At our penultimate Rotary year Zoom meeting today, President Rod Morrison welcomed 32 members plus guests.
Of significance; guest speakers (see below) and Rebecca Tanaka (RI administrator in Evanston HQ, Illinois-Chicago area) and Katherine Buggenhagen  were on hand from the United States.
Rod's reflection today served as an opportunity for guests to hear about the club's Indigenous Strategy going forward...exciting and very progressive.
He also quoted Einstein: " What a sad era when it is easier to smash an atom than prejudice." Apt indeed.

Past District Governor and PA Rotarian Roly Turner had the pleasure of introducing and thanking old friends of Rotary, Gary and Cindy Nolte (Moorhead Rotary Club). Their resume is quite impressive:  They have been around the world doing RI related World Community Service. Today they focused on the Polio Plus campaign as it is today - 35 years along a project of passion. They had a fine PowerPoint presentation on their trips to Nigeria and India.

They were greeted by throngs in villages and other locations who were keen on vaccination (the oral Sabin live attenuated variety) with only a few dissenters. They challenged the dissenters and sometimes won them over, it is such important work.  The slides were instructive and often poignant.

Their experiences epitomized Rotary in the international community, and the travel was on their own "nickel". Vaccination clinics, education and counselling on public health went beyond polio. They also worked on malaria prophylaxis, vitamin A for vision health and more.

The very impressive presenters are shown with a grateful family in Nigeria.

The club is indebted to their exceptional service.  Professionally, Cindy is a maternal-child public health nurse and Gary a stockbroker;  both replete with Rotary experience.

Business and Announcements today

We covered a lot of ground in including highlights:

1. A complete summary of the last Grant Allocation distribution with thanks to lead Kevin Holloway. Five recipients have been notified and cheques sent out. In addition, larger gifts to Dew Drop Inn and Salvation Army were facilitated by a District Grant ($1000 USD). (R. Morrison)
2. Wilderness Discovery Camp in Shebandowan is gearing up again for guests and further construction (B. Winter and B. Tomlinson)
3. Dew Drop Inn commitment for this Thursday, June 25 (D. Silliman)
4. Rotary Foundation year-end gift giving is encouraged (J. Kotalik and R. Turner)  Think of the polio campaign and the joy of giving away money!
5. President-elect Krysta Logozzo-Daniele is raring to go with next week's passing of the gavel. She is urging Zoomers to attend in Rotary regalia for next week’s meeting as we thank Rod Morrison for his excellent service!