President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 35 attendees today, including special guests Donna Ostrom and Janine Chiasson (Warren Philp) and Dr. Marg Woods (John Stephenson).

Today's hosts (also welcoming everyone): Warren Philp and Jim Madder.

Our Guest Speaker today: Rebecca Johnson, Councillor At Large for the City of Thunder Bay.
O Canada was played followed by an acknowledgement of the meeting being held on the territory of Fort William First Nation.

  1. This Saturday: Spring Up to Clean Up – a solo exercise due to Pandemic rules - with supplies courtesy of Eco Superior (Steve McCauley)
  2. Catch the Ace Raffle Update: this important fundraiser is entering week 3 and is in "progressive" jackpot mode. It is going well and all members were provided tips on promotion (Albert Brulé, Rod Morrison, Mary-Anne Mackett, Bill Everitt). Every Rotarian needs to pitch in.
  3. Update and reassurance that NOSM’s status seems secure, per our local med school dean, Dr. Sarita Verma (recall her recent presentation), not the same as the tenuous situation at Laurentian University (Jim Madder).
  4. Dew Drop Inn service opportunity coming up April 22 (D. Silliman).
  5. Wilderness Discovery Camp May 22 cleanup service opportunity (Bob Tomlinson).
  6. 5580 District Conference (it was held here in 2018): no tuition fees, virtual format, excellent lineup (see details supplied by President Krysta)


Thunder Bay Councillor at Large Rebecca Johnson presented on the City of Thunder Bay CLEAN, GREEN and BEAUTIFUL initiative ( ) many years in development and gaining steam with an outstanding and diverse collection of members on board.

Rebecca was introduced by our own club’s Beautiful Thunder Bay lead Mary-Anne Mackett (president-elect-elect): Rebecca is a highly respected, very progressive advocate for the city. With 30 years of experience, a special, forthright candor and an extensive knowledge of the city and people involved, she is well-placed to lead this very challenging project.
Her presentation can be reviewed at the City website (see above). Essential elements today highlighted the many successes and some failures: these include Gateways to the city, Image Route Visioning, Public Art, Enhanced Landscaping, Public Spaces and more.
 Rebecca indicated there is a budget and reasonable treasure chest to work with. The committee members are experienced and diverse, and proper criteria established.

She left adequate time for an in-depth Q &A session.  The prevalence of litter was addressed with Rebecca speaking her mind on this irritation (much appreciated by the listeners); art installations at the Waterfront, the Victoriaville demolition, the City committee’s relationship to  other city departments, financial responsibility - private business operators vs public, garbage receptacles (high costs and management) and more.

Shelley Crawford expressed our Club’s appreciation to Rebecca Johnson with in a heartfelt, articulate manner. Rebecca's time, energy and commitment to Rotary ideals is much appreciated.



Bill Everitt cajoled the right responses for his call for Happy Dollars which help with Club operations and go towards the Dew Drop Inn.  Send in those regular donations to treasurer Chris Bailey!
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