Featured presentation today was on the fine work being done (unheralded by many!) by the Children's Centre-Thunder Bay, previously known as Lakehead Regional Family Centre. www.childrenscentre.ca
CEO Diane Walker spoke about the large mandate of CCTB within the Mission Statement (highlights):
1. Improving child and youth mental health ... an enormous challenge
2. Addressing children's developmental, social and behavioural needs ....also huge
3. Strengthening parental capacity
4. Building community capacity.

Lots of work in an (unfortunately) underfunded and high volume/demand sector of our society in this area! With about 40 services and a staff of 175, some 4000 interactions yearly speak of the need. More need to be made aware of this important service and these dedicated folks.
Diane was assisted today by VP John Friday (pictured with Diane and President-Elect Rod Morrison (far left and former board member) and President Warren Philp (far right).

There are ways and means and thoughts brewing on some partnership in this big picture with PA Rotary.

Rod introduced the guests and they were thanked by Matt Diegel.

The remarkable Pernia family (from Venezuela) were on hand again today. Leo (pictured doing his Usain Bolt moment) is outbound exchange to Croatia, whilst dad Juan (pictured with his son and Warren Philp) remains at home as a proud new Canadian. Other brothers have been Rotary exchange ambassadors as well ... a great tradition.
The club is delighted with this relationship.