President-Elect Brian Walmark introduced our guest speaker, Mr. George Stanois, Senior VP, Toronto and Western Canada of the successful consulting firm BNP GOLDIE Canada:

George is an effective fundraising consultant and author of The Vigilant Fundraiser. His talk was “The Vigilant Fundraiser: 12 Steps to Fundraising Success”.  Here are those steps:
 1.    Develop your Case for Support: the Donor’s "Call to Action"
 2.    Fundraising Strategy
 3.    Special Events for Donor awareness
 4.    Donor Recognition and Stewardship – more than just the charitable receipt
 5.    Fundraising Committee - developing champions and culture of philanthropy
 6.    Training volunteers - an investment for success
 7.    Identifying Key Stakeholders
 8.    Planned Giving
 9.    Communication Plan
 10.  Newsletter Marketing
 11.  Be Creative

Sound advice.  Thank you, Mr. Stanois!