AT OUR CLUB-May 12, 2020

38 members attended today's meeting on Zoom, chaired by President Rod Morrison and hosted this week by Mike Nitz. Co-hosting were Kevin Holloway and Bob Tomlinson.

Key note speaker was his worship, Mayor Bill Mauro of Thunder Bay.
Our distinguished guest was introduced and thanked very professionally, by Vonnie Cheng.

Mayor Mauro graciously provided time in his busy schedule to outline, in some detail, essential elements of the city's many challenges to the Covid-19 crisis.
Chief among them is the financial position facing the city, viz à viz; accumulated and projected deficit, and key areas therein. Current prognostication is for a figure of about $13 million by the end of 2020.One example, losses of transit system revenues is of note. Remedial and mitigating actions such as the various reserve funds and help from senior levels of government give substantial reassurance to Mr. Mauro et al.

He also was reassuring as to the health numbers(really quite good within the province for this area) and commentary re: future reopening, was forthright.

President Morrison opened up an informative Q and A session. Topics included: deficit comparisons with like communities elsewhere; the effect on tourism; collaboration with other levels of government; in-house city cost containment measures including worker redeployment, and others.

The club is indebted to Mayor Mauro for his leadership and sharing of all this important information.


Business Highlights today

1. Ongoing Board activity and decision making re future events, along with the other local clubs
2. A Rotary district grant was recieved ($1000 US) for discretionary use (going to Salvation Army and Shelterhouse)
3. Host for today Mike Nitz announced his new position as V-P at TD Bank commencing next week: office in Thunder Bay, but with a huge territory-Kenora to North Bay. There are 23 branches and 300 employees under his wing. Congratulations Mike. Outstanding!
4. An excellent round today of "Happy Dollars"
5. Our in-bound exchange student Arpad will be leaving Thunder Bay May 28th. (his sister, also in the same position in Mexico..also reuniting). Mat Diegel as usual has been superb in managing this challenging exchange student year.
6. Dew Drop Inn and Adopt-a-Road services upcoming (Via Dave Silliman).
7. Mr Tech Mike Nitz advising on a Rotary RV app with headset for virtual reality Rotary events.