Past-president Colin Bruce, and former publisher of the Chronicle-Journal newspaper, spoke from the heart today about the "Future of Print Media (in Canada)." Always entertaining and articulate, nevertheless sobering and journalistically candid and accurate, the presentation of course required the context of the past halcyon days (for Colin, 1970s and 80s) of newspaper production (a delivery tool mechanism) vis a vis newspaper content (the meat of journalism).

Starting (in southern Ontario) as a gopher and advancing as obituary writer (that would be interesting), to service club luncheon reporter (free meal a perk), to the big time as publisher (Kirkland Lake Northern Daily news) and on up to the Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal, nonetheless, Colin spoke of his 40 year  passion for accurate, well researched, evidence based news(print) reporting as being the hallmark of a free democracy.

The challenges wrought by the new era digital world are sobering if not frightening. People want instantaneous news bites, without a moment's delay and refuse to pay adequately (if at all) for same. We are aware of the adverse effects globally and locally of what Colin dubbed as "lazy " readers.

The presentation included some stats about readership, monetizing challenges and some good news of sorts about the local scene (yes there are plenty of loyalists remaining).

One could hear a pin drop during this presentation. Pictured are Colin (centre). with President Warren Philp (L) and President-elect Rod Morrison (R) who introduced Colin and did the spade work organizing this meeting. Missing is Art Warwick, who also spoke highly in his thanks to Colin on behalf of the club.