Posted by Maria Hudolin on Jul 17, 2019
The club heard one of the finest perorations on the subject of "classification" that we have heard in a long time: the story of the peregrinations of newly retired and newly minted PA Rotarian Mary-Anne Mackett: assistant crown attorney (Ontario). With cheerful good humour, we heard of her life in many parts of Canada, the U.S.A., Europe and even Central and South America. 
Her work has always been challenging; she has enjoyed it immensely. She did general law in the beginning and drug prosecutions as well as general prosecution work in Toronto and Thunder Bay. She has a great respect for the principles of natural justice, and service to the community; hence is a great fit in Rotary.
 Mary-Anne is pictured with President Rod Morrison (you can see the imp in her).
The members enjoyed her insightful presentation and again welcomed her to the club. Scribed by Rotarian David Legge