AT OUR CLUB March 1, 2022

President Jim Madder welcomed a healthy crowd celebrating a successful Rotary Family Radio Day, recently broadcast on February 21st.

Cohosts today: Kevin Holloway, Mary-Anne Mackett and Krysta Logozzo Daniele. 

 Notable guests today: Nicole and Noah (from the Dougall Team); Rita Komendant, Marg Woods

O Canada: a brilliant rendition from the 2022 Gold Medal women's hockey team medal presentation in Beijing.

Land acknowledgement: Jim Madder


Matt Villella and Krysta Logozzo Daniele were Masters of Ceremonies, in a celebration and big thank you to a huge plethora of folks on a successful Rotary Family Radio Day (Feb 21).

We were delighted to have Hector Dougall, President and CEO of Dougall Media (and lead for our community membership therein) with his team today.
Matt commenced with a rousing "Celebration" (thanks to Kool and the Gang).

The entire process was reviewed in words, testimonials and even video and audio clips:

56th year (PA Rotarian (and Hector's dad) Fraser originated the fundraiser)
  • over $1 million donated to assist our many beneficiaries
  • this year: 709 ads, $37,000 plus received, 21 family hour sponsors, 24 x 60 second sponsors, 300 x 30 second ads, over 21 hours on CKPR 91.5
  • Our top 2 sellers with amazing results: Bill Everitt (144), Warren Philp (126). How impressive indeed!
  • major contributions from Brian Walmark, (the "mentor"), Kevin Holloway, Matt Villella, Jim Madder, Albert BrulĂ©, Shelley Crawford
  • ad readers
  • Money Men (A. BrulĂ©), Chris Bailey
  • Copious members out selling and connecting

Hector Dougall provided an eloquent thank you to all; his leadership in this venture exceptional


1. The Canada Club Anniversary Dinner of February 25th (End Polio Now) garnered almost $4000. Big success
2. Dew Drop Inn (Feb 24th): 350 recipients (D. Silliman). Contact Judi Turner if available for next session March 24th
3. Catch the Ace: week 22 sees the elusive card still available, $7900 jackpot is awaiting!
4. Rotary Youth Exchange: John Stephenson confirmed the club will be participating again!! Good news.
5. Field of Greens: Our upcoming season is approaching: prelim meeting tbd (D. Legge and P. De Bakker). Helpers most welcome.
6. Happy Dollars: expedited by a happy golf addict in South Florida (Doug Shanks)