Posted by Maria Hudolin on Jun 18, 2019
It's always a great day at Rotary when our club gives away money to community groups!

Allocations Chair (Past-President Kevin Holloway) presented (monetary) awards to 9 worthy community recipients comprising the PA Rotary Club 2018-19 Budget Year. Each provided a timely and well received account of the allocation direction along with an overview of each organization: all very satisfying from an educational perspective:

1. CNIB Night Steps with Kelly Rooney (pictured with Kevin Holloway). This innovative family and pet friendly event is scheduled for August 22 nd at Marina Park (70 plus walkers anticipated). The donation will assist with procurement of accessible technology for visually handicapped people.

2. Rotary Shelterhouse Replacement Beds Programme, with Amber Prairie. With the constant need for beds (up to 62 per night now), new frames, springs and plywood are required to protect/upgrade the mattresses for prolonged use; a very practical allocation. These  units are scheduled for the female dormitory.

3. Stop The Bleed -Save A Life,with Ian Casey: Ian is a veteran trauma room RN with a passion for educating the general public on the management of acute (traumatic) bleeds (hemorrhages) that might face a bystander in many scenarios. Ian has developed a training protocol for the lay public to this end. The award will assist in this timely mission.

4. Diabetes Canada-Camp Huronda with Kristine Thompson (pictured with K.H.).
Comprehensive education, counselling, socialization for youngsters with insulin dependent (type 1) diabetes is provided at Camp Huronda in Huntsville Ontario. It is exceptional and comprehensive. No such facility exists in the Thunder Bay area. Obvious benefits accrue for the northern contingent of youth attending.

5. The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment (LSSR) Senate Monument, with Tim Groulx , to be erected at the old casino grounds at Current River park, will commemorate 800 men who died from the New Ontario 52 Battalion. The allocation will assist in this large project in the purchase of the concrete, granite slabs. Pictured also is a small portion of a photo of the officers and men of the battalion in front of the old PACI school.

6. Ontario SPCA and Matawa Education Centre are teaming up to provide students a great opportunity: constructing the Northern Dog (House) Project "kits" at Matawa (former Grandview Lodge) and shipping  them to the northern communities where there are no veterinary services,( thus reduced spay/neuter options and housing suitable for dogs). This is a win win project certainly for dogs, but also for the Matawa students and kids on the northern reserves. Presenting today are the leaders in this initiative (Judy DeCicco and Nikki Burns). PA Rotary is assisting with this financing..most welcome.

7. Northwestern Ontario Regional Science Fair, represented by Glen Cunningham.The club annually supports the NORSF, and provides a) the Peace and Sustainable Development Award and b) the Rotary Preserve the Planet Earth Award, to worthy young students pursuing science. This year's awards focused on the impact of yard and household waste on plant growth, as well as climate change-?real. (Many NWO students have gone on to national science fairs as winners).

8.Gail Kromm, Publicity and Public Relations scion at the Salvation Army (and a Lakehead Rotarian) accepted a donation for the future second iteration of the "Field of Greens", inspired by our very own club past president Dr. David Legge.  Gail and Volker Kromm know this project intimately..going back to the original garden of 2009-10. She showed us a preview image of the plan with the new centre commencing building shortly.

9.the Lakeside Benches at the Wilderness Discovery Camp (Lake Shebandowan)  with WDC Secretary Past-President Brenda Winters is yet another contribution to this large and very worthy project, by PA Rotary volunteers/craftsmen. Brenda is pictured with Kevin for a final (exhaustive) photo-op. Well done both of you.

PA Rotary congratulates all of these worthy folks doing great work in the community. WE thanked them for attending today.