AT OUR CLUB April 6, 2021

President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 38 members on a fine spring day. In addition, John Stephenson welcomed his spouse Dr. Marg Woods (stationed at her clinic), indicating to all that Marg is keen to join this fine club ( we are thrilled!).

Mary-Anne Mackett played O Canada, and President Krysta acknowledged our presence on Fort William FN Territory.

 Co-Hosts today with thanks were: Mary-Anne Mackett, Bob Tomlinson.

  1. TB Rotoract Club is putting on a virtual Lovely Ladies Social: Sat. April 10 (see email communique)...all ladies are welcome. Support this amazing club.
  2. Steve McCauley for EcoSuperior, welcoming volunteers for spring Clean Up Saturday April 10 (contact Steve)
  3. Wilderness Discovery Centre May 1 long weekend clean up crew volunteer opportunity (contact Bob Tomlinson)
  4. Rod Morrison and Albert BrulĂ©: Catch the Ace Week 1 was "brilliant", with over $8000 in ticket sales. Keeping up the effort and momentum is critical moving forward. Buy tickets and help find supporters please! Bill Everitt is ceding to Brian Walmark on the committee (big thanks to Brian and Bill)
 Our club is working full tilt on multiple planes, and the Director reports were received eagerly:
  1. MIke Nitz on FELLOWSHIP (pictured): numerous challenges, Covid notwithstanding were more than met with a fine array of mainly virtual events recalled and savoured. Thanks for the great energy and creativity Mike.
  2. Brian  Walmark (CLUB SERVICE (pictured) focussed his remarks on a detailed overview of the club's new Corporate Member Fort Severn First Nation. Despite enormous challenges (geographic, financial, climate change and more), Chief Burke and his people remain committed to PA Rotary in a  unique way. The service to the community mutual relationships and respect (with PA Rotary,albeit with difficulty attending meetings) is recognized and appreciated.
  3. Art Warwick (VOCATIONAL SERVICE, YOUTH NEW DIRECTIONS AND INTERNATIONAL SERVICE-pictured) is wearing a number of hats and with Covid times adapting well. Ongoing success with the 4 Way Essay Test (St. Ignatius seems to hold the upper hand), the Citizenship Awards (yes watches still have a cachĂ© with young people), the Student Exchange program (with John Stephenson as new lead), and international service projects such as Lifewater Canada assisting developing countries, are highlights in Art's big portfolio.
  4. Chris Bailey (TREASURER-pictured) highlighted the financial position, which is solid. Covid times elimination of meal costs (and inevitable losses now "gains") and an excellent Rotary Radio Day campaign return, combined with a slick Allocation machine, highlight a healthy next few years. (Allocations for the big Centennial project are wisely being factored in early).
  5. Steve McCauley (COMMUNITY SERVICE - pictured)  highlighted the many community success stories over the past year (and imminent): including:the Cumberland St clean up, SA Kettle Campaign, Carol Sing for the Christmas Cheer Fund, Dew Drop Inn, Allocations Committee, the St. James School project and more. Our future has changed. Hybrid meetings may be an option. We continue to do great work.
  6. SECRETARY (Brenda Winter-pictured): reported on her many tasks, modestly saying it is easy with everyone pitching in. One area to review for members would be their RI Account bios for accuracy.
  7. PAST PRESIDENT Rod Morrison will report on a subsequent meeting agenda to ensure adequate time for a discussion primarily on "membership initiatives."

Happy Dollars were fruitful today...with Doug Shanks at the helm...all for the good of the Dew Drop Inn!