Starting off the New Year, there was a catch-up, congenial, Zoom social followed by President Jim Madder's noon gavel and the meeting itself.

 Co-hosts: Jim Madder, Matt Villella, Mary-Anne Mackett and Kevin Holloway.

O Canada was played by Mary-Anne Mackett (a lovely multicultural rendition).
 Jim Madder read a land acknowledgement.

Matt Villella introduced (and later thanked) our guest speaker, Rhonda Harrison, Manager of Community Engagement, Northern Region for Easter Seals Ontario (about to celebrate it's 100th anniversary). Rotary helped to instigate the organization in 1922 with a successful Easter time stamps for envelopes fundraiser. 

Easter Seals' Mission is to support (permanently) physically disabled children under 19, to achieve independence and success, by providing mobility and accessibility equipment and socializing (principally at camps).

Approximately 80% of the clients have cerebral palsy and other neurodevelopmental disabilities. 

Rhonda used a Power Point overview ( and also a video) to outline the Mission, Impact, Mechanics and Fundraising standbys to make this an important resource for the more than 100 affected kids in the northern TB District. 

Many are familiar with annual fundraisers such as Snowarama (snowmobiling), the Celebrity Hockey Classic (with retired NHL players), Wine and Cheese, and the Celebrity "Roast." 

As expected, the Covid pandemic has meant adjustments, but success has been nevertheless achieved therein.

There was a fulsome Q&A session. The club is indebted to Easter Seals and Rhonda for the information. A complete overview is available on the website.



Among the announcements were: 
Dew Drop Inn Report for December 23 (D. Silliman), Rotary Radio Day progress (steady-Matt Villella), Catch the Ace (A. BrulĂ©), Wilderness Discovery Camp (B. Tomlinson), Rotary Foundation Giving (J. Kotalik with more details next week), update on Laurier Tulloch (J.Dojack), and January meeting speakers preview (B. Walmark-see communiques).

 A relaxed and "fun" Happy Dollars was executed to perfection by Doug Shanks.