Posted by Maria Hudolin
Imam Hikmatullah Sherzad (of the Thunder Bay Masjid mosque), presented an enlightened view of Islam to members today.

Imam Hikmatullah has been a Muslim leader in this capacity in Thunder Bay for about 5 years. An internet search will review he is very engaged in the community in a quest for understanding and inclusiveness amongst all peoples here. He has presented frequently to audiences and been in on media interviews.
He commenced with a discussion on the meaning of "Islamophobia" has shifted somewhat since (before) 9-11.
This segued into a more broad overview of Islam, critique of same, and most importantly interfaith engagement and understanding.

There were numerous questions thereafter (he arranged time for this) including the relevance of Quaran scriptural interpretations, radical thinking mechanisms, face coverings for women, local demographics of muslim faith and shariah (" a path"): clarifying the meaning.

Imam Hikmatullah was most enlightening, with plenty of humour thrown in, and invited to the club for further conversation.

He was generously introduced and thanked by Brian Walmark and President-elect Rod Morrison respectively. Thanks to Rod also for making this happen. 
Our meeting also included an update from President Warren on upcoming club activities and recent business conducted by our Board of Directors. Port Arthur Rotary continues to play a vibrant, active role in our local community!