Posted by Maria Hudolin on Mar 19, 2019

Today was a Club Assembly at which board member Dr. Joe Wasiliewski (our new Club Trainer) led a valuable discussion today on the multiple resources available through Rotary International involving global networking with like-minded Rotarians on the topics of Service and Fellowship (recreational and vocational).
A substantial diversity of interest(s) are available to mine: from golfing or beer tasting or classical music, all the way to service opportunities in Rotary "Action Groups.".
The latter became the focus for lively discussion, even beyond water and sanitation, environmental sustainability etc. to the subject of global or local Peace initiatives. RI supplies support and individual clubs and individual Rotarians have autonomy to pursue any number of  Peace Initiatives.
Can our club be a "Peacebuilder Club?" Indeed it can, and a good start in the area of building solid relationships with indigenous peoples ( the recent HIP or "Honouring Indigenous Peoples" programme being an example..per President Warren Philp et al), is already running.
Two videos on Rotary being an important global peace building force were shown. Members responded very favourably. The dilemma to implement and all it's ramifications. The time is ripe to ponder on this.

The conversation is most cogent in this age of conflict.

 The club thanks Dr. Joe for his leadership on this file. He is pictured with Club President Warren Philp.