Service – July 22: Dew Drop Inn:  Fourth Thursday of each month, sign up for AM or PM shifts – David Silliman
At Our Club July 6, 2021 - WHAT’S HAPPENING: Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-07-07 04:00:00Z 0 RFDA,RotaryYouthExchange,SuperiorHearing,TBFN,UWayTBay

At Our Club - Welcome to the New Rotary Year!

Jim Madder, new PA Rotary President, started off what promises to be a great year with a packed agenda!  The reorganized Board is off and running, giving a snapshot of what we’re doing and where we will be going in the new Rotary year:

At Our Club - Welcome to the New Rotary Year! 2021-07-06 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club June 29, 2021 - Passing the Gavel

AT OUR CLUB June 29, 2021 – President Krysta passes the Gavel to Incoming President Jim Madder

Today, President Krysta Logozzo Daniele chaired then passed over her gavel and bell to incoming President Jim Madder, in a great celebration for a very fine year of leadership, spirit and meaningful Rotarian team work, all for service and fellowship.
At Our Club June 29, 2021 - Passing the Gavel Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-06-29 04:00:00Z 0

AT OUR CLUB June 22, 2021 - FEATURE PRESENTATION: Bay-Village Coffee

Gary Mack and Alan Forbes, spouses and co-owners of Bay-Village Coffee were our featured speakers today.  Their eatery of excellence won the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce’s Business Excellence Award, and they told their story of falling into the business - they bought the shop, did some fix ups, dashed off for a week of barista training in Toronto and opened the doors the next week!  Success soon followed.  Coffees, teas, outstanding home-made food, community spirit, local love and fundraisers – served with fun and smiles every day!  
AT OUR CLUB June 22, 2021 - FEATURE PRESENTATION: Bay-Village Coffee  Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-06-22 04:00:00Z 0

At Our Club June 22, 2021 - Rotary Club Business

AT OUR CLUB June 22, 2021 – Rotary Club Business

President Krysta Logozzo welcomed a full house of 40, including several community members, new members and guest presenters.
The mood was celebratory as we covered recent Allocations to the community (see separate post) and Guest Speakers Gary Mack and Alan Forbes, co-owners of Bay-Village Coffee (see separate post.)

At Our Club June 22, 2021 - Rotary Club Business Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-06-22 04:00:00Z 0

Garden Boxes installed June 17, 2021

Port Arthur Rotary is happy to be part of Thunder Bay's North Core Revitalization!
We just installed four garden boxes at the corner of Red River Rd and St. Paul St., planted along four themes:
Best for Bees, Best for Butterflies, Best for Birds and Best for Bellies.
    Garden Boxes installed June 17, 2021 Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-06-18 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday June 15, 2021

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 34 Rotarians and our guest speaker, acknowledged our presence on Fort William First Nation and chaired our new family member inductions (below).

    Co-hosts were Kevin Holloway and Mary-Anne Mackett

    Kevin H played O Canada from the Bell Centre, Montreal (adoring fans present in real time)

    FEATURE 1:
     The club welcomed new Family Membership Rotarians: Donna and Bill Ostrom, and Janine Chiasson/Patrick Morash (pictured). Warren Philp recruited these amazing folks, and introduced them all,( til out of breath), summarizing their numerous interests and commitment to community and service. Brenda Winters read the "charge" and they were ceremoniously pinned by President Krysta. The club saluted all four in this new era of membership. They will certainly enjoy Rotary.

    FEATURE 2:

    Rotary Peace Fellow Freddie Huppé Campbell, a proud Métis from Kimberley B.C. became connected to Rotary in Bismarck, N.D., and went on to obtain a Global Grant Scholarship, spending a year in Durham U.K.
    With a strong educational background in conflict resolution and peace initiatives as well as environmental action, with special focus on Indigenous-non Indigenous relations, she is carving out a special career in this field.
     One close by notable "Indigenous Clean Energy" example involves a solar energy project at Gull Bay First Nation. Currently based in Ottawa, she heads up the Global Hub program there.

    Her energetic and very articulate presentation was very well received by the members and a lively Q and A followed. Her work provides hope for her people looking "7 generations" into the future... as well as connecting Indigenous peoples and their vast knowledge of the environment and Rotarians.

    Freddie was introduced and thanked by Rod Morrison. For him, and all of us, this was a "terrific learning experience, and she is a great role model." Freddie is happy to connect anyone at all to her work and has a podcast in the offing.


    Announcement Highlights:

    1. Albert Brulé was happy to announce the 2nd recipient ($1444) in the United Way/ PA Rotary Catch the Ace draw, being Roots to Harvest. United Way Ace-Man and CEO Erin Beagle are shown at the photo op. The jackpot continues to climb (about $11,500). Well done all. Keep up the support.
    2. President Elect Jim Madder announced that the 2021/22 budget has been approved. Dues are unchanged.
    3. Mary-Anne Mackett updated us on the Rotary-City of Thunder Bay  Beautification Project garden boxes; about to be installed at the St. Paul/Red River Rd corner. UPS is supplying appropriate signage.

    Happy Dollars:

    Plenty to celebrate with Warren Philp at the lead. Our new members received accolades in this matter.
    At Our Club Tuesday June 15, 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-06-15 04:00:00Z 0
    At Our Club June 8, 2021 - Presentation Brian Walmark Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-06-08 04:00:00Z 0 215IndigenousChildren,215Kamloopschildren,PortArthurRotary

    At Our Club June 8, 2021 - Member Meeting

    President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed a full house of 42 members and guests including Rita Komendant (Jaro K); Donna Ostrom and Janine Chiasson (Warren P); Sharon Godwin and Catherine Hurley (Shelley C), Kishore Sakhrani (from Hong Kong) and Maria Hudolin (BC)

    Zoom hosts: President-Elect Jim Madder and Warren Philp.  O Canada recording of Faith B and Mallory R, Tech Voc. H.S., Winnipeg, thanks Brian Walmark. Land Acknowledgement: President Krysta.
    Meeting HighlightsIndigenous Children Deaths at Residential Schools by Brian Walmark - see separate posting - and Catch the Ace with United Way; Wilderness Discovery Camp; Spring Up to Clean Up, Membership Committee, Age-Friendly Inter-Generational Volunteering and Future Speakers.
    At Our Club June 8, 2021 - Member Meeting Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-06-08 04:00:00Z 0 BayVillageCoffee,CatchtheAce,EcoSuperior,PARotary,RotaryPeaceFellow,TBFN,UWayTBay,WDC

    At Our Club June 1, 2021 - Guest Speaker Nathan

    Nathan Lawrence returned to the podium with an interesting and insightful  Update on the Thunder Bay Real Estate Market. Nathan has been involved in all facets of local real estate and is a Thunder Bay community advocate.  He is currently with Royal LePage Lannon Realty, DLC Mortgage Excellence and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.
    Using statistics and experience he laid out our local housing challenges.  We have an unbalanced market leading to social impacts that are not going to be solved overnight.  Homes in the $300,000 range are urgently required (especially to young first time buyers and immigrants and employees looking to move here) yet there is a very short supply.  It is very much a sellers’ market: high demand and low supply.  
    At Our Club June 1, 2021 - Guest Speaker Nathan Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-06-01 04:00:00Z 0 DLCMortgageExcellence,NathanLawrence,PortArthurRotary,RoyalLePageLannonRealty

    At Our Club June 1, 2021 - Announcements

    On this gloriously sunny first day of June, President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 33  PA Rotarian members and guests including prospective member Donna Ostrom, Mal Balachandran (Past-president Rotoract), Dan Brown (Assistant DG 5580 and Nipigon Rotarian, and our special guest (see next post) Nathan Lawrence.

    Mary-Anne Mackett and Bob Tomlinson were our Zoom hosts.  The anthem sung by with Walk Off the Earth had a fitting hockey theme. (Maybe next year, Leaf fans!)
    Krysta’s Land Acknowledgement was followed by a heartfelt reaction to the news that remains of 215 children were found at the Kamloops residential school.  We had a moment of silence.  Krysta asks us individually and as PA Rotary to seek paths to reconciliation.  She is open to conversation and strategies.
    At Our Club June 1, 2021 - Announcements Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-06-01 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club May 18, 2021: Guest Speaker Tracy Buckler, St. Joseph's Care Group

    The St. Joseph Care Group has provided Care, Compassion and Commitment in Thunder Bay and District since 1884, now in the three general divisions of rehabilitation, senior's care and addiction-mental health services.  Just about anything that is not acute care.

    Past-President Rod Morrison introduced Tracy Buckler, soon to retire as its President and CEO.  She has had a long and distinguished nursing career culminating with the last 16 years at the helm of the STCG.  Tracy touched on the extensive network of resources, SJCG’s renewed commitment to working with Indigenous peoples and the great success they have had in managing and mitigating Covid-19 risks.
    At Our Club May 18, 2021: Guest Speaker Tracy Buckler, St. Joseph's Care Group Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-05-18 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club May 18, 2021: Club Business

    President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 41 Rotarians, Guests, Rotarian Community Members, Rotoract Past-President Mal Balachandran and Kishore Sakhrani from Hong Kong.  She then acknowledged our presence on Fort William First Nation.

    Zoom hosts were Kevin Holloway and John Stephenson; Kevin played a lively O Canada by the Sultans of String.
    Our Guest Speaker was Tracy Buckler - see separate ClubRunner / FaceBook post.
    • First of all, congratulations to Shelley Crawford and Mark Tilbury for joining the PA Rotary Board as of July 1st!
    • Catch the Ace Raffle co-sponsored with Thunder Bay United Way – Week 8 (Albert Brulé and Shelley Crawford):  The progressive jackpot is $7680 and climbing. This week is sponsored by LiUNA Local 607.
    At Our Club May 18, 2021: Club Business Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-05-18 04:00:00Z 0

    How Memorial Avenue got its name and lost its trees

    Check out the Chronicle Journal:  In today’s edition, paper or digital subscription, you’ll see Ian Pattison’s interesting article in the Then & Now section.  From the Thunder Bay Museum and City Archives, we discover the Port Arthur Rotary Club’s role in the history of naming Memorial Avenue to commemorate the fallen soldiers of WWI and having 450 trees planted along the route.  The name is still there but the trees are gone.  Find out why!
    How Memorial Avenue got its name and lost its trees Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-05-18 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club May 11, 2021: Rotary Community Action Teams

    Rotary Community Action Teams (RCATS)

    We have an exciting new concept:  Past President Warren Philp set out how a proposed Rotary Community Action Team could bring together many groups for a key initial project - a new and enhanced Waterfront Trail.  Rotary Clubs began the Waterfront Trails project in 1992.  Now the City is working on waterfront beautification and environmental upgrade, with potential backing by provincial and federal governments.  An RCAT would form a fourth pillar.  Contact Warren with any questions and comments.


    At Our Club May 11, 2021: Rotary Community Action Teams Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-05-11 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club May 11, 2021: New Member Matt Villella

    Brian Walmark introduced Matt who has a passion for community service volunteerism. Past-President Vonnie Cheng read the Rotary Charge, President Logozzo Daniele pinned Matt by Zoom. Good wishes and a hearty welcome to Matt were extended by all.

    At Our Club May 11, 2021: New Member Matt Villella Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-05-11 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club May 11, 2021 - Centennial Project

    Port Arthur Rotary’s Centennial Project 1924-2024
    Past President Warren Philp announced our 100th anniversary project: the Community Room at the new waterfront Thunder Bay Art Gallery.
    There is a great deal to look forward to with this big waterfront jewel that will benefit Thunder Bay and area. Thousands of visitors will learn of our Club’s history every year as they enjoy the view from this meeting space.
    Centennial Chair, Warren Philp was assisted by Committee Members Steve McAuley, Shelley Crawford, Bill Everitt, Matt Diegel, Kevin Holloway and Leslie Savitsky.  Questions or comments can be directed to Warren Philp.

    On a related note:   Rotary in Thunder Bay – Video from the archives
    At Our Club May 11, 2021 - Centennial Project 2021-05-11 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club May 4, 2021 Featured Speaker

    Social Media Consultant Laura Coronado
    Laura Coronado spoke on the topic of Social Media and Marketing at the Port Arthur Rotary meeting today.  Introduced by Brian Walmark. Laura analyzed how our Club is using its media platforms, the ClubRunner website and Facebook.  

    Laura was born and raised in Columbia, South America where she worked for over 10 years for a telecommunications company as an account manager.  Since moving to Canada, she has lived in Toronto and Thunder Bay.  She has been studying marketing at Confedertion College for the past two years.  Prospective Rotary Member Matt Villellahas been her social media instructor.  She plans to pursue her studies at Lakehead University in the Fall.  “I am not an expert rather I am an eager learner” she says.
    At Our Club May 4, 2021 Featured Speaker Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-05-04 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club May 4, 2021 District Awards and More

    President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 31 members and guests today. The land acknowledgement and national anthem were followed by our feature presentation by Social Media Consultant Laura Coronado.


    Our Club and two Members of our Club received District Awards in last week’s District Conference.  Congratulations to Kevin Holloway and David Silliman for excellence in a wide variety of service activities.  Way to go!

    1 - Distinguished Rotarian in Vocational Service - David Silliman, Port Arthur Rotary
    2 - Distinguished Rotarian of the Year - Kevin Holloway, Port Arthur Rotary
    3 - Fort William and Port Arthur Clubs tied for First in Inter-Organizational Service
    4 - Fort William and Port Arthur Clubs tied for First in Inter-Club Service
    5 - Port Arthur Rotary First in Rotary Public Image
    6 - Port Arthur Rotary First in Rotary Foundation giving ($7920) for Club size 31-60
    At Our Club May 4, 2021 District Awards and More Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-05-04 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club April 27, 2021

    President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 32 Rotarians and Guests (some soon-to-be Rotarians) to a fellowship-style meeting. 
    Zoom co-hosts were: Jim Madder, Warren Philp, Mary-Anne Mackett, Steve McAuley – thanks to all.

    Mary-Anne played O Canada and Krysta duly acknowledged our presence on Fort William First Nation territory.

    1. District 5580 Awards were announced at conference last night. Our club received awards for (1) Inter-club service, (2) Inter organization and second place for (3) Public Image. Our local Rotoract Club received an excellence award. Fantastic!
     The District Conference continues today with free registration and virtual presentations.
     2. The Catch the Ace Raffle partnered with the United Way: the minimum sales threshold has been surpassed and the jackpot growth starts in earnest.  Albert Bulé and Shelley Crawford gave advice on how to promote growth and interest. Increasing sales are key.

    3. Dew Drop Inn report for April 22 session:  a smooth operation prepping in the morning and serving in afternoon.  Most are vaccinated. (Dave Silliman)

    4. Wilderness Discovery Camp: sign up for the golden opportunity to serve: cleanup and prep – and take a look at the remarkable project before the clients arrive: Saturday May 22 at 10 AM sharp.  Contact Bob Tomlinson who will be formally in charge July 1st.  Congrats to Brenda Winter on her role, now stepping down after a fine 4 year stint.


    Chair Mike Nitz has again come up with a very strong Share the Love" program: Club members gave shout-outs to their favourite local businesses and entrepreneurs.

    At Our Club April 27, 2021 Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-04-27 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club April 20, 2021

    President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 36 guests, including Dr. Marg Woods and Donna Ostrom (special welcomes!)

    We had a rousing O Canada today, recorded at a Maple Leaf-Habs hockey game in pre-Pandemic days - exciting! Thanks to Kevin Holloway.

    Krysta gave a land acknowledgement to Fort William First Nation: we are celebrating this and every meeting on their land.

    1. Rotary-Eco-Superior’s Spring Up to Clean Up project has been deferred to May 20th (thanks to Steve McAuley, organizer)
    2. CATCH THE ACE ticket sales are reaching a level where there will be no risk of having to pay the guaranteed jackpot – and then watch it grow! Members are thanked for efforts and urged to continue the fine work. (Rod Morrison and Albert Brulé)
    3. Dew Drop Inn service opportunity this Thursday 22nd (contact D.Silliman).
    4. Next week is a fellowship meeting. Mike Nitz will ask members to give a shout out to their favourite local business. Something different and informative for all!
    5. Wilderness Discovery Camp Clean Up commences 10 AM sharp TBay time on Saturday May 22: easy, hands-on work and a chance to preview the revived site without guests.  (Bob Tomlinson)

    Chair Warren Philp (pictured), assisted by members of his hard working core committee, outlined the process of selecting a grand meaningful project to celebrate our 100th anniversary that would meet Rotary goals and be financially feasible. In addition to core committee members, an additional 7-member focus group reviewed the fulsome materials provided, adopted relevant criteria and came up with a scorecard.
    At Our Club April 20, 2021 Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-04-20 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club April 13, 2021

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 35 attendees today, including special guests Donna Ostrom and Janine Chiasson (Warren Philp) and Dr. Marg Woods (John Stephenson).

    Today's hosts (also welcoming everyone): Warren Philp and Jim Madder.

    Our Guest Speaker today: Rebecca Johnson, Councillor At Large for the City of Thunder Bay.
    O Canada was played followed by an acknowledgement of the meeting being held on the territory of Fort William First Nation.

    1. This Saturday: Spring Up to Clean Up – a solo exercise due to Pandemic rules - with supplies courtesy of Eco Superior (Steve McCauley)
    2. Catch the Ace Raffle Update: this important fundraiser is entering week 3 and is in "progressive" jackpot mode. It is going well and all members were provided tips on promotion (Albert Brulé, Rod Morrison, Mary-Anne Mackett, Bill Everitt). Every Rotarian needs to pitch in.
    3. Update and reassurance that NOSM’s status seems secure, per our local med school dean, Dr. Sarita Verma (recall her recent presentation), not the same as the tenuous situation at Laurentian University (Jim Madder).
    4. Dew Drop Inn service opportunity coming up April 22 (D. Silliman).
    5. Wilderness Discovery Camp May 22 cleanup service opportunity (Bob Tomlinson).
    6. 5580 District Conference (it was held here in 2018): no tuition fees, virtual format, excellent lineup (see details supplied by President Krysta)


    Thunder Bay Councillor at Large Rebecca Johnson presented on the City of Thunder Bay CLEAN, GREEN and BEAUTIFUL initiative ( ) many years in development and gaining steam with an outstanding and diverse collection of members on board.

    Rebecca was introduced by our own club’s Beautiful Thunder Bay lead Mary-Anne Mackett (president-elect-elect): Rebecca is a highly respected, very progressive advocate for the city. With 30 years of experience, a special, forthright candor and an extensive knowledge of the city and people involved, she is well-placed to lead this very challenging project.
    At Our Club April 13, 2021 Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-04-13 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Today, Tuesday April 6, 2021

    AT OUR CLUB April 6, 2021

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 38 members on a fine spring day. In addition, John Stephenson welcomed his spouse Dr. Marg Woods (stationed at her clinic), indicating to all that Marg is keen to join this fine club ( we are thrilled!).

    Mary-Anne Mackett played O Canada, and President Krysta acknowledged our presence on Fort William FN Territory.

     Co-Hosts today with thanks were: Mary-Anne Mackett, Bob Tomlinson.

    1. TB Rotoract Club is putting on a virtual Lovely Ladies Social: Sat. April 10 (see email communique)...all ladies are welcome. Support this amazing club.
    2. Steve McCauley for EcoSuperior, welcoming volunteers for spring Clean Up Saturday April 10 (contact Steve)
    3. Wilderness Discovery Centre May 1 long weekend clean up crew volunteer opportunity (contact Bob Tomlinson)
    4. Rod Morrison and Albert Brulé: Catch the Ace Week 1 was "brilliant", with over $8000 in ticket sales. Keeping up the effort and momentum is critical moving forward. Buy tickets and help find supporters please! Bill Everitt is ceding to Brian Walmark on the committee (big thanks to Brian and Bill)
     Our club is working full tilt on multiple planes, and the Director reports were received eagerly:
    1. MIke Nitz on FELLOWSHIP (pictured): numerous challenges, Covid notwithstanding were more than met with a fine array of mainly virtual events recalled and savoured. Thanks for the great energy and creativity Mike.
    2. Brian  Walmark (CLUB SERVICE (pictured) focussed his remarks on a detailed overview of the club's new Corporate Member Fort Severn First Nation. Despite enormous challenges (geographic, financial, climate change and more), Chief Burke and his people remain committed to PA Rotary in a  unique way. The service to the community mutual relationships and respect (with PA Rotary,albeit with difficulty attending meetings) is recognized and appreciated.
    3. Art Warwick (VOCATIONAL SERVICE, YOUTH NEW DIRECTIONS AND INTERNATIONAL SERVICE-pictured) is wearing a number of hats and with Covid times adapting well. Ongoing success with the 4 Way Essay Test (St. Ignatius seems to hold the upper hand), the Citizenship Awards (yes watches still have a caché with young people), the Student Exchange program (with John Stephenson as new lead), and international service projects such as Lifewater Canada assisting developing countries, are highlights in Art's big portfolio.
    4. Chris Bailey (TREASURER-pictured) highlighted the financial position, which is solid. Covid times elimination of meal costs (and inevitable losses now "gains") and an excellent Rotary Radio Day campaign return, combined with a slick Allocation machine, highlight a healthy next few years. (Allocations for the big Centennial project are wisely being factored in early).
    5. Steve McCauley (COMMUNITY SERVICE - pictured)  highlighted the many community success stories over the past year (and imminent): including:the Cumberland St clean up, SA Kettle Campaign, Carol Sing for the Christmas Cheer Fund, Dew Drop Inn, Allocations Committee, the St. James School project and more. Our future has changed. Hybrid meetings may be an option. We continue to do great work.
    6. SECRETARY (Brenda Winter-pictured): reported on her many tasks, modestly saying it is easy with everyone pitching in. One area to review for members would be their RI Account bios for accuracy.
    7. PAST PRESIDENT Rod Morrison will report on a subsequent meeting agenda to ensure adequate time for a discussion primarily on "membership initiatives."

    Happy Dollars were fruitful today...with Doug Shanks at the helm...all for the good of the Dew Drop Inn!
    At Our Club Today, Tuesday April 6, 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-04-06 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club March 30, 2021

    AT OUR CLUB March 30, 2021

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 36 Rotarians for Virtual Talent Fellowship Day.
    Zoom hosts and Co-hosts aplenty: Kevin Holloway, M.A. Mackett, Jim Madder, Bob Tomlinson and Mike Nitz.

    There was talent even in the opening zany O Canada played on ketchup bottles by Walk Off The Earth (found by M.A. Mackett).  Krysta acknowledged our presence on Fort William First Nation Territory.

    1. District Awards applications are ongoing - contact Krysta. Late nominations considered, the District deadline is April 9th.
    2. Dew Drop Inn on March 25th: our stalwarts fed 356 individuals and the club spent $147 (D. Silliman).
    3. Jackie Dojack reported on the Wellness Committee and is lead for April
    4. David Legge invited new keeners to work on the revitalized Field of Greens Project. An on site meeting will take place shortly. Paul DeBakker is co-chair( David and P.DeBakker)
    5. Catch the Ace: off to an excellent start on the first round with $6600 realized to date. Update and promotion from (R. Morrison, A. Brule and Bill Everitt)
    6. Extensive report on Wilderness Discovery Camp ramp replacement project: the District Grant request was denied (criteria issue) but Bob Hookham, Dan Brown and others are rallying support (Roly Turner)
    7. Readers are requested to peruse President Krysta's Events and Meeting email preamble circulated to members yesterday for completeness


    Heartfelt regrets to Dave Silliman and Brian Walmark: the fun lasted so long we couldn’t reach their acts so it looks like we need another Talent Show!  President Krysta thanked Chair Mike Nitz for yet another great fellowship event and all those participating.   We will do this again next year.   Tech engineer-in-chief Kevin Holloway is also to be congratulated for his many hours in making this event successful. Thank you, Kevin!


    Thanks, Everyone.  That was a lot of fun!
    At Our Club March 30, 2021 Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-03-30 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday March 23, 2021

    AT OUR CLUB March 23, 2021
    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 36 members and guest speakers (see intros below) today.
    Included were Lakehead Rotary club members Gail Brescia and Sandy Lychowyd (welcome) and Rotoract president Mal Balachandran.
    Co-hosts (with thanks): Jim Madder and Steve McCauley with tech assistance from Kevin Holloway.
    O Canada rendition this week was a performance by The Tenors at a Toronto Raptors basketball game (in their halcyon era). Thanks for this lively beginning to Kevin Holloway and Steve McCauley.
    President Krysta acknowledged our presence on the Fort William First Nation Territory.
    1. Kevin Holloway produced a highlight reel from the recent Virtual Anniversary Dinner featuring a Live Auction. Mike Nitz cleverly entertained and encouraged over $3500 from generous players all to help eradicate polio (the final push is ongoing). Well done Mike.
    2. World Rotoract Week (was last week), but we continue to celebrate the fine current work done by our local Rotoracters.
    3. District Conference 5580 Awards for clubs is being vetted and a number of categories are still up for grabs (contact Krysta or Jim Madder).
    4. Next week’s meeting features a Virtual Rotary Talent Show (Mike Nitz).
    5. March 25th commitment to Dew Drop Inn: the afternoon service is being withheld pending relief in the Covid 19 crisis (D. Silliman).
    The CATCH THE ACE RAFFLE has commenced: a well designed and time tested fundraiser concept (throughout the province) linking the United Way of Thunder Bay and the Port Arthur Rotary Club.
    United Way of Thunder Bay ED and PA Rotarian Albert Brule and his team consists of ErikaMikkola (United Way of TB Special Events Coordinator; pictured) and Jake Behse (Co-op Intern from Con College Business and Marketing program; suited up and pictured as he twirled around!) have  been concocting this exciting new venture with our own committee of Rod Morrison, Bill Everitt and Shelley Crawford.
    Cooperation between PA Rotary and the United Way developed with warp speed, said RodMorrison, who walked us all through a Power Point Summary of the Raffle mechanism and along with Albert Brule answered most of the queries. Jake stole the show with his flashy Catch the Ace suit and tie which was a winner in recent media coverage.
    Their presentation today identified the 4 dedicated beneficiaries (at this time) of the raffle: Dew Drop Inn, Our Kids Count, Shelter House and Roots to Harvest.
    This is a progressive draw, that should draw ever increasing participation (i.e. ticket sales) with (an expected and hoped for) prolongation before the Ace of Spades is finally drawn (could be 52nd week or any Thursday evening before!). Individual Rotarians and all their friends and contacts are urged to participate by a) buying tickets, b) sharing this info throughout their networks, and c) helping find weekly supporters ($500 will get a great deal of publicity). This support by businesses will help defray certain event costs and Rotarians are asked to help find supporters as part of our Club’s commitment to the raffle. Contact Bill Everitt if you have ideas.
    The first week is already underway with over $600 in the till as of this meeting and upticking this afternoon (March 23). The first draw will take place Thursday April 1st.
    Tickets at
    A guaranteed jackpot minimum of $5000 (covered by United Way) should be a great incentive, and 50% of the entire input goes to the charities cited (if the pot gets very large, our club Allocation Committee will recommend new beneficiaries).
    Committee member Bill Everitt reminded us that active participation should be a logical outcome: it is fun, it is easy on-line, and best of all helps our designated beneficiaries greatly. Of course we can all win for ourselves as well. Covid times at home should raise the ante for club members.
    The meeting concluded with a lively Q & A and “Happy Dollars” session with a number of Rotarians commending the Uway team.
    Upcoming events/reminders:
    Diversity Thunder Bay presents 'New Understandings:  Diversity, Inclusion and COVID with Presenter Jesse Wente - Wed Mar 24th from 12 to 1:30 pm  Free virtual even by registering at:
    Monthly Dew Drop Service - This Thurs Mar 25th - Please contact David Silliman at or 768-5848 if you are available to volunteer this month.
    PA Rotary Virtual Talent Show - We need your help!  Please contact Mike Nitz ( to participate in this fun fellowship event planned for our March 30thRotary meeting.  We look forward to your contributions.  Please see attached poster.  Kevin Holloway may also be reaching out to you directly! :)
    Women in Rotary - 5580 District event - April 1st, 2021 - DGE Kay Biga is promoting an upcoming Zoom virtual event  titled a "Frank conversation on how to attract and retain women members".  Everyone is welcome to attend. There is a Facebook page if you are interested:
    Rotaract Sleeping Mat Project needs your help!  The Rotaract Club is currently creating Sleeping Mats for the homeless community of Thunder Bay. They are collecting old plastic bags (such as grocery bags from Walmart, Safeway, Superstore, ext) to cut into plastic yarn (called "plarn") which are then crocheted into rectangular sleeping mats.   If you are interested in helping crochet they will provide you with the proper sized crochet hook and you will not have to cut your own plastic bags. If you have any questions, please email Andrayaat or call/text at 807-631-3588. Attached poster for more information.
    - Register for the 2021 Rotary District 5580 Conference today!  Go to: and register for free!  There are MANY fantastic sessions planned, and guests are free as well!
    At Our Club Tuesday March 23, 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-03-23 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday March 16, 2021

    AT OUR CLUB March 16, 2021
    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed a full house of 47 (maybe more), including distinguished guests from the health care sector (President and CEO Dr. Rhonda CrockerEllacott and Glenn Craig from TBRHSC, President and  CEO Tracey Buckler from St.Joseph’s Care Group), social services (Joanne Kemball), our energetic Rotoracters (Mal Balachandran, Andraya Colistro, Catherine Kibiuk), and of course our special guest the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health and her team including Jacqueline Dyck and Paul Field. Out of town guest from Kent County, Rotarian  Jack Rigby (guest of Bill Everitt) was back, and of course Maria Hudolin (B.C. and former PA Rotarian and ADG -5580 District).
    There were also several other guests that were unfortunately missed in introductions (our apologies).
    Hosts today on Zoom: John Stephenson and Kevin Holloway.
    Kevin played a fine O Canada featuring multicultural Canadian performers.
    Krysta acknowledged our presence on Fort William First Nation territory.
    Our distinguished guest, returning to the club with a very extensive update was the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health ( MP for Thunder Bay- Superior North). She was introduced by Dr. Paul DeBakker, highlighting her extensive pre-politics background and expertise in the field of harm prevention, homelessness and substance misuse prevention: (members are aware of her prior position as ED of Rotary Shelter House).
    Minister Hajdu was warmly greeted by members and in return thanked PA Rotary for its good work.
    Admitting she became immersed in a “tumultuous “role with Covid 19, she reminded us of her work prior and ongoing with issues like Pharmacare, Primary care and the Opioid Crisis, and has been quite able to rise to the challenge.
    The  constant refrain outstanding in her mission is that of addressing the many costs of inequality and systemic exclusion in our country. It is bad for us all and the cost of doing nothing is enormous.
    Her government did well in quickly supporting the needed economic supports for the vulnerable, and early on. The current huge health portfolio is in good hands with light at the end of the tunnel albeit along with uncertainty.
    A very robust Q&A period tackled, succinctly, many issues. Highlights included: an overview of the mechanism of transfer of supplies, vaccine, monies etc. from federal to provincial hands along with distribution challenges; coping with negativity on Facebook and other social media platforms (more than just coming with the territory, it involves a balance between acceptable free speech and that beyond the pale); vaccination “passport” or “certification” schemes; what Rotarians, including docs et al can do to assist including being pro-immunization advocates; the Astra Zeneca controversy (consensus in Canada, our regulators are top notch, the vaccine is safe); the Canada -US border issues.
    Dr Crocker Ellacott and Tracey Buckler both obliged us on updates from their vantage points...much appreciated..
    Thank yous equivalent to heartfelt tributes to Minister Hajdu came from President Krysta and Past President Laurie Tulloch. We are certainly blessed to have her skilled presence working on our behalf.
    See President Krysta’s communique from yesterday re upcoming events and links summarized below:
    Diversity Thunder Bay presents 'New Understandings:  Diversity, Inclusion and COVID with Presenter Jesse Wente - Wed Mar 24th from 12 to 1:30 pm  Free virtual even by registering at:
    Monthly Dew Drop Service - Thurs Mar 25th - Please contact David Silliman at or 768-5848 if you are available to volunteer this month.
    PA Rotary Virtual Talent Show - We need your help!  Please contact Mike Nitz ( to participate in this fun fellowship event planned for our March 30thRotary meeting.  We look forward to your contributions.  Please see attached poster.
    Rotaract Sleeping Mat Project needs your help!  The Rotaract Club is currently creating Sleeping Mats for the homeless community of Thunder Bay. They are collecting old plastic bags (such as grocery bags from Walmart, Safeway, Superstore, ext) to cut into plastic yarn (called "plarn") which are then crocheted into rectangular sleeping mats.   If you are interested in helping crochet they will provide you with the proper sized crochet hook and you will not have to cut your own plastic bags. If you have any questions, please email Andraya at or call/text at 807-631-3588. Attached poster for more information.
    - Register for the 2021 Rotary District 5580 Conference today!  Go to: and register for free!
    -Next week...we hear about the Cath the Ace Raffle!
    Warren Philp ; surrounded by Guinness draft is in the mood for St Paddy’s day. Be happy, make a donation!
    Vocalist from the O Canada in 11 languages:
    At Our Club Tuesday March 16, 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-03-16 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club March 9, 2021

    President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 39 participants – Rotarians, Rotaractor, and Dougall Media guests to a celebration meeting today. We paid tribute to those have been involved in the 55-year partnership with Dougall Media producing Rotary Radio Family Day. 
    Thanks go to our Zoom co-hosts today: Warren Philp and Jim Madder.
    Special guests from DougallMedia were Rosa Tucci, Ann Snell, Daryl Bolton, Crystal Shields, Noah Madore.  Our favourite BC guest was Lake Country B.C. Rotarian Maria Hudolin.
    Warren Philp played a rousing O Canada put together by many Armed Forces military bands.
    Krysta acknowledged our presence on territory of the Fort William First Nation.
    She also gave strong salute to yesterday’s International Women’s Day noting the global needs and accomplishments of women, mirrored by the changes in the Rotary family and accomplishments of women in our Clubs.
    1. Wilderness Discovery Centre (Shebandowan) ... slated to start clean-up work or opening on the May long weekend. Volunteers welcome. (Bob Hookham, FW Rotary)
    2. FW Rotary is investigating volunteer opportunities for assisting at local Covid immunization clinics (stay tuned)
    3. Dew Drop Inn last month February 25th: 315 people served, at Club cost $280. (D. Silliman). Volunteers were thanked. Covid concerns are being addressed including introduction of face shields for our Club workers. DDI staff and many clients have been vaccinated.
    4. A new and exciting fundraising partnership between PA Rotary and United Way Thunder Bay: “Catch the Ace” virtual raffle. Launch at end of March or April (Rod Morrison, Albert Brule)
    5. New fundraising ideas always welcome (contact President Krysta).
    Rotary Radio Family Day: Under the leadership of Chair Brian Walmark, the whole club pitched in as a team.  It couldn’t happen without the generosity and extraordinary toil of Dougall Media.
    Pictured are:
    Radio Day Chair Brian Walmark explaining results in detail, Rosa Tucci: DougallMedia Traffic Manager/Supervisor and Ann Snell  Dougall Media coordinator.
    From the archives – an earlier congratulatory meeting with founder of this unique relationship, the late PA Rotarian Fraser Dougall with PA club member Gerry Gothard.
    The campaign sold a record 800 ads, eclipsing the previous record of 647 in 2011. There were 21 sponsored “hours” and 65 sixty-second spots, the latter being a very successful innovation. Rosa Tucci was the key Traffic Manager/Supervisor. She gave her account of the success story, complete with areas for improvement.  Ann Snell and Daryl Bolton also spoke of their work in coordinating everything including the “at home” voicings of many ads...deemed very successful. We are welcome, even urged, to go further in the next campaign set to air February 21, 2022. New and tighter deadlines will be imposed to make the work easier for DougallMedia!
    There were many heroes this year on both sides of the aisle. Many Rotarians were top sellers, with the crown this year going to Warren Philp. There were 7 exceptional “reflections” - stories and kudos from: Warren Philp, Dave Silliman (“sweating it out as president til last minute sales of 400 by Jim McDonald, as well as being driven by Don Chase on the principle of “leverage” in sales success), Shelley Crawford (a newbie), Bill Everitt (invigorating and rejuvenating his colleagues), treasurers Chris Bailey and Leslie Savitsky for shouldering the money end, and President Krysta summarizing her gratitude for all when her own leadership was so vital.
    Needless to say the club is exceptionally grateful to DougallMedia for once again supporting our club and making it possible for us to raise the much-needed funds for our service work.
    Bill Everitt had no trouble today eliciting Happy Dollars on the heels of the activities mentioned above.
    Meeting adjourned at 13:01 hours.
    #Rotary  #PortArthurRotary #DougallMedia
    At Our Club March 9, 2021 Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-03-09 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club March 2, 2021

    Today, PA Rotary joined forces with the Rotary Club of Sault Ste Marie.  President Megan Wigmore, pictured, who welcomed all and highlighted her very active club’s successes. From our end President Krysta Logozzo Daniele returned the favour with greetings and highlights from Thunder Bay.
    A very healthy 49 Rotarians joined in for today’s informative presentation, see below.  Co-hosts were Nilah Moss (SSM) and Kevin Holloway (PA Rotary).
    Dr. Jaro Kotalik introduced our accomplished and well-regarded speaker, Dr. Sarita Verma, who began as Dean, President and CEO of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in July 2019. 
    Dr Verma, is hailed by her peers as one of the true “top docs” in Canada, having had a distinguished career first in law with the foreign service (the UNHC for Refugees) then medicine with a major focus on medical education at U of T and elsewhere. She is clearly well-placed to lead NOSM.  Her talk laid out NOSM’s great success as a unique, stand-alone not-for-profit medical school whose mandate is to address the challenges of providing medical care in Northern Ontario. 
    With refreshing candour, she stated simply that when it came to health, “everything is worse” in Northern Ontario.  Then she delved in what NOSM is doing about that, how it is succeeding and what more it wants to do.
    She dealt with the new NOSM Mission, Vision and Values Statement and how the unique focus on student demographics matter:  the current class profile shows 92% are from Northern Ontario, 38% from Remote and Rural location, 12% are Indigenous and23% Francophone.  Furthermore, 68% are female, 32% male. Many have gone on to practice in Northern Ontario – a staggering 235,200 patients in Northern Ontario have a family physician who completed their MD at NOSM!
    NOSM has a model of “Distributed Community Engaged Learning” with extensive partnerships and collaborations throughout the north with some 100 participating organizations based out of the 2 LUs (Lakehead and Laurentian Universities).  The 2021- 2025 Strategic Plan looks at many challenges going forward.  The North is still plagued by higher rates of health care provider burnout, chronic diseases, alcohol and drug abuse, suicide and more. Specialist consultants are in chronic shortage.
    Another of NOSM’s interesting initiatives is the “Rural Generalist Pathway – with the long-term aim of recruiting potential rural doctors straight out of high school to follow a ten year path through undergrad through medical school and residency if they commit to practice in rural or remote locations. 
    Dr. Verma directs her considerable energy on a variety of issues to meet the challenges. 
    The presentation was immensely informative. A stimulating Q & A followed and Dr. Verma was thanked by SSM Rotarian Daniel Sharp.
    A break out session then allowed each Club to wrap up chat separately – with the odd cross-pollinator happy to meet and learn from the sister club.  A great meeting for all concerned!
    #NOSM  #LakeheadUniversity #LaurentianUniversity #DrSaritaVerma #RotarySSM  #Rotary #PARotaary
    At Our Club March 2, 2021 Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-03-02 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club February 23, 2021

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele cheerfully welcomed 34 members today and thanked our Zoom co-hosts Kevin Holloway and Jim Madder our and guest Mal Balachandran (President of the Thunder Bay Rotoract Club).
    Our anthem was a unique rendition of O Canada “sung” by a young woman using sign language.  Kevin Holloway has a new take on our national anthem virtually every week!  Her signing was so clear Kevin thinks we will learn ASL before the year’s out!
    Krysta played a video celebrating UK’s 116th year Rotary birthday hosted by Scottish Rotarian Tom Griffin. Polio Plus and Covid-19 Rotary contributions to world health were featured. It was a nice reminder of what we do (service to the community) and why we do it (fun, personal growth and for the results achieved).
    1. Mal Balachandran presented on another ambitious and timely local Rotoract project: “Plastic Bag Drive-Sleeping Mats for the Houseless”...the crocheted mats are for use to help protect and keep warm “houseless” individuals in need. Plastic bag drop-off sites include the UPS Store 1100 Memorial Ave.  Training available. Thanks to Dave Everitt (UPS) for his support. Mal is doing yeoman service with his Rotoractors.
    1. Well-Being Committee: Rotarians and families going through rough patches and mourning were acknowledged by Laurie Tulloch.  Let’s reach out to each other and keep us all in the loop.  Next month: Jackie Dojack is the Well-Being lead.
    2. Dew Drop Inn service upcoming this Thursday – call Dave to sign up, especially for the afternoon serving shift. (D. Silliman)
    3. Wrap-up from D. Silliman on a very successful Christmas Carol Sing held virtually at St Paul’s United Church. This great show got a lot of well-deserved exposure and the Christmas Cheer Fund got a lot of donations from this and other efforts.
    4. Next Week we have a joint meeting with the Sault Ste Marie Rotary Club: Presenter will be Dr. Sarita Verna new Dean at NOSM.
    5. Reminder of Anniversary dinner this coming Friday at no fee: see link and details. (Mike Nitz is MC).
    Brian Walmark, Chair of the very successful 55th Rotary Family Radio Day campaign (with ads airing on Family Day, February 15, 2021), presented an overview.
    This year was unique in many ways not the least being the challenge during a pandemic:
    1. We sold a record 800 ads aired by our friends at CKPR-Dougall media. Revenue estimated at around $40,000. These funds will be available for Rotary projects.
    2. Brian paid tribute to many Rotarians who stepped up, with multiple ad sales: the new sellers, new clients of many stripe, many innovations all of which were successful. Prominent people were too numerous to mention, except for the very top contributors including Bill Everitt, Warren Philp, Jim McDonald. Art Warwick, and Brenda Winter. Mr. Modesty himself, Brian Walmark was the lead and sparkplug advocate. The production team of Albert Brule, Shelley Crawford, Jim Madder, and Kevin Holloway also are to be congratulated.
    3. Brian covered the basics of How We Achieved this Success, Where Do We Go From Here and invited us to join in on the strategic "Zoom Circles Debriefing” and strategic planning for next year.
    4. Constructive questions included:  Is this a repeatable feat? What is the maximum number of ads Dougall will allow? Are we going to continue voicing at home rather than studio? Can we address challenges such as the 60 second ad productions: these take a lot of time and energy if only going to be aired once?
    5. All in all, a happy, celebratory presentation. President Krysta paid tribute to Brian and the whole club team.
    The meeting ended with Happy Birthday greetings (Art Warwick and his wit notable) and “Happy Dollars” (one very notable donation from Jim Madder remembering the long and amazing life of his now-late104 year old mom)
    The reader is encouraged to revisit President Krysta’s communique of yesterday for many other events and links.
    Written as always by the inimitable David Legge and posted this week by Mary-Anne Mackett
    At Our Club February 23, 2021 Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-02-23 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club February 16, 2021

    Another fully subscribed meeting today with 38 attendees!
    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed everyone, especially Rotarians Dan Brown (Assistant District Governor for 5580 from the Nipigon club), Mark Tilbury, David Richards and Kathryn Davidson (LU community members) and Kathleen Lynch, President and Rob Zuback, Director Advancement, Communications & External Relations (Confederation College...see highlight presentation below).
    Thanks to co-hosts John Stevenson and Kevin Holloway (Zoom).
    Thanks also to Kevin Holloway for a brilliant O Canada rendition by a Toronto Gospel choir performing at a Leafs-Jets hockey game at Scotiabank Arena (during Black History Month).
    Krysta acknowledged our meeting site on First Nation Territory (Robinson Superior Treaty of 1850).
    1. There was a wellspring of heartfelt thanks for the end product and great success ofRotary Radio Day 2021 (yesterday). All were very appreciative of the  big team effort. It was the most successful campaign in our 55 year history with Dougall Media (a full briefing is in store next week). Time to celebrate.
    2. Past-President Rod Morrison conducted the follow-up prerequisite nomination exercise that ended in Mary-Anne Mackett being acclaimed as President elect-elect for 2022-2023. Congratulations to Mary-Anne are extended by all.
    3. Assistant District Governor Dan Brown joined us from Nipigon and provided insight into the Rotary Foundation need for members to contribute monetarily. There was also a serious business update on the (prolonged) Global District Grant process involving funding for ramp replacement at the Wilderness Discovery Centre (Shebandowan).
    4. Advanced notice re club service at the Dewdrop Inn coming up February 25th
    5. Please refer to President Logozzo Daniele’s February 15 communique linking members to a host of other activities.
    6. Next meetings feature: Feb 23 Brian Walmark with RRD “Debrief” and March 2: a joint meeting with a Sault Ste. Marie Rotary Club with guest, Dr. Verna, Medical Director of NOSM.
    Past President Rod Morrison introduced (and later thanked) our distinguished guest speaker today, President Kathleen Lynch of Confederation College (
    The club is delighted to have the College on board as new Community PA Rotary members. Kathleen was accompanied by Rob Zuback today.
    Her presentation provided a fine overview of the College in all its iterations commencing with the New Strategic Plan (Kaa-arokaatekin).
    Starting with the “Numbers” (see screenshot), she expanded on the Impact on the Region, the 4 Pillars in the Negahneewin Vision, all with emphasis on the huge territory served (size of France, including 88 Indigenous Communities).  Advanced Flexible Technology makes programming so influential (of course the new TEC HUB Centre on the Thunder Bay campus, whose vision was realized by our President- elect Jim Madder), is a large factor in this evolution.
    The entire presentation is available at the following link:
    A brisk Q & A followed.
    The meeting concluded with Past President Warren Philp handling the “Happy Dollars” (including his own tribute to Con College and LU attendees as well as Rotary Radio Day and Dan Brown (ADG) bright lights.
    At Our Club February 16, 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-02-16 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday February 9, 2021

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 30 (plus) members including a full compliment of distinguished Lakehead University PA Rotary Community-corporate members (see below) on a chilly but bright winter Zoom meeting day.
    Cohosts were Warren Philp, Jim Madder.
    Member Matt Diegel provided a unique O Canada rendering with a proud Canadian doing the sign language for the anthem.
    Krysta acknowledged our presence on land of the Fort William First Nation.
    Announcement Updates:
    1. Rotary Virtual Anniversary event reminder: February 26 at 7 pm: a free admission Rotary fundraiser supporting Polio and Covid (see President Krysta’s communique)
    2. Rotary Radio Day: Brian Walmark is understandably thrilled to announce as at today, we have approximately 800 ad submissions---our best return ever. Well done club, all team members, and Dougall media.
    3. Past president Rod Morrison spoke of the recent Past President dinner success and eventual acceptance of her name to stand as nominee for President Elect-elect Mary-Anne Mackett. The club is extremely pleased with this news. Protocol for additional name submissions was outlined by Rod.
    4. Next week we welcome President Kathleen Lynch of Confederation College and members of her team (now PA Rotary Community members)
    Feature Presentation:
    A full contingent of Lakehead University members of our club welcomed our guest speakers Dr. Moira McPherson: President and Vice Chancellor (pictured), and Dr. David Barnett: Provost and Vice-President Academic. Mark Tilbury: Annual Fund and Alumni Engagement Director, introduced our speakers as well as his colleagues on the team, Toby Goodfellow: Chief of Staff in the President’s Office (pictured), who was lead on the fine Power Point presentation, Alyson MacKay: Manager of Ingenuity, Economic Development and Innovation, Dr. David Richards: Dean/Associate Professor in the Faculty of Business Administration, and Kathryn Davidson: Alumni Engagement Director.
    Past President Warren Philp introduced Dr. McPherson (they have common denominator daughters et al), citing her strong background at the school academically and in administration. He later thanked her (and team) appropriately for the  strong and professional overview of Lakehead University (LU). It was noted that a number of our club members are alumni of distinguished repute including President Krysta Logozzo Daniele, Jacki Dojack, Vonnie Cheng, Shelley Crawford and also new LU Board of Governors member Michael Nitz.
    The presentation commenced with the “North Star” LU STRATEGIC PLAN, with a strong weighting now recognized internationally for academic and research excellence.
    The 5 PRIORITIES were dealt with in an expanding discussion leading to ACHIEVEMENTS.
    Priorities include: 1.Academic excellence 2. Social Responsibility, 3. Local and Global partnerships, 4. Entrepreneurships and Innovation (an annual impact on GDP of $1.6 BN) and 5. Capacity Development.
    LU is particularly well known as a leading research university and in world ranking systems is in the top 100 universities of 768 universities in 85 countries based on UN sustainable development goals.
    Of the 8505 students, 1,459 self identify as indigenous; programming and success with indigenous and international students (still interacting during the pandemic) is a big highlight.
    There is $3.4 M in philanthropic revenue.
    A fine video was shown and can be accessed through the Lakehead University website.
    The Interactive Annual Report “Hope and Resilience” is also available online.
    The Power Point presentation is available as well on line (see links below)
    There was a great deal to celebrate in todays meeting.
    It was capped off by “Happy Dollars” and Birthday wishes, chaired by Bill Everitt.
    At Our Club Tuesday February 9, 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-02-09 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club February 2, 2021

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 41 members and guests today.
    It was a busy job for hosts Kevin Holloway, Bob Tomlinson and Mary-Anne Mackett.
    Mary-Anne Mackett played O Canada and Krysta acknowledged our presence on Fort William First Nation Territory.
    Announcement Highlights:
    1.  Dew Drop Inn service of January 28th:  280 patrons served at club cost of $197 (D. Silliman)
    2.  Rotary Radio Day Update (February 15th): Thanks are certainly in order to the many making this year one of the best - over 700 ads sold nearing the deadline!
    3.  Fellowship Quiz Night of January 26th. A fun time had by all 30 members who joined in - thanks to Rod Morrison for organizing it.
    Keynote Presentation:
    PA ROTARY CLUB ALLOCATIONS for 2020-21 Budget year cycle: Allocations Chair and Past President Kevin Holloway (pictured) honoured our recipients in an effective Zoom style presentation. $9625 was approved for the very worthy organizations.
    All were present to accept and thank the club except Peter Panetta of the Underground Gym who was unable to join our virtual meeting.
    Kevin put together and chaired a most interesting, enjoyable and meaningful celebration. World Community Services Chair Steve MacAuley called the Allocation Committee a “well oiled machine.”
    Here are the Allocations made:
    Attending the meeting:
    Underground Gym and Youth Centre-
    (Peter Panetta)
    Provide Gym Equipment such as workout equipment - previous equipment was destroyed in the fire. 
    Canadian Children’s Asthma Society (NW ON Branch)
    Claudio Monteleone
    And Kim Coreau
    Asthma Education Program.  Support requested for resource packages for classroom presentations on asthma to local school children - age 7-9. Hope to visit 50 classrooms (about 1750 children) (When allowed due to pandemic) 
    Childcan (Childhood Cancer)
    Kathleen Barnard
    Early Literacy Project for Children with cancer.  Support for mailing costs of one book per month for the 3 children in NW Ontario. Childcan has a partnership with Dolly Parton Imagination Library.
    United Way of Thunder Bay
    ‘Facing Forward Mask Initiative’
    Albert Brule
    This project will help underwrite the cost of providing reusable masks to vulnerable community members to help reduce risk of wider community spread. Funds donated will be used to purchase and distribute reusable masks.
    LU Scholarship
    Rotarian Mark Tilbury,
     and Kathryn Davidson
    LU Silver Jubilee Scholarship Top Up– an award to a high ranking student entering Lakehad University in any program.  Funds to top up the amount.
    Northwestern Ontario Regional Science Fair
    Brieanne Olibris
    Funds typically support 2 Rotary-sponsored awards as well as the general operation of the science Fair. The awards are Rotary Preserve Planet Earth Award and Peace & Sustainable Development Award. Our funds also support the bids for 5 students to compete at the Canada-Wide Science Festival, and purchasing the materials for the Science Olympics – a group science challenge activity for the participants of the non-competitive Beginner fair. The Gold level of support ($500) has been the traditional level of support by our club.  For 2021 The local contest will be virtual, but the national contest may be in person.  TBA
    Thunder Bay Robotics
    Kai Fucile Ladouceur and Jaden Niivila
    Funds to purchase robotic equipment to be used to prepare students for next years to STEAM competition (STEAM fields are defined science, and technology, interpreted through engineering, and the (liberal) arts, and based in mathematics)
    Eco Superior
    Sue Hamel
    Three Projects funded:
    1. Eco Superior would  offer Re-Wilding for Wellness Forest Therapy Walks for 3  small groups of youth or, front line workers, in the Spring of 2021.
    2. Beautify Eco Superior 562 Red River, support for a local artist to paint a mural on their building
    3. Initiate a Paper straws project. donate to local restaurants, to support their transition out of using single use plastic straws.
    Beautification of Thunder Bay
    Rotarians: M.A. Mackett, J. Madder, B. Winter, B. Green, S. Crawford
    To work with the city planner – identify 5 spots that Rotary could assist in beautifying,
    Some views from our meeting:
    ChildCan with Kathleen Barnard: provides a book a month to kids up to age 5, as educational and support aides.
    • United Way Thunder Bay providing 3000 multi-layered masks to individuals otherwise unable to utilize Covid protection masks in the “Facing Forward” For You For All program (Albert Brule).

    NWO Regional Science Fair projects (Brieanne Olibris)
    All recipients gave us a good overview of their respective missions and thanked P.A. Rotary for the financial assistance.
    The meeting concluded with a spirited “Happy Dollars” session, all positive news.
    Next week the Club will welcome Moira MacPherson of Lakehead University as guest speaker.
    A great meeting!
    At Our Club February 2, 2021 Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-02-02 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday January 19, 2021

    President Kysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 36 members and guests to this jammed packed mid-winter meeting. Notable guests included our guest speaker, Sudbury Rotarian Ian Lane (see bio below), David Roberts (Dean of Business School, LU), Rob Zuback (Confederation College), Nick Nyman (Chartwell Retirement Residences), Lori Mitchell, former ED at the Salvation Army Journey to Life Centre and club member ( now in Toronto) and former Assistant District Governor and club member Maria Hudolin (B.C.)
    Rob (Con College), Nick (Chartwell) and David (LU) are all representing PA Rotary Community partners with notably, Confederation College and Chartwell becoming recent members. The club is thrilled with these new partnerships.
    NB:  a suitable celebration and (novel) “induction” ceremony for these esteemed new members will be executed at an appropriate date going forward.
    Co-hosts (with thanks today) were: Kevin Holloway, John Stephenson and Krysta Logozzo Daniele.
    A fine O Canada with 11 language groups was played by Kevin Holloway and showcased Canadian diversity.
    Krysta acknowledged our meeting being held on Fort William First Nation territory.
    Announcement Highlights:
    1. Rotary Radio Day (55th edition) campaign is moving along nicely. Chair Brian Walmark is encouraged by sales. A CKPR produced videom was shown.  It was remarked that each ad takes combined HR of 6-8 hours production time. Many of the Family Day Hour donors (sold out) had FB logos shown today..
    2. Dew Drop Inn service upcoming: January 28. Volunteers to contact D. Silliman.
    3. Club meeting January 26th is a fellowship style Quiz lieu of a noon meeting. (Rod Morrison).
    Induction of New Members:
    Dr. Paul DeBakker and Gary Ferguson (ED of the Salvation Army Journey to Life Centre) were welcomed into the fold with introductions by Dave Legge and the formal charge being read by Past President Kevin Holloway. Gary and Paul bring strong new impact to the club, both with extensive prior experience in helping people in diverse capacities.
    Ian Lane, Rotarian from the Sudbury Sun Rise club and Business Manager (Clinical Research Administration) with the Health Sciences North Research Institute (Sudbury) presented remotely from his home base, on the Northern Ontario Health Innovation Cluster.
    Ian was introduced and thanked by President-elect Jim Madder, who has interacted with Ian through Confederation College’s Innovation Centre.
    The “Cluster” is a great “coming together partnership” consortium, seeking to address the underfunded ($295M) gap in research funding in the north. The skillful docs and scientists are certainly available at the various sites. Ian discussed details of the various Phases, with for example a Registered Persons Database (with appropriate privacy ensured) and Indigenous Data Profile system being highlights. The concept, dynamics and early results a extremely encouraging. Our club is impressed. Thank you Ian.
    The meeting closed with a heads up on upcoming meetings: Quiz night (Jan 26), Allocations Presentation (Feb 2) and a special Lakehead University presentation Feb 9)
    Ian provided a bio overview of himself and his message:
    At Our Club Tuesday January 19, 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-01-20 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club January 12, 2021

    President Krysta Logozzo welcomed a big crowd today of 41, including several guests and new Rotary members from Chartwell Retirement Residences (see below feature presentation), as well as Dr. Paul DeBakker and Corinne Dystevick-Graham.
    Warren Philp and Mike Nitz were co-hosts. Mike proved his fancy bookcase backdrop was real by showing off his fancy Michael Jordan Rotary TD sneakers – neato!
    O Canada was played and Krysta acknowledged our presence on the Fort William First Nation.
    Two relevant videos were played with Warren Philp’s help: Rotary and Covid-19  (which also highlighted the Rotary Polio Plus campaign), and Rotary membership, international and local (see screenshot of a Rotary Peace Fellow).
    Announcement Highlights:
    • Rotary Radio Family Day update by Brian Walmark: sales are moving nicely and we are shortly entering the production phase. Thanks to all in this big endeavour.
    • Upcoming events include PA Rotary Quiz Night at 7 pm January 26th (no noon meeting) and virtual anniversary dinner for the Canada Club Rotary clubs February 26th (contact Mike Nitz).
    Feature Presentation:
    Past-President Rod Morrison introduced and thanked our newest Community Member Rotarian, Chartwell Retirement Residences (Thunder Bay).
    Manager Nick Nyman (pictured) exchanged greetings and introduced fellow managers K.C. Craig (also pictured) from Chartwell Isabella, Rena Maxwell (Chartwell Hilldale) and Collen Fayle (GM of two properties). This new partnership is very exciting and enlarges the Club’s reach to relevant important community organizations.
    At Our Club January 12, 2021 Mary-Anne Mackett 2021-01-13 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday January 5, 2021

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed back into the new happier year 34 members and guests, thanked our co-hosts (Bob Tomlinson, Mary-Anne Mackett), and paid respects to a much liked Rotarian, Fred Baker who recently passed away after a lengthy illness. Others who knew and loved Fred well also paid tribute (Mo Nelson, Bill Everitt and Martti Tenander).
    Special guests today included Dan Brown (Nipigon Rotary Club and Assistant District Governor 5580), Mal Balachandran (Rotoract president) and Dr. Paul DeBakker (prospective new member).
    As per custom, O Canada was rendered and President Krysta acknowledged the land we are living on (Fort William First Nation).
    1. Mal Balachandran reported on the Rotoract Clothing et al drive for Teen Challenge, as well as the Deck your Biz Challenge: both very successful.
    2. Brian Walmark updated us on ROTARY RADIO DAY (Feb 15, 2021). Several prominent members (including Bill Everitt and Art Warwick) are promoting novel ideas for sales. It is essential that all members contribute in various ways to reach our goal ($27,000 last year was a benchmark). We do have a way to go. Over the next 2 weeks , members should reach out to a minimum of 5 prospects for ads.
    3. Rod Morrison on “membership”: the club is looking at welcoming Matawa Education Centre, Chartwell Residences, and Confederation College as potential members in several forms in the new year. Stay tuned. The club is paving the way to exciting partnerships in the community.
    4. David Silliman reported on our service at the Christmas Eve Dew Drop Inn: David particularly thanks all the volunteers there who do daily service throughout the year...quite remarkable.
    5. Rod Morrison previewed some novel social oriented meetings on the new year calendar; as much as one per month. This January 26th, the meeting will be in the evening—a Quiz Night...Rod confirms it will be a blast.
    And also, Rod is looking at Zoom tutoring from Kevin Holloway to make his upcoming meetings more efficient and enjoyable.
    Presentation 1
    Warren Philp has his thinking cap on and is doing the heavy early lifting on proposals for our club’s 100th anniversary in 2024. He has a fine team already assembled under him.
    He circulated to all members a fulsome list with a diverse spectrum  of tangible possible projects , some with substantial price tags, but with many possible partnerships aiding the cause, examples, the City of Thunder Bay (with Werner Schwar), Magnus Theatre and the Waverley coalition (for projects at Waverley park) and many more. 
    Areas like the waterfront, the Salvation Army Field of Greens renewal, natural Rotary playground, splash pads and more are all under preliminary consideration. Integrating the club interest in Indigenous partnership is seen in others such as a monument to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, and the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.
    Kevin Holloway, Allocations Chair, reminded us that some funds have been awarded (to be ratified soon) for beautification project work.
    Members are encouraged to read Warren’s full communique for all the other ideas. Warren welcomes all those who can contribute...sign ups have occurred already.
    Presentation 2
    President Krysta presented on the club: 2020 “A Year in Review”
    Life is different: the club has done admirably, given the reality of Covid. She gave a thoughtful fulsome list of successful projects, engaging fellowship events and a commendation to those who aided us in the virtual interaction at so many levels that kept us motivated and grounded regardless of the new realities.
    Her Power Point presentation summarized our year admirably.
    Happy Dollars
    Doug Shanks was Happy Dollars Facilitator today (not Sargent at Arms).
    Numerous members contributed with a wide variety of personal, fond thoughts and thanks.
    At Our Club Tuesday January 5, 2021 Kevin Holloway 2021-01-05 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club December 22, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele cordially welcomed 30 Rotarians and guests to a very festive, fun-filled fellowship style meeting today - our last meeting for 2020.
    Special guests included Assistant District 5580 Governor Dan Brown (Nipigon), Past-Presidents Maria Hudolin (B.C.) and John Stewart, as well as Dr. Paul DeBakker.
    Thanks go to our Zoom hosts doing the essential tech work: Jim Madder, Kevin Holloway and Steve McCauley.
    O Canada was sung by an inclusive First Nation youth choir, with heritage shots from Winnipeg (with thanks to Brian Walmark).
    Krysta acknowledged we meet on the lands of the Fort William First Nation Territory following the Robinson Superior Treaty of 1850.
    Business Highlights:
    • Dew Drop Inn service is on...December 24th (David Silliman)
    • Rotarian Fred Baker is in our thoughts at this time
    • The 4 way Test Essay resulted in all 3 winners being students of St. Ignatius School (Mary-Anne Mackett our rep on the committee, Ken Boschoff that school’s liaison)
    • The St Jame’s School virtual Pen Pal experiment is off and running and early results are very promising and novel (Mary-Anne Mackett at the helm, thanks all for submissions!)
    • The Allocation Committee (thanks to Kevin Holloway as Chair) has completed their recommendations and Board approvals are being considered, with results to come.
    • The Rotary Carol Sing on behalf of Christmas Cheer Fund was very successful. Revenue figures are pending (Dave Silliman)
    • District requests for contribution suggestions were circulated by President Krysta.
    • Keep up efforts to support Rotary Radio Family Day!
     White Elephant Gift Exchange
    Under the direction of Fellowship Chair Mike Nitz and elf-aid Albert Brulé, this was a blast! Lots of fun, laughs and surprising gifts were enjoyed by all (see screenshots of a few of them). Jim Madder seemed the most gobsmacked, and can we say pleased? by his secret Santa gift🤣.
    The Rotary House Band Re-incarnated
    Our annual Christmas party required an extraordinary effort at virtual carolling. Kevin Holloway was very much up to the task with new VIDEO PAD technology. He spliced together the voices and guitar accompaniment for Feliz Navidad and We Wish You a Merry Christmas (special thanks to Kevin, Bill Ulakovic and Doug Shanks (guitars and vocals), Daves Legge and Silliman (voice), and President Krysta (tambourines and smiles). Well done, team, and a big hand for countless hours of toil for Kevin. Watch ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’
    Watch ‘Felix Navidad’.
    Happy Birthdays and Happy Dollars:
    Brian Thompson was again in rare form with birthday greetings and humour giving us a whole new meaning to “Carols / Carol’s” at Christmastime.  He generated some funds for Dew Drop Inn with “Happy Dollars”. This was an opportunity for members/friends/family to thank their chums for a great job done in a precarious 2020.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all:
    Be safe, be wise, considerate and loving...
    At Our Club December 22, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-12-22 05:00:00Z 0

    Essay Contest Winner Announced


    Amanda Pacholczak,  a Grade 12 student at St. Ignatius High School, was awarded the $500 top prize in the Rotary 4-Way Test Essay Contest.   She applied the principles of the 4-Way Test in her essay titled “Vacationing Abroad: Ethical or Not”.   In addition to this top award, Pacholczak’s essay will be entered in the Rotary District 5580 Essay Competition for an opportunity to win another $1,100 USD.

    In addition to Amanda Pacholczak’s first place prize, Veronica Pacholczak was awarded a $200 prize for second place, and Spencer Lenardon was awarded a $100 prize for third place.   All three prize winners are Grade 12 students at St. Ignatius High School.

    Rotary is the world’s largest and oldest humanitarian service network.   There are four local Rotary clubs in the Thunder Bay and Nipigon area and a Thunder Bay Rotaract club.   Membership includes and welcomes individuals who are interested in serving their community and making a difference in our world.   Our clubs work to serve and financially support local and international initiatives with a primary focus on health, water and sanitation, literacy and education, community development and peace.

    Rotary Clubs around the world offer this Essay Contest as an incentive to young people  to develop their skills of self-expression and as evidence of a sincere interest in the ideals of our youth.   All students in their final two years of high school are eligible to participate.

    The essay can deal with any topic of the student’s choosing, but it must apply the principles of the Rotary 4-Way Test:

       Is it the TRUTH?

       Is it FAIR to all concerned?

       Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?

       Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

    The Rotary 4-Way Test was first conceived in 1932 at the height of the Great Depression by a Chicago businessman who was faced with the challenge of saving a major company from bankruptcy.   Looking for a way to save the company, he sought a short yardstick of ethics that could be used.   Company personnel were asked to learn the test and to observe it as a guide to every aspect of business.   As a result, a climate of trust and goodwill gradually developed among dealers, customers and employees, and the 4-Way Test was credited with returning the company to a thriving status.

    The 4-Way Test has inspired safe driving programs, crime and drug reduction activities, and has been the subject of countless secondary school essays.   The message has appeared on roadside billboards, bronze plaques and has been translated into more than 100 languages.

    Amanda Pacholczak’s winning essay was chosen by a panel of judges from the four local Rotary Clubs and the local Rotaract Club.   Her essay is now being submitted to compete against essays coming from the remainder of the Rotary 5580 District , which includes North Dakota, Northern Minnesota, and Northwest Wisconsin.

    For more information, please go to and the Social Media channels of the four local Rotary Clubs and Rotaract, or contact Cynthia Judge, Essay Contest Chair, President, Fort William Rotary Club.

    Well done all essay writers!


    Essay Contest Winner Announced Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-12-18 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club December 15, 2020

    Today’s meeting was hosted by Kevin Holloway with Bob Tomlinson and Mary-Anne Mackett co-hosting.
    President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele acknowledged our place on 1850 Robinson Superior Treaty Lands, and welcomed 35 members on the Zoom platform. Guests included today’s speakers Jeff Gibson and  Ryleigh Dupuis as well as Linda Penner all of the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, Rotarian Bill Bartley of Canmore Alberta and Dr. Paul de Bakker.
    Kevin Holloway shared an outstanding version of O Canada by The Tenors, formerly known as The Canadian Tenors. Truly uplifting!
    Bill Green reported on the successful Salvation Army Kettle drive participation. Contact Salvation Army directly as they could use more volunteers in this last week.
    David Silliman reported on the success of the wonderful Virtual Carol Night. Some 352 people tuned in and money was raised for the Christmas Cheer Fund.  Access the presentation on Vimeo at will; it will also be aired on Shaw Cable and on Rotary Radio Family Day! Terrific exposure. David noted Diana Hannaford-Wilcox’s dedication to the production of this event with many fine local musicians and personnel creating excellent content. Great work by musicians and well put together by Kevin Holloway! 
    Mark Tilbury reported on the Global District Scholarship grant – who won it and how. A Masters student from Fargo, N Dakota will head to Edinburgh to her degree Occupational Therapy with  District and national funds of up to $50,000.
    Warren Philp stepped in for Brian Walmark whose mother recently passed away to report on Rotary Radio Family Day ad sales: 15 of over 40 members have sold 300+ ads. We need more participation so we are exhorted to help tackle some 450 past prospects and our own immediate networks to seek support. Bill Everitt has tips on getting out there and challenged us all to even give $100 personally to support this effort.  Think of how much we have saved paring down all our typical social activities during the Pandemic… Good point, Bill!
    Reminder: Re Volker & Sandi Culinary Adventures cooking demo this Wednesday at 7 pm: see Website for details.
    Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (TBSO)
    Guest presenters Ryleigh Dupuis (GM and Executive Director) and Jeff Gibson (retiring Comptroller and former principal horn) were introduced by Mary-Anne Mackett. Their joint presentation was spirited, frank and encouraging. Covid-19 required a big shift from live to virtual performances and interestingly enough the virtual offerings meant not only significant local viewing but audiences from across Canada and as far away as Chile and Switzerland.  Our orchestra has the highest level of support from the community of any orchestra in Canada; other orchestras rely more on ticket sales and government support.  The Hilldale Church and Magnus theatre are strong partners as well.  Great to hear!
    Rotarians were then privileged to view the premiere of an outstanding Christmas video ‘Imagine the Town of Bethlehem’ arranged by TBSO resident conductor Maria Fuller. Musicians played in the Hilldale Church and the choir sang in outdoor venues throughout the city.  Beautiful, inspiring, moving - it was all of those things. There was a lively Q&A before Mary-Anne Mackett thanked them both for their talk to our Club on relatively short notice.
    Warren Philp made a pitch for happy dollars and members responded: shout-outs to the TBSO and Covid vaccine roll out getting started.
    President Krysta reminded us tomorrow is the Holiday Event Cooking with Volker, next week is a social Zoom meeting with a White Elephant gift exchange and music. There is a break after that with no meeting on December 29th.
    Upcoming events/reminders:
    - Wed Dec 16th, 7 to 8 pm – NEW DATE Rotary Holiday Event Virtual Cooking Class "Adventures in Cooking with Volker and Friends" Volker Kromm and Sandi Krasowski will prepare a European Christmas dinner.  Cost $20, all proceeds to RFDA, recipes sent out after.
    Fri Dec 18th NEW DATE to leave gifts on porch – for the Dec 22nd Holiday Meeting White Elephant Gift Exchange -  LAST CHANCE to join in -
    - Dec 29th Meeting cancelled.
    - PA Rotary CENTENNIAL - Its hard to believe that our club's 100 year anniversary is around the corner!  At this week's meeting Warren will tell us about a committee that is forming and will be looking for Rotarians to get involved.
    Rotaract Holiday Drive - Our local Rotaractors are hosting a Gift Drive in support of Adult and Teen Challenge Thunder Bay.  Items can be dropped off until Dec 20th, 2020.  Details included on the attached photo. 
    - Deck Your Biz - Thunder Bay Rotary Clubs and Rotaract are hosting "Deck Your Biz" a Festive Business Window decoration contest! We are asking local businesses to decorate their storefronts and submit a picture. The winning business window will win $1000 dollars to the charity of their choice. This also comes with bragging rights!  Details included on the attached photo.   
    Radio Day Family Day -  2 weeks left before 2020 pricing ends!    Please email campaign Chair Brian Walmark if you have any questions   
    At Our Club December 15, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-12-15 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club December 8, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 36 Rotarians and guests today. Guests included Bill and Jan Dickerson and their Dana who was our Guest Speaker, Paul DeBakker, Mal Balachandran and Mary Durward (Rotary District 5580 Youth Exchange lead from Minnesota).
    Zoom Co-hosts: Warren Philp, Bob Tomlinson, Kevin Holloway. Thanks, Gents.
    President Krysta commenced with a respectful land acknowledgement after O Canada was played – thanks Bob Tomlinson.
    Kevin Holloway played the Dew Drop Inn video, a small masterpiece created by Kevin Holloway and a host of Rotarians showing how prep is done by our cheerful club members in the current Covid-19 environment with screens, PPE and “take out” style lunch. 
    Kevin Holloway was M.C. of the show and our Fort Severn FN community member, Chief Paul Burke joined in as well as Past President Vonnie Cheng and Rotarian Brian Walmark and others.  Lots of fun!
    Port Arthur Rotary has served at this site for 25 years.  Our Club is a well-oiled machine here with consistent good spirits.  Thanks go out to the large number who made this video possible.
    Back in 2005-2006, Dana Dickerson was chosen by the District to be our Club’s Rotary Outbound Exchange Student to France.  Today she recapped “A Year in (not Provence) Romans” which was an exhilarating experience in three host homes in southeastern France in the foothills of the Alps.
    Dana was introduced by a former and veteran Thunder Bay host parent for inbound students, Past President Warren Philp.  Rotarian Doug Shanks, another former host, provided a summary of our involvement in this program.  The first Rotary Exchange Intern in Rotary generally was in 1929.  Our Club’s first Exchange Student were in 1979 and it remains a vitally important program. These young people have been great ambassadors in promoting world peace and understanding, and Dana was and is great example.
    At Our Club December 8, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-12-08 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club December 1, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 35 members and guests today. There was a highly-anticipated presentation by Georjann Morriseau, Chair of the Thunder Bay Police Services Board (see picture). Guests included Mal Balachandran (Rotoract President), Dr. Paul DeBakker, Frank Daniele and David Richards (corporate member from Lakehead University).

    Thank you Zoom hosts Bob Tomlinson, Mary-Anne Mackett and Kevin Holloway.

    After our national anthem O Canada was played,  President Krysta acknowledged the Indigenous nature of the land we live and work on.


    Georjann Morriseau
    is the current Chair of the Thunder Bay Police Services Board and the well-known former Chief of the Fort William First Nation. She has an extensive and well-recognized background in aboriginal law, including policing, native justice and teaching. Georjann has worked with and consulted at all levels of federal, provincial and municipal government. She was eloquently introduced and later thanked by PA Rotary Past-President John Stephenson, who has had a long-time relationship through FORM Architects with Ms Morriseau.

    Given her extraordinary schedule and responsibilities, she responded off the top, that "sleep is overrated these days," thanking our Club for the invitation and indicating that a brief overview concerning her role and the current situation in Thunder Bay was in order, followed by a more meaningful Question and Answer style interactive dialogue. Pretty soon, the Zoom "Chat Box" was overwhelmed with questions!

    At Our Club December 1, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-12-01 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club November 24, 2020


    President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 33 members and guests (the latter including Roger Drcar of Lakehead Public Schools Student Success Teaching Department, Frank Daniele, Alyson MacKay of Lakehead University, Shelley Crawford (see below), and our special guest speaker John Mason).

    Cohosts (with thanks today): Bob Tomlinson, Steve McCauley and Jim Madder. Tech lead again was Kevin Holloway.

    O Canada and land acknowledgements by President Krysta were followed by:

    A) Induction of new member to Port Arthur Rotary: Shelley Crawford

    Shelley was introduced by proposer Mary-Anne Mackett, who outlined Shelley's long career in arts administration including consulting and teaching as well as fund raising and arts development in Canada and abroad. The "charge" was delivered by Past-President Brenda Winter who welcomed her with an overview of Rotary and its obligations and rewards and will act as her Mentor. President Krysta did a virtual "pinning" and the Club informally welcomed her with open arms.
    Shelley thanked the members for their kind reception and looks forward to fellowship and service within this organization.


    Former government geologist and current Project Manager for Mining Services with the Thunder Bay Community Development Commission John Mason ( provided a wide ranging overview of the many mining operations in play in northwestern Ontario. He mentioned included current producers and exploration companies and major highlights of many important mines. In all, they have a big impact on economic life in this huge geographical area of Northwest Ontario.

    Photographs showing:  1. John Mason and associate going over mining maps.   2. Screen shot showing the significant scope of business inter-relationships at one business alone (Newmont Musselwhite) with 390 suppliers!   3. Overhead view at the mid tier New Gold Rainy River site.

    At Our Club November 24, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-11-24 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday November 17, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB November 17, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele today (on Zoom) welcomed 30 members and guests (including Mal Balachandran, Shelley Crawford and former 5580 Assistant DG and PA Rotarian Maria Hudolin (in B.C).
     Co-hosts today were Kevin Holloway, Brian Walmark, Warren Philp and Krysta Logozzo Daniele
    Krysta properly acknowledged the land we are living on.

    Kevin Holloway played an invigorating O Canada from Toronto Raptor's Jurassic Park...enjoyed by all.

    Our lead presentation today was on the subject of Rotary Radio Day (February 15, 2020-Family Day), by esteemed Chair Brian Walmark.

    Brian's enthusiasm is palpable. His "Sales Pitches"are already generating some early returns and helpful messaging tips were provided.
    The target sales milestones and many rewards were again mentioned.

     Some of the dedicated sales members such as Bill Everitt spoke on individual success strategies, based on a personal approach to prospects.
    Albert Brulé, ED and CEO of Thunder Bay United Way has suggested a mechanism for the club to direct assignment of Rotary donated dollars to charities allowing for individual donor charitable tax receipts--stay tuned. Can this be worked into RRD?

    Materials have been circulated and members are encouraged to contact Brian at Preferred payments are via e-transfer to Chris Bailey (Treasurer) at . Sellers should email scanned completed sales forms to


     Note: Members should (also) peruse President Krysta's fulsome communique of November 16th for a more fulsome overview of the club' s many activities

    1. The Rotary Christmas Social this year (recall last year's rocking good time with Danny Johnson et al) will be different. It will be virtual with the Lakehead Rotary Club as lead.
    On December 9, via Zoom, Adventures in Cooking will be presented with Chef Volker Kromm (Lakehead club and RFDA CEO) along with journalist Sandi Krasowski putting on a great culinary show. Tickets will ben $20 per attendee and charitable receipts available. 

    2. The club Salvation Army Kettle service needs a few more sign ups. (Bill Green at

    3. Dew Drop Inn Service is November 22 with 0930-1200 noon and 1230-1530h slots (contact D. Silliman)

    4. The St. James Project is moving ahead slowly but surely. A partnership between the local kids and a school at Fort Severn FN is promising (thanks to Brian Walmark, Chief Paul Burke and Mary-Anne Mackett)

    5. The Wellness Committee report involved some discussion on the scope and nuance involved in keeping our kin together in uncertain times, emphasizing many variations such as individual sensitivities and circumstances  (J.Dojack, D. Legge, K. Holloway). Covid times can exacerbate the issues.

    6. The Allocation Committee structure and function was reviewed by Chair Kevin Holloway with a vision tba for this years cycle. Committee members will be coalescing soon.

    7. Interesting meetings upcoming were outlined. The December 29 Rotary meeting will be cancelled...all can take a breather. December 22 is still on.

    8. Certain members will be involved in video promos for the club (Warren Philp gave a fine demo today on the spot... WE are Rotary//WE are People of Action...thanks W.P.)
    9. An update on the District grant process for the Wilderness Discovery Centre and channeling of pledges indicated a stay tuned approach.
    At Our Club Tuesday November 17, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-11-18 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday Novenber 10, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele chaired a very moving Remembrance Day Service meeting engineered by co-hosts Warren Philp, Mike NitzBob Tomlinson and with special thanks to Kevin Holloway and Jim Madder for organizing:

    1. A moving video of Elgar's Nimrod (Enigma Variations) performed by an Irish string quartet.

    2. A stirring O Canada performed by multiple Canadian Armed Forces Bands

    3. The Last Post, Minute of Silence and Reveille

    4. Port Arthur Rotarian M.O. Nelson, WW 2 Canadian Navy Veteran reading In Flanders Fields at the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment Memorial to the 52nd NW Ontario Battalion Canadian Expedition (North Cumberland St)

    3. A heartfelt and educational presentation by special guest Lt. Commander Nathanael Moulson, Commanding Officer, Canadian Naval Reserves headquartered at HMCS GRIFFON.( The presentation enlightened everyone on the scope and impact of the Griffon throughout it's history and strong partnership within the community.  See pictures of :LtC Moulson, the Griffon regiment of yore, the HMCS Port Arthur, and a modern reservist, part of the "Force Generation" Lt Camille Hamm (a NOSM med student). The club is very much indebted to LtC Moulson for this high energy overview of the HMCS Griffon and it's many important manifestations to life locally and all of Canada.


    The meeting also discussed important club initiatives including stepping up to support the Salvation Army Kettle Drive Service (Steve McCauley and Bill Green), Rotary Radio Day (Brian Walmark) and "Happy Dollar" contributions for excellence (Bill Everitt)

    At Our Club Tuesday Novenber 10, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-11-11 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club November 10, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele chaired a very moving Remembrance Day Service meeting set up by co-hosts Warren Philp, Mike Nitz (pictured), Bob Tomlinson and special thanks to Kevin Holloway and Jim Madder for organizing our program today:

    1. A lovely performance of Elgar's Nimrod’ from the Enigma Variations for String Quartet recorded by the Carducci String Quartet

    2. O Canada performed by multiple Canadian Armed Forces Bands.

    3. Last Post, Minute of Silence and Reveille

    4. Port Arthur Rotarian and WW II Canadian Navy Veteran M.O. Nelson’s reading of In Flanders Fields at the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment Memorial to the 52nd NW Ontario Battalion Canadian Expedition (North Cumberland St), pictured.

    3. Special guest Lt. Commander Nathanael Moulson, Commanding Officer, Canadian Naval Reserves stationed at HMCS GRIFFON ( gave a heartfelt and enlightening presentation on the scope and impact of the HMCS Griffon throughout its history.  It has a strong partnership within the community.  See the slide show attached. We have pictures of Lt. Cmdr. Moulson, the Griffon regiment of yore, the HMCS Port Arthur, and a modern reservist Lt Camille Hamm who is part of the “Force Generation” and a NOSM med student). The club is very much indebted to Lt. Cmdr. Moulson for his high energy overview of the HMCS Griffon and its many important contributions locally and to Canada generally.
    Rotarian Jim Madder introduced and thanked Lt. Cmdr. Moulson for his excellent attendance at our Club meeting.


    We discussed a number of important club initiatives looking for more sign-ups to support the Salvation Army Kettle Drive Service (Steve McCauley and Bill Green) and sales of those ads for Rotary Radio Day (Brian Walmark).  "Happy Dollar" contributions for excellence (Bill Everitt).

    At Our Club November 10, 2020 David Legge 2020-11-10 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club November 3, 2020


    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele chaired a meeting celebrating two important members of the Rotary family: celebrating the life of cherished former member Jim Mucklow and hearing from our remarkable former inbound Rotary Exchange student Nora Lorenz.
    Co-hosts today: Bob Tomlinson and Mary-Anne Mackett (thanks folks).

    Some 31 members and guests attended including Nora Lorenz, Jack Rigby, Past President of Chatham Kent Rotary and brother in law of Bill Everitt, Maria HudolinShelley Crawford and Rotoract President Mal Balachandran.

    O Canada was sung virtually by a handful of Rotarians, taking over when Mary-Anne's “shared screen” got glitchy.  Krysta acknowledged the land we are living on.

    A very touching tribute and minute of silence took centre stage in memory of our late, revered former Port Arthur Rotarian Jim Mucklow who died peacefully at home Wednesday October 28th. A detailed obituary was shared with Rotarians on line by President Krysta.

    Jim was a 12 year veteran member who was instrumental in his love and support of the Rotary Youth Exchange program; chairing numerous committees and hosting 9 students over the years. Many of Jim's best moments were captured by dear friend Past-President Bob Tomlinson. There were many testimonials from fellow Rotarians. Jim will be deeply missed by our Club and our condolences go out to Cindy, their kids and family  

    Another touching presentation was made from Berlin, Germany by the 2009-2010 Rotary Exchange Student to our Club Nora Lorenz.

    Past President Doug Shanks and his wife Karen were her spiritual (host) parents and she became their German "daughter”. Doug took great pleasure in welcoming her back and thanking her today.

    Nora at age 15 was an outstanding rep from her home north of Hamburg, Germany. She spoke eloquently on the exchange impact on her life: her skills developed rapidly and it gave her a head start on creating what is now a global network of associates and friends.

    Nora needed three additional years beyond her stint here to graduate and went on to university in Gottingen, further schooling in Seoul South Korea, internship in Brussels and Copenhagen, a Masters in economic and educational policy at the Freie Universtat in Berlin, then to the UK at the London School of Economics (LSE) and finally to the UNESCO Institute for life-long learning in Literacy and Program Consulting / Policy.

    Nora's slide show had highlights of her busy Canadian life in Thunder Bay. She made many friends and life long associations. Doug and Karen Shanks and their family are deeply appreciative and have continued this connection over the years – each travelling to see the other’s family at home and holiday locations. The club wishes Nora all the best going forward. The Club is keen to continue with this very important service to our global youth.


    1. Salvation Army Kettle Service is upcoming (December 5 and 12) at 2 locations. Volunteer sign up sheet is available (Bill Green).

    2.  Rotary face masks still available (Leslie Savitsky at the Econolodge)

    3.  Rotary Carol Sing will be a virtual hour-long show this year, December 3 at 7 pm.  Fort William Rotary Club is partnering with us (David Silliman)


    Doug Shanks was not done yet:  he opened the floor for a number of very happy dollar donations.
    At Our Club November 3, 2020 David Legge 2020-11-03 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club October 27, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 31 members and guests for an entertaining and fruitful meeting featuring presentations by our own Albert Brulé and Kevin Holloway.

    Welcomed guests and new/old Rotarians included Bill Bartley (Rotary club - Canmore AB), Mal Balachandran (President Rotoract), Shelley Crawford and Mark Tilbury (LU corporate PA Rotarian ).

    Cohosts were: Jim Madder, Steve McCauley (with thanks for O Canada and a great personal mug shot Steve), Bob Tomlinson and Kevin Holloway.

    Krysta introduced our presenters after an appropriate land acknowledgement.


    Albert Brulé is a fellow Port Arthur Rotarian and CEO of United Way Thunder Bay. His new initiative is a brilliant collaboration with PA Rotary, United Way Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay District Health Unit, Thunder Bay Community Foundation, the City of Thunder Bay and recent major donor Numont Musslewhite mine.

    The goal:  Make quality face masks available to all vulnerable citizens of Thunder Bay who need them for protection against Covid-19

    Phase 1 has been sanctioned by TB City Council and involves procurement and distribution of 75,000 masks for adults and 1300 for kids.  
    Distribution network organizations on board include RFDA, Ontario Native Women's Association, Dew Drop Inn, Shelterhouse and others.  Rotarians are invited to support the cause.

    Phase 2 is a long term commitment to distribute cloth masks of high quality to vulnerable people.  They will be sold for $14.99 apiece with 25 minimum allotments online, and this will cover one's own purchase and providing cloth masks free to vulnerable people.  Contact Albert for two local outlets for individual sales.  Albert detailed the various options including purchase and donations: a seriously practical and fun way to help those in need.

    The club thanks Albert for his creative leadership in developing this program.


    Past President Kevin Holloway has been scouring via the internet, WHAT'S HAPPENING IN ROTARY, all around the world and voila!

    Four excellent new programs (amongst hundreds) were outlined.  Some of these come from Kevin's snowbird club in SW Florida (Marco Island) 
    Read about:

    1. Women in Rotary :
        (a) Jennifer Jones (a Canadian nominated for Rotary RI president in 2022):  Jennifer Jones is making history as the first female president of Rotary International, nominated to serve in 2022-23, and she will be speaking to us live on October 30, 2020 at 1:00pm EST as part of the Infinite Possibilities: Women in Rotary series.  Anyone is welcome to participate.  Rotarians, invite your non-Rotarian friends to spend an hour of their day listening to one of the most brilliant and inspiring Rotarians you will ever come across.  Register with this link:

         (b) A virtual West Africa Project Fair:  The West Africa Projects Fair (WAPF) is an annual event that offers Rotary clubs in Western Africa  the opportunity to share their projects with Rotary members from across the world. International visitors meet project host clubs, learn about their community’s priorities, and explore partnership opportunities. Join us this year for the first Virtual West Africa Project Fair, 9-13 November 2020.

    Register with this link:
    2. Marco Island Rotary Christmas drive through parade

    3. A virtual Rotary choir with international fellowship of musicians:  In early April, the fellowship decided to perform music together in a virtual choir. The Virtual Rotary World Choir, under the direction of John Ackenhusen, a musician who lives near Seattle, Washington, USA, now meets online every Saturday morning. Members receive rehearsal material in advance, and then converge via Zoom to listen to the accompaniment and sing their parts. We then email our voice memos to John, who uses digital audio and video work stations to put the four-part harmony pieces together so that they are synced perfectly.  If you are interested in joining in:

    4. The Thunder Bay Rotary Peace Pole Polio Plus on FaceBook.

    Plenty of creativity to pursue. Thanks Kevin!


    Announcements and more:

    1.Dew Drop Inn report (David Silliman): 347 people served on October 22, 2020.
    2. Fall Clean Up (Steve McCauley): 9 Rotarians (and others in spirit) helped clean Cumberland St. with Eco-Superior friends.
    3. St. James Literacy service (Mary-Anne Mackett). M-A reported on programming under review with principal Angelina Tassone: includes rather exciting and practical covid-friendly ideas like "pen pals" and Rotary guest speakers offering "life snippets".  Stay tuned.
    4.World Polio day fundraiser at Nipigon Rotary club was successful
    5. Rotary branded face masks now available at Dew Drop Inn and Econolodge (thanks to Leslie Savitsky)
    6. Rotary Radio Day...this week (B. Walmark) gearing up: Homework is to draft your pitch to contacts.
    7. And last but not least October Birthday celebrations and Happy Reports (Brian Thompson) always welcomed and enjoyed by all.
    One extraordinary tribute to our Past-President Judi Turner was a big highlight.
    At Our Club October 27, 2020 David Legge 2020-10-27 04:00:00Z 0

    Stand Up for Clean Up October 24, 2020

    Eight very hardy and enthusiastic Rotarians gathered at the Boulevard Lake parking lot Saturday morning to complete a cleanup of the park and Cumberland from Gibson Ave to Granville Ave.

    Upon arrival, our target area appeared to be rather clean, however as we ventured out to do the work, a fair amount of litter was found.

    Total bags gathered:

    9 Garbage Bags
    3 Recycling Bags
    5 Shopping Carts
    1 very pristine Soft Ball - found by Warren of course

    We were fuelled with Tim’s Coffee and calorie-free doughnuts courtesy of Bruce Nelson…thank you Bruce.

    The Team:

    Krysta Logozzo-Daniele David Marler
    Warren and Barb Philp Jim Madder
    Mary-Anne Mackett Bruce Nelson
    Steve McAuley
    Brian Walmark - who was with us in spirit but a bit
    under the weather Saturday AM.
    Stand Up for Clean Up October 24, 2020 Steven McAuley 2020-10-26 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club October 20, 2020

    At Our Club October 20, 2020
    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele captained a fun meeting today highlighting two major serious club initiatives: The Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus and the Kick Off to Rotary Radio Family Days 2020.  We also honoured several award recipients.  There was plenty of banter in the social half hour or more leading up to the formal start.

    Our Zoom hosts were Kevin Holloway and Mary-Anne Mackett. Thirty-one members and guests attended.  We started with a rousing O Canada performed by Walk Off the Earth, talented multi instrumentalists (thanks to Mary-Anne if you liked it).

    Acknowledgements and welcomes to guests Past Presidents Maria Hudolin and John Stewart, Rotoract President Mal Balachandran and Carolyn Oleksak. A special welcome to Past President Leslie Savitsky too!

    Announcement Highlights:
    1.  Dew Drop Inn service October 22: contact David Silliman to volunteer.
    2.  Highway Cleanup with Eco Superior on October 25 10 AM to noon: contact Steve McCauley.
    3.  World Polio Day October 24
    4.  Nipigon Rotary Club Zoom celebration Oct 24
    5.  Rotary brand face masks to club members coming soon.
    At Our Club October 20, 2020 David Legge 2020-10-20 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday October 13, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB October 13, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 29 members and guests (the latter including Carolyn Oleksak, Shelley Crawford and our guest speaker Tim Heney) and thanked cohosts Warren Philp and Mike Nitz. 
    Following welcoming remarks, O Canada and acknowledgements, Krysta reflected on the positive impact of the club on a number of city organizations we support such as the Dew Drop Inn, Salvation Army, United Way and the TB Community Foundation.

    Members were reminded to tune in on Oct 24th regarding World Polio Day ( and November 5th for a District 5580 Virtual Summit (see Krysta's previous email).

    Steve McCauley promoted "Spring into Fall" a partnership between the City and Eco-Superior: volunteers welcomed.

    Host Doug Shanks provided an update on our Rotary exchange student of 2009-10 Nora Lorenz (Germany). Very positive

    Bill Everitt gave a fulsome report on deliberations on the club "Happy Dollars" tradition (longstanding). The new paradigm promotes a positive recognition platform (and no longer fines for miscreants).  During Covid times, members are keen to express their gratitude by donating for positive news items of whatever ilk, all on an honour system.

    Today's guest speaker: (returning on a very regular basis to our advantage) Tim Heney, CEO of the Thunder Bay Port Authority. Tim is pictured below

    The Port Authority has become a great success story, with Thunder Bay enjoying status as the most strategic(full service) port in the world's largest inland  waterway.
     Mr Heney had a fine PowerPoint slide show describing the mechanics, the up to date figures (one such example among many  being 7,246,778 tonnes exported in 2019); the components (7 Grain elevators, 3 dry and 2 liquid bulk storage, 1 general cargo (Keefer), 1 shipyard/drydock and 1 cruise ship terminal). All have activity going on now.
    This year has been the best overall in 27 years (grain is up 14% although coal and potash are down).
    Modernization and infrastructure upgrades are proceeding and with the western wheat board elimination, improved grain movement here (with upgraded technology and a skilled work force to boot.)
     In summary the Port Auuthority is a major economic development mover in this area.

     The Q&A session was  lively.

     Chris Bailey warmly introduced and thanked Mr. Heney. He no doubt will be back in the future to our delight.

    A link to the Authority website was kindly provided for further information by Krysta yesterday.
    At Our Club Tuesday October 13, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-10-13 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club October 6, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB October 6, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 29 members and guests including Shelley Crawford, Mal Balachandran (Rotoract President), Peter Burke (Fort Severn FN corporate member), Mark Tilbury (LU corporate member) and our guest speaker Bruce Morrison).

    Co-hosts today were Bob Tomlinson and Mary-Anne Mackett (first for M-A!).  Thanks owed to Kevin Holloway for tireless Zoom training and mentoring (for some time now).

    Krysta reflected on Thanksgiving - its meaning for Rotarians in particular - and encouraged us to reach out to our many adjuncts for Rotary Reconnect Week such as RYLArians and 4 Way Test writers of the past. This is also Economic and Community Development month in Rotary International.


    Bruce Morrison (brother of our Past President Rod Morrison) is an international expert in nuclear power plant development, currently working out of Abu Dhabi, capital of United Arab Emirates.
    At Our Club October 6, 2020 David Legge 2020-10-06 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday Sept 29, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB September 29, 2020

    We had a well-attended virtual meeting ably hosted by Kevin Holloway and Brian Walmark.  Vonnie found some new Zoom tricks – see the Outtakes below.  The Anthem was our Indigenous / multi-lingual version with great slide show put together by Brian Walmark.

    Our Guest Speaker today was Scott J. Bradley Executive Director of Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, introducedand thanked by Laurie Tulloch.


    Scott previously worked for US Air Force Museum in Dayton,Ohio – a fabulous place to visit when you are next there, specializing in uniforms, firearms and munitions.  There are also aircraft of course. Laurie reminds us how museums bring history to life.

    Scott has a BA and Master of Arts in history and puts his education and experience to great effect for the our Thunder Bay Museum which has restarted the fall lections series on the fourth Tuesday of each month.  Check out also the Thunder Bay Culture Days 25 September to 25 October with social engagement, webinars, pay what you events.  On October 24 there will be behind the scenes day video tours.  The fundraiser is the Classic Car Raffle, for those vying for a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

    Upcoming exhibits include a Wendell Beckwith Exhibit. Wendell attempted to live as a hermit but had many guests. His experiments, artifacts and film clips will be presented. 

    Upcoming also is a John Bouchard Exhibit

    The Thunder Bay Museum will have a new Vision, undergoing an exciting re-examining and re-imagining of the long term exhibits strategy and collecting plan, the partnerships (for example with Magnus, Tourism Thunder Bay etc.) andfundraising based on a multi-cultural, inclusive and diverse society.  Thunder Bay has evolved and changed and the Museum will be reflecting that.  

    Volunteer, Membership and Legacy Club are available on-line or call the museum:

    New Volunteer Website:

    Membership Management:

    Legacy Club:  https:/

    The Museum had been closed for months and re-opened this summer.  Drop in visits and of course income went down.  Covid-19 has been a huge challenge and the work is underway looking at new opportunities. 

    Questions include: how and when outreach to schools can resume. Internet access is not a sure thing for people visiting the museum, for schools or for kids at home.  

    Volunteers have a role – pre-Covid-19 there were some 500 volunteers.  The museum couldn’t open without 25 showing up every day. Currently, volunteer opportunities are available for Maintenance, special events, docents, artifact card typing, newspaper scanning, booth attendance when in person eventsstart up again, for summer camps – and bingo if it ever starts up again!  

    The question and answer topics led to discussion about local World War I and II veterans who made donations and ensuringinclusion of the Indigenous and women war participants in those exhibits.

    Laurie Tulloch expressed our thanks for Scott Bradley’sinteresting overview.


    Dew Drop Inn has a fundraiser:  order on line for Friday October 2, 2020 with fixings and dessert, all funds going to Dew Drop Inn. Order on-line at  

    Main Course: St. Anthony’s signature meat loaf with mashed potatoes smothered in their made from scratch gravy (optional on the side) a seasonal medley of roasted root vegetables and a Bennett’s Bakery dinner roll.  Dessert: Little Doo’s Farm Blueberry Crisp made with TLC and local blueberries.

    Please contact Krysta for making pledges in support of our grant application for the Wilderness Discovery by end of day today September 29, 2020.  Please send in your PLEDGE today – ask Jaro for details if there is any confusion.  You can make your donation later at the Rotary Foundation when the grant is approved and has a grant number - make sure you look for and mark in the proper place that you are a Canadian donor to get the proper tax receipt.

    A lot of good work is being done by volunteers at the WDC and things are progressing well. 

    Dew Drop Inn day organized by David Silliman saw a good day serving some 430 people – much more than in the past. The community is generous with food and Port Arthur Rotary bought some extra items as requested and suggested by the Dew Drop Inn.

    Rotaract is doing a clothing collection – good clothes, new undergarments etc. or money to buy clothes at Value Village – for use by the Hospital for patients who need clothing items on discharge.

    Christmas Parade is unfortunately cancelled due to Covid-19.  The CP Holiday Train is also cancelled.  The Parade of Lights may still be going ahead with some changed.  

    September 30, 2020 is the annual Orange Shirt Day.  Please check FaceBook and our website for details.

    Brian Thompson sent out Happy Birthday greetings for all the Rotarians who had their special day during the past few months - gift-wrapped in a funny tale and we shared Happy Dollar news.

    At Our Club Tuesday Sept 29, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-09-29 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday Sept 22, 2020

    Some 30 members and guests joined our meeting on line this week.  Our able technical hosts were Kevin Holloway and Bob Tomlinson.

    We had a very special Rotary guest this week:  Rotary 5580 District Governor Bob McLean.  We would normally have an opportunity to meet the DG in person, but instead we welcomed him virtually from his home in Central Lakes Minnesota (  

    We started our meeting with both the American and Canadian anthems to honour our guest and each other. O Canada was the lovely Indigenous version sung by First Nations Technical School in Winnipeg, Manitoba singing in Inuktituk, Michif, English, French and Ojibwa, with Brian Walmark’s PowerPoint. Beautifully done and becoming a Club favourite!

    Our guests today included Gary Ferguson, the new Executive Director of Salvation Army

    Mal Balachandran, Club President of Rotaract, our favourite BC member Maria Hudolin. 

    We briefly acknowledged the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Her long and illustrious career truly displayed the values that Rotary espouses.

    The Virtual Peace Day was very well done yesterday.  Brian Walmark, Brenda Winter, Kevin Holloway, Jim Madder, David Silliman and Mal Balachandran were all thanked for all their efforts in making the virtual Peace day an amazing success.  Michael Gravelle, Patty Hajdu and Chief Peter Collins were among the many illustrious guests. 

    Announcements included that our planned Wilderness Discovery Centre in site meeting will have to be delayed to next Spring.  Instead, next week’s meeting will include our Guest Speaker  Scott Bradley, of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society. 

    Roly Turner introduced our Guest Speaker Rotary 5580 District Governor Bob McLean who hails from “The little Club that does”.  He has been very active in all levels of Rotary and volunteered also in other roles. He is one of the founders of Resilient Living Campus, an advocate of vibrant communities and lifelong learning.  The good ship 5580 is does well with him at the helm!

    Bob McLean congratulated our group, having joined in on the directors’ meeting before the general meeting.  He also praised the current Rotary International President Holger Knaak and his wife as the epitome of positivity. Rotary is our passion, not our job. We are at a major crossroad across the world.  We have four major Priorities at the moment:

    #1:  How do we expand rotary:  who is not around the table? What are the areas of need and purpose which are not being addressed? 

    #2: Visioning project:  Where are we going to be in the future?  Our club is well on its way having already done its Visioning exercise, rare among the District 5580 Clubs  – kudos!

    #3 – Ending polio:  WHO recognized Rotary for its tireless efforts helping the African continent become free of wild polio.  Last month started up immunizations again.  Much success!

    #4 – “M&M”s:  Making membership meaningful and memorable.  Keep putting the Fun in Fundraising. There are no Rotary cops.  Give things a try.  Be as creative as you want. 

    Why did you join rotary?  Most often it was because “I was asked. I was invited.” 

    Why have you stayed? Often it is because the people in our club are warm and inclusive and doing good works.  Bob McLean spoke about the passion many fellow Rotarians have for what we do. Truly:  “Individually we can do little, together we can move mountains.”  It is a worldwide fellowship with the club as the most important component. Rotary is In 220 countries, 35,000 clubs. The most important element is the engaged Rotarian. 

    Mission Statements of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation are similar.  The Rotary Foundation is ranked the top charity in the world for transparency and effective use of funds.

    Rotary’s new Vision Statement is: “Together we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe in our communities and in ourselves.” He encouraged us to go on one of the international conventions, well worth attending.  As the Founder of Rotary Paul Harris said, “If Rotary is to realize its proper destiny, it must be evolutionary at all times, and revolutionary on occasions.” 

    At its core, Rotary is about peace-building, health, water, maternal health, literacy, numeracy. 

    October 24th is World Polio Day.  Can we build awareness and funds and have fun doing it?

    Bob ended with a thought for the last weekend in April, 2021, our next District Conference to be held in Bemidji, MN April 29 to May 1, 2021

    Bob McLean was thanked by President Elect Jim Madder for his fantastic presentation today and his wise words during the Peace Day ceremony yesterday.

    At Our Club Tuesday Sept 22, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-09-22 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday Sept 15, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB September 15, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 28 members and guests today (including Charles Cirtwill our speaker, Mal B our Rotoract President, Gary Ferguson,  E.D. at Salvation Army and Shelley Crawford).
     Thanks are in order to hosts Warren Philp and Jim Madder.

    Krysta and WDC Board member (PA Rotary ) Brenda Winter delivered a fine reflection on the Wilderness Discovery Camp; it's history, it's current extraordinary reincarnation and the very successful outcome of provision of a high quality recreational retreat for mobility challenged people on Lake Shebandowan. Key individuals {Bob Tomlinson, Dave Silliman amongst others|} and were duly thanked for their tireless effort. Details of ongoing budgeting for the final touches include roofing and handicapped ramp replacement (from the camp level down to the beach). A number of excellent donations, fundraisers and Rotary and government grants are in the offing. The Camp has obtained charitable status and donations are welcomed. An offsite meeting for the club is tentatively scheduled for September 26th. The other partners included are also celebrating (HAGI, Kinsmen and others).

    Oh Canada was again performed by the indigenous student group from Winnipeg and suitable acknowledgements made.


    1. Wilderness Discovery events..see above.
    2. Rotary (virtual) Peace Day Monday September 28th at 5 pm.
    3. Thunder Bay Anti-racism/Inclusion Accord is being presented (Jim Madder/Charla Robinson)
    4.Dew Drop Inn service opportunity: September 24th (4-5 in a.m. and similar for serving in afternoon (Dave Silliman)
    5. Rotaract club (Mal B reporting) held first meeting: 5-10 new members. Mask project has commenced- mask sewers requested
    6 Hearty congrats to Mike Nitz: recent engagement to Stephanie Ash in Niagara on the Lake



    Charles Cirtwill returned today (a previous speaker and PA Rotarian) to update us on COVID 19 and Our Community.

     Charles is the Founding President and CEO of the Northern Policy Institute (NIP:

    NIP interacts with all 780,000 citizens in the huge northern Ontario area covering 13 zones, 144 municipalities and spread out over 807,000 km 2.
     Charles has obviously travelled extensively but is now based in Thunder Bay. NIP interacts with northerners offering evidence based discussion and possible solutions to answer "what we need" (NIP does not create is a think tank).

    Charles presentation is comprehensive and highly instructive as to where we stand vis a vis our economy, the differential effects bad and sometimes good on the various sectors, and where improvements are (often sorely )needed : an example, there is a significant ITC gap in this region holding back progress, and there are many outlying areas deficient in resources for people such as income tax filing, long term care and day care for kids. See the complete talk with the accompanying link. Click for Presentation

    The presentation was very well received and Charles responded well to his audience questions

    President-elect Jim Madder introduced Charles and also had "the last word" in thanking him (x 3).

     Thanks for your return visit Charles and best of luck educating our comrades here in the north.
    At Our Club Tuesday Sept 15, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-09-15 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club September 8, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 29 members and guests today, including our speakers, Mal B (Rotoract President), Past President John Stewart and Shelley Crawford.   Kind hosts, with thanks, today were Bob Tomlinson and Kevin Holloway.

    Today's O Canada featured a fine community youth orchestra and President Krysta reflected on the myriad challenges we continue to face during these very fluid pandemic times. Despite same, Rotary continues its good service work (many club activities cited).

    Summary of Announcements/Business (contact individuals or websites):

    TB Chamber of Commerce: Live meeting with Minister Hajdu Sept 9; Amazing Place Treasure Hunt-Sept 10

    United Way of TB (Albert Brulé): No Show Gala Sept 17th.  On-line donations replace material gifting.

    Terry Fox Run (Lakehead Rotary club) Sunday September 20, 2020.

    Hike for Hospice Northwest Sept 13 (contact or even join Jaro Kotalik).

    Dew Drop Inn Service (D Silliman) Sept 24

    Kishore Sakhrani-has 2 backpacks for suitable recipient (Contact Kishore)

    Wilderness Discovery..ongoing hands-on work still available and fun!! (Bob Tomlinson)


    Guest Presentation:

    Matthew Villella a Distinguished Toastmaster) on Toastmasters International 
    (including 6 local clubs) and the new partnership with like-minded Rotary International. Co-presenting with Matt was Area 1 Director of the TB clubs Yvonne Roussel, and Toastmaster in the Nanabijou club Rami El-Mawed (all are pictured below).

    Toastmasters number 358,000 in 16,800 clubs in 143 countries. Started in 1924, (, there are numerous "common ground" parallels with Rotary in service with an emphasis on individual professional development, good ethics and fostering skills and self-confidence in public speaking.

    "Rotarians have great stories to tell.
    Toastmasters know how to tell them"

    Toastmasters is an inexpensive organization to join and make new connections and develop skills within a sympathetic and caring group. 
    Local clubs are commencing a "speechcraft " course on September 29th for 10 weeks (virtual). No holds barred. Rotarians are welcome and some have already signed on. Matt can be contacted anytime ( 

    Of major note Toastmasters International has partnered with Rotary International...many common goals and a global impact.

    Dave Legge introduced and thanked Matt, Rami and Yvonne. This is important service being provided to many people interested in self-improvement.

    We welcome their continued partnership, even membership in our club. The international and local club websites are all easily accessible for fine detail, including sign up.

    The Q&A period featured a delightful vignette from Bill Everitt and his experience with Toastmasters in New Zealand years ago.
    At Our Club September 8, 2020 2020-09-08 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club August 25, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 32 members and guests today; including our 3 presenters (see below), Mal (president of Rotoract) and Gary Ferguson, new ED of the Salvation Army.
    Co-hosts today: Warren Philp and Mike Nitz: tech lead Kevin Holloway: thanks gents.

    O Canada was played today by a consortium of Canadian military bands.

    President Krysta paid appropriate acknowledements and reflected on this Rotary Membership and Extension month, accompanied by a video from the Chicago Rotary Club extolling international Rotary...(welcoming new recruits of course).

    President-elect Jim Madder introduced 3 important contributors to the Thunder Bay integration scene, from the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association (TBMA): Anita Parks, (NWO Local Immigration Partnership Coordinator) and colleagues Anita Muggeridge and Nicole Croes: employment counsellor and "newcomer-partner matchmaker" respectively. See head shot images.

    Left to right:  Stacey Parks, NWO Local Immigration Partnership Coordinator, Anita Muggeridge, Employment Counsellor and Nicole Croes, "newcomer-partner matchmaker"

    The meeting closed in excellent time following a few congratulatory Happy Dollar contributions.
    At Our Club August 25, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-08-25 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club - August 18

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele chaired a business meeting today, featuring a fulsome report on the club Visioning Exercise, aka Strategic Plan for the next 3 years.

    27 members attended and the tech boys John Stevenson and Kevin Holloway ensured a faultless transmission. Thanks gents.

    Following the welcomes (including to former club President now a member of Lake Country Rotary in the Okanagan, BC Maria Hudolin) and O Canada (introduced again by Brian Walmark involving students from Winnipeg both indigenous and non), we had a most relevant reflection by Krysta on taking care of one's mental health during Covid-19. The key is happiness  as a function of good relationships/social connectedness and the quality therein. Reducing loneliness is a key ingredient.
    "Auntie" Maria Hudolin linked us to a fine TED talk on this very subject, well worth watching:

    VISIONING 2020 for the Port Arthur Rotary Club summarized results from the District and in-house deliberations re the next 3 years...where will we be then and by what route?
    Four major priorities, each with goals, made this a succinct and cogent exercise for members to digest and ponder on. President Krysta is looking for a "clear path." forward. The challenges are there, we need the commitment to fulfill them. Our members will receive the full presentation for their review and input. 

    At Our Club - August 18 Maria Hudolin 2020-08-18 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday August 11, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB August 11.2020

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 30 members today and the expertise of co-hosts and tech leads Bob Tomlinson, Steve McCauley and Kevin Holloway made for a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

    Following welcomes and acknowledgements, Brian Walmark played a unique Oh Canada performed by a FN school troupe from Winnipeg (Ojibwa-Cree and Métis performers)..see pic.

    A moment of silence and testimonial to the recent August 9th passing of former District Governor and club member Paula Timmins was handled by Krysta.


    The feature presentation today was a superb interview gleaned from the TVO Agenda show with host Steve Paiken interviewing Nick Paul, of Community Food Centres of Canada. This video was recommended to us by our  previous speaker Erin Beagle (Roots to Harvest).
     Full video is available at:

    The poignant message is something our club wishes to tap in to as a service project.

    There is a shocking food insecurity issue affecting 14% of Canadians (4.5 million). Inequality from poverty is the key underlying issue. The point driven home today by Mr. Paul is that "emergency supports" by government and private donations, albeit helpful, are still insufficient to correct the problem. "Food alone will not solve hunger."

    Policy and monumental change in our society aimed at connecting peoples in need is the answer. Poverty management from financial security and housing is paramount.

    The interview included discussion on how the economy needs to pay workers better, sharing and not hoarding, improving housing and other co-factors in the big inequality equation.

    This is a most worthwhile 15 minute viewing. Thanks to President-elect Jim Madder for organizing this.

    1. Fellowship luncheon this coming Friday at 12 noon (Daytonas). Contact Mike Nitz.
    2. Survey on line request re interest in off-site meeting at Wilderness Discovery (W.D.) Camp (Shebandowan) late September (26th or 29th)
    3. Wilderness Discovery report..Bob Tomlinson and others are wiring the new bunkie job Wednesday Aug Bob.
    4. Fort William club (President Cynthia Judge)is inviting all TB Rotary club members out to W.D. 26th of August at 6 pm (contact Bob Tomlinson)
    5. District 5580 Training Lead Committee upcoming (contact Krysta Logozzo Daniele)
    6. Next week will be a business oriented meeting

    President Krysta delivered a fun Rotary Trivia Quiz with 10 historical memory joggers.
     The club enjoyed plenty of camaraderie before and at the end of this meeting including" happy dollars"

    At Our Club Tuesday August 11, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-08-11 04:00:00Z 0

    Today Tueday Aug 4, 2020 at our Club

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 25 members and guests today. Co-hosts were: John Stevenson,Bob Tomlinson and Mike Nitz (thanks gentlemen).

    President Krysta led with Oh Canada, acknowledgements, and her reflection on the meaningful work being done by Rotary in the awareness campaign and followup re (July 30th)-World Day Against (Human) Trafficking. Members will recall presentations in our recent past from Krysta and Chris Carlson on the topic.

    Special guest presentation today was on "The Facilitator's Perspective-Camp RYLA in District 5580) by Matti Pelland, Chair Facilitator for the district and member of the the Bemidji noon Rotary club. 
     She was introduced by president Krysta and thanked by Past-president Brenda Winter, a staunch supporter of RYLA. 
    The club is indebted to Matti for her dedication to RYLA. She has been with us also in the past.

    Matti's slick presentation covered all the elements, past, present and even future of this remarkable youth leadership camp,started in 1992 in Crookston MN. Over that period, 3,114 campers have strengthened their leadership potential and emerged as bone-fide leaders of the future. Many Rotarian volunteers (261) have participated. Port Arthur Rotary club has been a longstanding supporter and our returning grads have been all exceptionally grateful for the opportunity.

     Matti is pictured along with a slide from her fine Power-Point slide show.

    Full details are available for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) at or

    Business and Announcement Highlights
    1. Krysta commented on the Rotary webinar site (with thanks to Kevin Holloway) that yielded a documentary on the first female Rotary club president Dr. Sylvia Whitlock , in 1982.
    2. Our Port Arthur club won a district award for total annual Rotary Foundation giving in 2019/20.
    3. The Rotary Exchange Student video (with Leo Pernia)  was hailed as inspirational.
    4. The club voted unanimously to sign on to the Thunder Bay Anti-Racism and Inclusion Accord. We will present these findings to the other local Rotary clubs (Canada Club), and beyond the City of Thunder Bay (thanks to Jim Madder)
    5. . Fellowship Chair Mike Nitz is pleased with his survey results. Our first patio outing will be on Friday August 14th for lunch ( our website).
    6. Several members donated friendly dollars celebrating family/personal accomplishments...congrats all.
    Today Tueday Aug 4, 2020 at our Club Kevin Holloway 2020-08-04 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club July 28, 2020

    President-elect Jim Madder chaired today's meeting and also introduced and thanked his long-standing colleague and friend and our guest speaker Ian Howcroft from Orillia who joined us by Zoom.
    Shown here are President-elect PA Rotary Jim Madder and Ian Howcroft, CEO of Skills Ontario.
    29 attendees enjoyed a fine meeting.

    Thanks go out to our co-hosts Kevin Holloway and John Stevenson.
    Kevin commenced by projecting a fine Oh Canada performed by a number of Canadian Armed Forces military bands. Thanks Kevin.

    Jim Madder acknowledged our presence on First Nation territory and reflected on today being "Great Upheaval Day", the Acadian expulsions in Maritime Canada and how this relates to the upheaval from our current viral pandemic. He asked people to reach out to all, including the introverts in the social spectrum.

    Announcement Highlights:
    1. Member M.O. Nelson celebrated his 99th birthday July 23rd...outstanding achievement MO!
    2. The Field of Greens received a matching District Grant of $5000, bringing the donation to $10,000.
    3. Wilderness Discovery Camp at Lake Shebandowan is fully booked and thriving
    4. Canada Club recently met and is working on a Rotoract proposal for a highway clean-up; Peace Day planning at the waterfront September 21st; the Anti-Racism Inclusion Accord response from our club to the City of Thunder Bay; Santa Claus Parade planning (uncertainty re go-ahead there); the 4 Way Essay Contest will be repeated after a very successful 2019 session.
    5. Dew Drop Inn report (D. Silliman) - 350 meals prepared.
    6. A fellowship Survey upcoming (how to proceed in this era .. Mike Nitz).
    7. Arpad Zolyomi is nearing home in Romania finally (M. Diegel)
    8. The first Rotary female president to address "Women in Rotary" this Friday (contact K. Holloway how to sign up)
    9. Jim Madder with upcoming meeting highlight speakers
    10. Past-President John Stephenson joyfully announced his upcoming marriage. Wonderful news, John!

    Today, Rotarian Ian Howcroft ( addressed us on SKILLS ONTARIO-Leaders in Inspiring Ontario's Future Workforce.

    Ian is the CEO of this 30 year old initiative that started in Barrie Ontario and has achieved great success and is now national (SKILLS CANADA).  One very successful tool employed since the inception is "competitions" which young people flock and get excited such as the Cardboard Boat competition.

    In essence this organization encourages young people and their parents to consider entering the skilled trades and technologies.  The “why” is evident: there are major skills gaps which employers need filled, youth experience high unemployment and both sides need to meet.

    The mantra is the 3 C's: Cooperation, Coordination and Collaboration
    The presentation was inspiring and for many an awakening of sorts to this invaluable resource. All aspects were covered.

    The PowerPoint details provided by Ian are outlined in the attachment:

    As expected, a relevant Q&A followed.

    See for more information.

    The club is indebted to Ian for this fine presentation. Jim Madder thanked him on our behalf.

    We wish you much success, Ian, in the Covid era, where SKILLS ONTARIO is deftly adjusting in the new virtual learning world.
    At Our Club July 28, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-07-28 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday July 21, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB JULY 21, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 37 guests today, including Mary Durwand (5580 District Outbound Exchange Student Coordinator), Mal Balachandran (2020 Rotaract president),Dr. Yolibeth Meijias de Pernia, Dr. Juan Pernia, Carlos and Juan Jr Pernia (family of our guest speaker) and from Slovakia, Magda Forrova (host mom of our featured speaker). 

    Co-hosts (with thanks today): Kevin Holloway and Warren Philp.

    Oh Canada to commence.

    President Krysta warmly welcomed all, acknowledged the land we live on and reflected on her improved viewpoint of life and service during difficult pandemic times.


    Yes, our guest speaker was Leo Pernia, of Thunder Bay (St. Ignatius HS grad, originally from Tampa Bay) and returned Rotary Exchange student from Slovakia. His whole family have been strong Rotary partners.

    Leo was introduced and thanked (both very eloquently) by Mat Diegel and John Stephenson, respectively.
     His presentation, from afar, included a very fine Powerpoint slide show. His address was first class and well organized.
     It was nicely divided into sections:

    1. About Slovakia and his home base in Bratislava:
    capital (pop 450,000) and well situated near Austria and Hungary on the Danube river (of note::he was able to visit classic cities like Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest and Vienna. The slides showed a lovely virtual tour of the countryside, cities, architecture, food, customs and more.

    2.His Exchange District in Slovakia (2240) :
    details about Rotary there and his wonderful host mother Magda Forrova (who was on Zoom here today)

    3. His Activities and Adventures:
    including exploring Europe from a central hub (see above), soccer, friends and more.

    The Q & A explored varied area like: his happy decision to switch from Croatia to Slovakia; Canadians in the district; the difficult language obstacles; soccer at a high level; Rotary volunteering and his future plans.

    All in all, a very professional presentation by a fine student ambassador. The audience were impressed. Thanks again Leo and family!


    1. Recent media release re: PA Rotary club allocations (over $17,000) See website for details on the worthy recipients
    2. Board decision re meeting venue..on hold due to fluid Covid situation til September
    3. TB Anti-Racism Accord. Members will receive info and chance to weigh in.
    4. Visioning/Strategic Planning exercise will be developing a master plan.
    5. Canada Club meeting this week
    6.Wilderness Discovery Camp.. a fulsome report (Brenda Winter). It is up and running. Budgeting is stable but more fundraising essential. Thanks to the Tomlinsons, John Stephenson, Chris Bailey, David Marler and others for recent volunteer work there.
    7. Dew Drop Inn (D.Silliman) gearing up for this Thursday 23rd (0930-1230hr)
    8.( Mal Balachandran) on Rotaract project making face coverings..great work!

    Stay tuned for another highlight reel next Tuesday
    At Our Club Tuesday July 21, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-07-21 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday July 14, 2020

     AT OUR CLUB JULY 14, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele chaired a very successful meeting with 34 members attending, and co-hosted again by John Stevenson, Kevin Holloway and Bob Tomlinson. Of particular note, we again welcomed several members of our new Lakehead University community membership group: Dr. David Richards, Kathryn Davidson and Mark Tilbury.
    A dynamic new multi-band rendition of Oh Canada  was followed by Krysta's welcoming remarks and acknowledgements.
     Additionally, she played a nice Rotary testimonial by 2015-16 RI president  K.V. Ravinder (Sri Lanka)
     Emily Lauzon

    Our guest speaker today was Emily Lauzon, head of the Community Economic Development Corporation  ( 
     initiative entitled the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot  ( RNIP: www.,>immigration.about-rnip>employers).
     Emily is pictured above as well.

    RNIP, a 3 year pilot project, was inaugurated in  2019 and is one of 5 such federal immigration screens (for employment) in northern Ontario. It is modelled after a similar mechanism in Atlantic Canada (AIP), although the latter differs in that it is employer driven as opposed to community driven here (RNIP).

    Emily's Power Point commenced with "Why"...the answers lie in the demographics in this area: ageing population, low birth rate, exodus of some young workers, and essentially unmet labour needs. We must encourage immigrants, properly vetted (a panel is formed), to keep our economy afloat in many ways.
    Emily provided the data and mechanism on how the program works. 
    To date there are 25 engaged employers, 100 recommendations available, and 17 positions filled. The idea is to welcome them, and encourage them to stay in these environs.

    More details are available on the website.

    A very healthy Q & A period covered topics such as: how to keep valued international students here; priority vocations recommended - a spectrum from engineering to technologists to health care and retail services; empowering employers; Covid 19 impact; dealing with potential push back, even hostility; non applicability to landed immigrants; comparison with other Ontario sites (not easy, with numerous confounding variables);and how can Thunder Bay Rotary clubs get involved?(networking skills a big plus).

    Jim Madder both introduced and thanked Emily for her fine presentation. Thank you Emily. Thank you Jim!


    1.A moment of silence and tribute was made for the death of well known Fort William Rotarian and community advocate Bruce Nugent

    2. Dew Drop Inn will recruit 8  volunteers for the July 23 session (D. Silliman)

    3. Minister Patty Hajdu our Thunder Bay - Superior North MP is holding a virtual Town Hall this Thurs July 16th from 6 to 730pm.

    4. Art Warwick personally hand delivered (at home no less) the recipients of the Rotary Citizenship Awards for this year (see listing below). Of note President Krysta received a fine thank note from Sarah Tribe (Hammerskjold CI ) for her watch. The club is pleased to support and honour our youth leadership
    SUPERIOR- FEMALE     Sara Plummer
                         MALE          Junny Sung
    LA VERENDYRE- FEMALE     Mariane Trottier
                                  MALE         Eric Vanska
    ST. IGNATIUS- FEMALE      Lily Sutton
                               MALE          Adam La Froy
    HAMMARSKJOLD- FEMALE     Sarah Tribe
                                       MALE         Aaron Hodgson

    5. Upcoming club programming announced. President Krysta spoke of the conundrum to be worked out with respect to venue for meeting/meal resumption with anticipated gradual pandemic re-opening ("mask wearing re-emphasized strongly!)
    At Our Club Tuesday July 14, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-07-14 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club July 7, 2020

    President Krysta Logozzo Daniele kicked off the new Rotary season with a fine introduction, and welcome to all including our distinguished speaker Charla Robinson, President of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce (

    Co-hosts working the virtual magic were: Kevin Holloway and John Stephenson, and 31 members tuned in.

    Following Krysta's strong opening remarks, acknowledgements and warm welcome to all, there was a video  O Canada and then a fine video by the new (2020-21) Rotary International President Holger Knaack extolling his vision of a wish list for world Rotarians for his year..this includes, growth, involvement, improvement, project development; in fact almost "everything".

    President Krysta's highlight announcements:

    1. As above, her initial personal vision for a strong and committed PA Rotary year.

    2. The Club Visioning exercise including a 3-year strategic plan. A recap will be available at the July 28 meeting.

    3. District 5580 matching grant application in for $5000 to be applied to the Salvation Army Field of Greens.

    4. Club fundraising: Rotary Radio Day adjustments and brainstorming a new fund-raising initiative is happening.

    5. The new District Governor is Robert (Bob) McLean, and Assistant DG is Dan Brown (Nipigon Rotary Club)

    6. The Club again will work the Dew Drop Inn July 23rd.


    President-elect Jim Madder introduced and thanked later our fine guest speaker today, Charla Robinson (see above). Jim made clear the exceptional resume and work ethic of Charla in this community.

    Her main areas of focus were:

    1. The Anti-Racism and Inclusion Accord which can be found at and
    2. Covid-19 Now: Guidance and Resources for Business, the Chamber's approach to help pandemic affected business found at

    Both of these initiatives were covered in detail with the help of a PowePoint slide show.

    The details are available at the Chamber website at

    Re the Anti-Racism Accord, the Resource Guide is now available. Re Covid and business there is extensive data on the local impact which is quite severe in terms of business revenue losses and lost employment. Charla acknowledged the essential and successful application of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy in keeping many businesses afloat (58% uptake).

    Members engaged fully in the Q and A period, actively encouraged by Charla.  Topics included: explanation of the Wake the Giant program embracing indigenous students; port shipping (a big uptake in business is a highlight); the Chamber approach to the minimum wage proposal (the prior 29% boost with insufficient lead time was seen to be untenable but a universal basic income is supported by the Chamber; recognition and support for non-profits (positive relationship); opportunities for immigrant employment (huge); Chamber prognostication for the future "reopening": we must accept the new normal including face mask protection, and clarity and consistency in messaging  is paramount.

    This was an auspicious first Rotary meeting for the new year. Well done Krysta and members. A most appropriate testimonial was provided by Past-President Rod Morrison.
    At Our Club July 7, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-07-07 04:00:00Z 0

    Rod's Last Club Meeting as Prez

    A bittersweet final day as President for Rod Morrison- he proved again a consummate leader in handling the agenda, appropriately thanking many colleagues and passing the baton to incoming President Krysta Logozzo Daniele.

    32 Rotarians were on hand to congratulate Rod on an exceptional year and welcome President Krysta.

    Bob Tomlinson was lead host with a littler help from his friend, Past-President Kevin Holloway. All attending proudly wore Rotary togs of one sort or another (many in the Rotary toque on a summer day).

    There was a lengthy list of speakers, all in unique Rotary points in their Service lives:

    1. Rod honoured Lori Mitchell, outgoing ED at Salvation Army for her 5 years of excellence at the helm there. She moves on to be area commander for 22 "ministries" in the Toronto GTA as well as some northern locales. Lori graciously thanked everyone for their support and this was reciprocated.

    2. Rod thanked all his Committee Chairs for yeoman service over the year..indeed as we all know, exceedingly challenging considering the pandemic.
    Rod once again showed his skill as an interpreter of service with his farewell reflection. The many positive achievements of the club were reviewed in considerable detail (see below).

    3. Following consultation, Rod made the announcement of our club (dual) ROTARIANS OF THE YEAR: Chris Bailey and Warren Philp.

    Chris has had a very strong hand as co-treasurer (along with Leslie Savitsky) including great skill at professional advice on money matters, compelling preparation and communication in all the same. Hearty congrats to Chris (pictured),

    Past-President Warren  was described by Rod as a multiple driver in many club activities and a major public face in the community representing Rotary.  (Modest Warren is also pictured in his unique Rotary beer club shirt). Again, congrats Warren.

    4. Business announcements: included updates on membership stats for the year, the Dew Drop Inn Commitment (Dave Silliman), Arpad Z's final departure June 29th to Romania, and the Rotary Visioning Exercise under Blaine Johnson (Krysta LD)..a presentation to follow.

    5. Rod Morrison delivered a final farewell always poignant and relevant to the club and it's mission:(Rod is pictured). He will continue on as Past-President always willing and able to pitch in for the club. His virtual "fête" was made by Warren Philp, a fine testimonial to his leadership, a promise for an improved one later, in person, and instructions for Rod to open a gift from the club; a fine RI plaque honouring him as outgoing president. 
     Of note Rod issued a special thank you to Kishore Sakrahni (Hong Kong Rotary and Shuniah resident) for introducing him to the club in 2016..and with a meteoric rise to leadership thereafter.
     Nice job Warren 
    The meeting closed right on time! The attendees were energized. Thank you Rod for a very fine year in such challenging times! 
    Rod's Last Club Meeting as Prez Maria Hudolin 2020-06-30 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club June 23, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB JUNE 23, 2020

    At our penultimate Rotary year Zoom meeting today, President Rod Morrison welcomed 32 members plus guests.
    Of significance; guest speakers (see below) and Rebecca Tanaka (RI administrator in Evanston HQ, Illinois-Chicago area) and Katherine Buggenhagen  were on hand from the United States.
    Rod's reflection today served as an opportunity for guests to hear about the club's Indigenous Strategy going forward...exciting and very progressive.
    He also quoted Einstein: " What a sad era when it is easier to smash an atom than prejudice." Apt indeed.

    At Our Club June 23, 2020 David Legge 2020-06-23 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our CLub Tuesday June 16, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB JUNE 16, 2020

    Today's meeting was attended by 31 members and guests, and was hosted, with thanks, by Warren Philp and Mike Nitz.

     From the United Way (Thunder Bay) press release of Aug 12. 2019:

    "Albert Brulé appointed to tackle Thunder Bay's most pressing social issues."
    This is a good intro for today).

    Recently transferred Rotarian (from London and Grande Prairie AB clubs); Albert returned to the (virtual) podium in an uplifting reprise of his earlier (September) address to the club, on the scope and current /future activities of this keystone organization addressing the core issue of poverty.
    He has introduced many new creative energies since commencing his new role in September 2019. "A Community Impact Plan" has spawned an effective collaborative approach with many partners. The approach is novel, ambitious and aspirational. It is far beyond simple fund-raising.

    Albert's presentation clearly presents a much needed approach to the issue of poverty and its many manifestations.

    A more recent successful partnership with the TB Community Foundation (the COVID-19 Community Relief Fund: Respond/Recover/Rebuild ) is a great example of cooperation and team building (along with Rotarian Ola Calderon of TBCF no less). 25 organizations have benefited 7000 individuals already, with input and  assistance from the federal government as well.
     The future holds many exciting innovations as well:( some involving youth engagement)

    United Way and it's many programs can be reached at: uwaytbay.caDonations are encouraged of course.

     Our club is thrilled to have Rotarian Albert on board, for obvious reasons.

    Thanks Albie for your energy and professionalism (Dave Legge..introducer and thanker) .


    Business and Announcements

    1. President Morrison reflected on his term (# 1...) always salient
    2. Rotary visioning survey for all members encouraged (electronically) and the dedicated visioning group is about to go to work (Krysta Logozzo Daniele)
    3. Fees due date reviewed.
    4. The club Indigenous collaboration is moving ahead.. several speakers are potentially booked for the new Rotary year.
    5. Arpad Zolyomi was again flying out June 29th.
    6. A potential award for LU student in ethics proposed (Jaro Kotalik).
    At Our CLub Tuesday June 16, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-06-16 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club June 16, 2020

    Today's meeting was attended by 31 members and guests, and was hosted, with thanks, by Warren Philp and Mike Nitz.
    Albert Brulé, photo from United Way (Thunder Bay) press release, Aug 12, 2019
    "Albert Brulé appointed to tackle Thunder Bay's most pressing social issues."
    Albert returned to the (virtual) podium in an uplifting reprise of his address to the club last September. He was introduced and later thanked by David Legge.  Albert led us through the scope and current /future activities of this keystone organization addressing the core issue of poverty.  Albert introduced many new creative energies since commencing his new role in September 2019.  "A Community Impact Plan" is aimed at creating effective collaborative efforts with many partners. The approach is novel, ambitious and aspirational. It is far beyond simple fund-raising and grant-giving.

    At Our Club June 16, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-06-16 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club June 9, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB JUNE 9, 2020

    Today 39 members and guests bade farewell to our exceptional Rotary Exchange student Arpad Zolyomi (Romania).

    The meeting was chaired by President Rod Morrison and hosted on Zoom (with thanks) by co-hosts Warren Philp and Kevin Holloway.
     Amongst the special guests were Blake Carlson, District 5580 Inbound Youth Exchange Coordinator, Dr.Juan Pernia (LU prof who hosted Arpad), Debora Tacylla, and several host parents (for Arpad).

    (Arpad Z). his farewell address

    Arpad Zolyomi joined us from Gatineau P.Q. and delivered a very fine overview of his very unique experience here in Thunder Bay (foreshortened alas by the Covid-19 pandemic). He will be flying back on June 15th.

    He was introduced very professionally by Past-President Art Warwick (who spent many a day with Arpad) and later thanked by many; including the Club YE lead elect  Past-President John Stephenson, District Chair Blake Carlson, Bill Everitt (a host dad), Dr Juan Pernia (host dad), Mat Diegel (host dad and club RYE Chair) and best wishes from all members from President Rod Morrison.

     Arpad already had international experience and wanted to add Canada ("with it's trees and trees-green and green") as a great place as an exchange student. He got involved quickly and integrated beautifully here. He even played football for the (St Ignatius) seniors who had a perfect season. he injured his knee and battled back. He was very appreciative of the reception here and indeed every day he was "active and joyful."
    The first (of many) Questions was on the topic of "what makes a great host family?" His response in this writer's view was amongst the finest, well articulated , thoughtful and heartfelt of any heard in recent times by a departing exchange student. His English is excellent and his extemporaneous speaking skills are superb. In short his stay here met and exceeded all expectations.

    Sadly (via Blake Carlson) the District Exchange program will be on hold for the coming season (Covid-19 pandemic). The club hopes (and perhaps expects to see Arpad in the future). Best of luck.

    Business and Announcement Highlights:

    1. Reminders re fees, the Indigenous Club Planning session, Visioning session, Club allocation awards, RI connection and awards

    2. Maria Hudolin was thrilled to announce the safe arrival of her first grandson and is now really "plugged in" in B.C. She will be joining her new Rotary club and already is active therein.
    At Our Club June 9, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-06-09 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club June 2, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB-June 2, 2020

    Chair President Rod Morrison led the meeting assisted by Zoom Team: Host: John Stephenson and Co-hosts Brian Walmark and Kevin Holloway.  32 members attended.

    Kevin Holloway again projected a fine version of O Canada and a solemn reflection was delivered by President Morrison on the grim topic of systemic racism around the world as emanating from tragic events in the U.S.

    Today's guest speaker was the eminent Member of Parliament the Honourable Niki Ashton MP for Churchill-Keewatinook Aski. 
    Ms Ashton joined us from her home in Thompson Manitoba.  Her distinguished background and credentials were offered up by her friend, Rotarian Brain Walmark. Brian's association with our guest (along with his daughter Meia) goes back years. Brian also thanked Ms Ashton for her fine presentation. She was characterized as a human rights champion.

    At Our Club June 2, 2020  Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-06-02 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday May 26, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB-May 26, 2020

    Today's special guest speaker was Cindy Paypompee, family counsellor, and consultant in the Human Trafficking Program at Beendigen Services.

    Beendigen (Ojibway for "come in") is a broad spectrum umbrella for numerous services within Thunder Bay addressing a wide array of social issues. Among them is the Anishinabe Women's Crisis Home (807-346-HELP (4357). Other programs, housed at different sites (Beendigen Head Office is in Fort William First Nation: can be perused on the internet.

    Ms Paypompee was professonally introduced and thanked by Matt Diegel as well as President-elect Krysta Logozzo Danielle and President Rod Morrison. These Rotarians have met our speaker in the past and a partnership commenced.

    A brief bio for Cindy is appended.

    She spoke to us via Zoom Link and was assisted by a Power-Point set organized by co-host Kevin Holloway.
    Today's lead Zoom host was Steve McCauley. President Rod Morrison chaired the meeting and as in the past brokered a seamless transition of all the necessary elements.

    The scope of services offed by Beendigen is remarkable. Although Human Trafficking in it's myriad disguises was highlighted, Beendigen also does extensive work in providing housing, prenatal support, awareness counselling in many forms, family support and much more.
    Financial support comes from many sources including government and not for profit organizations. Our own United Way (and TB Community Foundation ) is also strongly supportive (

    Cindy handled a wide array of questions. Our club supports her work (we have had a definitive presentation on Human Trafficking itself in the recent past at Rotary). She is available to assist and answer questions anytime.Our sincere thanks and best wishes going forward are extended to Cindy.

    Business Highlights and Announcements:

    1. Rotary District 5580 has awarded us $1000 US for pandemic related help. The board has converted to Canadian dollars and came up with $750 to each of the Salvation Army and the Dew Drop Inn.
    2. The Dew Drop Inn will be assisted this week by 8 Rotarians re: meal prep.
    3. President-elect Krysta Logozzo Danielle attended the PET visioning exercise. Members are encouraged to join her (virtually) for an upcoming think tank on developing a club 3-5 year plan.
    4. Our fine Rotary exchange student Arpad Zolyomi was on hand to bid farewell and was thanked by President Rod and our own Rotary Exchange lead Matt Diegel. His final "presentation" is slated for June 9th from Montreal.
    5. Anyone able to contribute to a further Covid mask sewing project can contact the club.
    6. The club is awaiting a decision from the City re a renewal of the Rotary Santa Claus parade.
    7. Wilderness Discovery continues to fund raise and look at future assistance with construction work (example wiring of the new "bunkies.").
    8. Notices are upcoming re annual dues renewals.
    At Our Club Tuesday May 26, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-05-26 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Today May 19th 


    Today's meeting, chaired by President Rod Morrison was enjoyed by approximately 40 members and guests (some notables included former Premier Kathleen Wynn, Syed Kabir from SHIFT, Bill Bartley (Canmore, AB) and Mark Tilbury (L.U.) It was great to see Past District Governor Paula Timmins back at our meeting! Bob Tomlinson was host, with co-hosts Kevin Holloway, Steve McCauley and Warren Philp. Many thanks all.

    Guest speaker today was the distinguished political strategist, advocate, author, former Canadian Senator and current Principle of Massey College (U of T), Hugh Segal.

    Mr. Segal was professionally introduced, and thanked by Rotarian Brian Walmark. For him and many others, Mr.Segal is an ideal role model working toward the public good and "speaking truth to power."

    He focused on his passion for addressing the woes of the Canadian welfare system and it's management of Canada's poor (some 9% of the total or 3-4 million Canadians).

    At Our Club Today May 19th Maria Hudolin 2020-05-19 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday May 12, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB-May 12, 2020

    38 members attended today's meeting on Zoom, chaired by President Rod Morrison and hosted this week by Mike Nitz. Co-hosting were Kevin Holloway and Bob Tomlinson.

    Key note speaker was his worship, Mayor Bill Mauro of Thunder Bay.
    Our distinguished guest was introduced and thanked very professionally, by Vonnie Cheng.

    Mayor Mauro graciously provided time in his busy schedule to outline, in some detail, essential elements of the city's many challenges to the Covid-19 crisis.
    Chief among them is the financial position facing the city, viz à viz; accumulated and projected deficit, and key areas therein. Current prognostication is for a figure of about $13 million by the end of 2020.One example, losses of transit system revenues is of note. Remedial and mitigating actions such as the various reserve funds and help from senior levels of government give substantial reassurance to Mr. Mauro et al.

    He also was reassuring as to the health numbers(really quite good within the province for this area) and commentary re: future reopening, was forthright.

    President Morrison opened up an informative Q and A session. Topics included: deficit comparisons with like communities elsewhere; the effect on tourism; collaboration with other levels of government; in-house city cost containment measures including worker redeployment, and others.

    The club is indebted to Mayor Mauro for his leadership and sharing of all this important information.


    Business Highlights today

    1. Ongoing Board activity and decision making re future events, along with the other local clubs
    2. A Rotary district grant was recieved ($1000 US) for discretionary use (going to Salvation Army and Shelterhouse)
    3. Host for today Mike Nitz announced his new position as V-P at TD Bank commencing next week: office in Thunder Bay, but with a huge territory-Kenora to North Bay. There are 23 branches and 300 employees under his wing. Congratulations Mike. Outstanding!
    4. An excellent round today of "Happy Dollars"
    5. Our in-bound exchange student Arpad will be leaving Thunder Bay May 28th. (his sister, also in the same position in Mexico..also reuniting). Mat Diegel as usual has been superb in managing this challenging exchange student year.
    6. Dew Drop Inn and Adopt-a-Road services upcoming (Via Dave Silliman).
    7. Mr Tech Mike Nitz advising on a Rotary RV app with headset for virtual reality Rotary events.
    At Our Club Tuesday May 12, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-05-12 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday May 5, 2020

    Today's meetings featured 2 video presentations and one (semi) official welcome into the club of a new (transferred) member.

    Big thanks to the host team: this week-the Captain was Warren Philp, ably assisted by Kevin Holloway and Bob Tomlinson.And to David Legge for scribing.

    Kevin Holloway introduced a successful O Canada video. President Rod Morrison chaired the meeting. There were 45 people on line for the meeting.

    A. Featured speaker the Honourable  Past(25th) Premier of Ontario and MPP  for Don Valley West: Kathleen Wynne
    Suitably introduced (and thanked) by fellow traveller Rotarian Brian Walmark,  Kathleen Wynne very comfortably spoke on:

    1) Her Journey in Politics: coming from a background in publicly funded education (her passion), she outlined her beginnings ("not the odds on favourite") all the way to the premier's chair. 
    Her close association with First Nation education and welfare stood her in good stead. The Basic Income Pilot,  Cap and Trade, modernization of Labour laws and increasing minimum wage are highlights of her career ( 'everything I have done was worth it").

    2) Where are we now (in Ontario and Canada): This discussion centered on the importance of collaboration with other parties, especially given the current pandemic process, and how it is mandatory to learn the corrective lessons from it. She specifically hopes for improved policy development for Long Term Care institutions as well as stronger recognition and re-emphasis of long standing strong institutions.

    Kathleen handled about 7 inputted questions from her Rotary audience: all relevant. Highlighted responses were on: climate change repercussions and opportunities, the basic income issue, mitigating personal vitriol/partisanship, how did it feel in the premier's chair?, how does the Liberal Party move forward?

    The club is very much indebted to Kathleen for her participation. She was invited back. And thanks to Brian Walmark for making this happen.

    B. Instalment #2: Discussion with Dr. Stewart Kennedy-Covid 19 

    Dr. Stew Kennedy, Incident Manager for Covid-19 at TBRHSC, kindly returned for a more in-depth discussion on the science  and epidemiology of pandemics, with Rotarian Past-President David Legge. This chat as well as last week's opener is being posted on the club Facebook page.  Today he reviewed topics such as the immune response and challenges with vaccine development given the world wide dissemination of a highly contagious and novel viral pathogen, the conundrum of it is done et al.

    C. Welcome to the Club- Albert Brulé:
    The club is pleased to have Albert, CEO of Thunder Bay United Way, join us. His long career in the charitable sector has taken him around Canada and 3 previous Rotary clubs as well (Grande Prairie, AB, Calgary, AB and London, ON). He is back in familiar Thunder Bay and we will enjoy his fellowship and service. Welcome back Albert!

    Business Highlights:
    1. President Rod 
    welcomed Fort William President Stephen Margarit, with news from his club. Also President-elect and former Assistant DG Sandy Lychowyd (Lakehead Club), former PA Rotarian Treasurer Frank Zanatta, and others.
    Big thanks to David Legge for scribing our meetings! 
    At Our Club Tuesday May 5, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-05-05 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday April 28, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB-April 28, 2020

    We were pleased to have two distinguished guest presentations today:

    A: Dr Stewart Kennedy (Exec VP of Medicine and Academics, as well as Incident Manager for Covid 19, at TBRHSC).

     Via Zoom and with the assistance of the Rotary tech committee (Kevin Holloway, Warren Philp et al)and with thanks to Tracie Smith of TBRHSC, Dr. Kennedy provided a welcomed overview on the current covid -19 situation at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center and Thunder Bay area. 
    Dr. Kennedy is a veteran Thunder Bay physician and award winning medical educator and hospital administrator.
     His message was clear and cogent: this area is being served well by the the collaborative team approach with low numbers of illness and mortality. 
    Of course the situation remains complex, fluid and dynamic. Caution and active surveillance ongoing is mandatory.

    There was a Q and A involving Rotarian David Legge asking generalized questions. Dr.Kennedy will be on hand for Part 2 of this session next week as questions of a more clinical and science based nature are offered up.

     The club is very grateful for Dr. Kennedy  providing time for this service.  He was introduced and suitably thanked by President Rod Morrison. Please find the video on the Club's Facebook page at or by clicking on 

    Dr. Stewart Kennedy

    B. Erin Beagle, Executive Director of Roots to Harvest ( since it's inception (and a notable Rotary Paul Harris Fellow), then provided her own fine overview of the hugely expanded role and scope of her "hands on for food security" organization that has become a huge force in this area. 

     Erin Beagle

    Especially since March break (into Covid-19 territory), Roots to Harvest has been in full throttle, with about 430 food packages going out per week from a large kitchen/warehouse involving a small army of employees (10|), community gardens, student and refugee volunteers and a  fine network with numerous not for profits in the community. The need is great. No questions are asked. The Thunder Bay Community Foundation-TB United Way alliance is helping in many ways including financial assistance. There are currently 13 food distribution sites, both in town and rural.
     Erin is pictured in her element. Her tireless work was outlined in a welcome intros and a very fine thank you by Past-President Lauri Tulloch.
    Thank you again Erin.

    Business highlights today:

     There were over 40 attendees today and President Morrison welcomed new member Mark Tilbury from the corporate partner/member Lakehead University. Great to have you on board Mark. 
    Matti Peland former District RYLA rep from Thunder Bay was on hand also from Bemidji, MN. Welcome Matti

     Matti Peland

    1. A bittersweet tribute to Rotarian Lori Mitchell, moving on to Area Commander charge in Toronto (Salvation Army). Lori is a huge force wherever she goes. Her work here especially with the new Center for Life building project is exemplary
    2. Dave Silliman reported on the last Dew Drop Inn session (8 Rotarians thanked)
    3. David Silliman is proposing another Adopt-a-Road cleanup along N. Cumberland St  May 23rd. Stay tuned.
    4. Brian Thompson honoured the April birthday folks (Brian Walmark was visioned on his mule at the precipice...thank God!) Arpad Zolymi, our long suffering exchange guy had his on April 5th

    At Our Club Tuesday April 28, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-04-28 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club on Tuesday April 21, 2020

    Today's Zoom meeting included a number of Rotarians from the Lakehead and Fort William Clubs as well as very special visit from Kishore Sakhrani at his home in Hong Kong (see below). There were approximately 51 folks on the line. Thank you for joining in.

    Dr. Stew Kennedy, lead Covid-19 MD Response Team Coordinater at TBRHSC was unfortunately called away at the last moment. We were, however, fortunate enough to hear from Vignesh Viswanathan,  President of the Confederation College Student Union (Inc) or SUCCI. He was introduced and thanked by CC Past President and  Rotarian Jim Madder.

    Vignesh spoke of his background in (dental) health care services, having a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (2009-2016) in his home town of Chennai, India. On making the big (and challenging) move to Canada, he has moved up the leadership ladder to President of SUCCI and has been involved in many "firsts" in his new country (including being first international student president of the union).
    He was grateful to attend with his story today. He has many goals but insists on following through with "deliverables". 
    He is pictured as seen by the participants.
    The club thanks Vignesh and wishes him all the best going forward here..

    President Rod Morrison again chaired today with able assistance for co-hosts Kevin Holloway and John Stephenson.

    Business Highlights:
    1 A fine reflection by Dave Silliman, using his observations of new life in nature (the goldfinch in emerging plumage) as a great metaphor for hope in this tough time (for humans in particular)
    2.Wilderness Discovery Centre: Brenda Winter and Bob Tomlinson reporting-resumption of activities date unsettled, still inaccessible by road, bookings into July and August occurring. Bob Hookham would be grateful for donations.
    3. Dew Drop Inn: (Dave Silliman).. a volunteer cohort developed for this week.
    4. Kishore Sakhrani (from Hong Kong Rotary) on the much more advanced and largely successful battle against Covid-19 there. They stress the key elements: 1. masks --early, 2. social distancing,3. washing of hands. Some civil activities are now opening, but they have had 2 waves already.
    5. Fort William Rotary (Stephen Margarit) are meeting every 2 weeks, with the next one April 29th- a fun Zoom night.
    6. Extensive update (Ola Calderon) on the TB Community Foundation (and co-partner United Way of TB ) work in this day and age of considerably increased need.  
    At Our Club on Tuesday April 21, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-04-21 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday April 14, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB April 14, 2020

    Port Arthur Rotary is perfecting virtual meetings with the use of Zoom technology. There were 33 (+) attendees today, and this is catching on very nicely. The tech crew is diligent and very helpful to all and sundry. Thanks.
    Example: Our guest speaker screen shot (Syed Kabir) is shown first. Beyond that a professional shot emanating from his business is added for comparison. Working well.

    Next: Syed as viewable professionally

    Our inaugural guest speaker is well acquainted to the digital age. He is Syed Kabir, founder and CEO of Creon Media (a full service digital marketing agency in Thunder Bay) and representative today for SHIFT ( Thunder Bay's Young Professional Network:
    Past-President Art Warwick introduced (and thanked) Syed, who has an enviable resume including Hon Bachelor Commerce (U of T), MBA at Lakehead University and experience in many tech sectors. He is proud to call Thunder Bay his (and young family) home .

    Syed feels there is a huge potential for jobs for young entrepreneurs, but who do need a "platform" in this community.

    He outlined the essentials of SHIFT, and drew many parallels with Rotary: indeed possible increased cooperation and partnerships are inviting. Any young professional interested in networking can belong; the active members being under 40 years of age (ambassadors over 40). Many current and past Rotarians have been instrumental in SHIFT (note: upon "graduating", members choose their own pathways going forward).

    A very healthy Q and A period allowed Syed to enhance many aspects of SHIFT.
     The club is much indebted for his cooperation and enthusiasm for SHIFT on this first day of virtual meeting guest presentations. We hope to continue the dialogue.

    1. Members had a chance to connect on screen and audio with individual greetings
    2. Lori Mitchell gave an update on construction of the new Salvation Army building; proceeding very well indeed (e.g. 3rd floor basically completed) despite some obvious challenges during Covid.
    3. RYLA (unfortunately) cancelled for this year (Bob Tomlinson)
    4.Fort Severn FN super resilient. A second shipment of water is imminent, just before shut down of the winter road. Chris Bailey and Brian Walmark are the leads from this end. No Covid there (hopefully never).
    5. Members encouraged to complete Krysta's on-line survey re the Zoom methodology for meetings.
    Photos from the web/zoom meeting show a slide from SHIFT with Syed during his talk. These are  followed by Rotarians Lori Mitchell and Brian Walmark and our President Rod Morrison.
    At Our Club Tuesday April 14, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-04-14 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday April 7, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB- April 7, 2020

    I'TS GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME (Beatles...Sgt Pepper..Getting Better)...(re Zoom and PA Rotary)

    A very healthy turnout brought us together today with only a few technical snafus as we move forward.

    Sincere thanks to host John Stephenson, with stalwarts Warren Philp, Kevin Holloway, Krysta Logozzo-Daniele and of course President and Chair Rod Morrison (having escaped from the Gecko infested South Pacific).

    The extended hour pre-meeting coverage allowed for tech problem solving and unique socialization.
     President Rod allowed each of the attendees a few words confirming in general, good health and resiliency during these uncertain times:

    We were able to cover a good deal of business and updating:
    Some highlights:

    1. Brian Walmark on the Fort Severn water situation and the club successful input (a palette of water shipment and more ) to the community (with thanks     Chris Bailey). Brian opined on the big issues in our FN communities with respect to water sustainability/security.
    2. Liz Laughton on the St. James Project (Bill Everitt stepping down after a fine career as lead). Replacement successor welcomed.
    3. Krysta Logozzo-Daniele on upcoming up SHIFT networking in Thunder Bay.
    4. Dave Silliman: Dew Drop Inn coping with 400 bag lunches per day.
    5. Jim McDonald:  Wife Bonnie sewing masks as well as Mary-Anne Mackett. Lori Mitchell has patterns. Contact these heroes.
    6. Rod Morrison on World Health Day and RI involvement.
    7. John Stephenson, our host today on enhancing the regular meeting with online socializing.
    8. Jim Colqhoun on sick on absent members in need.

    The club is alive and well and adjusting very nicely. We need to reach out to some members along with all our neighbours and families
    At Our Club Tuesday April 7, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-04-07 04:00:00Z 0

    AT OUR CLUB, Tuesday March 31, 2020

    Today, a rather momentous initiative in unusual circumstances: our first virtual meeting (under the Covid -19 regime), using the Zoom technology platform for conferencing.

     An excellent "turnout" was welcomed by President Rod Morrison. Many although not all, were visible and many able to speak.

    The kinks should be remedied fairly soon thanks to the dedicated tech wizards in the club.
    Special thanks to Warren Philp, Kevin Holloway, Rod Morrison , Brian Walmark (and almost certainly some others).

    It appears that Zoom is a vehicle that will likely suffice going forward: cost is very modest: (one or more members already subscribe!).
     A number of issues were dealt with, and very appropriately. 
    1. Club business
    2. Verification (by Brian Walmark) that emergency water supplies are being shipped to Fort Severn (community members) to deal with their emergency. Many Rotarians have come to the plate.
    3. The Dew Drop Inn  crew successfully combined forces to assist with take out meals last week.
    4. Bill Everitt was able to contact some of our senior members at risk, all are coping fairly well.

    Stay tuned as this ever changing world moves ahead.

    AT OUR CLUB, Tuesday March 31, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-03-31 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club March 3, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB March 3, 2020

    The Honourable Minister of Health for Canada, Patty Hajdu, found time in her very busy schedule to address Rotarians and guests today. It was much appreciated. 

    Minister Hajdu has made a meteoric rise in national politics from her earlier life helping and advocating for the less fortunate.  She was introduced by Rotarian Past-President and friend John Stephenson as a strong, principled, compassionate advocate who possesses a unique courage.

    Minister Hajdu began by admitting her work is highly demanding but very rewarding.  She then highlighted a number of directions and goals followed by her office and government.  Among them: 
    • alleviating poverty and developing a national strategy
    • job skills investment
    • a national strategy for improving inclusivity for women, indigenous people, immigrants etc.
    • tackling climate change and the national obligation
    • next steps toward a national pharmacare plan
    • "primary health care" for all
    • improving the approach to mental health and addiction issues, with primary prevention stressed
    • an overview of the current Covid-19 issue, perhaps a pandemic in the making. This big topic required her to find a measured and rational response based on science and yet still understanding the fear surrounding it.  Having an open conversation is critical. She currently reassured us of good communication and integration of health care experts across the country.
    • dealing with reconciliation with Indigenous peoples: a realistic approach will not be easy... it is a "lifelong journey".

    Patty is indebted to Rotary for its work ethic and she spoke specifically of the 4-Way Test...simple enough to say but a difficult challenge to put into practice.

    She graciously gave time for Q and A.

    Minister Patty Hajdu is pictured (centre) with her Admin Assistant Megan Wyant (far left), John Stephenson, Past Rotary President and friend, Jackie Dojack who thanked her very professionally and today's meeting Chair President-elect Krysta Logozzo-Danielle.

    The club is indebted to Minister Hajdu for this fine presentation today.
    At Our Club March 3, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-03-03 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Feburary 25, 2020

    There were two equally deserving celebrations today:

    OUR FIRST CELEBRATION   today introduced us to Grade 12 student at St. Ignatius school Isabella Bosch who was the winner not only of the local Rotary 4-Way Test Essay Contest ($500 prize) but also the 5580 Rotary District grand prize winner ($1250 U.S.). 
    This is indeed cause for major celebration!  Isabella was accompanied by her dad Richard, and read the essay to members and guests entitled "Consumerism." It was superb.
    She spoke about how important it was to be thoughtful in your purchases, and to be kind to your neighbours and the environment by shopping local – and she showed clear links to the Rotary 4-Way Test.   Keep your business and taxes local!  She is pictured centre, flanked by two of the judges, Cynthia Judge (Ft. William Rotary Club) and Art Warwick (Port Arthur Rotary Club) on left and dad Richard Bosch with Past District Governor Roly Turner on the right (who graciously thanked Isabella Bosch).

    Isabella Bosch is pictured alone beside a banner on the 4-Way Test.   Congratulations and power to you going forward with these ideals.
    OUR SECOND CELEBRATION   today was introduced by Brian Walmark, Co-Chair of the successful Rotary Radio Day campaign which aired February 17, 2020.  Brian introduced and thanked the many from the club as well as two important partners from Dougall media: Rosa Tucci-Maselj and Daryl Bolton, both with lengthy experience assisting our Club. This year, the goal of 546 ads was met (and topped by one!). 

    The group photo shows Rosa Tucci-Maselj at centre with Daryl Bolton just behind her to the right, along with some of the the major players in this year's campaign: including Brian Walmark and last year's chair Bill Ulakovic, team captains, ad selling winners, voicing chair, financial wizards, and more.
    Dougall media announced they are raring to go again next year and want us to aim for even higher goals!  Deepest thanks go to the whole team!­

    Pictured are Rotarians Jim McDonald (centre) with Warren Philp (left) and Art Warwick (right). Together these three between them sold an astounding 255 ads:  a real testament to their dedication to the cause: Well done gentlemen!­
    At Our Club Feburary 25, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-02-25 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club February 18, 2020

    At Our Club February 18, 2020
    Our speaker today was a very interesting Youth Worker in Thunder Bay who gave us an overview of some of the issues facing teens and young adults who need a helping hand for access to housing, counselling and the like. 
    Given the sensitive nature of her work and her clients we are asking Rotarians not to post her name on social media.  Suffice to say, those of us who were at this week’s meeting got a good appreciation for all the work that the Social Services of our city do and we are well served by the knowledge and caring that is demanded of them every day.
    Thanks to everyone in social work – you do a great job!
    At Our Club February 18, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-02-18 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club February 11, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB February 11, 2020

    Alexandra (Ola) Calderon, Executive Director of the Thunder Bay Community Foundation, presented a compelling story of her interesting life and the evolution of her passion for helping people and fostering social justice through fundraising.

    Born in Rome, Italy, she became a refugee from communist Poland. She led a peripatetic life with two siblings fleeing Poland, eventually five siblings in Canada. With a unique educational background and approach to life, she found herself with husband Andrew and now 3 great sons and two rescue cats in a busy and very fulfilling life in Thunder Bay.

    Ola explained the basics of giving through the TBCF and encouraged (more) members to get involved.
    She was introduced by Colin Bruce, and thanked by Jackie Dojack (both Rotarians are also board members of Thunder Bay Community Fund).

    She is pictured after this fine presentation (computer glitch handled nicely) along with Colin, Jackie and Past-President / meeting Chair Warren Philp.

    Thanks for joining the Port Arthur Rotary, Ola ... you are a real asset to the Club!
    At Our Club February 11, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-02-11 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club on Tuesday February 4, 2020

    Justin Oda and Lindsay KingSleep Educators and CPAP Consultants with Shoppers Home Health Care-WellWise, presented today on OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA (OSA) and CPAP therapy.

    Sleep apnea is a major health care disability, with far ranging ill effects. It has been largely under diagnosed and appreciated up until recent times. It does affect many individuals, and this includes many outside the typical stereotype  (obese middle aged males).

    Upper airway collapse/compression of musculature affects many and the manifestations are protean.

    Justin and Lindsay comprehensively dealt with the definition, patho-physiology, clinical manifestations, subtypes, the typical "myths" explained, co-morbid conditions associated with OSA: leading to definitive diagnosis via referral (sleep study) and treatment options. 
     Of course leading the treatment options is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). This has been a big break through for many an exhausted, poor sleeper, at risk for heart disease, stroke and even death.

    The principle is quite simple.. a customized mask applies positive pressure that stents open the constricted airway: the proper oxygenation resulting creates a much desired clinical benefit.

     The talk was well received and a healthy dialogue continued past the noon hour. 

    Justin and Lindsay are pictured around President Rod Morrison (in the centre). On the left flank Is Mat Diegel who thanked the speakers and revealed his own personal journey. On the right flank is Jaro Kotalik, an MD with personal experience also, who introduced the guests.
    At Our Club on Tuesday February 4, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-02-04 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club January 28, 2020

    At Our Club January 28, 2020
    A very special induction ceremony today welcomed Chief Paul Burke (Fort Severn First Nation) as lead in a PA Rotary new initiative at "Community Membership."
    Pictured surrounding Chief Paul Burke (centre) are Past District Governor Roly Turner, Past-President Warren Philp (left), 2019-20 President Rod Morrison, and Brian Walmark, close friend and mentor to Chief Paul Burke. Thanks also to Rotarian Chris Bailey, who laid much of the groundwork for this occasion behind the scenes with his professional expertise.

    The club is honoured to have Chief Burke, his brother and others from this remote community enter the Rotary fold.

    The ceremony involved a welcome introduction, biography and significance of this partnership, a "charge" and exchange of Rotary pin/certification, handshakes etc. and a standing ovation.
    Congratulations to Chief Burke. He spoke of his commitment to Rotary and expressed thanks for this important partnership.

    Also at our meeting today, President-Elect Krysta Logozzo-Daniele presented a comprehensive and very sobering overview of Rotary District 5580's entry in awareness and potential Service opportunities under the challenging topic of "Ending Human Trafficking"

    President-Elect Krysta Logozzo-Daniele is pictured with President Rod Morrison.
    The presentation clearly opened eyes of all present into the serious issue of trafficking (both sex and labour) as it exists throughout our society. Further Rotary follow-up guest presentation on the management of same in Thunder Bay itself will follow.

    Members and guests heard of the definition, the geographical and human scope, the methods used by perpetrators, the characteristics of the victims themselves, how to spot human trafficking (red flags et al), and the big challenge - how to end it.

    Tackling Human Trafficking can involve participation by Rotarians in raising awareness, education, reducing risk factors and curtailing demand. These are all major challenges.

    A visit to www. is well worth follow-up perusal..  The END HT website is Step One for awareness.

    Krysta's  presentation was powerful. One could hear a pin drop. Thank you Krysta for this excellent beginning.
    At Our Club January 28, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-01-28 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday Jan 21, 2020

    AT OUR CLUB January 21, 2020

    The fine work of the non-profit, volunteer (par excellence) Hospice Northwest (not to be confused with St Joseph's care Group Hospice) was on display today as result of the presentation by strong support volunteer, business consultant Melissa McClement.

    Hospice Northwest 
    is not in the clinical management game, but in the provision of a plethora of services providing compassionate support to people and families dealing with end of life ((care and reality).

    We learned of the 4 essential Service Areas: 
    1. Caregiver Buddy (long term chronic illness clients)
    2. Grief and Bereavement (trained counsellors at work)
    3  Quick Response team (immediate support in crises)
    4. Journey Home Team (a new program focusing on clients with housing vulnerability issues).

    Hospice Northwest has a large and growing network of volunteers and clients. Currently in Thunder Bay alone there are about 282 clients.

    Certainly fundraising is of importance (a registered charity) but maybe more important is "friendraising."
    Rotarians and citizens in general can help the cause by social posting, word of mouth, fundraising and more (eg 50/50 draws etc).

    Our own Sue Bailey had the floor to add expert, experiential nuggets as a veteran volunteer and expert on the subject (Sue was a 2016 Order of Ontario inductee for her pioneer work in this area).. She developed the curriculum for the Rapid Response Team and now the (new) Journey Home program.
    Complex inter-familial situations at the bedside for example are assisted by the Hospice Northwest volunteers acting as neutral 3rd party counsellors.

    This was a powerful impressive volunteer based service so important to Thunder Bay is available.

    Melissa is pictured beside the Rotary banner along with club member ( and thanker) Brian Thompson (far R- veteran social worker himself ), Sue Bailey (in pink) and( far L), President Rod Morrison.

     Check out Hospice Northwest  for details at
    At Our Club Tuesday Jan 21, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-01-21 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday Jan 14, 2020

    Dr. Christopher (Chris ) Lai, Director of Curans Heart Centre, a full spectrum,( "One Stop for Cardiac care") model, may have surprised the members and guests today, by not speaking directly about cardiac health, but his topic "Cannabis Babies" was well worth it indeed.

    Dr. Lai has a wealth of experience in holistic care in general. His career in cardiology is nonpareil.
    Today he enlightened us on the history, pharmacodynamics, neurologic ramifications and societal impact of cannabis use in the reproductive stages of life.
     Most have heard of FASD and opioid withdrawal in newborns. What about "weed" though?

    The big questions are: how safe is cannabis use in pregnant women and their offspring at and after birth all the way up to say 18 years of age?

    Though cannabis use in adults in moderation for whatever indication/reason is not in the same league as say heroin for addiction, chronic use in pregnancy and youths is fraught with danger. Many believe it is a developmental neurotoxin that can result in various neurologic disorders and predispose to mental health problems galore later in life.

     Dr Lai made this serious topic come to life. His infectious humor added to what was a memorable occasion.

    Chris was suitably introduced and thanked by his old buddy, Rotarian Bruce Nelson. They are both pictured along with President Rod Morrison.
    At Our Club Tuesday Jan 14, 2020 Kevin Holloway 2020-01-14 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club January 7, 2020

    (Left to Right)  Member Chris Bailey who thanked our Rotaracters, Rotaract members Catherine Kibiuk and Andraya Colistro, and member Kevin Holloway who introduced them.
    Kevin Holloway introduced two Rotaracters, Catherine Kibiuk and Andraya Colistro (a long intro but there was much to say) and then the whirlwind duo began!
    Andrya Colistro is in her third year biology at Lakehead University with courses in Ecology and Conservation Management.  She likes working outside and generally helping to save the planet.  Her long term goal is to become an Oceanographer; short term goals are scuba diving certification and boating licenses,
    Catherine Kibiuk is in her third year of Applied Life Sciences at Lakehead University concentrating on Biomedical Science. She plans to graduate with a Microbiology degree and possibly go into Medicine and become a family doctor.  One of her interests is developing arsenic oxidizing bacteria which may be able to remediate contaminated soils in Northern mines.  She has had interesting courses in DNA molecular methods, pathogenic bacteriology and the like.  She is very involved in the university’s Biology Club, in charge of planning ourtdoor events, volunteers at the Hospital, works part-time at a pharmacy ….

    At Our Club January 7, 2020 Mary-Anne Mackett 2020-01-07 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday Dec 10, 2019

    A festive celebratory mood today, off the top with the trio of Bill Ulakovic (guitar), Kevin Holloway(guitar, bass guitar and trombone) and Doug Shanks (on his prized Taylor guitar) providing a wonderful musical ambience: see photo..plenty of tricky jazz chords.

    Two important celebrations followed:

    First, the introduction of our newest member Alexandra (Ola) Calderon into the club. Warm welcome Ola; new Executive Director of the Thunder Bay Community Foundation. The picture shows Ola and husband Andrew (right) along with Past-president Colin Bruce, who introduced and sponsored Ola, Krysta Logozzo-Daniele, President-elect and Chair of today's meeting, and Past-president Kevin Holloway, who read the charge to Ola.
    An appropriate standing ovation and big welcome followed.

    Second, a wonderful presentation by our in-bound student from RomaniaArpad Zolymia (pictured with Student Exchange Chair Mat Diegel).
    Arpad is already a world traveller, now studying at St Ignatius and fully involved in everything available. The presentation on Romania was outstanding. There was a great deal of humour from Arpy and  interesting material provided on this fascinating country.
    Warm regards for the whole year and Xmas Arpad!
    At Our Club Tuesday Dec 10, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-12-10 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club on Tuesday December 3, 2019

    Science North is a vital educator for youth in the north (for 35 years). The 2 sites in Sudbury are highly acclaimed. In Thunder Bay and environs (meaning the far north et al), the fine programming is expanding from the early days at Old Fort William, to Victoriaville and now far beyond. 

    Strategic Planning Manager Marilyn Grudniski presented a polished overview of Science North in this region and it's expansion dream going forward.
    Small groups of dedicated blue-coated scientists present a large array of science programming  through public and school outreach to those kids who desire it, all who need it and even adults, with a strong focus on reaching indigenous clients.
    Programming is designed to be interactive, challenging and relevant to large numbers. Emily Kerton, senior scientist has been the spearhead for the past 10 years. There are many well executed events, including festivals, workshops (including remote learning at FNs), summer science camps and much more.
    Currently the Board of Directors are engaged in planning for a possible new, major "physical presence" Science Centre in Thunder Bay (or even later in Kenora). The need is there.

    Rotary is henceforth informed and any assistance in spreading the word or other means of assisting is welcomed.

     Marilyn is pictured with Past-President Bill Everitt (L) who introduced Marilyn, President Rod Morrison, and Rotarian Brian Thompson (R), who thanked the speaker by reiterating the importance of science teaching for youth in this area. Best wishes to Science North-TB into the future.

    In addition, today was Kick-off Day for Rotary Radio Day(s), our major club fundraiser, supporting our service work. This year's co-chairs Brian Walmark and Bill Ulakovic as well as guests from Dougall Media 91.5 CKPR who for so many years have hosted us were on hand to rejuvenate and empower members for sales for the upcoming Rotary Radio Day of February 17th 2020.
    There are a number of fun inducements added to this year's edition. New contributors supporting our work are encouraged to join in.

    Pictured are Bill and Brian in the background, with old pals from CKPR 91.5, (L to R), Ann Snell, Rosa Tucci and Crystal Shields.
    At Our Club on Tuesday December 3, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-12-03 05:00:00Z 0


    District 5580 Foundation Chair Keith Brokke (accompanied by wife Lynne) presented a comprehensive and very informative review today on the history, mechanics and results (most impressive) of the Rotary Foundation, relevant internationally, but specifically to District 5580.

    The district is huge (174,000 sq miles) with 66 clubs and over 2700 members.

    Keith is also the nominee elect for District Governor 2021-22. He was introduced by our own veteran Foundation Grant expert (Past DG himself) Roly Turner. These two have a long and successful partnership in Grant development and execution.

    In essence, Rotary Foundation Giving goes in three directions: 1.the  Annual Fund; 2. Polio Plus and 3. Endowment Fund
    The multiple giving options were again discussed with a club focus on Every Rotarian Every Year and Paul Harris Fellowships. Our club holds up well.

    Keith detailed the Grant opportunities (via the Annual Fund): 1. District Grants (for local community projects, 2. Global Grants (formerly Matching Grants) and 3. World Community Service Grants..the unique "bricks and mortar"projects in diverse countries such as Guatemala (schools), Navajo country USA, Kenya and Chad (water), India (cervical cancer screening, Haiti (water filters), and many others. Very satisfying Service above Self..

    Rotary is a top internationally rated  Foundation. The monies donated are wisely spent on helping large numbers of people and Keith and Lynne Brokke have brought this home again (Roly Turner has also of course schooled the club on this topic).

    The club extends thanks to the Brokkes for their dedicated work. They are pictured with (L to R), Chair and President-elect Krysta Logozza Daniele (who mastered the job today), Sandy Lychowyd (Lakehead Rotary club and Area 16 Assistant District Governor), Past DG Roly Turner (Port Arthur Rotary club who introduced his good friend) and Jaro Kotalik (PA Rotary club Foundation Chair, who thanked the speaker) 
    AT OUR CLUB TUESDAY NOVEMBER 12, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-11-12 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Today - Tuesday November 5

    Posted by Maria Hudolin on Nov 05, 2019
    Today's Remembrance Day Service was highlighted by the return to the podium of Dr. Michel Beaulieu, Professor and Assistant Vice- Provost (Academic), Lakehead University. His topic specifically was: "World War 2 and the Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands": another great history lesson from an accomplished historian-story teller, keen on  preserving what happened and what it means in our present and future.

    The impact of the numerous individuals from our area who enlisted and/or participated in the WW2 effort was a stark reminder of their sacrifice. The detail thereafter on the liberation of the Netherlands in the Battle of Scheldt was interesting and gratifying history.

    A solemn opening to the day with last post, rouse (thanks to Kevin Holloway) and reading of "In Flanders Field" (M.O. Nelson) set the stage for Dr. Beaulieu. Michel was also accompanied by Lieutenant-Colonel David Ratz, Commanding Officer of the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment (our main contributor to the war effort), who has also presented here in the past.

    Pictured are the key participants today (L to R): Our thanks to all:

    President Rod Morrison, Don Smith (Veteran), Lieutenant-Colonel David Ratz, Dr. Michel Beaulieu, Past-President Brenda Winter (who introduced our speaker), and Veteran M.O. Nelson who read "In Flanders Field."
    Scribed by David Legge
    At Our Club Today - Tuesday November 5 Maria Hudolin 2019-11-05 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club, Tuesday October 29, 2019


    Text by Brian Walmark
    Photos by David Legge

    Today's guest speaker at Rotary PA, Darth Vadar, spoke on Anger Management.  This project was inspired by the work of Evan Burrell, a Rotarian from Australia.  Evan is an actor and Super Rotarian who was a keynote speaker at the 2019 District Conference in Minot, ND.  He spoke on "Let's have fun in Rotary." His enthusiasm was infectious and Brian Walmark took up Evan's challenge to shake up the speaker series at local Rotary Clubs.  There was a lot of work and many Rotarians took up Evan's challenge and transformed his vision into reality.  The green light was given by President-elect Krysta Logozzo and President Rod Morrison who championed this project from the beginning.  Brian Walmark wrote the script and voiced the original recording with a lot of coaching from Daryl Bolton of Dougall Media who shared his years of professional experience and technical skills at the studios at 87 North Hill Street.  The recording was then given to Zenon Waschuk who worked his audio magic and transmuted Brian's audio file into the voice of Darth Vadar.  Kevin Hollaway acted as stage manager and operated the audio equipment to bring Vadar's voice to life in the Provincial Room of the Prince Arthur Hotel.  Thanks to the managers and staff at the Prince Arthur Hotel who supported us in every way!  Thanks to Noble Thomas and his team for videorecording Vadar's speech on Anger Management. And a special thanks to Michael Nitz.  Without him, today's speech would not have been possible. 

    Lord Vadar with protagonist Brian Walmark

    Vadar cuddles a Past-President (Brenda Winter)

    Cast of characters in this phantasmagoria
    At Our Club, Tuesday October 29, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-10-29 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club, Tuesday October 22, 2019

    Doug Murray, CEO  of the Community Economic Development Commission (, returned for his "yearly" state of the (economic) city address..always welcome at Rotary and most informative.

    Starting with the Strategic Plan (2019-2022), he focused on several important and topical areas:
    -a new partnership with the (City) Tourism Thunder Bay, setting up a tourist investment committee
    -a comprehensive review (aided by a pie chart) of the labour force characteristics in the city (a very big issue). The cyclical ups and downs are mitigated latterly by improved diversification in employment. Examples: health care and services are now a large percentage item. There is also potential expansion for the retail/wholesale sector. Education (with the influx of international students) is significant. Mining employment carries potential if workers can locate residence here in TB.

    The big overriding problem casting a pall however remains--labour shortage!. A classic example would be the burgeoning health care sector (with an ageing population) but a real dearth in nurses, PSWs and more.

    Solutions? One exciting new program in the works (from the feds) is the "Rural and Northern Immigration Project." Eligible employers can connect with selected immigrant, skilled workers from anywhere around the world. Of course the trick will be to keep these workers here after their initial contract obligations are fulfilled.
    Doug Murray's presentation was as timely and important as you can get. The Q and A afterwards could have gone on for an hour.

    Doug is pictured with his old school chum Past -President Doug Shanks (who introduced him), Past-President Art Warwick (who thanked him) and President Rod Morrison.

     The club thanked Doug and wished him well in retirement.
    At Our Club, Tuesday October 22, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-10-22 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday October 15, 2019

    AT OUR CLUB OCTOBER 15, 2019

    Who better to represent the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada- Lake Superior District Chapter, today, than guest speaker and Fundraising Coordinator Marc Larocque?

    Marc  was diagnosed with MS in 2005 after a bout of optic neuritis and following some puzzled clinical assessments.
    He has most certainly had his ups and downs, and spoke candidly today of his journey.

    He reiterated the importance of this common but very disabling neurologic disease in the Thunder Bay area and Canada (the highest rate in the world). The local chapter is very active in programming, fundraising and raising public awareness. 

    In addition, PA Rotary allocated, this past year, funding to assist in a fine video, that was viewed today by the club attendees.
    There is a lot going on in support and fundraising. All revenues remain local.

    General information is at:
    Questions? Support?--contact (www.mssociety.ca1-844-859-6789).

    The club is indebted to Marc for his hard toil and courage with MS and the MS Society of Canada.

    Marc was supported today by Sandy Lychowyd, Regional Director (pictured with Marc on the right), Laurie Tulloch ,veteran MS advocate and local Fundraising lead (Pictured on left) along with PA Rotary President Rod Morrison.
    At Our Club Tuesday October 15, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-10-15 04:00:00Z 0

    AT OUR CLUB October 8, 2019

    Posted by Mary-Anne Mackett on Oct 08, 2019
    AT OUR CLUB October 8, 2019
    Program Director Caroline Fanti from the MSK (Musculoskeletal) Centre of Excellence opened many eyes today on this "award winning" Regional Orthopaedic program, operating out of the Thunder Bay Regional HSC coordination the Thunder Bay, Dryden, Kenora and Fort Frances hospitals and all centres in the region.
    L to R:  Bill Everitt who thanked speaker, Program Director Caroline Fanti, MSK Centre of Excellence, Laurie Tullock who introduced speaker, PA Rotary President Rod Morrison

    Gone are the days of lengthy waiting periods and disconnected care in orthopaedic medicine. The new "hub and spoke" model allows for much-improved connectivity between clinicians, patients and the treatment facilities, providing patient-centered, equitable care in a reasonable, timely fashion (prioritized by triage) to individuals everywhere in the region, close by or remote.
    AT OUR CLUB October 8, 2019 Mary-Anne Mackett 2019-10-08 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club October 1, 2019

    Posted by Mary-Anne Mackett on Oct 01, 2019

    (New) District Governor Richard C. (Rick) Bricker is pictured holding up the map of the massive District 5580 zone, along with wife Susan, Assistant DG Sandy Lychowyd, PA President Rod Morrison (far L) and PA Rotary Past Presidents Roly and Judy Turner. Roly is also a past District Governor.

    (New) District Governor Richard C. (Rick) Bricker ( has travelled with wife Susan from his Brainerd MN Club to introduce his visionary year and invigorate our club commencing his new District 5580 year.

    His address confirmed a most interesting and eclectic personal background including his Dry Cleaning businesses, his appreciation for the huge challenges of child/youth abuse in all its forms and his joy at joining the Rotary family in 1986.
    At Our Club October 1, 2019 Mary-Anne Mackett 2019-10-01 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Today - Tuesday Sep. 24

    Posted by Maria Hudolin on Sep 24, 2019

    Albert Brulé, CEO of United Way Thunder Bay introduced himself to the club and explained both his own motivation and passion for United Way Thunder Bay, as well as detailing the innovative, new "Help Make Them #Unignorable" Campaign. 

    The campaign this year has inaugurated a catchy colour background (Pantone coral-orange), with distinctive foci on Hunger, Domestic Violence, Homelessness and Education Inequality. In other words, changing the conversation (slightly) from strictly dollar accumulation to community impact  (problem issues listed) as the overarching mission.

    At the conclusion Albert could clearly see connections between the service work of Rotary and the community building of United Way. Alignment and synergy is there.
    Information material was made available.

    Albert is pictured with President Rod Morrison, who introduced and thanked our guest. Thank you Albert.
    At Our Club Today - Tuesday Sep. 24 Maria Hudolin 2019-09-24 04:00:00Z 0

    Peace Day Ceremony September 21, 2019

    Posted by Mary-Anne Mackett on Sep 21, 2019
    Peace Day Ceremony, September 21, 2019
    (Tai Chi Garden, Prince Arthur's Landing)

    Under a somber sky, yet a glorious fall day, a beautiful Rotary Peace Day Ceremony underscored the necessity for strong advocacy for peace in a troubled world.
    There were many contributors, pictured below.
    Thanks to Rotarians from all Clubs in Thunder Bay and to all guests for coming out. 
    Let's Give Peace a Chance!
    Thunder Brass welcomed the crowd.
    Chair Fort William President Stephen Margarit explains the history of the Rotary Peace Pole.
    Mayor Bill Mauro speaks on world conflict and peace initiatives.
    Clifford Mushgquash, Lakehead Rotary Club President.
    Nancy Proulx, President, Francophone Association of Northwestern Ontario.
    Rachel Sebesta singing "Imagine" with Kevin Holloway on guitar.
    Archdeacon Deborah Kraft reflects on Peace.
    Kevin Holloway, Rachael Sebesta and Rotarians singing John Lennon sing "Give Peace a Chance". 
    Laying flowers by the Peace Pole.
    Take down by the Rotaractors.
    Apologies:  missing a photo of  Irene Sottile, Chair Rotary Peace Day Ceremony delivering a message from District Governor Rick Bricker.
    Peace Day Ceremony September 21, 2019 Mary-Anne Mackett 2019-09-21 04:00:00Z 0

    AT OUR CLUB September 17, 2019

    Posted by Mary-Anne Mackett on Sep 17, 2019
    Today’s meeting was all about "building community! My name is Kerry Berlinquette -- I love Thunder Bay."  Thus commenced today's energetic presentation by the entrepreneur behind Destination Thunder Bay, (www.
    AT OUR CLUB September 17, 2019 Mary-Anne Mackett 2019-09-17 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Sep. 10

    Posted by Maria Hudolin on Sep 10, 2019
    ABACO, Bahamas
    Reality check time today with a presentation on ABACO, Bahamas: Before and after Hurricane Dorion.

    Stephen and Rhonda Bill know the area well. They taught at the Agape Christian School there from 2005-2009. They know the area as a beautiful part of the Bahamian archipelago and it's beautiful people. They are now back in Thunder Bay, but are right up on the massive catastrophe that has beset the island with hurricane Dorion.

    Their slide show..before and after was stark and despite the hurricane psyche of the people (stoic to say the least), this one was like a "bomb went off." Sustained 180 mph winds. Massive destruction of infrastructure, nature and human lives.
    It will take years to rebuild and months to claim the dead.

    There are many ways outsiders can help. Stephen and Rhonda catalogued a number of pertinent agencies including one they support: MSC  Other notables include Shelterbox Canada (a Rotary International project partner) and the Red Cross

    They are pictured (centre) flanked by Past-President chair of today's meeting Warren Philp(centre-left), Past-President Laurie Tulloch (far L, who thanked the speakers) and Rotarian Brian Walmark (who introduced them and stressed how Rotarians can step up as people of action and escape being "comfortably numb."
    At Our Club Sep. 10 Maria Hudolin 2019-09-10 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club September 3, 2019

    Posted by Mary-Anne Mackett on Sep 03, 2019
    Our Guest Speaker today was Mary Long-Irwin, Executive Director, NOA (Northern Ontario Angels (
    (Left to right:  Past-President Warren Philp, Mary Long-Irwin, Executive Director, NOA, Past-President John Stephenson and Rotarian Mike Nitz (BDC).
    Created in 2005 (the northern Ontario sector) to be a catalyst angel organization (not for profit) as a gateway and facilitator connecting entrepreneurs and investors, NOA is a remarkable success story with currently 400 investors in 293 "deals" involving over $131 million. Previously there was an identified "equity gap " for investor readiness. NOA is thus a driving force in growing the business sector (and creating jobs), with a real emphasis on technology "founder" companies. Some cogent examples in the mining and medical sectors were outlined as well as the methodology (primarily convertible debentures) to secure funding.
    At Our Club September 3, 2019 Mary-Anne Mackett 2019-09-03 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday August 27

    We had good news today at our meeting, in new connections made, ongoing ones doing well and discussions of where we might like to go. 
    Brian Walmark and Warren Philp were able to announce today that Fort Severn will be our Club's first Community Member!  We look forward to new and fruitful ties between individual members of  the Port Arthur Rotary and the members of the Fort Severn First Nation community.  Thank you to both Brian and Warren!
    Our club continues to support the Dew Drop Inn lunch program, helping to feed 280 people for a sit-down meal, and a further 130 bagged lunches for the very frugal sum of $138.  Both morning and afternoon shifts saw 11 volunteers - members and guests of members of our Club.  Thanks as always to the volunteers and Dave Silliman for keeping that commitment on track!
    Our talk today focused inwards as we got a good overview of how our members responded to the recent survey. President-Elect Krysta Logozo Daniele with President Rod Morrison gave us a detailed look at the survey results and led a thoughtful discussion of where we would like to go as a Club.  Fellowship, making an impact in the community and learning while having fun are front and centre.  Thank you Krysta for the anything-but-dry statistical report!  Call or email Krysta for any further comments you have. 
    At Our Club Tuesday August 27 Maria Hudolin 2019-08-27 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday August 20, 2019

    AT OUR CLUB August 20, 2019

    Our 4 RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) reps presented today. As anticipated, it was a rewarding affirmation of leadership in high school students of Thunder Bay.
    The general themes included overall individual impact, camp mission statement, individual "favourite times" and "being comfortable about being uncomfortable" with it's many implications for growth.
    Another catch phrase this year was " the FISH Philosophy"-Catch the Energy, Release the Potential"

    Fine individual reports were received by:
    (see photo):

    (Left to right with facilitators Bob Tomlinson and Doug Shanks): 
    Maija Walmark (Superior CVI); Haley Kelly Sample (Westgate); Jamie Paulozzo-Thom and Evan Owen (St. Ignatius ).

    Of note was an excellent Q and A session with well articulated responses from the students. Congrats all!

    In addition, Past President Art Warwick introduced his guest Gareth Aegard (Hammarskjold HS) winner of a Rotary Citizenship Award. They are pictured separately. Well done Gareth.
    At Our Club Tuesday August 20, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-08-20 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club, Tuesday August 13, 2019

    Kishore Sakhrani, Hong Kong Rotary Club South, returned to the podium for his talk on China-Canada Relations (Part 2).

    As anticipated, the audience learned a lot about an important topic. The club is once again indebted to Kishore. Many thanks K.

    He is pictured with club President Rod Morrison, who introduced and thanked Kishore.
    At Our Club, Tuesday August 13, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-08-13 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday August 6, 2019

    AT OUR CLUB-August 6, 2019
    President-elect Krysta Logozzo Daniele presented a timely primer on communication tools for club members available on the internet. Three distinct websites were highlighted; namely 1) our Port Arthur club Home Page (most members are familiar with this); 2) The District 5580 website, and 3) the Rotary International website.

    All three contain a wealth of useful links. There is a learning curve, especially with, which has a plethora of information.

    The Port Arthur website  tools have been upgraded for easier access to emails and member data.

    Krysta is shown with President Rod Morrison and also Leo Pernia, (re)introduced as our upcoming out-bound student (to Slovakia). Leo and family are Rotary veterans already. Leo's year in Bratislava will be hugely satisfying. Bon voyage Leo.
    At Our Club Tuesday August 6, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-08-06 04:00:00Z 0

    AT OUR MEETING July 30, 2019

    Posted by Mary-Anne Mackett on Jul 31, 2019
    Just imagine what could happen!    
    Brian Walmark gave us his Classification Talk on his experiences with Reconciliation and Decolonialization.  He called on is to make Reconciliation a personal commitment as Canadians.  He encourages us to walk boldly into the future of Reconciliation, in an energized and creative relationship between First Nations and Mainstream Society. 

    Brian Walmark is shown with President Rod Morrison.
    AT OUR MEETING July 30, 2019 Mary-Anne Mackett 2019-07-31 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday July 23, 2019

    AT OUR CLUB JULY 23, 2019

    A special presentation on China (and Canada...How Did We Get There and What Do We Do?) by Hong Kong Rotary South (and Past-President), Kishore Sakhrani, was a very large highlight of today's meeting.

    We are blessed to have Kishore's extensive background as Director of Greater Asian Advisors Ltd, (that is- a "Responsible Person"with the Hong Kong Securities Regulator). He is an astute observer of international relations. He summers here in Thunder Bay and provides service in numerous charitable organizations, including advising and fostering collegial relations with the Port Arthur Rotary club.
    His talk on China covered a huge country (a "very big island" of sorts) with a very homogeneous population  and remarkable ancient and modern history.

    Kishore adeptly covered many areas of this massive topic and was unfortunately a bit limited by time. There was a mountain of interesting facts and opinion. Many stayed well beyond the hour to hear more. 

    The club is much indebted to this outstanding Rotarian.

    He is pictured with President Rod Morrison.

    At Our Club Tuesday July 23, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-07-23 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Today 

    Posted by Maria Hudolin on Jul 17, 2019
    The club heard one of the finest perorations on the subject of "classification" that we have heard in a long time: the story of the peregrinations of newly retired and newly minted PA Rotarian Mary-Anne Mackett: assistant crown attorney (Ontario). With cheerful good humour, we heard of her life in many parts of Canada, the U.S.A., Europe and even Central and South America. 
    Her work has always been challenging; she has enjoyed it immensely. She did general law in the beginning and drug prosecutions as well as general prosecution work in Toronto and Thunder Bay. She has a great respect for the principles of natural justice, and service to the community; hence is a great fit in Rotary.
     Mary-Anne is pictured with President Rod Morrison (you can see the imp in her).
    The members enjoyed her insightful presentation and again welcomed her to the club. Scribed by Rotarian David Legge 
    At Our Club Today Maria Hudolin 2019-07-17 04:00:00Z 0

    President Warren's Farewell Party!

    Posted by Maria Hudolin on Jul 16, 2019
    What a party that was at the old ball yard (Cats were pummeled unfortunately).
    Warren Philp was in his element as new Past-President and feted appropriately by a healthy collection of members at his wind-up. Former Past-President Brenda Winter and her team put on a splendid evening, in an ultra low-key environment that suited and appealed to Warren, who just completed a superb year as leader of the club. His accomplishments were much appreciated with a strong mission and vision going forward.  Thank you so much Warren for your leadership this past year!  

    He is pictured reading off his framed MVP testimonial, and getting ready for the final pitch to the club. We are lucky he is still staying with the club and not being recruited by the  Yankees or Orioles (although he missed the catch that Jack Hudolin caught)! He is a consummate team player indeed.
    President Warren's Farewell Party! Maria Hudolin 2019-07-16 04:00:00Z 0

    It's a New Rotary Year - July 2nd 

    Posted by Maria Hudolin on Jul 02, 2019

    President Rod Morrison kicked off what will be a fine year, with a varied potpourri of " shout outs" as well as club business debate on several current issues.

    Pictured is Matt Diegel (centre) a most worthy recipient of ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR, along with President Rod and Past President Warren Philp. Matt has been a tireless, passionate, club spokesperson for youth and chair lead on Youth Exchange for many years. He has successfully resurrected the incoming program with a new student arriving in September from Romania. Your toil is highly appreciated Matt on this challenging file. Congrats.

     Wilderness Discovery (Handicapable Action) Centre club liaison (and WDC board Secretary) Past President Brenda Winter is pictured with Past President Bob Tomlinson, another tireless essential piece in the restoration journey...virtually completed now, (next up the new "bunkies"). Bob attended the Open House on the weekend..packed and astounded attendees were present..and the camp is fully booked already through July! This timely update was most welcome on this cheery summer day.

    Welcomed back was Brandon Otway, the current Past President of the Grand Rapids Rotary club in MInnesota (and also current Assistant District Governor). Brandon has epitomized Rotary ideals for many years. He is an educator/administrator in Grand Rapids, married with a 4 year old and  is back helping his Thunder Bay parents with heavy lifting jobs as a Christmas present. Way to go Brandon! He is pictured with President Rod alongside Rotarian Jim Madder, who did the intro.
    It was a great first meeting of our new Rotary year!  
    It's a New Rotary Year - July 2nd Maria Hudolin 2019-07-02 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday June 25, 2019

    AT OUR CLUB-June 25, 2019

    Our feature presentation on President Warren Philp's last day was provided online by Karen Kendrick-Hands, a Rotarian from Madison Wisconsin, representing and promoting an important new initiative promulgated at RI by new president Barry Rassin: the Environmental Sustainability-Rotary Action Groups ( The idea is quite simple..time to buy in across the Rotary world: implement new projects with environmental sustainability the key and crucial underlying determinant. This may or may not (by all Rotarians) be construed as a new pathway internationally. It makes eminent sense (it was noted Barry Rassin hails from Bermuda, in danger from climate change). Karen is a lawyer and life long environmental advocate. She spoke passionately about the need to get on board and urged our club to partake (we already do have a history favourable to the concept).
    Full details are available at the ESRAG website above. The club thanks Karen in Madison, Wisconsin, Joe Wasielewski of our club (board member for international activities), as well as Kevin Holloway for setting up the contact/connection IT. They are pictured with President Philp. Also pictured is Karen Hendrick-Hands.

    The club then welcomed (Past-President) Kevin Holloway as the latest Paul Harris award recipient..this occasion a very generous 3 star level. Well done  Kevin. Thank you.
     Kevin is pictured with Past-President Bob Tomlinson, who read the "charge," President Philp, and Jaro Kotalik, Rotary Foundation chair for the club.

    A stirring end of term "reflection" by President Warren Philp for a superb year at the helm resulted in a (well deserved) standing ovation.
    Warren's accomplishments are numerous and a substantial legacy to this club going forward. He then welcomed our new President Rod Morrison to the podium. Rod's "I had a dream"..aka Martin Luther King, also included a sweat..large boots to fill, but newly minted President Rod Morrison is the man to move the momentum forward. Among the accomplishments cited by Rod (of Warren), many are noteworthy and include: improved communication strategies, the new indigenous welcoming strategy, the community membership concept, strong relationships with the other clubs, and strong fellowship opportunities. There were more. Rod was generous in his praise and heartfelt.
    See picture  below of the two after the pinning ceremony.

    Present also today in spirit and Rotary service were the new incoming presidents of the Lakehead and Fort William clubs: Clifford Mushquash (pictured far L) and Stephen Margarit (far R)  with Warren and Rod. Great team --gentlemen!
    At Our Club Tuesday June 25, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-06-25 04:00:00Z 0

    At our club meeting today

    Posted by Maria Hudolin on Jun 18, 2019
    It's always a great day at Rotary when our club gives away money to community groups!

    Allocations Chair (Past-President Kevin Holloway) presented (monetary) awards to 9 worthy community recipients comprising the PA Rotary Club 2018-19 Budget Year. Each provided a timely and well received account of the allocation direction along with an overview of each organization: all very satisfying from an educational perspective:

    1. CNIB Night Steps with Kelly Rooney (pictured with Kevin Holloway). This innovative family and pet friendly event is scheduled for August 22 nd at Marina Park (70 plus walkers anticipated). The donation will assist with procurement of accessible technology for visually handicapped people.

    2. Rotary Shelterhouse Replacement Beds Programme, with Amber Prairie. With the constant need for beds (up to 62 per night now), new frames, springs and plywood are required to protect/upgrade the mattresses for prolonged use; a very practical allocation. These  units are scheduled for the female dormitory.

    3. Stop The Bleed -Save A Life,with Ian Casey: Ian is a veteran trauma room RN with a passion for educating the general public on the management of acute (traumatic) bleeds (hemorrhages) that might face a bystander in many scenarios. Ian has developed a training protocol for the lay public to this end. The award will assist in this timely mission.

    4. Diabetes Canada-Camp Huronda with Kristine Thompson (pictured with K.H.).
    Comprehensive education, counselling, socialization for youngsters with insulin dependent (type 1) diabetes is provided at Camp Huronda in Huntsville Ontario. It is exceptional and comprehensive. No such facility exists in the Thunder Bay area. Obvious benefits accrue for the northern contingent of youth attending.

    5. The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment (LSSR) Senate Monument, with Tim Groulx , to be erected at the old casino grounds at Current River park, will commemorate 800 men who died from the New Ontario 52 Battalion. The allocation will assist in this large project in the purchase of the concrete, granite slabs. Pictured also is a small portion of a photo of the officers and men of the battalion in front of the old PACI school.

    6. Ontario SPCA and Matawa Education Centre are teaming up to provide students a great opportunity: constructing the Northern Dog (House) Project "kits" at Matawa (former Grandview Lodge) and shipping  them to the northern communities where there are no veterinary services,( thus reduced spay/neuter options and housing suitable for dogs). This is a win win project certainly for dogs, but also for the Matawa students and kids on the northern reserves. Presenting today are the leaders in this initiative (Judy DeCicco and Nikki Burns). PA Rotary is assisting with this financing..most welcome.

    7. Northwestern Ontario Regional Science Fair, represented by Glen Cunningham.The club annually supports the NORSF, and provides a) the Peace and Sustainable Development Award and b) the Rotary Preserve the Planet Earth Award, to worthy young students pursuing science. This year's awards focused on the impact of yard and household waste on plant growth, as well as climate change-?real. (Many NWO students have gone on to national science fairs as winners).

    8.Gail Kromm, Publicity and Public Relations scion at the Salvation Army (and a Lakehead Rotarian) accepted a donation for the future second iteration of the "Field of Greens", inspired by our very own club past president Dr. David Legge.  Gail and Volker Kromm know this project intimately..going back to the original garden of 2009-10. She showed us a preview image of the plan with the new centre commencing building shortly.

    9.the Lakeside Benches at the Wilderness Discovery Camp (Lake Shebandowan)  with WDC Secretary Past-President Brenda Winters is yet another contribution to this large and very worthy project, by PA Rotary volunteers/craftsmen. Brenda is pictured with Kevin for a final (exhaustive) photo-op. Well done both of you.

    PA Rotary congratulates all of these worthy folks doing great work in the community. WE thanked them for attending today.
    At our club meeting today Maria Hudolin 2019-06-18 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday June 11, 2019

    The club welcomed back to the podium Barry Streib, currently the Chair of the Organizing Committee for the Special Olympics-Canada Winter Games -February 25-29, 2020 in Thunder Bay (

    Barry is pictured (centre) with president Warren Philp (L) and Rod Morrison (R) who recruited,introduced and thanked Barry.

    Subtitled "Pure Heart", this extraordinary event (a unique chemistry and bonding amongst all participants) will bring 900 athletes with intellectual disabilities, plus several hundred more (managers, techs,family and friends) together to make new friends,develop new skills,improve fitness and many other intangibles. There will be 8 sports, with this year a newly inaugurated 5 -pin bowling thrown in. 

    There are a total of specially selected 19 athlete ambassadors.

    The ($ 7 m) impact on the city for tourism, the economy and the city's caring reputation will be impressive. Numerous VIPs and ceremonial events will add colour and excitement. The final party, a "dance" at the Valhalla is a highlight for all.

    Yes, volunteers are still welcome. And there is an active "Draft an Athlete Program" fundraising opportunity with charitable receipts available (check the website).

    Barry continues as a tireless volunteer and strong advocate for many city events and this one is special for him. The club is indebted for his appearance today. Good luck Barry and thanks again.
    At Our Club Tuesday June 11, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-06-11 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday June 4, 2019 

    Noel Jones has many connections as an educator (and family member) to the PA Rotary Club.

    We were treated to her presentation today (exceptionally positive) on her role as the Leader of Experiential Learning at the Lakehead School Board International Baccalaureate  (IB) program.

    Noel has extensive experience in education..she flaunts her love of Shakespeare (English), but also History, Guidance Counselling, Philosophy and even Science. She has moved up the ranks from teaching high school in Schreiber and Terrace Bay, to Churchill CVI in Thunder Bay and from 2002 to 2012, coordinating the IB program.

    She is now back in her real comfort zone the classroom, interacting with our fine young students, encouraging problem solving, critical thinking (obviously critical), innovation, citizenship, self-directed learning and more...all pursuing excellence in her students.  These ideals are being packaged in the IB "Learner Profile." There is a focus on development of a dedicated skilled trade cohort.

    Her concluding remarks were salient: the key aims are for relationship trust with individual students, pedagogy for all levels of student ability, ensuring students see value in their learning, and carving out pathways for differing individual needs.

    Noel is pictured with President Warren Philp surrounding the 4 way test, and Past President and colleague/teacher Art Warwick (far left, who introduced Noel), and thanker Brian Walmark (also a close associate in education and admirer). Thanks to Brian for inviting Noel to this meeting.
    At Our Club Tuesday June 4, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-06-04 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday May 28, 2019

    Today, the club met (with guests also from the Lakehead Rotary club) at the marvelous,new Confederation Technology, Education and Collaboration (TEC).  Hub.
    Within the confines of little more than an hour, a fine lunch, good conversation and a real eye-opening educational tour was accomplished,lead by Chris Paci (Chair of Technology, School of Engineering Technology) and assisted by Dana Levanto (Development), Shelley Graham, and President Kathleen Lynch.

    Understanding the consituent parts of the TEC acronym is essential. The future is in good hands for the development of a skilled, employment-ready (the stats verify success already in this regard) technology and trades workforce for northwestern Ontario. The $19 million, 45,000 sq ft facility (will) support several hundred post-secondary students (about one third being international), with a plethora of opportunities for the economy, jobs, the demographics, research and innovation..
    The TEC. campaign is in full swing ( Matching dollar opportunities with the government are present.

    The following images capture some of today's action:

    Chris Paci  introducing a workshop, festooned with compressed air and electrical lines hanging from the ceiling.

    Grad students at work fabricating the nose for an aircraft (they are pointing to the assembly out on the right)
    Chris Paci and Instructor Jim Zeleny explain the new CNC (computer numerical controlled) machines in an assembly workshop.
    Chris #2 explaining the components in the modern 3D printing lab

    Impressive (indigenous) wall wood carvings in front atrium.

    In summary: an impressive and very enjoyable meeting today. Thanks also of course to Jim Madder, Rod Morrison and Mike Nitz.
    At Our Club Tuesday May 28, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-05-28 04:00:00Z 0

    At our Club Tuesday May 21

    Posted by Maria Hudolin
    Imam Hikmatullah Sherzad (of the Thunder Bay Masjid mosque), presented an enlightened view of Islam to members today.

    Imam Hikmatullah has been a Muslim leader in this capacity in Thunder Bay for about 5 years. An internet search will review he is very engaged in the community in a quest for understanding and inclusiveness amongst all peoples here. He has presented frequently to audiences and been in on media interviews.
    He commenced with a discussion on the meaning of "Islamophobia" has shifted somewhat since (before) 9-11.
    This segued into a more broad overview of Islam, critique of same, and most importantly interfaith engagement and understanding.

    There were numerous questions thereafter (he arranged time for this) including the relevance of Quaran scriptural interpretations, radical thinking mechanisms, face coverings for women, local demographics of muslim faith and shariah (" a path"): clarifying the meaning.

    Imam Hikmatullah was most enlightening, with plenty of humour thrown in, and invited to the club for further conversation.

    He was generously introduced and thanked by Brian Walmark and President-elect Rod Morrison respectively. Thanks to Rod also for making this happen. 
    Our meeting also included an update from President Warren on upcoming club activities and recent business conducted by our Board of Directors. Port Arthur Rotary continues to play a vibrant, active role in our local community! 
    At our Club Tuesday May 21 Maria Hudolin 2019-05-22 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday May 14, 2019

    AT OUR CLUB- May 14, 2019

    The club welcomed former Member of Parliament Bruce Hyer today for his  valuable viewpoint on "Electoral (and Democratic) Reform"
    Bruce has an interesting background in politics, as well as entrepreneurship, science, culture and advocacy for the environment.
    He outlined his journey through the halls of government. He remains a consultant and policy maker for the Green Party of Canada.
     His major passions resonate with the Rotary 4-Way Test backdrop (fairness to all et al): climate change, income gaps in Canada and electoral/democratic reform.

    Canada remains an outlier on the world stage in electoral process..still unfortunately "first past the post." His argument for "some" form of proportional representation was cogent. The audience were in agreement. The obstacles were reviewed, with the long standing tendency of the major parties to demand "lock-step" discipline amongst their elected representatives a salient issue.

    Suggestions on "what to do?" with our current dilemma numbered 4 were mentioned, with development of a form of proportional representation in the forefront.

    Wearing purple today, Bruce is pictured with President -elect Rod Morrison (far L, wearing a green spring tog), Brian Walmark (wearing his LU Thunder wolves sweater, who introduced Bruce (far R) and Past-President Brenda Winter (who thanked Bruce).

     This presentation garnered a most interesting Q and A. Thanks again to Bruce Hyer.
    At Our Club Tuesday May 14, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-05-14 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday May 7, 2019

    Appreciation day--- in a big way!

    A: Our club once again thanks Dougall Media for another successful Rotary Radio Day, February 18/19. The team always comes through with considerable effort and skill. Bill Ulakovic (Chair) and fellow Rotarians on the selling side are very much indebted to our good friends at CKPR 91.5, year in and year out. This has been our premier fund raiser for many years, providing funding for our many worthy recipient projects.

    Pictured (left to Right):
    Daryll Bolton,Ann Snell,Rosa Tucci,Crystal Shields,Linda Linklater,Bill Ulakovic (PA Rotary Chair), and Noah Majore.

    B: High School Student Volunteer Recognition Awards

    Once again this year, PA Rotary Chair Rob Grady MC'd this annual very well received and anticipated event. It routinely and very appropriately celebrates the extraordinary volunteerism of our student leaders at Thunder Bay North side high schools. Our thanks to Rob for a great job and all the students as well as families and teachers attending.Youth leadership in this day and age is worth it's weight in gold. The specifics were outlined by Rob..pages and pages; thousand upon thousands of volunteer hours!

    They are pictured holding their award certificates: Congratulations to all.
    St. Ignatius:
    (L to R): Lindy Sportak, (teacher) Leanne Joseph, Kaitlin Fitzgerald, Grace Moscall-Maki, (Rotary Chair Rob Grady)
    (absent recipient-Emily Pynn)

    (L to R): (teacher) Zelka Black, Sadie Cameron, Sara Azzolini. Adam Luoma, Rob Grady, Jaimi Plater

    (L to R): Nathan Luchies, (teacher) Riley Lucas, Simran Talpade, Rob Grady
    (absent recipients-Cornelius Beaver, Harasees Singh)

    La Verendrye
    (teacher) Melanye D'Amours, Joey Deschamps, Rob Grady

    At Our Club Tuesday May 7, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-05-07 04:00:00Z 0
    AT OUR CLUB April 30, 2019 Mary-Anne Mackett 2019-04-30 04:00:00Z 0

    AT OUR CLUB April 23, 2019

    Posted by Mary-Anne Mackett on Apr 23, 2019
    AT OUR CLUB April 23, 2019
    Rod Morrison introduced our guest speaker Glenn Nolan of Noront Resources who gave us a very interesting talk jokingly titled “We’re Still Here – Making Progress!” complete with professional slide show on the history, present efforts and future of Noront Resources Inc., a significant player in the Ring of Fire.
    Pictured left to right: President Warren Philp, Rotarian Jim Madder, today's guest Glenn Nolan of Noront Resources and President-Elect Rod Morrison.
    Glenn is a member of the Missinaibi Cree First Nation, a former chief and the first indigenous president of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC). He has been involved in mining for decades, a member of many not-for-profit boards, of a junior diamond exploration company and a long-time advocate for sustainable inclusive mineral redevelopment in both Canada and globally.
    Glenn showed us the time line of Noront’s inception and growth which now has 85% of the staked claims in the Ring of Fire including the very rich deposit of chromite, nickel, copper, platinum and more. Glenn told us that there is some 150 to 200 years’ of ore found– that we know of so far. The Eagle’s Nest deposit will be the first mine and it has a rich vertical tower of ore.
    AT OUR CLUB April 23, 2019 Mary-Anne Mackett 2019-04-23 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Today April 16, 2019

    Posted by Mary-Anne Mackett on Apr 16, 2019

    Newly inducted member David Marler provided a unique "classification " talk today (having been instructed by Past-President Art Warwick, to just "talk about himself.") The formula worked well.

    Pictured left to right:  Past-President and David's Mentor Art Warwick, Jeanne Marler, David Marler and President Warren Philp
    David has a stellar personal and family history going back to his birthplace in Montreal, before and beyond. He is an accomplished lawyer with many high profile cases in transportation, maritime and constitutional law. He has close connections to the RCAF and flying. He has also seen fit to live beyond his chosen profession and has been an adventurer, writer, fund raiser and community advocate. He has arrived now and settled in Thunder Bay close to his daughter. Rotary is a new avenue of interest and service. His wife Jeanne is equally accomplished (art, athletics and much more).

    His presentation was very entertaining indeed.  David is pictured with his wife Jeanne, Past-President Art Warwick (mentor and thanker), and President Warren Philp (who introduced David and encouraged Rotary to him in the first place). 
    Thanks David, and we wish you continued success with your book: One Cabin, One Cat, Three Years:  One Couple’s Time in the Wilderness!
    At Our Club Today April 16, 2019 Mary-Anne Mackett 2019-04-16 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Today April 9, 2019

    Posted by Mary-Anne Mackett on Apr 09, 2019
    Our presentations today focused on the important theme of education opportunities in Thunder Bay and surrounding District with a special interest in Indigenous youth education.   We also honoured Past President Art Warwick.  
    (left to right:)  President Warren Philp, Rotarian Brian Walmark, Dr. Lindeman, Angelina Tassone and Past-President Bill Everitt
    We heard first from Angelina, Principal of St. James Public School, partnered in our club Community Service Partnership in many successful and innovative  ways. Angie was introduced by PA Rotary lead Bill Everitt, and spoke of the demographics and major challenges in education and community development in this JK-Grade 8 school within the Lakehead District District School Board with approximately 202 students (identified as a "high needs" school). The diverse ways contributed by the club were outlined and a fine brochure was circulated. Thanks to the many participants involved.
    Then came an eye-opening address by Dr. Carlana Lindeman, veteran Thunder Bay educator and Education Director of the Martin Family Initiative (MFI).
    The always energetic and positive Dr Lindeman educated us on the MFI (“Martin Family Initiative”), a charitable foundation launched by Paul Martin in 2008 ( and doing remarkable work in 3 major projects across Canada right now, all aimed at improving educational opportunities for success in indigenous students.  It has been so successful and appreciated that the parents - adults - have become included in some newer programs.
    Her census stats showed the burgeoning population of indigenous students and the very critical need to get sound evidence-based methodologies in education going early on.
    Some targeted areas discussed in more detail include: Monitoring (Gr 9-10) with dedicated professionals such as accounting firm and legal firm volunteers; a Model Schools Pilot Literacy Project (commencing in several southern Ontario FNs) that has already raised reading and writing to or near provincial levels; a Principal's Course (to teach the teachers); an Entrepreneur Course (Grades 11-12) that has met with success in NWO (Fort Frances, Matawa in TB for example); and the world's largest virtual library (, used by thousands.
    Dr. Lindeman's passion shone through. We are grateful. She was introduced again by Bill Everitt and thanked by Brain Walmark ("you have opened so many doors over the years").
    Also celebrated today was Past-President Art Warwick (pictured in middle) who was presented with his Paul Harris plus 2 pin, from President Warren Philp and Rotarian Jaro Kotalik (Rotary Foundation Chair). The Paul Harris award stands for outstanding Service in Rotary..congrats to Art!
    At Our Club Today April 9, 2019 Mary-Anne Mackett 2019-04-09 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Today April 2

    Posted by Maria Hudolin on Apr 02, 2019
    Today, the club heard from TVO Northwestern Ontario Hub Editor Jon Thompson, on his adventures with TVO, more specifically, his recent assignment covering the rather explosive file on systemic racism in the community of Thunder Bay.
    Jon has a varied experience in journalism with a major interest in reporting on social (justice) issues of the day. He had previously worked on the Boy Scout Jamboree here (1997) and the Homelessness Project and Shelterhouse (2008), both acknowledging Rotary club input.

    "TVO on the Road"( TVO exploring outside of the Toronto GTA!!) recently recruited Jon for  a balanced overview of the above issue, which has, for good and/or bad, gone "viral" across Canada.
    His bottom line is getting "at the fog and confusion" in this complex situation. He feels there has been, and will remain, for years, huge challenges in rectifying these problems, (see already posted examples via the TVO website).
    Jon is pictured (centre left) along with President Warren Philp (far left), Lesley Bell (centre-Regional TVO Advisory member), Brian Thompson (centre right-loyal Rotarian TVO watcher), and Rod Morrison (far right-President-elect, spouse of Lesley Bell, and favourite introducer of meeting guests).

    Excellent presentation..Jon, most thought-provoking..please return soon.
    At Our Club Today April 2 Maria Hudolin 2019-04-02 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Today March 26

    Posted by Maria Hudolin on Mar 26, 2019
    Sarah E. (Sally) Colquhoun, Coordinator of Legal Services at Kinna-Aweya (Objiwa for "everyone") Legal Clinic, was today's special guest speaker.
    She has had a distinguished career advocating as a lawyer for the less fortunate and has been feted by such awards as the Law Society of Ontario Medal (2017).

    Funded by Legal Aid Ontario, Kinna-Aweya ( Legal Clinic focuses on :
    1) improving social justice for low income people (with a special nod to indigenous peoples, but not exclusively so)
    2) advocating for law reform aiming at legal and policy changes to effect the above.

    The Clinic does primarily "Poverty Law" only, no criminal law at all, and has many challenges in the Thunder Bay District (including 17 First Nations in the District of Thunder Bay. There are satellite offices in Marathon and Geraldton.

    Honing in on client "income maintenance" and "tenancy issues" involves a great deal of interaction with numerous government agencies and other parties.
    There are of lot of Administrative Tribunal hearings as a result. Working chronically underfunded, there are many obstacles to overcome. Cultural sensitivity is critical. Even assisting clients in sorting out personal Identification issues (to qualify for many services and payments) is critical as well.
    They do it well!

    The picture shows:  Sally (2nd left), Sally's sister Carolyn (2nd right, Sally's dad, veteran PA Rotarian Jim (middle) whose "thank you" was from the heart representing a loving family, President-elect Rod Morrison (far left) who introduced Sally, President Warren Philp (far right)
    Port Arthur Rotary Club is interested in matters connecting and strengthening the indigenous and non-indigenous communities of Thunder Bay. This presentation was most enlightening in that regard. Our thanks again to Sally Colquhoun!

    At Our Club Today March 26 Maria Hudolin 2019-03-26 04:00:00Z 0

    At our Club today March 19

    Posted by Maria Hudolin on Mar 19, 2019

    Today was a Club Assembly at which board member Dr. Joe Wasiliewski (our new Club Trainer) led a valuable discussion today on the multiple resources available through Rotary International involving global networking with like-minded Rotarians on the topics of Service and Fellowship (recreational and vocational).
    A substantial diversity of interest(s) are available to mine: from golfing or beer tasting or classical music, all the way to service opportunities in Rotary "Action Groups.".
    The latter became the focus for lively discussion, even beyond water and sanitation, environmental sustainability etc. to the subject of global or local Peace initiatives. RI supplies support and individual clubs and individual Rotarians have autonomy to pursue any number of  Peace Initiatives.
    Can our club be a "Peacebuilder Club?" Indeed it can, and a good start in the area of building solid relationships with indigenous peoples ( the recent HIP or "Honouring Indigenous Peoples" programme being an example..per President Warren Philp et al), is already running.
    Two videos on Rotary being an important global peace building force were shown. Members responded very favourably. The dilemma to implement and all it's ramifications. The time is ripe to ponder on this.

    The conversation is most cogent in this age of conflict.

     The club thanks Dr. Joe for his leadership on this file. He is pictured with Club President Warren Philp.

    At our Club today March 19 Maria Hudolin 2019-03-19 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club March 12, 2019

    Posted by Mary-Anne Mackett
    AT OUR CLUB March 12, 2019

    (Left to right) President Warren Philp with President-Elect Rod Morrison and Mayor Bill Mauro
    His Worship, Mayor Bill Mauro, was our special guest today and, as anticipated, garnered a sizeable crowd.

    Bill's "State of the Union" address for Thunder Bay was very informative and heartfelt in its expression of the challenges, positive highlights and future expectations for the City.
    He was introduced by President-elect Rod Morrison, (pictured with Mayor Mauro and President Warren Philp), who emphasized his very lengthy history of public service to the community at large. His experience in elected public office at both provincial and municipal levels augers well for Thunder Bay going forward.

    He reviewed the challenges of budget prioritization, the political dynamic with the province, and overviewed the numerous Review processes ongoing.

    On the topic of the economy, he reiterated the major changes from resource based forestry (e.g. in 2005) to the more current knowledge-based (hopefully recession-proof) job market/economy and how diversification is so critical.

    The hospital angioplasty program, medical and law schools, Confederation College and Lakehead University impacts and (fingers crossed, cardiac surgery unit) all were highlighted.

    Mr. Mauro discussed the dynamics involved in Bombardier and the recent investigations and reports involving police services in some detail. His mission involves strong advocacy in improving and promoting economic growth with health-related industries (above), mining, the airport, immigration initiatives, recreation (e.g. a new sport indoor facility) and more. In the Q and A session he tackled the important issues of racism and city beautification measures with a candid acknowledgement that the issues are thorny, but many are toiling hard at dealing with them and time will be needed for resolution.

    All in all, the presentation was most appreciated by the audience and very positive in tone.

    Past-President Laurie Tulloch graciously thanked Mr. Mauro saying there was serendipity in the recent electoral pathway to his election as Mayor of Thunder Bay. Thanks and congratulations, Bill!
    At Our Club March 12, 2019 Mary-Anne Mackett 2019-03-12 04:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club March 5, 2019

    Posted by Mary-Anne Mackett
    AT OUR MEETING March 5, 2019
    Photo (Left to Right):  Steven MacAuley, Brenda Winter, Guest Speaker Aaron Kakepetum and Brian Walmark
        Aaron Kakepetum of RBC addressed Rotary Port Arthur on a wide range of topics including the importance of educational opportunities for Indigenous youth, home ownership on-reserve and the need to increase the numbers of Indigenous youth who are Chartered Public Accountants (CPAs).  
        As a kid growing up in Balmertown, Aaron once said he never thought he would grow up to be a banker.  Like most kids, he played hockey.  
        He won many awards as a hockey play including being named Defenseman of the Year in 2002 when he played for the Icedogs in Red Lake.  This was only the beginning.  He played Junior A Hockey and finally played NCAA Division One Hockey with the University of Connecticut.  In 2006, he graduated with a degree in Resource Economics.
        He never forgot his roots.  
        Since joining RBC, he has worked to build bridges between First Nations especially in Ontario’s far north and the Mainstream business community.  
        Aaron continues to find time to support the educational goals of Indigenous Youth in northwestern Ontario.  He worked with Fort William First Nation and KO Student Support Services to get a generous donation from RBC to support their Back Pack Programs.  This work allows First Nations education departments to purchase and distribute student backpacks, lunch kits and school supplies for the students on and off reserve attending schools in the urban south.
        He is dedicated to educating community members in financial literacy, including offering programs to remote communities by WebEx.  After his prepared remarks, he was able to answer a wide range of questions, giving insight into how a mainstream financial institution like the RBC and the First Nations are bridging seeming problems such as mortgage securities with innovative and effective solutions.
        Aaron is a living breathing example of a young man who lives by Rotary principles and values especially the Four-Way Test.
    At Our Club March 5, 2019 Mary-Anne Mackett 2019-03-05 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Tuesday February 26, 2019

    The Matawa Education and Care Centre, newly established at the former Grandview Lodge site in Thunder Bay, was highlighted today by Brad Battison (returning to speak here),the current Principal, and Sharon Nate: Education Manager. Both Brad and Sharon have extensive experience in dealing with Matawa Management, Administration and Teaching. They work for Matawa First Nation Management, a tribal council with 9 Ojibwe and Cree First Nation communities in the NAN territory.
    The MEC is a private high school for youth between the ages of 13 and 21, all members of Matawa FN. Some students have complex medical and social issues and the curriculum is very innovative and geared to holistically to the many needs of the students.
    The MEC has a good number of supporting partnerships, even including Rotary (eg. Bowmanville Rotary club).
     Currently the building is part way through over all renovations, and handling about 130 students. Results to date? There have been some dramatic changes in a number of challenging kids. The energy and diversity involved is palpable.
    This program is undoubtedly a working model for other future successful similar education initiatives.

    A lengthy Q&A session paid testament to the considerable interest in this noble educational school opportunity.

    Pictured (L to R):
    Brad Battison (Principal)
    Dr. Carlana Lindeman (Education Program Director of Martin Family Initiative), a long time educator and advocate assisting the MEC (guest of Rotarian Art Warwick)
    Sharon Nate (Manager)
    Brian Walmark (PA Rotarian advocate and thanker)
    Bonnie Moore (PA Rotarian assisting in fundraising development and providing the ontroductions)
    At Our Club Tuesday February 26, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-02-26 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club February 19, 2019

     Thunder Bay Crime Prevention Council Co-ordinator Lee Ann Chevrette "was back" yet again to report to the club on this occasion on the
    8th Annual Mayor's COMMUNITY SAFETY AWARDS  (for 2018, in it's 8th year with 53 recipients).

    She is pictured with President-elect Rod Morrison ( who's introduction was cogent and simple..."she's back") and past Police Services Board Chair, Rotarian Jackie Dojack, who's thanks to Lee Ann summed up the fine her presentation of "very powerful success stories."

    The individual award recipients were profiled on a video and are clearly most deserving of recognition..and it is hoped the public at large are made better aware of these folks toiling behind the scenes "making everyone safer...a community effort." Much going on is contributing: Lee Ann mentioned an example-a "hip hop" concert in a park.

    A brochure on the winners was circulated and a link will follow:

    Many thanks again to Lee Ann for bringing us awareness (and hope) in this topical and challenging time.

    The club welcomed new member David Marler today, with the Club President Warren Philp introducing David (Warren brings David into the Rotary sphere); the charge being delivered by Vonnie Cheng; and the ongoing mentorship under Art Warwick. All are pictured above David is 2nd left).
    Congratulations and best wishes to David are extended. His extensive background in the legal profession and community service will be a big plus for the club.
    At Our Club February 19, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-02-19 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Feb 12, 2019

    MPP (Thunder Bay Superior North, for 24 years!!) Michael Gravelle returned yet again to his Rotary roots with a fine presentation on his new orientation in Ontario provincial politics. Always a real pleasure. He was introduced by President-elect Rod Morrison and thanked by Bonnie Moore (who spoke for the club..Michael is a "special friend" of Rotary). President Philp is also pictured. Michael reiterated his motivation..very much the same as Rotary..Service above Self, with his dedication to representing his constituents as best possible. Mr. Gravelle emphasized that with, notwithstanding his issues with certain (current) government programmes and intentions (he did list some), he serves also by seeking cooperation with government on a number of importantl, major projects. Examples include the new Liquified Natural Gas storage/distribution facility,(ok'd for the Nipigon area); the Nextbridge east-west transmission tie (going ahead..he has toiled long and hard on this file), the twinning of 11-17 highway major project ( legacy-to completion it is hoped); the Ring of Fire mining; and cardiovascular surgery services at TBRHSC. Mr. Gravelle humbly reconfirmed how serving is an "absolute privilege." PA Rotary has been a longstanding friend and he was thus acknowledged today. The club looks forward to hearing Michael again next year (query still in rebuilding mode?).
    At Our Club Feb 12, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-02-12 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club February 5, 2019

    Featured presentation today was on the fine work being done (unheralded by many!) by the Children's Centre-Thunder Bay, previously known as Lakehead Regional Family Centre.
    CEO Diane Walker spoke about the large mandate of CCTB within the Mission Statement (highlights):
    1. Improving child and youth mental health ... an enormous challenge
    2. Addressing children's developmental, social and behavioural needs ....also huge
    3. Strengthening parental capacity
    4. Building community capacity.

    Lots of work in an (unfortunately) underfunded and high volume/demand sector of our society in this area! With about 40 services and a staff of 175, some 4000 interactions yearly speak of the need. More need to be made aware of this important service and these dedicated folks.
    Diane was assisted today by VP John Friday (pictured with Diane and President-Elect Rod Morrison (far left and former board member) and President Warren Philp (far right).

    There are ways and means and thoughts brewing on some partnership in this big picture with PA Rotary.

    Rod introduced the guests and they were thanked by Matt Diegel.

    The remarkable Pernia family (from Venezuela) were on hand again today. Leo (pictured doing his Usain Bolt moment) is outbound exchange to Croatia, whilst dad Juan (pictured with his son and Warren Philp) remains at home as a proud new Canadian. Other brothers have been Rotary exchange ambassadors as well ... a great tradition.
    The club is delighted with this relationship.
    At Our Club February 5, 2019 Mary-Anne Mackett 2019-02-05 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Today - January 29

    AT OUR CLUB January 29, 2019

    On this exceptionally frigid day, Karl D. Everett, PE,PG: geologist and professional engineer, drove to Thunder Bay to address Rotary clubs on the splendid work done by Duluth and Thunder Bay Rotary clubs in many international projects in Bolivia.
    Karl belongs to the Duluth Harbortown Club. His presentation on Rotary/ Mano A Mano projects 2018 listed numerous successful projects in medical clinic and school buildings, road building and water projects in this landlocked country, one of the poorest in the Americas high up in the mountains (600 peaks above 16,000 ft!).
    The Mano A Mano Bolivia projects have resulted in many positive international medical supply distributions in Bolivia for 25 years.
    Notable Rotarians in addition to Karl (lead in the Jatun Mayu medical clinic (very professionally done indeed), include Fort William Rotarian Jill Zachary (lead for the Guitarrani school build).

    Today's Power Point and video was impressive indeed - showing us where our ROTARY FOUNDATION DOLLARS  go! 

    Karl was introduced by President Warren Philp and thanked by Past President and District Governor Roly Turner. They are pictured with Mr. Everett.

    His work is an inspiration for Rotarians, especially those contemplating international service.
    At Our Club Today - January 29 Maria Hudolin 2019-01-29 05:00:00Z 0

    At our club today January 22nd 

    Today's off-site meeting was held at the George Jeffrey Children's Centre (GFCC) on Brock Street.
    President-elect Rod Morrison thanked our hosts and the meeting commenced with a welcome from Executive Director Steve MacDonald, and Charitable Gifts Director Kirsten Untinen (pictured with us  in the sensory stimulation room).

    GFCC is one of 20 Children's Treatment Centres in Ontario, providing family-centred. one-stop, interdisciplinary, evidence based care for special needs children (birth to 19 years of age). A host of specialists in Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language pathology, Social Work, Communications Augmentation, Seating and Mobility (and more) work out of this fine new building. The club toured some of the facility with Mr. MacDonald.

    PA Rotary president Warren Philp is pictured  at the entrance to one area supported by our club.

    Mr. George Jeffrey ( a Kiwanian) is pictured near the front entrance. His vision was seminal in development of this outstanding paediatric health care facility. The club is indebted to the staff, the organization and excellent service provided to the many client children in the large Thunder Bay District.
    At our club today January 22nd Maria Hudolin 2019-01-23 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Today - Jan 15, 2019

    President-elect Rod Morrison had little trouble introducing our guest speaker today the Honourable Patti Hajdu, MP: Federal Minister of Employment, Workplace and Labour. She was formerly the Minister of Status of Women. Of course she represents the people of Thunder Bay Superior North. She is pictured with Rod (right) and President Warren Philp (left). After reviewing her positive relationship with PA Rotary (including Rotary Shelterhouse), she spoke eloquently about her personal passion as a government minister and the government's role in "building up this region (Thunder Bay district)." Why is she in government? To work for equity, inclusion, a strong economy and general prosperity. She doesn't teach the community; rather the community feeds back to her the pressing needs and she goes to work securing programming and of course funding. She readily acknowledges many challenges in the area of social housing, labour shortages and youth engagement. She provided a healthy list of accomplishments in this regard with mention and detail on: the LU and Con College learning/tech centres; the Thunder Bay Art Gallery; Youth inclusion funding (post coroner's inquest); the Canada Child Benefit program; subsidized housing funding (a longstanding interest) and more. The club is honoured to have Patti come and address the club. Her current and upcoming calendar is very busy indeed. Our thanks to the Minister.
    At Our Club Today - Jan 15, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-01-15 05:00:00Z 0

    At Our Club Today - January 8, 2019

    At Our Club Today-January 8, 2019

    Ushering in the PA Rotary New Year we welcomed our "Attendance Secretary" Liz Laughton as guest speaker. Liz enlightened members on her work as Adult Protective Services Manager with Lutheran Community Services. She has held this position for 3 years, (previously at Dilico) and enjoys the challenge of engaging clients with developmental disabilities in navigating their lives.
    Liz was a RYLA graduate and has an Honours Bachelor of Social Work degree at LU.
    Her personal interests are eclectic..all the way from renovating her home to boxing to outdoor camping with her Rotarian husband.

    She is pictured (centre) with President Warren Philp (who introduced her) and Past-President Leslie Savitsky,(who thanked Liz).

    Great presentation on short notice, Liz!!
    At Our Club Today - January 8, 2019 Kevin Holloway 2019-01-08 05:00:00Z 0

    At the Club December 18 2018

    Quite the celebration today:
    Guest speakers were: Cassidy Jacobson (Gr 12 St Ignatius) and Micaela Morrow (Gr 12 Hammarskjold) who along with Daytona Shaffer (unable to attend) represented the club at the 2018 Rotary Camp RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) in Crookston, MN, in July. Their presentation was high energy to say the least. A video and Power-point showed off the many facets of the venerable leadership camp, with it's full gamut of leadership training admixed with great fellowship/social activities. Individual highlights for Micaela (Committee Meetings..leadership therein) and for Cassidy (Service Projects) demonstrated the essence of Rotary ideals in youth programming (Daytona did Family Trust). The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was a theme throughout the conference. Cassidy is pictured (L-centre ) beside Micaela (R-centre). They are flanked by veteran RYLA organizers in our club Bob Tomlinson (who introduced the girls-far L), Leslie Savitsky (veteran organizer/facilitator/thanker) and Doug Shanks (also veteran organizer/facilitator). The club is proud of the girls and invites them to a strong Rotary future.
    Doug Shanks with his new Taylor guitar and Kevin Holloway with his new bass guitar belt out festive Christmas music, accompanied by the PA Rotary executive and board members (note Brenda Winter rockin it up), pictured below. The rest of the audience also chimed in. Great fun.
    Not to be out done at all, the club welcomed new member Brian Walmark, pictured here (Centre-R), along with Chris Bailey (far -L) who introduced Brian to Rotary; President Warren Philp (again holding the Vanderwees Christmas tree) and Judi Turner (Past-President who read the "charge" to Brian. Hearty congrats Brian. We anticipate much value-added from your presence.
    At the Club December 18 2018 Kevin Holloway 2018-12-18 05:00:00Z 0


    Rosa Carlino: Associate lawyer-Cheadles LLP,  was guest speaker today on "Last Will and Testament". Rosa's presentation encapsulated all the essentials of wills, including: definition, purpose, important inclusions and exclusions, probate and pitfalls (many potentially) of having no will. Appointment and tasking of an Estate Trustee was explained, and (for those still living) the importance of naming Powers of Attorney was also stressed. This was an excellent primer (with many gems for all members in attendance who thought they knew it) and a useful handout was provided. Rosa is pictured with (her "boss")) Doug Shanks, who introduced her. President Philp thanked her.
    DEC. 11 AT PORT ARTHUR ROTARY Maria Hudolin 2018-12-11 05:00:00Z 0