President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 36 guests, including Dr. Marg Woods and Donna Ostrom (special welcomes!)

We had a rousing O Canada today, recorded at a Maple Leaf-Habs hockey game in pre-Pandemic days - exciting! Thanks to Kevin Holloway.

Krysta gave a land acknowledgement to Fort William First Nation: we are celebrating this and every meeting on their land.

  1. Rotary-Eco-Superior’s Spring Up to Clean Up project has been deferred to May 20th (thanks to Steve McAuley, organizer)
  2. CATCH THE ACE ticket sales are reaching a level where there will be no risk of having to pay the guaranteed jackpot – and then watch it grow! Members are thanked for efforts and urged to continue the fine work. (Rod Morrison and Albert Brulé)
  3. Dew Drop Inn service opportunity this Thursday 22nd (contact D.Silliman).
  4. Next week is a fellowship meeting. Mike Nitz will ask members to give a shout out to their favourite local business. Something different and informative for all!
  5. Wilderness Discovery Camp Clean Up commences 10 AM sharp TBay time on Saturday May 22: easy, hands-on work and a chance to preview the revived site without guests.  (Bob Tomlinson)

Chair Warren Philp (pictured), assisted by members of his hard working core committee, outlined the process of selecting a grand meaningful project to celebrate our 100th anniversary that would meet Rotary goals and be financially feasible. In addition to core committee members, an additional 7-member focus group reviewed the fulsome materials provided, adopted relevant criteria and came up with a scorecard.

There are 3 projects in the running: 
  1. The PA Rotary Community Meeting Room at the new Thunder Bay Art Gallery
  2. The Waverley Park Fountain refurbishment
  3. The Waverley Park Fountain and Cenotaph refurbishment. 
In addition to Warren, members Steve McAuley (also Board liaison), Shelley Crawford, Matt Diegel, Bill Everitt and Kevin Holloway provided overviews.

The consensus to this point suggests the Thunder Bay Art Gallery Community Meeting Room is the favoured option. Many benefits to this option were presented.  We saw the preliminary budget. Club members reacted positively to the project - it looks both impressive and doable. 

A healthy Q & A reassured members that resources should be quite adequate to see this big undertaking through. Thanks go to the Committee on a fine, professional job. Members are invited to weigh in with comments over the next few days before a final Board recommendation is made.

Warren helped secure Happy Dollars from members for his Committee’s work.
It’s the Queen’s birthday tomorrow and Earth Day on April 22nd.  No end of excuses to enjoy inner sunshine as we wait for the past days’ snow to make way for gardens.