Chair Judi Turner reviewed the club Allocation process and was delighted to introduce this phase round 1 of recipients.
All spoke eloquently on their respective programming and thanked the club.

Pictured :

L-R: Shelley Crawford (PAR president), Gail Kromm and Gary Ferguson (Salvation Army), Jason Pilot (Northwestern Ontario Regional Science Fair-Gold Level Sponsorship), Sue Paskoski (Eleanor Drury Children's Theatre-microphones for "every child a voice"), Rhonda Harris (Easter Seals- needy equipment), Melody Macsemchuk (Grace Place-plates) and Judi Turner (PAR Allocations Chair).
On Zoom screen upper left is a beaming Casey Charles, (Principal St James Elementary School). Casey and Salvation Army are co-running a fine Student Nutrition program.

Numerous announcements:

Dew Drop Inn (?600 services Feb 22-D.Silliman), St. James School (sharing knowledge, skills, "anything goes" opportunities to interact with students-Art Warwick), Rotary Radio Day (big success with 730 ads, professional voicing-Hector Dougall), Thunder Bay Museum Exhibit-opening reception Centennial, March 1-Mark Tilbury), Gala Centennial at Delta Ballroom -April 20th (call for assistance, tickets, promotion and more-Albert BrulĂ©), happy birthday to Rene St Jacques