AT OUR CLUB FEBRUARY 22, 2022: Guest Speaker Joan Zhao, CEO, SunHub Inc.

President Jim Madder welcomed a cheery snow-blown crowd today.  Thank you co-hosts: Matt Villella, Jim Madder.  Today's O Canada was a from the 2022 NBA Basketball All Star Game (M. Villella) and Land Acknowledgement by Jim Madder.


Our speaker today was the unique, visionary Joan Zhao, CEO of SunHub Inc. ( who spoke on the fundamentals of her international for-profit social enterprise system.  This consultancy strives to find " common ground" between diverse people. SunHub is headquartered in Ottawa. There are many lessons for organizations like Rotary International. There are links to PARO, the TBay centre for women's enterprise that spoke to PA Rotary in the past.  Joan has lived in Thunder Bay and has international experience and academic credentials supporting her mission.

Joan explained her background and holistic approach:

"My unique life journey from China to Canada; multidisciplinary learning in engineering, business, entrepreneurship, accounting, systems, and environment; as well as extensive work experience in industry and government have equipped me with a holistic perspective to see the world and our life."
Echoing Rotary’s vision: “together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves,” I would like to share my view on “How we can Build a Sustainable, Just and Harmonious Future Where Every Being can Thrive.”
1) How we can holistically pursue four of seven of Rotary’s goals: promoting peace, supporting education, growing local economies and protecting the environment.  By focusing on these four goals, the others can be also achieved indirectly or partially.
2) How we can build capacity through integrated action research, meaning to bridge knowing and doing, for leading a thriving life.
If you wish to learn more about the goals and work of PARO Centre For Women's Enterprise, viisit or

Key elements of SunHub [click here]:
Human Nature-Based Solution [click here] is a system solution that uses cognitive understanding of human nature to tackle climate and social crises by targeting the root cause–human injustice–head on ...SunHub Inc. is designed to be a grassroot world organization, a think & act tank, a for-profit social enterprise community. We cultivate ourselves, whether academics or practitioners from diverse sectors, to become Intersection Leaders.

Joan has been invited to present to the Fort William Rotary Club.

She was thanked by President Madder.