President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 39 participants – Rotarians, Rotaractor, and Dougall Media guests to a celebration meeting today. We paid tribute to those have been involved in the 55-year partnership with Dougall Media producing Rotary Radio Family Day. 
Thanks go to our Zoom co-hosts today: Warren Philp and Jim Madder.
Special guests from DougallMedia were Rosa Tucci, Ann Snell, Daryl Bolton, Crystal Shields, Noah Madore.  Our favourite BC guest was Lake Country B.C. Rotarian Maria Hudolin.
Warren Philp played a rousing O Canada put together by many Armed Forces military bands.
Krysta acknowledged our presence on territory of the Fort William First Nation.
She also gave strong salute to yesterday’s International Women’s Day noting the global needs and accomplishments of women, mirrored by the changes in the Rotary family and accomplishments of women in our Clubs.
  1. Wilderness Discovery Centre (Shebandowan) ... slated to start clean-up work or opening on the May long weekend. Volunteers welcome. (Bob Hookham, FW Rotary)
  2. FW Rotary is investigating volunteer opportunities for assisting at local Covid immunization clinics (stay tuned)
  3. Dew Drop Inn last month February 25th: 315 people served, at Club cost $280. (D. Silliman). Volunteers were thanked. Covid concerns are being addressed including introduction of face shields for our Club workers. DDI staff and many clients have been vaccinated.
  4. A new and exciting fundraising partnership between PA Rotary and United Way Thunder Bay: “Catch the Ace” virtual raffle. Launch at end of March or April (Rod Morrison, Albert Brule)
  5. New fundraising ideas always welcome (contact President Krysta).
Rotary Radio Family Day: Under the leadership of Chair Brian Walmark, the whole club pitched in as a team.  It couldn’t happen without the generosity and extraordinary toil of Dougall Media.
Pictured are:
Radio Day Chair Brian Walmark explaining results in detail, Rosa Tucci: DougallMedia Traffic Manager/Supervisor and Ann Snell  Dougall Media coordinator.
From the archives – an earlier congratulatory meeting with founder of this unique relationship, the late PA Rotarian Fraser Dougall with PA club member Gerry Gothard.
The campaign sold a record 800 ads, eclipsing the previous record of 647 in 2011. There were 21 sponsored “hours” and 65 sixty-second spots, the latter being a very successful innovation. Rosa Tucci was the key Traffic Manager/Supervisor. She gave her account of the success story, complete with areas for improvement.  Ann Snell and Daryl Bolton also spoke of their work in coordinating everything including the “at home” voicings of many ads...deemed very successful. We are welcome, even urged, to go further in the next campaign set to air February 21, 2022. New and tighter deadlines will be imposed to make the work easier for DougallMedia!
There were many heroes this year on both sides of the aisle. Many Rotarians were top sellers, with the crown this year going to Warren Philp. There were 7 exceptional “reflections” - stories and kudos from: Warren Philp, Dave Silliman (“sweating it out as president til last minute sales of 400 by Jim McDonald, as well as being driven by Don Chase on the principle of “leverage” in sales success), Shelley Crawford (a newbie), Bill Everitt (invigorating and rejuvenating his colleagues), treasurers Chris Bailey and Leslie Savitsky for shouldering the money end, and President Krysta summarizing her gratitude for all when her own leadership was so vital.
Needless to say the club is exceptionally grateful to DougallMedia for once again supporting our club and making it possible for us to raise the much-needed funds for our service work.
Bill Everitt had no trouble today eliciting Happy Dollars on the heels of the activities mentioned above.
Meeting adjourned at 13:01 hours.
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