AT OUR CLUB July 11, 2023

New President Shelley Crawford welcomed a healthy crowd live and on Zoom for her first meeting.

Notable new guests are both prospective members: Cindy Kisken, and Amy Kemble. Present also were the new Rotaract President Aja Melanson and Past President Elyse Pither. Also Past Past President Karissa Kilby

Her Land Acknowledgement and introductory comments re a focus on Mental Health, the Environment and Diversity, Equity Inclusion included a board approved a one year trial  initiative to offer up to five bursaries to support prospective members who would be excellent Rotarians but who lack the financial means to pay the full membership. The hope is to attract young entrepreneurs, newcomers, people on a disability pension, and others who are underrepresented in our club based on inability to pay the full fee. These comments were followed by our 2022/23 Inbound Exchange student Manatsanan (Fern) Sirichaikeereekosol's final presentation, a hybrid verbal and video that entertained and informed the members of her fine year here. She presented the club with a Rotary banner from her home club (her mother is president there).

She was introduced by 2 of 3 host parent cohorts: John Stephenson and Marg Woods, and Shelley Crawford and David Legge. All are pictured along with Rotary YEO (acting) and Secretary, the always reliable Matthew Diegel. Absent for this celebration where the other host parents Yan Yan and Hau Chen. Fern received a lovely piece of Indigenous art sourced by Marg Woods as a gift from the Club, presented by John and Marg.

1. Past President Brian Walmark gave a fulsome report on the Outlaw Bridge event at Grand Portage on July 1st, attended by over 80 people (including Rotarians, dignitaries and interested historians). It was an outstanding success. A small profit was made from a financial point of view, but the main benefit was a celebration of the history of this unusual and significant event. (Beverly Soloway of Lakehead U provided a fascinating overview).

2. President Crawford welcomed and introduced her new slate of Board Directors:
Hector Dougall (Special Fundraising – explained TV component of RRFD briefly)
Kevin Holloway (Treasurer)
Brenda Winter (Rotary Foundation)
Marg Woods (International and co-chair Youth/New Generations)
Albert Brulé (PE)
Matthew Diegel (Secretary)
Leslie Savitsky (Co-treasurer)
Dave Silliman (Community Service)
Mark Tilbury (Club Service)
Warren Philp (Club Trainer)
Matthew Villella (Public Relations)
President Elect Nominee (tba)

3. Country on the Bay event is coming up quickly. Bob Tomlinson reported on the volunteer input/fundraising potential and more.
4. Dew Drop Inn day is Thursday July 27th (contact Dave Silliman)
5. Fellowship event: Border Cats baseball July 26 (t) - (contact Kevin Holloway and his team - Vonnie Cheng and Mary Inglis). Stay tuned.
6.Brian Walmark's farewell bash at Bay Village Coffee - August 3 (contact Matt Villella and Jim Madder)
7. CommUNITY BBQ Rotary assisting United Way - July 19th (Albert Brulé)
8. Happy Dollars (Bob Tomlinson quiz on Rotary yielded some very good returns!)