Matthew Villella introduced our hard-working guest today,Todd Kennedy.  Todd is the Manager of Community Programs at March of Dimes Canada in Thunder Bay.  
Todd has been with March of Dimes for 22 years in a variety of roles in employment services, volunteer management, peer support and community program development for persons living with disabilities, survivors of polio, stroke and for their family caregivers.  Todd actively works with community stakeholders and health professionals. They develop and support a variety of programs and resources for local and regional MODC clients. They have a wonderful team of staff delivering client-focused services.  
Todd, born in Thunder Bay and graduating from Confederation College in HR, is married with two teenage daughters. With his mother-in-law, they "live happily together" under one roof.  😉

Todd described a variety of programs and services that March of Dimes Canada makes available in our community and region.  In-person programming shifted to virtual delivery during the pandemic, and changes are continuing. There are MODC donor-funded programs, employment services and funding support programs for adults living with disabilities and their caregivers.

March of Dimes has been active here since the 1950s.  "Post Polio Canada", "After (Post) Stroke" programs have a broad base of contributors and volunteers, some affected by polio or strokes themselves. The Employment Service and "Warehouse Project" have given countless clients a safe environment for developing skills, socializing and recreating - a fine video proved the point!

A strong Virtual Volunteer program matches clients with volunteers even during the pandemic.

The TECH 4 GOOD Program, with Telus, helps with essential tech skill development. The Assistive Devices and Home & Vehicle Modification programs helps finance many needed devices. Rotary and MODC visions are in sync; Rotary and Rotoract can both help these folks.

Todd's presentation was warmly received. Shelley Crawford and her sister Cindy are two people who thanked the March of Dimes personally.