Today's meeting was attended by 31 members and guests, and was hosted, with thanks, by Warren Philp and Mike Nitz.
Albert Brulé, photo from United Way (Thunder Bay) press release, Aug 12, 2019
"Albert Brulé appointed to tackle Thunder Bay's most pressing social issues."
Albert returned to the (virtual) podium in an uplifting reprise of his address to the club last September. He was introduced and later thanked by David Legge.  Albert led us through the scope and current /future activities of this keystone organization addressing the core issue of poverty.  Albert introduced many new creative energies since commencing his new role in September 2019.  "A Community Impact Plan" is aimed at creating effective collaborative efforts with many partners. The approach is novel, ambitious and aspirational. It is far beyond simple fund-raising and grant-giving.

Albert's presentation clearly presents a much needed approach to the issue of poverty and its many manifestations.

A great example of cooperation and team-building is the recent successful partnership with the TB Community Foundation (the COVID-19 Community Relief Fund: Respond/Recover/Rebuild ) along with Rotarian Ola Calderon of TBCF no less. Twenty-five organizations have benefited 7000 individuals already, with input and assistance from the federal government as well.
The future holds many exciting innovations as well, some involving youth engagement.

United Way and it's many programs can be reached at: Donations are encouraged of course.

Our club is thrilled to have Rotarian Albert on board, for obvious reasons.  We are lucky that he has recently transferred from the London and Grande Prairie AB Rotary clubs. 

Thanks Albie for your energy and professionalism!


Business and Announcements

1.  President Morrison reflected on his term (# 1...) always salient
2.  All Rotarians in our Club are encouraged to complete the electronic Visioning Survey we have previously received.  Today is the last day.  The dedicated visioning group is about to go to work (Krysta Logozzo Daniele)
3.  Fees due date reviewed.
4.  The club Indigenous collaboration is moving ahead.. several speakers are potentially booked for the new Rotary year.
5.  Arpad Zolyomi was again flying out June 29th. (We hope!)
6.  A potential award for LU student in ethics proposed (Jaro Kotalik).