Posted by Maria Hudolin on Sep 10, 2019
ABACO, Bahamas
Reality check time today with a presentation on ABACO, Bahamas: Before and after Hurricane Dorion.

Stephen and Rhonda Bill know the area well. They taught at the Agape Christian School there from 2005-2009. They know the area as a beautiful part of the Bahamian archipelago and it's beautiful people. They are now back in Thunder Bay, but are right up on the massive catastrophe that has beset the island with hurricane Dorion.

Their slide show..before and after was stark and despite the hurricane psyche of the people (stoic to say the least), this one was like a "bomb went off." Sustained 180 mph winds. Massive destruction of infrastructure, nature and human lives.
It will take years to rebuild and months to claim the dead.

There are many ways outsiders can help. Stephen and Rhonda catalogued a number of pertinent agencies including one they support: MSC  Other notables include Shelterbox Canada (a Rotary International project partner) and the Red Cross

They are pictured (centre) flanked by Past-President chair of today's meeting Warren Philp(centre-left), Past-President Laurie Tulloch (far L, who thanked the speakers) and Rotarian Brian Walmark (who introduced them and stressed how Rotarians can step up as people of action and escape being "comfortably numb."