President Jim Madder welcomed 38 plus members and guests: (notable welcomes to Rita Komendant, Trisha Klus, Janice LeBoeuf, and Erika Mikkola- new associate member from United Way, Thunder Bay).


 Gerry Racey: President of the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists, veteran biologist from MNRF and expert on terrestrial and wetland eco-systems, presented today on


This fascinating "photo essay", complimented by a fine slide show, covered the gamut of history, purpose, planning, execution, and the many challenges and rewards of ice road construction in the far north. 

The immensity of the area, the gradually narrowing of the production schedule time window (climate change in action), landscape and environmental impacts and connectivity to remote communities was all highlighted in this very thorough overview by Gerry. His  background in ecology and communication/teaching skills were on full display today.

He was introduced by David Legge and thanked by Shelley Crawford.


1. Allocation Chair Judi Turner announced the next round of recipients in the successful United Way/Port Arthur Rotary Club Catch the Ace draw proceeds: 
Evergreen, a United Neighbourhood
March of Dimes
Boys and Girls Club of Thunder Bay

2. Erika Mikkola (United Way of Thunder Bay) invited participation and fellowship at the UW/PA Rotary Community BBQ: July 22 (1100-1800h) (

3. Dew Drop Inn service opportunity: July 22 (D. Silliman)

4. Completion of new Rotary Year Board of Director preambles with input from Krysta Logozzo Daniele (Past President) on fundraising, Mark Tilbury (lining up a video promo), Jaro Kotalik on RI Foundation opportunities for Paul Harris Fellowships, and Mary-Anne Mackett (President-elect) on upcoming programming.

5. Brenda Winter eliciting "happy dollars" for  good tidings re our location in times of forest fires, and the soccer cup final.