President Krysta Logozzo-Daniele welcomed 32 Rotarians and Guests (some soon-to-be Rotarians) to a fellowship-style meeting. 
Zoom co-hosts were: Jim Madder, Warren Philp, Mary-Anne Mackett, Steve McAuley – thanks to all.

Mary-Anne played O Canada and Krysta duly acknowledged our presence on Fort William First Nation territory.

  1. District 5580 Awards were announced at conference last night. Our club received awards for (1) Inter-club service, (2) Inter organization and second place for (3) Public Image. Our local Rotoract Club received an excellence award. Fantastic!
 The District Conference continues today with free registration and virtual presentations.
 2. The Catch the Ace Raffle partnered with the United Way: the minimum sales threshold has been surpassed and the jackpot growth starts in earnest.  Albert Bulé and Shelley Crawford gave advice on how to promote growth and interest. Increasing sales are key.

3. Dew Drop Inn report for April 22 session:  a smooth operation prepping in the morning and serving in afternoon.  Most are vaccinated. (Dave Silliman)

4. Wilderness Discovery Camp: sign up for the golden opportunity to serve: cleanup and prep – and take a look at the remarkable project before the clients arrive: Saturday May 22 at 10 AM sharp.  Contact Bob Tomlinson who will be formally in charge July 1st.  Congrats to Brenda Winter on her role, now stepping down after a fine 4 year stint.


Chair Mike Nitz has again come up with a very strong Share the Love" program: Club members gave shout-outs to their favourite local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Mike seems to know each and every one of the businesses/people lauded with few exceptions.  Here’s the message:  support our local businesses!  When we do, 68% of the money stays local – our neighbours have jobs, our city collects taxes, our suppliers get sales.  At big box stores, the return to the community drops to 43%.  With on-line shopping, little or nothing for the community:  We have many worthy businesses to support: 

Highlights: (and Rotarians giving the shout-out)
  • Sweet North Bakery...pretzels and more...thriving and expanding (Mike Nitz)
  • Roots to Harvest...excellent example of healthy food local production, delivery and outreach (Warren Philp)
  • Mr. J's clothing ...first class merchandise and business (Laurie Tulloch)
  • Bloomers and the Brownhouse...innovative florals and more (Krysta Logozzo Daniele)...see photo of Krysta (airbrushed!)
  • Roosters Bistro, Maltese Grocery, Jon Schiffer, CPA-accounting...solid corporate citizens who have worked hard to establish here (Brian Walmark)
  • Stephen Krasemann...wildlife artist and photographer (David Legge)
  • Crystal Beach Variety and Missing Horse Restaurant in Shuniah...serving the municipality well (Shelley Crawford)
  • Salt and Pepper Catering...excellent food and service (Jackie Dojack)
  • The Framing Post, Dawson Heights Pharmacy, and FinnPort ...exceptional services all (Rod Morrison)
  • Truly Superior Eats and Treats...tasty cuisine  (Bill Everitt)
  • UPS Store 96 on Memorial...full service courier and much more (Dave and Bill Everitt)
  • numerous others including: Bay Village Coffee, Groggy Toad, St. Paul Roastery (coffee), McEachern Tools, La Tontera Taqueria (Mexican food), Prime Gelato, Fresh Air, Bike shops everywhere and yes others!! 
President Krysta  (in on the collaboration) thanked Mike, our local business "dictionary",  for a great session that was both fun and informative.

 Great to see Brian Thompson back, trolling for Happy Dollars today!
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