Posted by Mary-Anne Mackett on Oct 08, 2019
AT OUR CLUB October 8, 2019
Program Director Caroline Fanti from the MSK (Musculoskeletal) Centre of Excellence opened many eyes today on this "award winning" Regional Orthopaedic program, operating out of the Thunder Bay Regional HSC coordination the Thunder Bay, Dryden, Kenora and Fort Frances hospitals and all centres in the region.
L to R:  Bill Everitt who thanked speaker, Program Director Caroline Fanti, MSK Centre of Excellence, Laurie Tullock who introduced speaker, PA Rotary President Rod Morrison

Gone are the days of lengthy waiting periods and disconnected care in orthopaedic medicine. The new "hub and spoke" model allows for much-improved connectivity between clinicians, patients and the treatment facilities, providing patient-centered, equitable care in a reasonable, timely fashion (prioritized by triage) to individuals everywhere in the region, close by or remote.

The move began in 2007, with the first hip/knee program in 2009, and close to full funding by the MOHLTC in 2017. Nowadays, surgeons will travel to the other centres, where appropriate, and patients can have autonomy in selecting doctors, sites etc. Wait times have been drastically reduced from say 9 months to 6 weeks for a hip replacement.
Big dollar savings have accrued. The model is touted around the world as far as Melbourne Australia and is so good and cost-effective it is being mandated across Ontario.  Impressive policy and great execution!

Caroline was pictured with Bill Everitt (who thanked the speaker), Laurie Tulloch (who was a happy participant of the program and introduced Caroline) and current President of PA Rotary Rod Morrison.

The club thanks Caroline for her leadership in this fine model of care for people in surgical need in this vast area.

Also at our meeting today, Former Rotarian Jim Mucklow was honoured with a Paul Harris Plus 2 Fellowship for his outstanding work over many years in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. Jim also used some of his generous Paul Harris "points" to honour his wife Cindy Mucklow for her similarly amazing dedication with an Honourary Paul Harris Fellowship.  Past President Warren Philps rhymed off an amazing list of students hosted by the Mucklows over many years (8 and counting.. many many more).
(L to R:)  Foundation Chair Jaro Kotalik, Rotarian Mat Diegel, longstanding Youth Exchange Chair, Jim and Cindy Mucklow and Past President Warren Philp.

Jim and Cindy are an extraordinary example of selfless dedication to our Rotary youth exchange system. Thank you again.