Today, the club met (with guests also from the Lakehead Rotary club) at the marvelous,new Confederation Technology, Education and Collaboration (TEC).  Hub.
Within the confines of little more than an hour, a fine lunch, good conversation and a real eye-opening educational tour was accomplished,lead by Chris Paci (Chair of Technology, School of Engineering Technology) and assisted by Dana Levanto (Development), Shelley Graham, and President Kathleen Lynch.

Understanding the consituent parts of the TEC acronym is essential. The future is in good hands for the development of a skilled, employment-ready (the stats verify success already in this regard) technology and trades workforce for northwestern Ontario. The $19 million, 45,000 sq ft facility (will) support several hundred post-secondary students (about one third being international), with a plethora of opportunities for the economy, jobs, the demographics, research and innovation..
The TEC. campaign is in full swing ( Matching dollar opportunities with the government are present.

The following images capture some of today's action:

Chris Paci  introducing a workshop, festooned with compressed air and electrical lines hanging from the ceiling.

Grad students at work fabricating the nose for an aircraft (they are pointing to the assembly out on the right)
Chris Paci and Instructor Jim Zeleny explain the new CNC (computer numerical controlled) machines in an assembly workshop.
Chris #2 explaining the components in the modern 3D printing lab

Impressive (indigenous) wall wood carvings in front atrium.

In summary: an impressive and very enjoyable meeting today. Thanks also of course to Jim Madder, Rod Morrison and Mike Nitz.