President Jim Madder chaired his penultimate meeting today, the summer solstice, and celebrating National Indigenous People's Day.

There is a healthy movement within the club referencing partnership, inclusion, and reconciliation with our Indigenous brothers and sisters.
 Commencing with the O Canada sung by FN students in Manitoba, and a land acknowledgement, Jim reflected on the above and the many current club business activities, past, present and future including a healthy roundtable discussion on our direction into the future.

(Members : consult Jim's fulsome June 20th communique (by email).

Business Addenda/Updates

1.Catch the Ace: This important fundraising event has done well with the elusive prize climbing and proceeds available for needy organizations. A number of new candidate fund recipients were brought forward today (Albert Brulé).

2. Rotary In-Bound Student Exchange: Progress is made made with 2 host families on board. A "counsellor" position still needs to be filled (contact John Stephenson, Matt Diegel). Our Thai student will be attending Superior CVI in September.

3. Meeting format: of considerable importance: current thinking is: weeks 1 and 3, hybrid/ weeks 2 and 4 social and service/ and where a 5th week occurs, business.

4. Dew Drop Inn: Service for June 23 requires members to step up (D. Silliman)

5. Volunteer hours feedback: (Jim Madder) is accessing data on total hours served: quite impressive

6. Jim Madder passes the gavel this coming Saturday at his residence: details in communique. A unique opportunity for socializing and paying respect for Jim's fine year at the helm as president.
7. Happy Dollars: This has become an excellent fundraising activity that is fun and and satisfying for all (Bill Everitt today in charge). It helps our treasury as well. (C. Bailey)