AT OUR CLUB- May 14, 2019

The club welcomed former Member of Parliament Bruce Hyer today for his  valuable viewpoint on "Electoral (and Democratic) Reform"
Bruce has an interesting background in politics, as well as entrepreneurship, science, culture and advocacy for the environment.
He outlined his journey through the halls of government. He remains a consultant and policy maker for the Green Party of Canada.
 His major passions resonate with the Rotary 4-Way Test backdrop (fairness to all et al): climate change, income gaps in Canada and electoral/democratic reform.

Canada remains an outlier on the world stage in electoral process..still unfortunately "first past the post." His argument for "some" form of proportional representation was cogent. The audience were in agreement. The obstacles were reviewed, with the long standing tendency of the major parties to demand "lock-step" discipline amongst their elected representatives a salient issue.

Suggestions on "what to do?" with our current dilemma numbered 4 were mentioned, with development of a form of proportional representation in the forefront.

Wearing purple today, Bruce is pictured with President -elect Rod Morrison (far L, wearing a green spring tog), Brian Walmark (wearing his LU Thunder wolves sweater, who introduced Bruce (far R) and Past-President Brenda Winter (who thanked Bruce).

 This presentation garnered a most interesting Q and A. Thanks again to Bruce Hyer.