Posted by Maria Hudolin on Apr 02, 2019
Today, the club heard from TVO Northwestern Ontario Hub Editor Jon Thompson, on his adventures with TVO, more specifically, his recent assignment covering the rather explosive file on systemic racism in the community of Thunder Bay.
Jon has a varied experience in journalism with a major interest in reporting on social (justice) issues of the day. He had previously worked on the Boy Scout Jamboree here (1997) and the Homelessness Project and Shelterhouse (2008), both acknowledging Rotary club input.

"TVO on the Road"( TVO exploring outside of the Toronto GTA!!) recently recruited Jon for  a balanced overview of the above issue, which has, for good and/or bad, gone "viral" across Canada.
His bottom line is getting "at the fog and confusion" in this complex situation. He feels there has been, and will remain, for years, huge challenges in rectifying these problems, (see already posted examples via the TVO website).
Jon is pictured (centre left) along with President Warren Philp (far left), Lesley Bell (centre-Regional TVO Advisory member), Brian Thompson (centre right-loyal Rotarian TVO watcher), and Rod Morrison (far right-President-elect, spouse of Lesley Bell, and favourite introducer of meeting guests).

Excellent presentation..Jon, most thought-provoking..please return soon.